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Multiplayer "large" zombie count -> lags?


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Hello everybody,


since i didnt see someone bothering about this problem b4, i have to ask if we're the only ones with this problem. I've hosted a dedicated Server for me and 2 friends to play on.


Server specs:

- Intel E3-1245 v5, 4x 3.50GHz

- (8GBx4) DDR4 2133 Mhz


The settings for zombie spawns on the serverconfig.xml are set to: MaxSpawnedZombies: 60 and BloodMoonEnemyCount: 8. If we try to loot an building lot or the blood moon on day 7 is happening, the fps are going down like crazy. No one gets above ... like 20 fps.


Does this happens because i've misconfigurated something or is it a general problem? I've seen nothing here about this so far...


Thanks for your help =)

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