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Update existing player characters to new progression.xml settings?


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Hello, I have a dedicated server set up for my friends and I to play. I have full FTP access to the server and its contents. We have been loving it, but have found that it is taking way too long to level up for us (just our opinion, not saying the game is right/wrong in any way).



I stopped the server and updated the progression.xml file, but it does not seem to have updated for anyone. I know that updating the serverconfig.xml file and any mods works just fine, but this does not.



There was a post a while back that said something about characters being saved with the progression.xml settings of when the character was created. Is that true?



If so, is there any way to update existing characters to the new progression.xml settings?



Thank you!

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The server and the characters were created this A17 stable patch release, and load fine after the progression.xml changes I made.



*** I just figured it out, the progression.xml changes DO work, but they start after the next character level instead of immediately (which makes sense now that I think about it). I gave myself enough XP to level up once, and looked to see that the XP changes I made work fine.

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