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[MODLET FIXES] fixes to spiker turret mod and other modlets I posted


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The xml for my spiker turret was terrible, and was causing errors in the latest A17 build.


I fixed the errors, and am re-upping that modlet along with others in case anyone finds them useful. As far as I can tell, everything works just fine.


The included mods are:


craftSpeed - increases crafting speed across the board.

fasterLeveling - faster leveling, more points to spend. Causes gamestage to increase rapidly as well.

fasterVehicles - increases all vehicle speeds.

gluefromFlesh - make glue from rottenflesh in chemical workshop

lessLandslides - makes sand and gravel stickier so you can mine without constant land slides

lessnearDeath - reduces the time of death penalty buff

spikerTurret - turret that uses darts as ammo

superTools - iron pickaxe buffed to insane, wrench disassembles stuff faster




- P


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