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Has hitting grass been fixed?


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It seems like such a common issue.


Knock a zombie down, swing at him with your axe, harvest grass... The titanium blades of this grass stopping your swing entirely.


Could swings just check for a zombie first and a resource second? I'd much rather hit a zombie and ignore grass on that swing instead of gather grass and miss a zombie.


I'm going on the assumption that each swing has a single end-hit hitbox and isn't acting on the first thing it comes in contact with. If that's the case it would be harder, since grass will usually be the first thing a weapon finds.


In which case it might just want to turn off terrain-based harvesting on swings when a zombie is within a very short distance of you. Not perfect, but I'm sure there'd be less complaints about not being able to shovel dirt while being smacked in the back of the head.

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