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Should a higher armour rating/more armour reduce the chance of bleeding?


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Hi there. First off, love the modding system. It has so much potential and while in its current state still leaves much to be desired, is still better off than what we had previously.


Now here are some little ideas I got for more armour mods.



um does anyone else find it a little odd that armour can fit both an insulated lining and cooling mesh together and they both work? It seems that they both have different flags. I think these two should be flagged as 'thermal' mods so that they're mutually-exclusive, and then give the thermal mod group further improved insulation mods and cooling mods. Perhaps a tier 3 thermal mod could then somehow provide both heat and cold resistance at the same time.



The only ammo-related mod right now is the bandolier mod. Perhaps the existing 'ammo' category should be renamed to something else, and be expanded to fit more mods that are mutually-exclusive since they'll share the same tag. A few ideas are:

Quiver: A quiver should be craftable without a schematic in my opinion, to support the bow being an early-game weapon. Have it grant a reload speed bonus for the Bow weapons only.

Musket Pouch: A chest-slung pouch of mustket balls and powder for use with the Blunderbuss, of course requiring lots of iron and lots of powder to craft. Slightly increases damage of the Blunderbuss. If 6 pellets of the Blunderbuss hit the same entity(the Blunderbuss fires 8 iirc) at once, the target is instantly ragdolled(reduced to a high-intensity slow in PvP).

Shoulder Sheath: When this mod is equipped, swapping to a Hunting Knife or Machete weapon instantly executes a powerful, drawing attack that strikes all entities in a cone in front of the user with doubled damage and a brief slow debuff to stop them in their tracks. Cooldown of 8 seconds between each activation. Can be used as both a finishing move or a clutch self-defense move.

Doctor's Bag: Increases efficiency of healing by ~25%

Toolbelt: Greatly increases crafting and construction speed. Increased block damage with the Wrench tool(dismantling/salvaging efficiency)



A new mod flag, equippable alongside the plating(light/heavy armour) and fittings(movement) mods.

Shock Absorbers: Increases Stun resistance by no more than like, 9%(I believe thats how much a piece of Steel Armour gives). Early-game anti-stun, for people without Fortitude or don't want to rely on consumables to avoid getting Stun-locked.

Stabproof Layer: Increases Bleeding resistance by like, 9% or so too. So that tank players don't have to keep slapping on cute little boo-boo patches onto their armour because getting punched by some random cowboy zed somehow severed an artery.

Blastproof Shielding: Tier 3 mod. Increases explosion resistance by ?%

Abdominal Brace: Chest-exclusive. Reduces stamina drain of melee tools by 10%, 20% for power attacks. Gods save our spines after a day of backbreaking work.

Stability Mantle: Chest-exclusive. Greatly reduces stamina drain when aiming down sights while crouched.

Superior Soles: Footgear-exclusive. Increases mobility by 5%.

Rung Sockets: Footgear-exclusive. Greatly increases climbing speed on ladders, ramps and inclined terrain.

Anchor Spikes: Heavy Armour Footgear-exclusive. Decreases damage received while standing still by 5%.

Mastercrafted Soles: Light Armour-Footgear exclusive. Increases mobility by 9%.

Forearm Bracers: Glove-exclusive. Decreases damage received when holding a melee tool or when unarmed by 5%.

Hydraulic Joints: Glove-exclusive. Strength+1

Wrist Blade: Glove-exclusive. Striking a target with less that 40%(20% for players) remaining while unarmed inflicts lethal damage.



I'm sure you all folks have lots of better ideas for mods too. Let's hear them.



Original post:


Having a blast on A17 with my brothers and friends with all the new content and bugs so far, real life is slipping away faster than ever. Now just wondering about Bleeding, and if having better armour should help us actually resist it in some way. Would make sense since you wouldn't really expect to have an artery chewed through when a single zombie backhands you twice while you're stumbling around in your tin can suit. It's less about "nerfing Bleeding" or trying to make armour more useful(OK actually with all the new drawbacks it might also be the latter), but more about how strange it feels when I have to put a cotton boo-boo patch over my new set of quality 6 chest armour after a dead birb pecked me in my kneecap.


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... "Nerd"? :distant:


Thank you for the very helpful reminder about game mechanics though. Perhaps I should have said something like "custom-fit steel-plated-steel(yes), quilt blanket-lined, pink(its manly)" instead of just "quality 6" to better illustrate my point.



That aside, I'm also highlighting this over Stun because while armour pieces do slightly reduce the rate of both Bleeding and Stun, only the latter has a perk to reduce it, and Painkillers even provide immunity. Though then again, at least Bleeding can be cured with a cotton boo-boo.



Armour mods to resist these debuffs would be nice too. Like, aren't there mods for fire and radiation resistance already(haven't actually found them yet, can't confirm)? It'd be great to have more resistance mods to work towards as well to protect even further against infection, stun(for those who don't spec Fortitude), explosion damage, bleeding, etc.


EDIT: I uh decided to simply rewrite the opening post with a bunch of mod ideas instead.

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