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Introducing the "Sarlac Pit"


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Day 35: There was just one flaw in my plan... :smile-new: But it worked quite well for a while. I accidentally left a path across the top far edge of the pit. Then they began digging around it. But the bodies were raining into my bed of spikes like cats and Zombie dogs.. well strippers, spiders, nurses, cops, soccer moms, cheerleaders and zombie dogs... until they finally blundered into the flaw. The I noticed some rubble falling from my escape route and I bolted down the escape tunnel and then stood my ground as they dropped into my street sweeper and popped. I gained like 5 levels. I have repaired the damage and rendered the path unreachable. Eventually the pit will open vertically into the pit instead of a ramp. Then I will send a good screen of my sarlac pit.

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