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Where is the cave in burnt forest???


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?? rwg ??


there is none in navezgane in the burnt biome... (not yet at least) :) but there are 5 spawned in navezgane.


I am playing navezgane, not random gen.


I found a map of Alpha 17 Navezgane here ( https://gameplay.tips/guides/404-7-days-to-die.html ) . It shows a cave in the burnt forest biome south of the abandoned houses. Is it incorrect?

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that link only shows 2 caves and both are from a15.2 game screen shots... lot of changes since then.


as i said, navezgane a17 now has cave_01 - 05 now.


i normally dont give locations out because the fun is finding them and no, they are not hidden but easily over looked.


any ways the locations are easy to find in the navezgane prefab folder in the prefabs.xml




<decoration type="model" name="cave_03" position="-968, 59, 454" rotation="2" />

<decoration type="model" name="cave_04" position="979, 50, -1036" rotation="3" />

<decoration type="model" name="cave_01" position="849, 130, 1888" rotation="0" />

<decoration type="model" name="cave_02" position="-769, 60, -1043" rotation="0" />

<decoration type="model" name="cave_05" position="-1194, 123, 1024" rotation="0" />





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