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Game Crash Since Latest Update


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I have just started a new random gen since the latest update. There is some stuttering and lag, then finally a hang and crash.


I have not experienced this in any other build. Game was doing spectacular until this update.


I have the newest GeForce Drivers, BitDefender allows the game, just updated Win10 recently.


Error Log: https://justpaste.it/5vtam


Output: Attached as ZIP. It was so big it would not paste anywhere [ATTACH]26623[/ATTACH]


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I have the DX12, and steam folders are white listed.


I had a thought and it might be right, something is wrong with the way the game is grabbing, or failing to grab, textures as the lods are loading and unloading. Since I have the hardware to do so, i have changed lod up to 100%, and so far only a minor stutter when something new comes into view. Might be the problem. Had the game running for about an hour since with no crash, just minor jitter when a chunk loads. While this helps me, it may not be viable for someone with lesser graphics abilities.


I think it still needs looking into since d3d11.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005), which means that 2 things tried to access the same file, since is multithreaded, you can see the stack traces of all the different threads, theres like a lot, so one of those threads opened that file, and then a second thread opened that file, might be a issue related to the graphics grabbing.


I dunno!

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