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[WORLD] EPIC CITIES v17a.b240.7.3s


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NO MORE CLIPPING BUILDINGS, it resulted in way too much lag. enjoy a clean world


Welcome to EPIC CITIES FOR 17alpha



Prerequisites : Combo pack 35


Install directions:

1. combo pack 35

2. extract my mod into your game directory.

3. ?

4. profit?


but seriously enjoy, its taken hours of work, since the TFP keep updating the game every day!!!, no i just enjoy this sort of thing so it was really no trouble.

I have included my serverconfig for those wondering how to get a dedicated server running this.






I highly recommend HBB mod, its horders biger backpack. 144 slots, makes looting a ton easier.

I MUST INSIST using the mod "30k stacks" one of the best modlets every made. doesn't break any game play. just makes it to where you don't have 9 stacks of 15 water jars. instead you have 1 stack of 120 water jars.

I enjoy the mod "multipassenger"


- - - Updated - - -


to start a single player or multiplayer, choose new game, select world as EPIC CITIES 17a.b240.7.3s


use serverconfig as guide for dedi server

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indeed, a last minute update nixed out a lot of the prefabs. it created too much lag. i will work on it again, but i just didnt want someone to go through all the lag i suffered.

you are welcome to use the prefabs.xml from 221, you will only not have the rave factory, and a few new cabins.

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