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7 Days To Die Ultimate PVP Mod


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Hello all,


Now that 17 Stable(HA!) is out and the real work on modding can beging its time to have this talk. If you don't know I make the True Survival Mod and usually that's it. But for 17 I wanted to also make something more PVP orientated. So I would like all 7D2D PVP players to hop in here and post your ideas you think would be fun/good for a PVP centered game.


Now I could explain in detail what can and cant be modded but instead I want you to just let the ideas fly. So remember think of the 7D2D game world as a blank canvas. It doesn't have to have zombies, Food, Weather, POI's or whatever. Just talk about what you think would make for a good PVP experience.



I'll start it off,



I was thinking of making player damage more detailed. Like raise the starting player health to 200 and then make performing medical procedures a must for healing.

Example1: Your hiding in a cave cooking dinner when someone runs in and stabs you in the back for 20 damage and inflicts bleed on you, you turn around are shoot them in the head but now you have to either cauterize the stab wound or sow it up before it will start healing. Antiseptic could be optional and decrease the chance or the wound getting infected.


Example2: Your in a shoot out with some players and get shot in the arm. When shot in the arm you can no longer use 2 handed guns, 2h melee or 2h tools until healed. Depending on the gun it has a "x" chance to pass through or get stuck in you. If it passes through you will need to stop the bleeding and patch the hole, replacing the bandages when they get dirty, or dig out the bullet in your arm and then stop the bleeding and patch the hole.


I was thinking of making a few PVP maps. Maybe a few small ones for Capture the Flag. Maybe a larger one that has special POI's that are the only places to repair guns or the only place to make bullets and you and your team would need to capture and hold to do these task. And when the machines were started it could also trigger hordes so you would have players and zombies attacking at once.



And this is all in addition to adding new weapon models and maybe even some vehicals that can fight like tanks, helocopters with guns, Jeep mounted guns, stuff like that.



So if you like PVP and wish it was better in 7D2D then now is your time to speak up with any ideas you have ever had to improve it. Please note not all ideas will be doable or be used but please fill free to share your 7D2D PVP Dreams here.

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