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Mouse/Inventory Tweaks


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I would like a mod that could add some inventory management tweaks such as better stack size control. We can split a stack, but it would be nice to request a specific quantity. Or if while holding a stack of items and spreading across inventory slots, would distribute the items evenly, to the number of slots dragged over. Additionally, scrolling items between inventories would be great, for example, scrolling down to move items out of the current inventory and scrolling up to bring items into the current inventory. Lastly, if I could press a number(1-8 for the hotbar) to move whatever item/item stack that is being hovered over with the mouse(or have selected) to the pressed number hotbar location, that would be another great addition.


Having this being made would be cool, but I am not opposed to learning how to do this if someone could point me in the direction of where to find the mouse events.

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