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New approach to learning by doing


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So people are upset about the ability to craft guns, because how would you know how? Well what about this:


Instead of just spending a perk point and learning how to manufacture handguns, the recipe would be unlocked by scrapping a certain number of them. Maybe scrapping 5 would unlock the ability to make a basic one (Tier 1). Tier 2 unlocked by scrapping another 10.


From that point on, improving your crafting ability would be through a combination of making and scrapping (but not scrapping a player-made one), say make 20 and scrap 5 for Tier 3.


Numbers are purely illustrative of course.

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I am all for the "learn by doing" approach. I will also say, that there was absolutely nothing wrong with how guns were in A16, and am quite dismayed they abandoned it altogether. Finding parts, swapping them, finding the schematic, getting more skill, building an epic weapon, etc. That was all part of the journey and fun.


Now it's point-and-click in a menu, and complete guns are everywhere. I ended up with 20+ guns by Day 3, which is so unrealistic as to ruin my immersion. I would argue that 99% of all complete guns would be scattered to the wind after a crisis, and so very rare to find, but all the parts would be left behind. I know people argued "why are there only parts everywhere? this doesn't make sense!" I'm a gunowner, and I have lots of extra parts, but I would definitely leave them all behind of course, and take only the complete weapons with me. To me, it always made more sense to find mostly only parts, and a very rare complete gun in A16.


I would prefer they bring back A16 guns and parts, and couple it with the A17 mods. That would finally be a complete gun system. Then as you say, taking them apart or scrapping them should be a learning exercise for the character. While I'm content with A16's learning from books being adequate, I'd be certainly open to alternative ways the character can "organically" learn more about them. I am very much against the Skill Menu's click buttons/spend points approach for everything.

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