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Game uses 6x's as much RAM when connecting to dedicated server


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Testing with the Seed "Afterlife" - 16k sized


When I run this seed locally (multiplayer, friends can connect), 7d2d.exe uses ~2gigs of ram. It varies, but it's pretty consistent in that range.


When connecting to a dedicated Linux server uses the same seed, my local client allocates 11.5gigs of RAM initially and it climbs to about 12.4gigs or so and stays consistent there. This memory is not released when I exit the server, and reconnect (without restarting 7d2d) to the client uses an ADDITIONAL 12 gigs or so initially, finally settling at about 20 gigs of RAM.


All of it is released once I exit, but I'm curious if there is a way to mitigate this 11.5 usage when connecting to a dedicated server. I have enough RAM for this to work, but some of my friends are running with 8gigs of RAM and cannot connect to the server even though they can run the seed locally just fine.


Any ideas and/or help would be appreciated! Thanks!


edit: clarification.

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That would explain why I can't reconnect to a server without restarting the game.

If I do without restart it needs endless time and I get really bad stuttering of my system (sound, etc.). I have 8 GB RAM.

And, like in A16.4, I must restart after I visited too much chunks because of excessive RAM/hard drive swapping which then occurs.

Seems like the game does not delete previous visited chunks. If RAM is full, it starts swapping.

I hope the pimps take a look at this issues.

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