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A17 is totally bugged v2.0


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Not much bugs. Terrible balance issues and a dumbed-down boring redesign of main game systems? Yeah tons of that. But few bugs.


You mean few bugs that are already fixed... I encountered at least one bug that I didn't report yet, because I was unsure how to reproduce it, but that doesn't mean it was already fixed. Also, there are some visual bugs too and have you seen the whole list of "known issues"? That's a list of bugs that are not fixed yet, but it's only the list of the bugs they know about. There are many other bugs they don't know about and I'm honestly tired of reporting bugs again and again for each build. :)


As for the balance, well that alone is a big book of issues. Performance is even a bigger book of issues.

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I didn't mean to upset anyone, this thread was just a silly reference to this ancient thread that was already closed. Just a little bit of irony and nostalgia. Nothing more. :)


Fair enough.


I LOVE when people necro old threads tbh.


I know it's shunned and some people dislike it but.... come on.


It's really interesting to see what people were thinking a year ago or even two years ago.


Sociology is my greatest passion.

I love observing how people think.




~ Lucky

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