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Trader Protection Remover XML MOD


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Trader Protection Remover


About: This mod disables trader protection in a17 by rewriting the trader's xml.



- Trader Protection Removed

- Ability to spawn trader in towns and cities via rwgmixer.xml



Instructions: Copy the contents of the zip ("Data" folder) to your 7 days to die folder and when prompted select "overwrite all". If it does not ask you if you want to overwrite, you did something wrong. Try again




Important: This is NOT A MODLET and DOES NOT go into the "Mods" folder.


Modders: I made this mod mostly for you to save time if you want to remove trader protection. Please feel free to use this in your overhaul or sdx mod without worrying about credit.

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No way, not learning English, it's hard to learn, just as hard as you learn Chinese, of course, for students like me with poor grades


You are doing great, much better than I could at writing Chinese. :-)

To answer in English, No it can't be a modlet because xpath has no way to access the prefabs folder at this time. I wish I could make it into a modlet so I didn't have to make a new post for it.

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