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Plantable / Farmable Snowberries


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There are tons of them everywhere. However being a single/co-op player not multiplayer, knowing how multiplayer works there propably should be a way to get snowberries after the finite resources end and map is exhausted. Simply regenerating terrain is not immersion friendly.

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there are 2 files you need to edit to make this happen


first add the following to your recipes xml file :


<recipe name="plantedSnowberry1" count="1" craft_time="1">

<ingredient name="resourceCropSnowberryPlant" count="4"/>



secondly you need to find this line in your blocks xml file :


<property name="PlantGrowing.Next" value="plantedSnowberry3Harvest"/>


and replace it with :


<property name="PlantGrowing.Next" value="plantedSnowberry3HarvestPlayer"/>


after that you are good to go

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