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Found 10 results

  1. // Greetings, fellow survivors! Welcome to the new and improved SMX modlets for 7 Days to Die - Alpha 19. With this modlet series my goal is to give the entire 7DTD user interface an extreme makeover and refashion it into how I believe the user interface for the game should be experienced. The mod consists of several modlets which can be broken down into three separate mods. These are all stand alone and can be used alone or, as is the intention, together with the other two. These three mods combined is what makes the SMX experience complete! Please be advised that SMXlib is a library modlet that all the other modlets fetch assets from. Because of this it is a mandatory modlet that is included with all the different downloads. There are also optional downloads, like the bigger backpack modlets, the target health bar modlet and the third forge slot expansion. I hope you will enjoy to play 7DTD using the SMX modlets. And if you do, please consider endorsing it, have fun! // Terms of Use. You are allowed to use this modlet as is for your own personal use and/or on a server you run and/or administrate. You are under no circumstance allowed to distribute any SMX and/or ZMX branded modlets without written consent from the developer. If you wish to distribute SMX and/or ZMX branded modlets as part of your own project and consent have been given you are required to do so in such a way so that all the files of the SMX and/or ZMX modlet or modlets in question remain unaltered and you cannot under any circumstance claim credit for creating the modlet or modlets or any of the files provided with it/them. If consent is given you are required to make the changes as a new modlet that injects into the modlet in question and keeping load order in mind it is to be named so that it loads AFTER the original modlet. The original modlet shall be distributed as is with no change to its files what so ever. If consent is given it is only given on a case to case basis and those that receive consent cannot pass that consent on to another party or project. Nor will the consent pass on to other creators that opt to include consented work into their project. You are not allowed to use any of the assets bundled with SMX and/or ZMX branded modlets in other projects. This restriction applies to all files that the SMX and/or ZMX modlets consist of. You are required to seek special consent from the developer should you wish to make changes to any asset files provided with the SMX and/or ZMX branded modlets. You are required to inform the developer when your project that contains any SMX and/or ZMX modlet or modlets have been made available to the public. // SMXhud // The HUD replacement modlet... SMXhud is SMX as you know it from Alpha 16 first remade into a modlet and tweaked for Alpha 17 & 18 and now further enhanced for Alpha 19. The purpose of SMXhud is to take the in-game HUD into a more horror like and gritty art style all while trying to stay as informative as possible while not being intrusive on your gameplay. SMXhud - The Base HUD conversion. ZMXhudCPTHB - Enables the Target Health Bar for SMXhud. (Install optional modlet ZMXhudCPTHB to get the target health bar) // SMXmenu // The MENU replacement modlet... SMXmenu is a menu conversion modlet. It was made to extend the art style of SMX into the menu UI’s of the game and even though it was made to supplement SMXhud it will also work stand alone for those that just want to modify their menu UI's. SMXmenu - The Main Menu conversion. SMXmenu - The In-Game Menu conversion. SMXmenu - Video Settings Window. // SMXui // The UI replacement modlet... SMXui is an extension of SMXhud and SMXmenu and will bring the art style over to the rest of the user interface. I've tried to maintain as close a relation to the vanilla interface as possible but I have also granted myself some artistic freedom when it comes to some areas. It deviates from vanilla with the fifth crafting queue slot which I added to make it fit the overall design better. The other changes I made are all optional like the third forge slot and the 63, 99 and 110 slot big bag conversion modlets for those that want a bit bigger bags. SMXui - The forge with the third forge slot enabled. (Install optional modlet ZMXuiCPTFS to get the third forge slot and ZMXuiCPBBM to get the bigger backpack) SMXui - Totally reworked skills windows. The goal was to make it look like a talent screen. SMXui - Trader Window. // Download Locations... SMX modlets can be downloaded from NexusMods, Github or via the Mod Launcher. Click the appropriate icon below to start a download from your favorite source or use the 7 Days to Die Mod Launcher by SphereII to install the SMX modlets on your system. // THE MAIN MODLETS // // THE OPTIONAL MODLETS // // Installation and removal procedures... Download the modlet from one of the locations below. Decompress the modlet using WinRAR or a compatible archiver. Copy or move the Mods folder into your 7 Days to Die installation folder. Overwrite if prompted. Verify the install by checking that the ModInfo.xml file is located in this hierarchy: "\Mods\modletname\ModInfo.xml" Remove by deleting the modlet folder in question inside the Mods folder. // Support SMX Development... All SMX branded mods and/or modlets will forever be free of charge and available for everyone to download and enjoy. I do however from time to time get questions from users on how they can donate to me and support the SMX development. The purpose of this link is nothing more than a way for me to cater to those that want to make a donation. You should under no circumstance feel obligated to do so, but if you do decide to do it I want you to know that is comes greatly appreciated. Donation or not I would like to extend a thank you to all that download and use the different SMX mods, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do making them. If you feel like making a donation to support the development of the SMX branded modifications, click the image below.
  2. There are many weapons in the game including the classic 9mm ammo pistol, the Desert Volture .44mm ammo, the .44 Magnum, the double barrel shotgun BUT a pistol with 7.62 ammo is missing. A great addition to the game to use the 7.62 ammunition in another way would be a very special and lethal weapon, the Nagant M1895: a 7-round drum magazine pistol. This is a very interesting and beautiful historical weapon, designed in the 19th century is a weapon used by many nations in multiple battles. Why not have it in play? It would be a revolution for someone like me who loves to use pistols with relatively limited magazines but with modest firepower so as to save ammo that can be used for many more situations (even dangerous)
  3. IRRELEVANT DATA NOW: LOW SPEC USERS: Install GEforceNOW by nvidia,Even High Specs PC's may and will have issues in certain scenarios as your hardware maybe much newer than the games current stage and progress support for compatibility and thus is a hindrance periodically.INSTEAD PLAY YOUR GAME WITH A 32GB TESLA P40 In Full GLory....BY running GFN Platform App which lets you use the 7k card virtually even on PC system as low as a CORE 2 Duo with 4GM Ram. Stick it All On Ultra & Enjoy Your GAME
  4. Hey everyone! I'm looking for someone who is interested in running a day to day operations with 7 days to die servers. I have some OVH boxes I have paid off and I would love to host some 7D2D servers on them sadly I just don't have enough time with my IRL work schedule to be able to manage/work on them daily. I'm looking for someone who has the drive and williness to run 7D2D servers with me. This is considered a payment position for anyone whos interested aswell. If your interested in this feel free to add me on discord: OG | TheOwlSky#3090
  5. Howdy folks, me and my girlfriend ran a small dedicated server at home with 7 day to die, so we could build and tinker undisturbed. The installation of the server was quite easy and worked out quite well. The whole thing runs on Ubuntu and I set up a systemd service for it. This works also quite well, if there weren't the updates. So I thought it would be smart to tell the service to do the updates for the server as well. But I can't get it to run. Here is my systemd-file: https://pastebin.com/EQG5K5mh here the update7dtd.sh: https://pastebin.com/K0DJsmJ5 here the update7dtd.steam: https://pastebin.com/bJVbM0j0 Every time I call systemctl start 7dtd I get an error message: https://pastebin.com/07As7h1H This is what the systemctl status 7dtd looks like: https://pastebin.com/5Lny7F0A and so the journalctl -xe shows up like this: https://pastebin.com/FnZkwj8d What am I doing wrong? Someone out there who can help me? Greeting from Navezgane Germany Division Outpost Kiel
  6. Linux dedicated server. I modified materials.xml, adding/increase movement_factor for various materials. I've done this since A14 or so, and it's always worked. In the current version, Alpha 19.2 (b4), I have this for various materials: <property name="movement_factor" value="1.750" /> And it does nothing. Movement speed remains unchanged. Does this no longer work, or is movement_factor hard coded somewhere such whatever we put in materials.xml gets ignored? Again - I've been doing this for years. It stopped working with A19.
  7. Hi Folks I am stuck and a bit at my wits end on what I could be doing wrong or what I am missing. I tried following the read first rules but I am still relatively new at Linux game server administration. I am running a dedicated server on Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS using the latest alpha 19 stable build. I have installed LinuxGSM and installed the server using that and was able to get the server to start, however its status next to Master Server is false even though its status is online. In order to test a few issues I started the server and my friend being on the same local network was able to get into the game from the server and it became visible to me (on a different network) even though I'm still unable to join him. we opened up the ports according to the serverconfig file and I am able to ssh into the server from my laptop. I am able to ssh into the server but can't join its game nor can I see its visibility with the exception when my friend joins due to being on the same local network. I'd love to provide logs however I don't know to get them. Many many thanks and appreciation for any help and have a great day!
  8. Hey everyone. Sorry to be the new jerk who's first post is a new topic with a plea for help, but...well I'm a new jerk who has need of help & I couldn't find this specific issue in any of the recent threads. You see for the past few months, I've been running a very small dedicated server on the Linux box in my living room. It was pretty straightforward to set up, set up the firewall NAT ports, configure the serverconfig.xml etc & it has been running beautifully, right through the Experimental Alpha 19 updates & the Mario Blocks which showed up if I didn't wipe the world (loved colourful @%$*#!s by the way...a little sad to see them go), but just the last 2 days, none of my friends have been able to find my server in the server list & a direct IP connect fails. I was thinking is was something I'd done (even though I hadn't done anything) & it's working for me locally, but when I tether my phone to my laptop to test, it fails. No server listing, direct IP timeout. I've re-activated my old Minecraft server on the same box to test & it's working perfectly, so...I'm a little confused. Has anyone else noticed that the Server Browser has a VERY short list these days? I've checked all my filters on the Server Browser & it's all "Any". I've restarted the server software & the hardware, but no dice. Does anyone know if the Fun Pimps or Valve have done something with Server ports or the Server Browser? Would love any help. DodgyWitch
  9. Hello I self host a little home dedicated server ( Ryzen5 2400G, 16Go DDR4 dual channel, SSD ) on Archlinux. Randomly, the server crash even with one or two players that just mining and not doing evil things. I read another forum post that have the same behavior : The only server management mod I have is CPM, but looking at the Gimli post, he has no CPM. I the log files, the stack trace has three kind of exception but does not help at my side to understand what happen 2020-08-04T04:30:19 36886.745 INF Time: 614.23m FPS: 37.58 Heap: 2858.0MB Max: 3303.7MB Chunks: 1915 CGO: 67 Ply: 4 Zom: 1 Ent: 12 (278) Items: 0 CO: 4 RSS: 4768.3MB 2020-08-04T04:30:27 36895.355 WRN [EAC] Log: [EAC Server] [Warning] [04:30:27][Linux][EAC Server] [Warn][Cerberus] [Backend] [Think] Reconnection not allowed yet, reconnection interval is 120 seconds. 2020-08-04T04:30:49 36916.775 INF Time: 614.73m FPS: 40.01 Heap: 2795.8MB Max: 3303.7MB Chunks: 1915 CGO: 49 Ply: 4 Zom: 1 Ent: 11 (278) Items: 0 CO: 4 RSS: 4814.7MB 2020-08-04T04:31:19 36946.803 INF Time: 615.23m FPS: 38.20 Heap: 2836.8MB Max: 3303.7MB Chunks: 1915 CGO: 51 Ply: 4 Zom: 0 Ent: 10 (276) Items: 0 CO: 4 RSS: 4818.7MB 2020-08-04T04:31:49 36976.839 INF Time: 615.73m FPS: 36.58 Heap: 2881.9MB Max: 3303.7MB Chunks: 1915 CGO: 51 Ply: 4 Zom: 0 Ent: 10 (276) Items: 0 CO: 4 RSS: 4846.3MB Obtained 14 stack frames. #0 0x007ff2887c9355 in (Unknown) #1 0x007ff2887b2853 in (Unknown) #2 0x007ff285e3a73e in (Unknown) #3 0x007ff285e3a7ab in (Unknown) #4 0x007ff285e3d6ab in (Unknown) #5 0x007ff285e3d914 in (Unknown) #6 0x007ff285e3dd82 in (Unknown) #7 0x007ff285e3ebb4 in (Unknown) #8 0x007ff285e41a2c in (Unknown) #9 0x007ff285e41c94 in (Unknown) #10 0x007ff285e14d92 in (Unknown) #11 0x007ff285dcaf39 in (Unknown) #12 0x007ff285dcafa0 in (Unknown) #13 0x00000041dc55ff in (wrapper managed-to-native) object:__icall_wrapper_ves_icall_array_new_specific (intptr,int) ( complete log file : https://gist.github.com/m4tm4t/d5667dedcdcf5540e23fe404d59b5fbe ) 2020-08-02T23:11:36 17782.177 INF Time: 295.86m FPS: 38.13 Heap: 3222.9MB Max: 3791.1MB Chunks: 4333 CGO: 212 Ply: 7 Zom: 14 Ent: 35 (286) Items: 2 CO: 13 RSS: 5149.9MB 2020-08-02T23:11:37 17783.222 INF Entity zombieSteve 94937 killed by Eliaz 41597 2020-08-02T23:11:37 17783.222 INF [CSMM_Patrons]entityKilled: Eliaz (76561198350754370) killed zombie zombieSteve 2020-08-02T23:11:40 17786.231 INF Entity zombieNurse 94935 killed 2020-08-02T23:11:54 17799.516 INF [DECO] written 0 2020-08-02T23:11:59 17804.964 WRN [EAC] Log: [EAC Server] [Warning] [23:11:59][Linux][EAC Server] [Warn][Cerberus] [Backend] [Think] Reconnection not allowed yet, reconnection interval is 120 seconds. 2020-08-02T23:12:06 17812.222 INF Time: 296.36m FPS: 36.53 Heap: 3219.1MB Max: 3791.1MB Chunks: 4333 CGO: 203 Ply: 7 Zom: 14 Ent: 34 (304) Items: 8 CO: 14 RSS: 5133.5MB Calling Animator.GotoState on Synchronize layer (Filename: ./Modules/Animation/Director/AnimatorControllerPlayable.cpp Line: 1370) Calling Animator.GotoState on Synchronize layer (Filename: ./Modules/Animation/Director/AnimatorControllerPlayable.cpp Line: 1370) Obtained 23 stack frames. #0 0x007fd03a045355 in (Unknown) #1 0x007fd03a02e853 in (Unknown) #2 0x007fd0376b673e in (Unknown) #3 0x007fd0376b67ab in (Unknown) #4 0x007fd0376b96ab in (Unknown) #5 0x007fd0376b9a78 in (Unknown) #6 0x007fd0376bbd27 in (Unknown) #7 0x007fd0376bd2d1 in (Unknown) #8 0x0000004243e306 in (wrapper managed-to-native) System.GC:InternalCollect (int) #9 0x00000041fe7cb0 in GameManager:Update () #10 0x007fd0374d9389 in (Unknown) #11 0x007fd037645167 in (Unknown) #12 0x007fd037646014 in (Unknown) #13 0x00561c3a666ea4 in (Unknown) #14 0x00561c3a662fd1 in (Unknown) #15 0x00561c3a6422cf in (Unknown) #16 0x00561c3a3d95da in (Unknown) #17 0x00561c3a5438ea in (Unknown) #18 0x00561c3a5439a8 in (Unknown) #19 0x00561c3a546ef0 in (Unknown) #20 0x00561c39e2ec49 in (Unknown) #21 0x007fd03a030002 in (Unknown) #22 0x00561c39e3e363 in (Unknown) ( complete log file : https://gist.github.com/m4tm4t/766e023406c320d8b62d8bec4a101420 ) 2020-08-02T17:29:53 33271.388 INF Time: 554.16m FPS: 36.67 Heap: 2824.2MB Max: 3203.2MB Chunks: 3238 CGO: 85 Ply: 4 Zom: 10 Ent: 20 (201) Items: 0 CO: 9 RSS: 4692.6MB 2020-08-02T17:30:11 33290.057 WRN [EAC] Log: [EAC Server] [Warning] [17:30:11][Linux][EAC Server] [Warn][Cerberus] [Backend] [Think] Reconnection not allowed yet, reconnection interval is 120 seconds. 2020-08-02T17:30:23 33301.389 INF Time: 554.66m FPS: 38.37 Heap: 2845.6MB Max: 3203.2MB Chunks: 3238 CGO: 91 Ply: 4 Zom: 10 Ent: 20 (201) Items: 0 CO: 9 RSS: 4690.7MB 2020-08-02T17:30:53 33331.426 INF Time: 555.16m FPS: 37.68 Heap: 2825.7MB Max: 3203.2MB Chunks: 3238 CGO: 94 Ply: 4 Zom: 10 Ent: 20 (194) Items: 0 CO: 11 RSS: 4689.2MB Obtained 13 stack frames. #0 0x007ff2f175b355 in gsignal #1 0x007ff2f1744853 in abort #2 0x007ff2eedcc73e in GC_unmap #3 0x007ff2eedcc7ab in GC_unmap_old #4 0x007ff2eedcf6ab in GC_finish_collection #5 0x007ff2eedcf914 in GC_collect_a_little_inner #6 0x007ff2eedd09e6 in GC_alloc_large #7 0x007ff2eedd3aba in GC_generic_malloc #8 0x007ff2eedd3c94 in GC_malloc_kind_global #9 0x007ff2eeda6ddf in mono_gc_register_root #10 0x007ff2eed5cf39 in mono_object_new_fast #11 0x007ff2eed5cfa0 in mono_array_new_specific #12 0x0000004098a5ff in (wrapper managed-to-native) object:__icall_wrapper_ves_icall_array_new_specific (intptr,int) ( complete log file : https://gist.github.com/m4tm4t/132ea5f9a1d1f333d05f5a8191ea40be ) Thank you for reading
  10. Hey folks, Running Alpha 18.4 with 7d2d.sh here. I Updated my engine to the mentioned version and installed the "fixes". When I try to visit the web-map I get a blank page and these logs: 2020-07-30T12:33:45 77.703 ERR Error in Web.HandleRequest(): 2020-07-30T12:33:45 77.703 EXC int AdminTools.GetUserPermissionLevel(string) MissingMethodException: int AdminTools.GetUserPermissionLevel(string) at AllocsFixes.NetConnections.Servers.Web.Web.HandleRequest (System.IAsyncResult _result) [0x00070] in <c10c26e2b66c4562ba86c962b02e1f48>:0 UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:Internal_LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.Logger:LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.Debug:LogException(Exception) Logger:masterLogException(Exception) Logger:Exception(Exception) Log:Exception(Exception) AllocsFixes.NetConnections.Servers.Web.Web:HandleRequest(IAsyncResult) System.Net.ListenerAsyncResult:InvokeCallback(Object) System.Threading.QueueUserWorkItemCallback:System.Threading.IThreadPoolWorkItem.ExecuteWorkItem() System.Threading.ThreadPoolWorkQueue:Dispatch() System.Threading._ThreadPoolWaitCallback:PerformWaitCallback() I am busting my head against this. I reinstalled the entire server from CentOS to Ubuntu in hope that this fixes it to no avail. I can't make any sense out of this error and searching the forum and the 'Net all morning yielded no results. What am I doing wrong here? -Chris.
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