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  1. CLASSIC Style HARDCORE continues to develop the original idea laid down in the early Alphas of 7DtD. But there are many changes associated with improvement in favor of modernity. I introduce innovations, but i try to be careful with the original material and the atmosphere from Initial 7DtD. This is going in the direction of hardcore survival. The mod is large. I think, in the first week of survival - it is impossible to see even a third of all the features of the mod. The entry threshold is very high, but this is the price for deep gameplay - this is unavoidable. The principles of survival here significantly different from modern vanilla! This is about Survival. Do Reasonable Things or Die. Since A13 * The mod is intended for experienced 7DtD players * Designed for SP. (читать на Русском языке) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reasons why you should (or not) try this mod: - if You have long time playing 7DtD and number your favorite alpha less than 13 - then be sure to try this mod, but don't take it as copying. Everything must move forward. Think of it as "extended oldschool". - if You like enjoy the views and journey - you should not to overlook this mod. - if You like to build - perhaps you would be interested. I love to build, but basically this is what it was before, with some complications and adding new way. Not a lot of new blocks. In the crafting and construction basically i tried to have this work - give you feeling that you have created by their labor, their hands - that feeling which completely disappeared with the introduction of the continuous upgrade, "somewoods" and the removal of the crafting grid. - if You like mining - Yes. Harvest is changed, a new ore, the arrangement of the layers, there are some visual surprises under the ground. - if you want to play with friends in multiplayer - the current technical problems with delays on the client do not allow me to declare support for multiplayer, and it - not taken into account. Maybe it will be later... - if you like sell and buy, money! diamonds!! gold!!!.... - this mod is not about that. I cut the entire economic system. - "for fun and win" - no.... it is not hasty mod, based on feelings and atmosphere. You don't conquer one here, but can try to survive, circumstances will always be stronger than you. By the way, it wasn't that difficult, just turn on the brain....but the experience certainly - required. - if You are looking for Hardcore - Yes, but get ready for a strategic Hardcore, a huge number of zombies can not always be destroyed by rushing into the crowd. Zombies are killed easily, but you have limited opportunities. Let's just say: here - "hardcore" is that it is necessary to consider your strategically actions and receive the consequences. Will always leave a chance for you, but - it does not forgive stupid mistakes and imprudence. - perks, level dependencies, trading - is progressively removed from the game because they bring confusion into balance and force the player to do nonsense. This not rpg mod. - if you don't understand why you unable boil eggs - here you have freedom, the difficulties do not come from you. - if you do not want to cook your own food from rotten meat, yellow water and gasoline, and do not like narcotic - then you are welcome. DOWNLOADS for: ************************* for A13,A14,A15,A16 *************************** links are hidden ******************************** for A17 ********************************** not available for a17 ******************************** for A18 ********************************** Test Version Only (watch the last video below to understand the readiness) Some necessary things can't be done because of the limitations of the itself A18. I can't consider the current state of the mod to be any good for posting to the wide public. But... if you were familiar with the CSH mod earlier, and promise not to make hasty conclusions about the quality based on an unfinished build, then you can request a Test version through my PM ******************************** for A19 ********************************** WIP ---------------------- For install: ----------------------------- 1 - Replace folder 7 Days To Die. (in Steam folder) 2 - Turn on the brain and switch your behavior to Survival. 3 - Generate a new world, start new game. Known issues: - maybe not suit for MP (PvP) These are two Great Tools with which to create content for this mod now: Thanks Pillle for his Prefab Editor! Thanks DerPopo for his UABE! The mod was created using the Utility: UABE (and a great Help DerPopo), Hal's Prefab Editor (Thanks HAL9000), Prefab-Editor(Alpha) (Thanks Pille), SDX Tools (Thanks SDX Team)! Thanks, Credits and some features: see post here I am very thankful to knowledgeable People who share their knowledge! Respect for The Fun Pimps! The idea of creating this game was amazing.
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