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  1. I challenge you all to a permadeath run in an all wasteland map! Figured it'd be fun to do since A19 is coming, and we're mostly at home a lot nowadays with the virus. I'm on day 7 and have seen about 10 zombie bears (killed 4), feral wights, radiated vultures, and about 100,000 regular vultures. Think I've killed about 50 - 60 zombies so far, they just don't stop lol. I made sure there were a couple of rivers for water, and the map is packed with spread-out cities (lots of end-game POIs to check out). Forewarning: it's rough; I was surrounded by a couple of zombie bears, dogs, and zombies at the first trader I went to and on the first night, I had to sneak past a feral wight and a few other ferals (rock throwing ftw). I just noticed when uploading there may be some snow at the far north, that's banned for the challenge =p If you see an ocean, that's the radiated zone. Post your difficulty/days survived! No shame in doing it on the normal or lower difficulty, I only bumped mine up one from the default (though I have 16 count blood moons). https://www.dropbox.com/sh/orjec1lw4yqjmuf/AADv3EO8-bZ7TUpjPfzmzM5xa?dl=0 The map uses no custom stuff, generated using the awesome Nitrogen tool. Have fun!
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