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  1. Hello! Im using the 2019.4.13f1 unity to make some items, but the game tells me that I made it with wrong version. I get this error... can sy help me with this? PLS.
  2. CreaturePacks Please Note: If your getting lots of spam warnings when some characters are set on fire, please load the 2-CharacterEffects pack which has the fix for that. It also contains random walktypes for all zombies, and enables humans to become infected. Also will be testing the method of turning some quest zombies back to humans. This goal of these new modlets is to provide core "Packs" that contains various vanilla compatible and fully featured characters such as bandits, survivors, animals, wandering traders, etc. without breaking EAC or requiring the DMT utility. Included in this test version are samples of each type of character with very basic xml to get them working in game. No balancing of spawn rates, weapon power, etc was attempted. There are 5 creature packs: 0-CreaturePackAnimals - Things like animals, birds, insects etc. 0-CreaturePackHumans - Various bandits, traders, and survivors and other humanoid rigged entities 0-CreaturePackMechs - Robots, drones and other mechanical things like SphereBot, the avatar of my modding partner SphereII 0-CreaturePackZombies - Zombies, you know, dead things that used to be human. Humanoid rigged. 0-CreaturePackFantasy - Everything else that doesn't fit in the 4 other categories. Swarms, Orcs, Pokemon etc. Other character modders have committed to contributing additional characters to this pack like they do to the POI (Buildings) collection called CompoPack. Want to join them? Start here: (A18 version - working on A19 version, but the how to is the same) The methods used to make this vanilla compatible were researched and developed over the past 2 years and finally it seems to be working well enough to test. However, this is something very new and challenging to develop so expect imperfections as we work out all the issues. Once initial testing is complete I plan to teach the development workflow to others. Features: Most characters support all vanilla character features. These include Humanoid rigging, root motion animation, collision with vehicles, rag-dolling, 100's of animated reactions (including hit locations, limping, etc.), limb decapitation and gore, and even the ability to spawn the characters with vanilla or custom weapons just by editing xml. These can also be retextured in xml to offer even more variety. There are some exceptions, especially on animals, as I just started to explore that controller. They also work very well as sleepers in POIs, but stumbling onto a bandit that has a MP7 at close range isn't something you will live to enjoy. Hopes and Dreams: Beyond hoping that this pack someday contains 100's of new characters, I hope some folks develop custom quests and story lines for some of the characters. Bandits are one thing, but earning a positive faction with the bandit leader by doing some hit jobs for him makes for a better end game. Known issues: There are currently no footstep sounds when these guys walk or run. Vanilla footsteps require a C# script to trigger sound events and we can not use scripts without breaking EAC. I expect to create a work around for that at some point but for now, look around more. Installation: Just drop the modlets into your MODS folder and have fun. They are not dependent on each other so load the ones you want. If your using a dedicated server, you also need to load this into your dedi server Mods folder. So a copy in both the clientside Mods folder and also on the servers Mods folder. Compatibility: The modlets are named with a prefix of 0- to insure they load before other modlets that will edit the basic xml provided in these core modlets. Nothing in these modlet's xml should change vanilla in a way that collides with other modlets but let me know if it does. Testing was done on A19 exp and 18.4 stable. Each submitted Unity.3d file (multiple entities in one file) should have a size less than 100 megs for Github compatibility. Terms of Use: The goal of everything SphereII and I do is to share information and examples of how to make this game better. So use this for yourselves or as part of a mod you develop for others to enjoy. Giving credit to the author is always a class act, but at least don't be that guy who spends an hour editing someones work and then claims to be the original author. You can use the .unity3d models only by referencing them inside the creaturepack but you may not copy those files as they usually contain one or more copyrighted, paid assets. Any derivative modlet must ensure compatibility with the base creaturepacks, and cannot directly break them. If you don't know how to make compatible mods, just ask for help. Download: https://github.com/7D2D/A19Mods Look for the 0-CreaturePacks, but there are other fun things there too, like No Potty Mouth. There is also a character effectspack modlet that adds infections (humans turning to zombies) and new walktypes to humans and zombies
  3. Hi everyone. Tell me, is it possible to somehow reduce the DegradationMax value of an item after repair in XML? I tried to do this, but nothing came out <append xpath="/items/item[@name='gunHandgunT1Pistol']/effect_group[@name='gunHandgunT1Pistol']"> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfItemRepaired" action="ModifyCVar" cvar="DegradationMax" operation="add" value="-1"/> </append>
  4. I love 7dtd. I think the game has been steadily improving and the latest alpha is the best version so far. I do have one gripe however and that is loot progression. Except for toilet pistols and purchasing from traders, there is basically no chance of finding a weapon of any higher tier than a blunderbuss or a tool of a higher tier than stone if you are below a certain gamestage. I understand that having loot progression tied to gamestage is meant to prevent players from skipping past the stone age and instantly becoming op in the early game. I agree that players should have to progress, but I also believe that never having the chance to find something exciting, like an AK47, because of gamestage ruins a lot of the fun of looting. I propose a middle ground solution. How to balance finding above blunderbuss tier weapons in the early game (AK47, 9mil, etc) 1.) Ammo- Ammo is extremely abundant in A19. There are ammo piles behind every 10th picture, traders give you 150-200 ammo for one quest, secures storage chests give you more as well as shipping crates, etc. Just reduce the amount of ammo which can be looted. It can be argued that this looted ammo is needed to defend against the coming hordes, but I believe players can use bows and blunderbusses and will find a way even with less ammo at their disposal in the early game. Blunderbuss ammo is easily craftable, which keeps it as a viable alternative to a handgun or machine gun if handgun and machine gun ammo is made far less abundant. 2.) Repair Cost- [EDIT] A lot of people have said using tool/weapon parts for repair would be a hassle. You would have to carry too many items for repairing. SO! I suggest instead simply increasing the amount of repair kits required to repair something. That way it will be harder to maintain an above blunderbuss tier weapon early game which will allow blunderbusses to still be useful as an alternative. Repair kits are the solution to almost everything, which is a problem. Repair kits can be made with duct tape, cloth, and forged iron which are all easily obtainable, even in the early game. If weapons required their respective parts to be repaired, then there would be a limit to the usability of a higher than blunderbuss weapon in the early game. So, even if you find an AK47 in the early game, you would only be able to use if for so long before it broke. When it breaks you would need to find machine gun parts if you wanted to repair it. Also, it could be made so repair effectiveness is tied to a players proficiency in the use of that weapon type. So a player who only has 1 level of machine gunner (or whatever its called) can only repair 30% of weapons durability in one go (for example). A level 5 can repair 100%. 3.) Gamestage RNG Hybrid Loot- If AK47's and other tier one weapons were made once again findable in the early game, gamestage could still play a role in limiting their effectiveness. For example, a player of gamestage 1-15 (An example set of numbers) can not find AK47's above quality level 1. 4.) Rarity- Even if tier one weapons and tools are findable in the early game, they could be made to be less common and more of a reward when they are found. Weapon bags could have a random chance to spawn at the end of the current dungeon crawl houses. Currently, they're pretty much always there; and even though they display actual guns sticking out of the zipper, if they are looted below a certain gamestage, they only ever contain blunderbusses. Make it so they somewhat rarely spawn at the end of a dungeon crawl, but when they are found, they are much more likely to contain an actual gun or at least gun parts. The same with gun safes. Make them rare to spawn, but with a high chance of gun loot. And with those super secure storage chests, make those certain to spawn guns, but of course they should be hard to break into and well guarded. In the regular unlocked secure storage chests at the end of dungeon crawls, the gun loot chance should be low and instead have a high blunderbuss and stone tool chance. Just some ideas. I like where the game is going, but this one area I hope receives some more balancing.
  5. A19 RELEASE DATE 30th October, 2020 ABOUT Undead Legacy is an overhaul mod for 7 Days to Die, that changes a lot of things in the game as well as adds new features never seen before, you can read more about upcoming features through this link on my official Undead Legacy website: https://ul.subquake.com/wiki/About LINKS Official website - Official Undead Legacy website/wiki Discord - Undead Legacy Discord Community Install Guide - A quick guide how to manually install the mod. A16.4v1.3.0.3 DOWNLOAD Bigger Backpack - Undead Legacy for A16.4 with 80 slot backpack (EasyAntiCheat must be turned off) Standard Backpack - Undead Legacy for A16.4 with 32 slot vanilla backpack (EasyAntiCheat Friendly) FEEDBACK & SUPPORT Please consider supporting Undead Legacy development through PayPal or Patreon: Thanks to all the wonderful people, that are current and former patrons as well as people, who contributed, I can't express enough how much I value your support, it means a lot to me!
  6. Hi guys! If you like the food truck, then you can build it. Materials used: Car Wheel Flat - 4pcs Concrete 1/2 Block Trim Split - 6pcs Widow Store One Sided Empty - 4pcs Widow Store Four Sided Empty - 1pcs Commercial Door 2 - 1pcs Metal Stairs - 1pcs Wooden Sign 1m - 1pcs Duct Soft Corner 2 - 1pcs Sidewalk Curb - 1pcs Sign: Shamway Sale - 1pcs Concrete Half Plate - 1pcs Soda Fountain - 1pcs Corr.Metal Ramp Incline Half 1 - 2pcs Industrial Light - 2pcs Cash Register - 1pcs Water Cooler Bootle - 1pcs "Wet Concrete Block" Wet Concrete Corner Round Top -4pcs Wet Concrete Corner Round - 16pcs Wet Concrete Plate (wall 4pcs + ceiling 4pcs) Wet Concrete Block - 4pcs Wet Concrete 1/2 Block - 3pcs "Paint number" 82, 112, 60, 141, 7, 152, 118, 143, 163, 153, 31, 111, 72, 109, 116, 134, 78. (of course paint as you like) Thank you for attention Видео_02-10-2020_131451.mp4
  7. Welcome to the Alpha 19 Dev Diary. As of this time we don't even know what to call Alpha 19. It might be small named updates like "The New Combat Book Update" which could start at "19.0", with the "Vehicle Update" landing on 19.2, etc. What we do know is we're working on some new books, a vehicle update, etc but how and when we roll out what is to be determined. Hopefully it can be several point release patches to get you guys more frequent updates over 6-12 months instead of one big drop in a year. Weapons Update All weapon types will have 3 tiers. (eg: Wood Club --> Baseball Bat --> Steel Mace) Each weapon still has 6 quality levels. New top tier Auto Shotgun New mid tier Machine Gun New low tier Junk Sledge New top tier Junk Drone Most pre-alpha 18 weapons have new models and textures New Steel Fireaxe, new Steel Club. New Books Tech Junkie Learn from MacDyver himself to build useful gadgets from common household junk! Grease Monkey Learn to modify and craft vehicles of all currently existing shapes and sizes Bar Brawling Learn from Irish legend "Lucky @%$*#!" himself and never get bested in a good ol' fashioned bar room brawl. Spear Hunter Get connected with your inner caveman and master the forgotten art of spear hunting. Perk tree reduction Many non combat perks didn't feel like they were worth investing into or the cost was too great for what they offered, so many perks are being reduced to 3 ranks instead of 5. Lucky Looter: removed all digging bonuses. New perception perk: Treasure Hunter: Become one of the greatest treasure hunters of all time learning tricks that would even make Blackbeard envious. Rank 1: Plunderer Narrow down treasure locations to 7 meters and find 10% more items in buried treasure. Rank 2: Maurader: 5 meters and 20% more items. Treasure Hunter: 3 meters and 30% more items. The Infiltrator, Animal Tracker, The Penetrator, Lockpicking, Sexual Rex, Well Insulated, Living off the Land, Rule #1 Cardio, Run and Gun, Flurry of Blows, Parkour, Hidden Strike, From the Shadows, Daring Adventurer, Charismatic Nature, Physician will all have reductions or changes made to them. Yeah science will be removed and its perks distributed to others. Candy Candy will be added to vending machines, making canned foods more scarce in the process. Candy has zero calories but will boost attributes or provide special abilities for a short duration, like recog and fortbites. Here are a few examples of over 10 new candy items coming to A19. Skull Crushers Rock hard candy: Gives you a rock hard punch. Increases melee damage 50% for 2 minutes. Atom Junkies: Atom sized candy and atomic sized power! Increase explosive damage 50% for 2 minutes. Sugar Butts: If ifs and butts were candy and nuts every day would be Christmas! Well now it can be with one tasty Sugar Butts Candy. Increases Better Barter one rank for 2 minutes. New super filling foods All new super foods have 0% food poisoning. Gumbo Stew Shepard's Pie Spaghetti Tuna Fish Gravy on Toast Improved Animations Player arms in third person will no longer be stiff when moving with one handed tools, fists or weapons, instead their arms will move more naturally when they walk and run. Zombies heads will turn to track the player. Loading Screen Tips Loading screens will come with interactive survival tips the user can advance or go back to read the next or previous tip. Random World Gen Improvements Random biomes! Points of interest 7 new or refurbished ranger stations Hardware stores reimagined Much much more. Traders All traders still sell everything, but now each one specializes in something. Joel sells armor, Jen sells meds, Bob sells vehicles and tools, Hugh sells weapons and ammo, and Rekt will sell food and seeds. After graduating to the next quest tier traders offer a special quest that will take you to the next trader. Traders have head tracking so they look at the player. Integrated Survival System Hunger and thirst bars returned to main play screen New Zombie vs player critical hits system give specific injury debuffs such as lacerations, arm sprains and breaks, etc Injuries cause a lowering of max health and/or stamina until they are remedied. Multiple injury effects stack. Vomitting removed. Bad food hurts health and has a chance for dysentery. Basic food heals a little and adds fullness. Advanced recipes give max stamina bonuses and greatly increases health and fullness. Vehicle Update - pushed to A20 Vehicle Mods Vehicle break down and collision system
  8. Tested with A19.1 (b8) White River - Tools of Citizenship - A19.2 The White River settlements are looking for new citizens to contribute and are willing to give extra tools and equipment that they've collected. They are offering to provide to a select few survivors access to higher quality tools, weapons, armor, and equipment in exchange for volunteering to complete various tasks for the settlement. There is a limited supply and these items are only available to those who gain citizenry with White River settlements. In addition to the reward, the player is sometimes also offered a small stack of wet concrete blocks, from the last of the Trader's community inventory to assist in re-establishing a homestead. ---- This modlet collection extends the new player White River citizenship quest line to provide a handful of quests to obtain improved tools, weapons, and armor. Each item has a small back-story and explanation in an attempt to blend with the vanilla game and Trader. This gives new players a chance to obtain better equipment through a method other than randomness or traditional progression. The rewards this Modlet pack provides were carefully considered against Vanilla gameplay. In most cases, the named items only provide a small improvement over the items they were created from. Due to the multi-tier design of this modlet collection, it provides equipment for beginners all the way up through the elite. **This modlet pack is XML XPath ONLY and only needs to be installed on the server or player hosting the game! Other players do not need to install this modlet pack locally. ** The modlet collection provides multi-tier quest lines, first requiring the player to craft a +Declaration of Citizenship. This allows them to begin a quest to volunteer to help lay to rest 10 old residents now turned zombie. This earns the player a +White River Citizenship Card which they can then use to select which quest they would like to pursue. The player's citizenship card is returned to them after they complete the settlement's quest. If it is lost for any reason, the player can craft a new +Declaration of Citizenship to start the process over of becoming a White River citizen. The +White River Citizenship Card can also be used to pursue two higher-level citizenship cards through killing of 100 Zombies or 1000 Zombies, respectively. These higher tiers of citizenship allows for the pursuit of Veteran and Elite level equipment. -- Citizenship is offered in three-tiers: - Tier 1 : Kill 10 Zombies. This is the Basic level of citizenship. Reward: +White River Citizenship Card - Tier 2 : Kill 100 Zombies. This is the Veteran level of citizenship. Reward: +White River Veteran Citizenship Card - Tier 3 : Kill 1000 Zombies. This is the Elite level of citizenship. Reward: +White River Elite Citizenship Card Once the player obtains their citizenship card, they can use this to craft quest-starter items for the equipment quests below. Some of the quests below offer a veteran version which rewards a sealed crate containing better quality, more items, and greater quantity of each multi-quantity item. Some offer an even higher level set of rewards for elite citizens. However, after a "Veteran" or "Elite" quest is complete, only a basic citizenship card is returned. The player must successfully complete the Tier 2 or 3 citizenship quest again in order to pursue another Veteran/Elite equipment quest. EQUIPMENT QUESTS: VEHICLES: - Spirit of Vengeance - Take on a demon Juggernaut and obtain a super-fast vehicle. A player using this vehicle is a sure-sign of their elite status. Big thanks to Snufkin's Server-Side Zombies & Snufkins's Server-Side Vehicles for a big part of the base code for the vehicle and zombie. Tested for compatibility with Snufkin's mods, so you can run both at the same time if you want! TOOLS: - Black Bart's Flaming Dig Tools - Uncover the long-buried stash from the most famous stagecoach robber in the western U.S., providing a steel Pickaxe & Shovel with flaming mods and better stats than Vanilla. Stamina trait sure to keep you digging and digging and digging. - Bunyan's FireAxe - Help the Trader stock up on potable water in exchange for a Paul Bunyan-branded FireAxe. - Dundee's Hunting Knife - Help the Trader collect bone shivs in exchange for Dundee's famous Hunting Knife with slightly better stats than Vanilla. - Jason's Machete - Obtain a replica of Jason's famous machete in exchange for helping the settlement. Big thanks to Wyldwitchykat for this addition! - Rick Danger's Auger - Obtain two higher tier Augers, the latter of which will turn even the largest mountain to butter, but will expend a LOT of gasoline and degrade your Auger quick. - Taza's Axe - The famed Taza's Axe, already awesome. WEAPONS: - Bambi's Killer Compound Bow - Earn the famed deer killer, "Bambi's Killer Compound Bow" or "Forest Prince Compound Bow" with slightly better stats than Vanilla. - Bear Grylls's Claws -"Why fight bare fisted when you can fight bear fisted." Thanks, SteamM0nkey for this idea. - Callinicus's Greek Fire - Find the book randomly in the world and learn to craft greek fire arrows. Shoot one zombie with a greek fire arrow, and the fire spreads to other entities that it touches. - Daryl's Crossbow - Obtain a replica copy of the same crossbow Daryl from the Walking Dead used: The Zombiekiller Crossbow. - Deschain's Revolver - Collect the eight Dark Tower series books and craft nineteen doors to have one of Roland Deschain's legendary revolvers bestowed upon you. Has custom bullets that are expensive to craft, but super powerful. - Leon's Modded SMG - Help Leon finish his DIY gun project, resulting in a 9mm SMG weapon with slightly better stats than Vanilla. - Pavlichenko's Rifle - Locate and assemble a branded Marksman rifle from the famed marksman, Pavlichenko. ARMOR: - Kuva's Red Armor - Discover the secret ingredient in Kuva's Legendary Red Armor. This armor is rumored to be lightweight and stealthy, with resistances to heat & cold, and an extra mod slot per piece. The basic quest is EASY, but the Veteran quest is HARD. RESOURCES: - Brass For Lead - Help the community restock its Lead supply and in exchange receive some brass. - Everdeen's Arrows & Bolts - The settlement is trying to put together a feast. Help feed everyone in exchange for named arrows or bolts guaranteed to fly true. - Gupta's Bandages - Can't craft first aid bandages? Trade Aloe Leaves & Cotton for a few highly-sought-after Gupta's First Aid Bandages & a First Aid Kit. - QwikCrete - Learn the secret to making quick-drying concrete blocks! - Elite Random - Obtain a sealed crate from four veteran cards that gives you a single random elite quest starter. Obtain a veteran card back at the start of your elite quest. If you complete the Elite quest, you obtain an Elite citizen's card! - Remington's Steel Ammo - A spin off of Khaine's Steel Ammo mod that turns his mod into a questable achievement. Strong bullets that degrade your weapons faster. COMING SOON: Amelia's Gyrocopter - I'm still formulating the questline behind this one.. but the general gist will be to quest and ultimately take on a custom zombie in order to learn how to create a super-charged gyrocopter with custom components. Travels faster than the vanilla gyrocopter, with improved flying characteristics that allow it to fly more like a helicopter than a plane. Supports VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing)! Dwarven Bellows - Faster Smelting Steel Spikes - Double the durability of Iron Spikes Basilone's M60 Brienne's Heavy Armor Nearly all quests are designed to be repeatable in case of loss of equipment or to try your luck at a higher quality reward. Black Bart's dig tools are unique and the quest is designed NOT to be repeatable! Acknowledgements - Wyldwitchyka :: For the addition of the Jason's machete quest modlet - morggin :: For the name and lore behind Black Bart, for the Bambi Terminator Crossbow, and for the idea of an Elite level set of quests - RichardPaul :: For the poem used in the Black Bart quest line. - Aeyvi-Daro :: For quest text and testing assistance on all quests. - mr.devolver :: Big thanks for the help fixing the GoTo Trader, improving the quest integration with the trader, and helping seek out a path to add the quests to the Trader dialog! Current Download A19.2_1.0a - White River - Tools of Citizenship A19.2_1.0a - This version is a drop-in replacement/upgrade for WhiteRiverToC_A19.2_1.0 * !IMPORTANT! The A19.2 release of this modpack must only be installed onto a game that has not had this mod pack installed before. If you've never installed this mod collection before, you shouldn't have any issues. Otherwise, this release requires a fresh/new game! This is due to the massive switch to using Localization support, which now opens the door to allow the mods to be translated to other languages. If you are interested in translating to another language, please send me a private message or post a reply to the thread. Old Downloads A19.1_1.1a - White River - Tools of Citizenship A19.1_1.1a A19_1.0 - White River - Tools of Citizenship A19_1.0 A18.3_1.7d - White River - Tools of Citizenship A18.3_1.7d A18.3_1.6c - White River - Tools of Citizenship A18.3_1.6c A17.1 & A17.2 - White River - Tools of Citizenship 1.5a
  9. FEATURES Play 7 Days to Die as a balanced post apocalyptic zombie vanquishing Sorcerer. Through training and discovery, you'll learn how to deport the undead straight back to hell by casting elemental spells of Fire, Ice and Lightning. • Vanilla game 100% untouched, add-only policy! • Balanced around vanilla gameplay, you must train to gain and sustain your power! • Unique animations, art, effects and sounds for spells and items • New Spells: Craft, Master and Upgrade 5 Spells per element! • New Enemies: Touched, Fallen (Champion), Awakened (Boss), Ancient (Raid) • New Attributes: Sorcery, Fire, Ice, Lightning • New Resource: Spirit (mana required to perform all Sorcery) • New Dual Skill Tree and Perks: Arcane, Fire, Ice, Lightning • New Crafting: Armor, Weapons, Mods, Spells, Potions, Scrolls, Stations, Blocks, Resources • New Armor Sets: Arcane, Fire, Ice, Lightning • New Masteries: Alchemy, Runesmithing, Spirit, Essence, Arcane, Fire, Ice, Lightning • Play-style: Sorcerer (Spellcaster) • Play-style: Alchemist (Potions, Bombs) • Play-style: Archer Mage (Spell Arrows) • Play-style: Gun Mage (Spell Ammo) • Play-style: Melee Mage (Spell Weapons) • Weapon Abilities: Primary, Secondary, Passive and Charge abilities • Rune Mods: Harness the power of Runes to augment your weapons, armor and gear! • Alchemy: Craft Potions, Elixirs and Bombs • Sexy Loot: Item Sets, Armor, Weapons, Mods, Spells, Potions, Scrolls and more! SORCERY UPDATED - PUBLIC 10/15 (v0.922) • Major Feature: Pet Familiars (Follow, Attack, Abilities, Upgradeable, Skill Tree) • Major Feature: Spell Turrets (Portable Trap Companion) • Added: Arcane Familiar Pet • Added: Arcane Familiar Skill Tree (Radiant, Healing, Dispelling, Shielding) • Added: Fire Spell Turret + Ammo • Added: Spell Turret Runes (Starcaller, Burning Aura) • Added: Spell Turret Skill Tree (Incinerate, Explosive, Wild, Meteor) • Added: New Scrolls (Essence Find, Augment Hunger, XP, Mining, Logging, Digging) • Added: New Runes (Augment Hunger, XP, Mining, Logging, Digging) • Added: Quests and Skill Grimoires for Familiar, Enchanting, Spell Turret • Added: Unique Rune Crafting Station (enables tabs per Element and interesting Recipes) • Added: Buff XP/Kill Credit workaround for vanilla issues (no more missed kill credit) • Added: Arcane Vision Scroll reveals all nearby Fallen (onscreen icons) • Added: Skill Grimoire Recipes (Ice, Lightning Elixirs) • Added: Fire Skill Elixir permanent Fire Sorcery Damage when consumed at max level • Added: Fire Skill Elixir permanent Fire Essence Harvest when consumed at max level • Fixed: Zero Spirit issue caused by raising/lowering Max Spirit • Fixed: Recall Scroll is more reliable • Changed: Crafting Stations now contain tabs for each Element • Changed: Various improvements (Recipes, QoL) • Changed: Spell Turrets can shoot through bars • Changed: Spell Turrets display degradation stat • Changed: Fire Spell Turret has more maximum durability (less repairing) • Changed: Familiar immune to all Spell Turret damage • Changed: Sorcery Books 📚 stack • Changed: Fire Weapon Scroll affects 🧰 Tools • Changed: Travel Potion ⚗️duration increased ‼️NEW GAME REQUIRED‼️ NOTE: A19.x currently has an issue properly attaching particles to Animals. This forced us to attach certain FX, such as Firenado & Meteor, to entities in an undesirable way that causes a couple visual sores. Doesn't impact gameplay, purely cosmetic. Will be reverted back once A19.x resolves this. YOU AGREE TO THE FULL TERMS OF USE AND DISCLAIMER HEREIN BY DOWNLOADING AND USING THE SORCERY MOD: DOWNLOAD SORCERY Sorcery is finally back for A19! You can expect bi-weekly/monthly updates from here out. Download: Sorcery-master.zip (latest version) Unzip: Sorcery-master.zip Drag-n-Drop: The two folders (Sorcery + Deep Pockets), found within the unzipped (Sorcery-master\Mods) folder, directly into your Mods folder (\7 Days To Die\Mods). Create the Mods folder here if it doesn't already exist. Verify Mod Path: (\7 Days To Die\Mods\Sorcery) + (\7 Days To Die\Mods\Deep Pockets) Deport The Undead back to Hell: You're ready to play as a post-apocalyptic harbinger of the elements... may your training commence! MOD LAUNCHER If you already have the latest version of the Mod Launcher, simply run it and install Sorcery there. Otherwise, follow these steps to get started: PLAY WITH DARKNESS FALLS If you already have the latest version of the Mod Launcher, simply run it and install Sorcery there. Otherwise, follow these steps to get start CREDIT TFP for creating and improving this ridiculously awesome game, while also providing the ability to making this type of modding available. 👑Supporters Supporters make ongoing development possible! Without your help, it would not be possible to put in the immense amount of time and effort required to design and create the plethora of unique assets that make Sorcery.
  10. 4k RWG Map made using Nitrogen, Unity, and a few other applications. This map was built with Compo Pack 46, and requires it to be installed on a clean copy of 7D2 A19.1. I've also included some of my favorite mods to accompany the map. Install instructions, along with Mods and Map detailed included in install. I know almost all of the modders who have given me permission to use their work in this modlet, but there are a few I could not reach, if you would like your mods pulled from any of these packs im putting together, please let me know and I will pull them. I make zero money on the packs and do not ever sell others work.I have not taken any pieces from existing overhauls, or modified the included modlets in any way. I HIGHLY recommend locking both your Server and Client to 19.1 if you intend to keep both the map and the mods going up until the next update. I have added these mods for install simplicity and version uniformity for both Single and Multi Player. Stand alone version of the map is also available, but still requires Compo Pack 46.Fairly simple map with 4 highways, some RWG and some hand placed area, with a hand painted biome file. This is not a high polished Official Map release and the Snow Biome is blah, but Ive updated quite a bit from the old A18 version, and it will provide a fun adventure with good performance on a small map. Stay tuned for new all custom maps very soon! Thanks all and enjoy https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JIXAu6GUCUNHdm_FV_BaE8HAZDeu_blZ/view?usp=sharing Check out my Workshop on Discord https://discord.gg/6HNqC89
  11. I have been wondering over this question for a little while. If stealth is an intended gameplay mechanic with its own build/perks why are the developers of this game deliberately screwing over the stealth builds in their POI design? I mean in particular those auto-agro rooms where everything is waking up and beelining straight to you by a script and not by any action you are doing yourself? This is, ofcourse, not the only indication of particular dislike towards stealth gameplay by whoever is designing the POI's there are also these breaking floors you have to run over or fall into a trap and there is a pile of rubbish practically in every doorway just because. The way I see it it is basically equivalent to giving zombies in a POI a 25% armor penetration when the game detects a strength based player enteering a POI, because reasons. I mean 90% damage reduction and making heads and limbs explode with shotgun/club and no pretense of any kind of stealth, running everywhere cant be the only RIGHT WAY of playing this game, I suppose? The reason can not be, as far as I can see, that otherwise it would be too trivial to beeline straight for the loot, as devs are doing nothing to prevent it otherwise by putting in almost all POI's the loot on the roof and allowing nerd-poling and/or landing on the roof with a gyro, so you do not need to sneak if all you want to do is to pick up the main loot from a POI skipping all other stuff. Nerd-poling, for example, is trivial to prevent and has been done even in fair few mods like, for example, Ravenhearst. All you need is a small delay for block deployment. Stealth gameplay is already penalized enough, as these are wasted perks during the blood moon (stealth does not work) and when clearing POI's the stealth is much slower at it than just running through the POI with sledge/club/shotgun (plus miner 69 to break any door in half the time) and making everything ded. If stealth is deemed such a problem by the developers why not just remove it? Instead of targeting that skilltree specifically in a roundabout way through their POI design?
  12. Hey everyone! I'm back after a long hiatus with new mods for alpha 19 experimental branch. These are built with DMT(v2.1) using the latest version of Harmony(v2.0.2). Link: https://github.com/TormentedEmu/7DTD-A19-DMTMods Mods: NewBlockTextures The purpose of this mod is to allow adding new texture arrays to the game to avoid overwriting the original arrays or atlases as we used to in the previous builds. The mod contains a sample bundle with some textures included and you can pull the blocks out from the creative menu. NewTerrainTextures The purpose of this mod is to allow appending new terrain textures to the game terrain texture array. One thing to note, is to match the blockw and blockh for all your textures or you will see size issues with the vanilla textures. I recommend using either 1, 4, or 8 depending on how large you want the textures in game. The mod also comes with a sample terrain texture bundle and you can pull the blocks out from the creative menu. NOTE: Adding new terrain textures requires SphereII's disable splat map patch that's included in his Legacy Distant Terrain mod. ObjectManipulator This modlet introduces a new control panel that allows the user to manipulate and adjust the selected transform's scale, position, and rotation. First enter the creative menu and drag a TE_ObjectManipulatorHandgun into your toolbar. When you first hold the gun in your hand, the control panel will appear. You can toggle the control panel by shooting the gun. You can toggle the screen cursor by pressing the F2 button, which will allow you to click on the buttons and type in the search box, or copy position values. Please let me know if you like it, have any questions, or have any problems/bugs with it. I'm usually found on Guppy's Discord server here: https://discord.gg/mh3J3dS. My nickname on the discord is V. Cheers
  13. Vehicle Madness Version 3 Beta 1.1 Guppycur's awesome original concept for Vehicle Madness returns to 7 Days to Die in A19, Guppy handed over the reigns of the project to me to rework and develop further the visions we have for vehicles in the game. This is a ongoing project and I am glad to say that ActiniumTiger has actively joined the 'pit crew' and has already done some great work with the mod as well as bringing along some good ideas into the mix that we are looking to implement in the next version. Features 26 vehicles ( all with overhauled unity vehicle physics and updated to linear lighting). Revamped the vehicle harvesting system ( Balancing feedback required ) . Updated the custom vehicles build system. A brand new custom vehicle spawner , so no more double or triple spawned vehicles and vehicle piles. ( Custom code was written by HaidrGna and we adapted it for Vehicle Madness with his kind permission) Added more vehicles to the craftable options for now. About Vehicle Madness For those that have not played the mod before ..... This mod will NOT let you build the 'custom vehicles' in the vanilla style...however you can still build vanilla vehicles in the usual way as all vanilla parts are still available in world. You will come across a variety of vehicles in the world, from firetrucks to humvee's to police cars to sedans and a few old rusted vehicles. You can only HOPE they are running. if not, you'll be forced to loot them to find salvageable parts, such as: Transmission (and damaged version) Engine (and damaged version) Seats (and damaged versions) Carburetor (and damaged version) Battery (and damaged version) Alternator (and damaged version) Chassis (and damaged version) Body parts (doors, hood, trunk and Fender and bumper) Full Vehicle Madness Style Wheels Wheel Rims We have adopted a system where 2x Damaged Parts go towards making 1 good working part along with other smaller items in the recipes. Tires that you find on the ground? They can be picked up! But, they are NOT WHEELS. You must find a wheel rim , these can be obtained by salvaging the vehicles in the world (you may be lucky and get full wheels and a wheel rim during salvage), or you can make a fully functional wheel by adding tire and wheel rim and using the air compressor tool in the Auto-Workbench. To make the Auto-workbench you need to first be able to craft 'normal workbenches' as you will need one to build the full Auto-workbench along with a compressor an ratchet set (lootable in world) ......you can then, after learning how, assemble the various vehicle parts into the various assemblies to build your custom vehicle. Car body assembly (requires a fully body kit) Electrical subsystem assembly Car engine assembly Car Body Kit Vehicle Madness wheels Then Build your chosen custom vehicle from the selection available. ** Vanilla vehicles can be crafted using the existing parts as before on a normal workbench so we have left in vanilla items for now but they will not fit the custom vehicles system ** You can only use the cool stuff like firetrucks, police car , military car and 5 ton military truck by finding driveable versions! Gas will be at a premium and minimal drops from vehicles means you may have to raid gas stations or make your own. More to come..... New things are planned along the way , such as a new tire fitting station and car lift system and possibly adding more parts to to the salvage options but not too much to make it a chore to do it. We will be adding more vehicles options for your post apocaliptic driving pleasures. A Dedicated POI for Automotive Repairs Looking at a new system to spawn in broken vehicle with no gas that needs fueling to get back to workshop for full repair (early stage development). Changing the engine sounds along the way. Looking to adapt and add my fuel siphon modlet that i developed in A17 for use in Vehicle Madness in A19. Work on localisation updates. A few vehicles (Motorcycles and the working Chevy) are missing from the original release and may return or may be replaced with new options. Guppy's fun shopping cart is now a separate thing and can be found here Guppycur's Modlets Credits: Guppycur, ActiniumTiger, HaidrGna, Mumpfy, Random Person, bdubyah, Dust2Death The 'Crew' on Guppy's Modding Discord' for their previous work and input on first version of which I was originally involved in a smaller role and their continuing support on the new version and helping shape the future direction of this mod. Note: You are not allowed to extract and alter the assets in this mod in any way, the assets can be used in other mods that are purely 'non profit'. These assets must not be used in any venture that attempts to make money out of modding VEHICLE MADNESS 3 BETA1.1 DOWNLOAD LINK ***** Please Note : This is an Overhaul in modlet form and is required on both Client and Server as with other mods that add new assets. ******* A new game save is required as the mod adds a lot of new blocks in the game and changes existing ones too !! Changelog Beta 1.1 : 1. Added various new wrecks created by bdubyah for the ultimate salvage variation ( There is only 1 vanilla sedan in chain as required by some POI's and all others are now custom). 2. Tweaked some vehicle speeds and camera positions and some storage on the big vehicles 3. Increased amount of wrecks on roads and in biomes to provide more resources. 4. Experimental block damage changes 5. Added Quad to world spawns and reduced spawns very slightly (feedback on this will be required as catering for server vs single player). 6. Added compressor to EMS and Military loot options , increased probabilities in automotive and rare automotive loot as were too rare before. 7. Removed damaged motorcyle part2 from spawn ( will add more motorcycle variant wrecks at some point) Have Fun Ragsy and Tiger !!!
  14. How do i set my game to alpha 19.2? i looked it up, but it doesnt show up on betas tab in steam
  15. xyth

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    NPCs DMT Mod Description This is a mod that introduces dynamic NPC characters into the game by expanding on the CreaturePack Humans. These NPCs require some of Sphereii's DMT scripts, and these dependencies will be enforced upon loading this mod with the mod launcher. Many issues probably exist and we need help testing to make these NPCs work better. This mod adds many new NPCs to the game. Unlike previous NPCs, these can be hired then issued orders to stay, follow, and guard (patrol eat, drink, and looting POIs for you are being reworked, or abandoned). All this is configured in XML. Once hired, you cannot kill them, nor can another hireling or allies in your party hurt them. This blocks friendly fire issues. Non hired NPCs are fair game. They are currently set to spawn in the friendly animal spawn group, but you can change that in xml. You set the patrol route by using invisible patrol blocks. Likely that will need a video to explain. In xml you can set what the NPCs eat and drink, what they use for a toilet and what they defecate (if you turn that on), whats their home block, what they use for a bed, food containers, etc. Take a look at the xml and read the comments. The NPCs are an adaptation of the animals used for another mod, so if you want NPCs to breed and lay eggs, well, that could happen with the right xml. Just don't ask me to help you with that 🙂 Installing The NPC mod is found in the DMT section of the mod launcher or in my repo here: https://github.com/7D2D/A19DMTMods A18 version is here: https://github.com/7D2D/A18DMTMods This is an DMT mod so it must be compiled with DMT, or loaded by the mod launcher. This mod has several dependencies that must be compiled with this mod for it to work properly. These are: <dependency>0-SphereIICore</dependency> <dependency>SphereII NPC Dialog Windows</dependency> Find those dependency mods here: https://github.com/SphereII/SphereII.ModsA19 <dependency>0-CreaturePackHumans</dependency> https://github.com/7D2D/A19Mods A18 version is here https://github.com/7D2D/A18Mods Known Issues This mod has not had much A19 testing and has so much code we expect you to find issues. No training guide. Sphereii posted details on each new script that contains lots of info on your xml options. But if your confused, feel free to ask questions here. Well, except questions about egg laying.... Credits First, thanks to SphereII for creating all the new AI tasks and scripts that make these NPCs possible. Thanks to DarkStarDragon for joining in this project and adding his own NPCs to this mod. And a shout out to Mumpfy who edited the base meshes and retextured several of these new entities.
  16. Gonna just make this thread for all my modlets to keep it organized. The Wasteland: Bdub's Vehicles: Buggy: Hot Rods: Humvee: GNX: Box Truck: Willy Jeep: Golf Cart: MRAP: Marauder: Nuka Factory Vanilla Prefab: UAZ 452: Pickup: Work Truck: Nova: BRDM-2: MD-500: Grass Blocks: Duster: Stallion: Charger: Dirt Bike: Cruiser, Junker, and Rat bikes: SHERP: UH-60:
  17. My YouTube Channel Use the link below to checkout my channel. Enjoy the content and feel free to Like and Subscribe. I will not stop you and it gives me the opportunity to checkout your content and return the favor! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgc_WEy9AGDYp_QVCLTT4mQ I just started a Dishong Tower Challenge series. This series has been upgraded with musical beats and sped up 150% starting with Day 3. They are ALL commentary-free and unedited episodes. Check out the playlist below. Most Recent Uploads Blizzard Series - Current Series Dishong Tower Challenge - Current Series - No Commentary, No Edits Brain Damaged Series - Alpha 19 Gameplay Series
  18. Masters of Chaos Gaming is a group of experienced gamers who host and run servers for some popular games. We currently have a variety of servers for 7 Days to Die. Whether you're a beginner just getting started with the game, or a long-time player looking for a serious challenge, **we have the server for you!** We host on our own hardware that more than exceeds the dedicated server hardware requirements, and keep regular backups on a separate system to ensure that your gameplay experience is unmarred. Offering three levels of difficulty for you to play on. Zed Rising Zed Rising is a relaxed, beginner PvE 7 Days to Die server running Alpha 19, with fun Quality of Life mods, 2 Land Claim Blocks and a friendly community of gamers on a 12k custom map. We welcome new players and strive to provide a fun environment for people just starting out in the game https://mastersofchaosgaming.com/ZedRising steam://connect/ Dead Island Dead Island is a casual server for experienced players. Closer to a Vanilla experience with minimal mods. The server is set to Nomad difficulty with double the default horde sizes. https://mastersofchaosgaming.com/DeadIsland steam://connect/ Last Light This server is designed for hardcore survivalists. Everything is out to get you. There are no cheaty teleports. Bloodmoons are going to be a real experience with increased horde sizes, heftier gamestages, and a new AI. Test your mettle on this Survivalist level challenge server. https://mastersofchaosgaming.com/LastLight steam://connect/ Join us today! https://mastersofchaosgaming.com/7Days https://discord.gg/HrCaxm2
  19. Hi. I cant go in to the game. And when i start it from steam or app it shows this image. A while ago i could go in game but wasn't able to create and play a rw only navezgane and pregen1..2..3 Would love to get some help. Haven't been able to play the game since a19 release.
  20. Currently working on: - 7D2D-EntityRandomizer - Possibility of getting UMA randomization to work - 2-4 possible new modlets in the design/thought stages - More sound mixing/additions for Add more common sounds and Khelldon-GetPiggy - Fixing Punishing Weather - Survival for a19+ Last Modlet Updates, last 30 days: Oct 24 2020: Added Doughs-UI-Add-2ModSlots - Created per request from @CrazyAluminum Oct 18 2020: Added Electric - CapacitorBank - Added CapacitorBank and Capacitor electrical components Oct 12 2020: Updated Add more common sounds - Added more sounds. Oct 11 2020: Updated Add more common sounds - Added a lot of sound pitch changes Oct 10 2020: Updated A fork of KHelldons a17 modlets - Small fixes to Khelldon-RebarCrossBowBolts, Khelldon-GetFramed. Khelldon-StarterCrate now working. Finally fixed Remove The Map For a19+. Updated Nerf Flashlights and Player Crafted Lanterns Oct 08 2020: Added Screamers - Spawn - More. Updated 7D2D-EntityRandomizer - Small fix Oct 07 2020: Updated A fork of KHelldons a17 modlets - Bugfixes for Khelldon-GetPiggy, Khelldon-ScreamerBears, Khelldon-GetFramed. Thanks to @xxx73 for reporting GetPiggy harvesting issues! Oct 05 2020: Updated 7D2D-EntityRandomizer - Added new pre-generated modlet for a19.2 b3 Sept 26 2020: Updated One Hour of Daylight + Rabbit Of Caerbannog - Spawns A Lot (bugfixes) for a19.1 b8 stable Modlets: Modlet: Nerf Flashlights and Player Crafted Lanterns Summary: I think flashlights and lanterns are too OP/bright, especially early game . Forces you to loot flashlight related parts (not easy to find) and craft flashlights and the flashlights mods yourself. Removes working flashlights and related mods from loot and traders. Adds "new" parts (recolors existing game icons) to craft these lights, and also adds a second car battery recipe. Keeps the early and possibly mid game darker. Latest a19.1+ compatible (direct download) Source Code/ Older Versions Forum Comments Additional Links Last Update v1.0.2.zip Github This Thread 7daystodiemods.com Aug 19 2020 Modlet Generator: 7D2D-EntityRandomizer Summary: A script that makes copies of vanilla zombies with random properties. Interested? See also: Guppycur's Random ZombieGetterUpper Note: The script is released, and docs are on the github wiki, The github repo has a copy of the generated modlets for each supported build should you not want to go to the trouble of installing and getting the script set up. Note: If you'd like another version or build I can try to generate one. just message me on these forums. Note: This is an experiment and I'm releasing it as a demo to see if this is worth perusing! Please read the notes on Github: Main Page. Any good/bad input is welcome! Latest a19+ compatible modlets (direct download) Use the modlet that's the same as your game version! Source Code/ Older Versions Forum Comments Additional Links Last Update v2.0.14.zip Github This Thread 7daystodiemods.com Oct 5 2020 Modlet: Electric - CapacitorBank Summary: Adds a short charged Capacitor Bank and capacitors (like a Battery Bank and Batteries, but for *very* temporary or emergency power). Inspired by post by @ausbrecher Note: Is meant for being used for slightly earlier electric power before getting vanilla battery/generator/solar (for emergencies) OR for semi-custom (challenging timing of electric power after power runs out or is shut off via switch. CapacitorBank and Capacitors are all item/icon reuse and recolor from vanilla blocks/items. Note: Cannot daisy chain capacitor banks (works just like battery banks in terms of charging/discharging) Note: Ran across this similar modlet: CapacitorBank Latest a19.1+ compatible (direct download) Source Code/ Older Versions Forum Comments Additional Links Last Update v1.0.2.zip Github This Thread None Oct 18 2020 Modlet: Screamers - Spawn - More Summary: Inspired by JaWoodle's "Silent Hill" series and a post by @Doomofman. Adds screamer zombies to more spawn groups (currently adds to *all* spawn groups!). Note: Quick and sloppy 1 line modlet. Lightly tested. Will clean up modlet if I get feedback it's too much/many. Latest a19.1+ compatible (direct download) Source Code/ Older Versions Forum Comments Additional Links Last Update v1.0.0.zip Github This Thread None Oct 9 2020 Modlet: Buff Ambiance - Darker Nights Summary: Makes nights darker Latest a19.1+ compatible (direct download) Source Code/ Older Versions Forum Comments Additional Links Last Update v1.0.0.zip Github This Thread 7daystodiemods.com Sep 14 2020 Modlet: Buff Ambiance - Darker Inside Summary: Makes indoors darker Latest a19.1+ compatible (direct download) Source Code/ Older Versions Forum Comments Additional Links Last Update v1.0.1.zip Github This Thread 7daystodiemods.com Jul 27 2020 Modlet: Add More Pipe Bombs Summary: Add a few more types for early and end game use. Latest a19.1+ compatible (direct download) Source Code/ Older Versions Forum Comments Additional Links Last Update v1.0.6.zip Github 7daystodie.com 7daystodiemods.com Jul 4 2020 Modlet: You've got Mail Summary: Add 200+ fun (and sometimes useful) items in places you find mail (mailboxes, desks, dressers, trash, bookcases). Originally made because I was tired of finding just paper in mailboxes. Latest a19.1+ compatible (direct download) Source Code/ Older Versions Forum Comments Additional Links Last Update v2.0.0.zip Github This Forum Thread 7daystodiemods.com Aug 29 2020 Modlet: Rabbit Of Caerbannog Summary: Adds a very vicious zombie rabbit that very rarely spawns, and a grenade to kill it. Additional credits (See Github and forum for contributions): Mjoelnir.hh Mumpfy Latest a19.1+ compatible (direct download) Source Code/ Older Versions Forum Comments Additional Links Last Update v2.0.1.zip Github 7daystodie.com 7daystodiemods.com Jul 5 2020 Modlet: Rabbit Of Caerbannog - Spawns A Lot Summary: An override to Rabbit Of Caerbannog modlet to make rabbit spawn more often, not just in hordes. Latest a19.1+ compatible (direct download) Source Code/ Older Versions Forum Comments Additional Links Last Update v2.0.2.zip Github 7daystodie.com 7daystodiemods.com Sept 26 2020 Modlet: Add 2 more mod slots to items/weapons Summary: Adds more mod slots, if an item accepts them. Inspired by request from @CrazyAluminum Note: Likley looks better when you have a 96 slot backpack mod (or similar) as the new slots pop out of the vanilla UI, due to lack of room Additional credits (See Github and forum for contributions): joshwar99's More Mod Slots A18-A19 on nexusmods.com Latest a19.1+ compatible (direct download) Source Code/ Older Versions Forum Comments Additional Links Last Update v1.0.0.zip Github This Thread Oct 24 2020 Modlet: Add 5 more slots for recipe ingredient list Summary: If you use mods and run into a recipe you cannot craft this may help. Latest a19.1+ compatible (direct download) Source Code/ Older Versions Forum Comments Additional Links Last Update v2.0.1.zip Github 7daystodie.com 7daystodiemods.com Jul 5 2020 Modlet: Add more common sounds Summary: Add more sound variations to common actions, and additional remixed game sounds. Let me know if you want more of a particular sound! Latest a19.1+ compatible (direct download) Source Code/ Older Versions Forum Comments Additional Links Last Update v1.2.0.zip Github This Thread 7daystodiemods.com Oct 12 2020 Modlet: Punishing World - Newbie Coat - Remove Summary: Removes the Newbie Coat buff when spawning into a new game for the first time. Note: If you add the modlet after spawning, the existing Newbie Coat buff will *not* be removed. Note: I believe other people have made modlet(s) like this? Let me know! I'll happily deprecate my modlet if another exists with identical functionality that is being maintained! NOTE: Found this identical modlet: No Newbie Coat Latest a19.1+ compatible (direct download) Source Code/ Older Versions Forum Comments Additional Links Last Update v1.0.0.zip Github This Thread 7daystodiemods.com Jul 26 2020 Modlet: One Hour of Daylight Summary: Can have perpetual nighttime or daylight, adds additional hours of daylight options in between normally not available in the start game options. Note: Nothing in this modlet was changed for a19, a18 was just *much* darker at night than a19. I recommend also loading my Buff Ambiance - Darker Nights and Buff Ambiance - Darker Inside with this to make it as much like the pre a19 version as possible! Additional credits: Claymores Modlets "MORE OPTIONS" Latest a19.1+ compatible (direct download) Source Code/ Older Versions Forum Comments Additional Links Last Update v2.0.0.zip Github This Thread 7daystodiemods.com Sept 26 2020 Modlet: Punishing Weather - Core Summary: Adds pretty dense dirt, winds, and temp changes to all biomes Note: Since this mod makles it hard to see far, you can probably turn down "things in the distance" in your video settings to get more FPS. You may want to use this console command from this guide how-to-fix-increase-your-fps-guide-a18 to remove distant terrain: gfx dt Latest a19.1+ compatible (direct download) Source Code/ Older Versions Forum Comments Additional Links Last Update v2.0.2.zip Github 7daystodie.com 7daystodiemods.com Jul 26 2020 Modlet: Punishing Weather Effects - Medium Summary: An Override to Punishing Weather - Core modlet. Lessens visual effects of the Core. Latest a19.1+ compatible (direct download) Source Code/ Older Versions Forum Comments Additional Links Last Update v2.0.0.zip Github 7daystodie.com 7daystodiemods.com Jul 16 2020 Modlet: Punishing Weather Effects - Light Summary: An Override to Punishing Weather - Core modlet. Lessens visual effects of the Core. More like vanilla in terms of FPS affecting visual settings Latest a19.1+ compatible (direct download) Source Code/ Older Versions Forum Comments Additional Links Last Update v2.0.0.zip Github 7daystodie.com 7daystodiemods.com Jul 16 2020 Modlet: Punishing Weather Rain More Summary: An Override to Punishing Weather - Core modlet. Adds more rain conditions so its rainy more often (but not 100% every day) Latest a19.1+ compatible (direct download) Source Code/ Older Versions Forum Comments Additional Links Last Update v1.0.1.zip Github This Thread 7daystodiemods.com Jul 26 2020 Modlet: Punishing Weather Temp More In Burnt Forest Summary: An Override to Punishing Weather - Core modlet. Adds more heat to the burnt forest. Latest a19.1+ compatible (direct download) Source Code/ Older Versions Forum Comments Additional Links Last Update v1.0.1.zip Github This Thread 7daystodiemods.com Jul 26 2020 Modlet: Nerf Backpack Carrying Capacity Summary: Blocks more default open slots (from 27 to 12). Note: Adding Triple Pocket Mod to all armor AND making out Pack Mule perk unblocks all slots. Additional credits: "Reverse Inspiration" and XML borrowing from Khaine's 60-slot Bigger Backpack Mod Latest a19.1+ compatible (direct download) Source Code/ Older Versions Forum Comments Additional Links Last Update v1.0.0.zip Github This Thread 7daystodiemods.com Aug 15 2020 Modlet: Remove The Map Summary: Map and all related map info is blocked out, forcing you to use only the compass and your memory Latest a19.1+ compatible (direct download) Source Code/ Older Versions Forum Comments Additional Links Last Update v2.0.0.zip Github This Thread 7daystodiemods.com Oct 10 2020 Modlet: A fork of KHelldons a17 modlets Summary: An attempt to get them to work in a19 See the Readme on the main "Github (my fork)" page for current status of each modlet. See individual modlet README files for more description. Working modlets are: Khelldon-BiggerBuckAndDoe - Increases size of these animals. Khelldon-BiggerChickenAndBunny - Increases size of these animals. Khelldon-RebarCrossBowBolts - Adds 2 types of rebar ammo (Rebar and Hot Rebar) that can be used in Crossbows. Khelldon-BabyBears --> Look here also: Baby Animals by mlburgoon Khelldon-GetNailed - Adds bent nails and crowbar. Need straight nails to repair wood blocks. Need crowbar or hammer to harvest straight nails, else bent. Look here also: Guppycur's Get Nailed Quest Chain Edit to be able to easily finish the starter quests since frame upgrade needs nails. Khelldon-ComplexCobble - Adds mortar. Needed to repair cobblestone and flagstone blocks. Khelldon-CustomMenu - Adds ability and example of how to modify starting game splash screen. Khelldon-GetPiggy - Adds old pig back to game. Pig sounds TBD/WIP Khelldon-HolyHandGrenade - Adds Monty Python grenade. Massive explosion. Khelldon-GetHorny - Changes horn sounds for each vehicle. Khelldon-ScreamerBears - Makes bears (several sizes) spawn instead of screamers. Moves screamers to other spawning group. Khelldon-StarterCrate - Gives several items from several loot groups (1 Mining Helmet, 1 random Weapon, 3 random Tools, 4 random Armor, 2 random Medicine, 2 random Food ). Thanks to @wolfbain5 for a working reference example here! Khelldon-AwwNuts - Adds nuts and bolts. Needed to repair and craft various metal items. Khelldon-GetGreener - For making new RNG maps: Removes snow and desert biomes and turns them into Forest. Khelldon-GetFramed - Can only upgrade wood frames if you have nails AND you can only place frames 1 block out from another wood block. Note: Original modlet only allowed building on top of frames. Changed so can build "normally" just with the "1 frame out" limitation. NON working modlets are: aGulliversTravels (May decom if no one requests it be fixed) Khelldon-BadCompanyUMAZeds (DECOMMED. a19 apparently does not support UMA/changing soon. Look here instead: snukfins-server-side-zsombies ) Khelldon-GetTheHerp (Of all things! Cannot get buff working) zzz-Khelldon-GetBenched (May decom if no one requests it be fixed) Latest a19+ compatible (direct download) Source Code/ Older Versions Forum Comments Additional Links Last Update v2.0.8-doughphunghus.zip Github (My fork) This Thread 7daystodiemods.com - tagged with Khelldon Oct 10 2020 *************** BELOW: NOT TESTED (or known to be working) ON a19 YET ! *************** Modlet: Punishing Weather - Survival Direct download (Tested On): a18.3 a19 => WIP. More Information: Github,7daystodie.com,7daystodiemods.com Description: Gets colder as your altitude increases Last Update: 1-12-2020 *************** BELOW: "Decommissioned" modlets I don't want to spend time updating or I no longer personally use. If anyone has any interest, let me know and I can look into rebuilding them for the latest version of the game. ************** Modlet: Nerf the Junk Turret Description: Makes Junk Turret more of a warning system than a Zombie destroyer, especially in early game. Adds more items to craft junk turret ammo with Note: Not updating for a19 as a lot has changed with the junk turret. Maybe more change will come before the vanilla code stabilizes and maybe I'll update it then. Latest a18 compatible (direct download) Source Code/ Older Versions Forum Comments Additional Links Last Update v1.0.0.zip Github This Forum Post 7daystodiemods.com 2-26-2020
  21. Custom_Rus_Lang_A19.2b4.zipThe famous Russian localization is now in the form of a modlet! Translated: • Main menu • Settings menu • All items * Actions on items • The names of the effects and their descriptions • The names of the recipes and their descriptions • All quests/challenges and their descriptions If you find any mistakes or inaccuracies in the translation, please report them immediately! (preferably with a screenshot attached) Files to download under the spoiler below It is installed as a regular modlet! Have a nice game! Main guide on Steam! Screenshots under the spoiler below!
  22. Howdy folks, me and my girlfriend ran a small dedicated server at home with 7 day to die, so we could build and tinker undisturbed. The installation of the server was quite easy and worked out quite well. The whole thing runs on Ubuntu and I set up a systemd service for it. This works also quite well, if there weren't the updates. So I thought it would be smart to tell the service to do the updates for the server as well. But I can't get it to run. Here is my systemd-file: https://pastebin.com/EQG5K5mh here the update7dtd.sh: https://pastebin.com/K0DJsmJ5 here the update7dtd.steam: https://pastebin.com/bJVbM0j0 Every time I call systemctl start 7dtd I get an error message: https://pastebin.com/07As7h1H This is what the systemctl status 7dtd looks like: https://pastebin.com/5Lny7F0A and so the journalctl -xe shows up like this: https://pastebin.com/FnZkwj8d What am I doing wrong? Someone out there who can help me? Greeting from Navezgane Germany Division Outpost Kiel
  23. Have been wondering this for awhile and wanted everyone's findings; can you find coal in the desert biome or is it completely gone from that biome now? I have been wanting to make a desert only map, but didn't want ammo to become a major issue late-game because of coal not being in the world. Just some food for thought.
  24. Please Enable poi lights in assembly so we can turn lights on and off I know it can be done easy but every time we get an update we have to replace the Assembly file so just make it part of the file
  25. Haidrgna


    GNAMOD DOWNLOAD HERE Join Gnamod's Discord 1. Basics 1.1 Introduction Gnamod has been developed since A14 by Haidr’Gna, hereafter referred to as mod-author. It all began as a set of tweaks for personal use and grew bigger during A15 into a full overhaul. The name is derived from the mod-author’s nickname and has no special meaning and is not an acronym for anything either. Gnamod grew from just one overhaul into a group of mods that all share the same base of alterations to the game. This mod is now referred to as Gnamod Core and is the foundation for nearly all Gnamod versions since A17. The only exception is UI, which is known as Gnamod CoreUI and forms the foundation for all UI modifications for Gnamod but is also available as a stand-alone release. Gnamod is aimed at any player that finds the vanilla game lacking and is seeking more of a challenge in all aspects of the game. It brings back the survival aspect and offers a slower pacing than the vanilla game. The aim is a challenging but also fair gameplay experience where you will have to fight and be smart to earn your place in the world. The zombies are far more relentless, looting a lot more challenging and the world is more interesting. Gnamod is a complete overhaul of the game, which means every aspect of it is altered in some way or will be in future versions of the mod. Gnamod is also continually being worked on and new content is being added. Since A17 introduced xpath there no longer is a need to redo work when a new alpha is released. This means Gnamod will continue to grow along with the game. DOWNLOAD HERE 1.2. Manual Installation A. Navigate to the game's base folder: (~\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days to Die). B. Extract the contents of the zip file(s) directly into the game’s base folder. C. Make sure the entire contents of each zip you install goes into the base folder. D. Start the game, if you done it correctly a you will see the Gnamod logo in the main menu. 1.3. ModLauncher Installation. A. Download the ModLauncher from sphereii at: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showth...-7-Days-to-Die B. Install the ModLauncher following the instructions. C. Find the tab for Gnamod, open it, select a version and use Install Game Copy. D. Use Pre-Sync to download the mod and then Play Mod to start. 2. License and Use 2.1 Terms of Use This section applies to all mods released by the mod-author under the name of Gnamod. Any such mod will always start its name with Gnamod, such as Gnamod Core, Gnamod Horde Mode etc. Assets found in the Gnamod.unity3d contain the work of The Fun Pimps, myself, work from other authors listed under Included Work and used Unity packages, therefore it is NOT allowed to re-use this in any way without permission from the mod-author and/or the original author(s) of the content. Gnamod is free to play by whoever owns 7 Days to Die. This includes running it on a private or rented server and hosting a game for friends. Users of Gnamod are also free to tailor their experience to their needs by altering the XML files. When hosting a server or game with such altered contents, it is required to notify users that an altered version of Gnamod is being used. Users are free to borrow ideas that are unique to Gnamod in their own locally used mods or hosted games for friends. When using ideas unique to Gnamod in a mod that will be released to the public you are required to ask for permission from the mod-author. It is good practice to credit the mod-author and reference Gnamod in the mod’s documentation and advertisement in this case. Users are NOT allowed to take the code from this mod to add to another mod in any way without asking the mod-author explicit permission for it. This applies for taking (parts of) the code, XML or assets as well as altered versions of these. Gnamod is intended to use as is and not to be broken down or redistributed in altered form. This includes adding any part of Gnamod into any kind of overhaul mod or mod collection pack. Due to the nature of Gnamod, the Core mod will likely not be compatible with any kind of modlet and the CoreUI mod will likely not be compatible with any modlet that alters the UI in any way. It is up to modlet authors to facilitate compatibility with Gnamod if they so incline. Bugs and issues that occur because of the use of other mods will not be resolved by the mod-author. It is of course allowed to design modlets that enhance Gnamod. Such modlets should be named in such a way they always load after the Gnamod Core mod. The Fun Pimps are ultimately the true owners of this mod as it only works with their game and is only possible because they support the modding community of their game. 3. Mod Overview 3.1. Mod Structure Gnamod is build around two Core mods, Gnamod Core and Gnamod CoreUI. Core is the main mod that houses nearly all changes required to overhaul the vanilla game. CoreUI is the same for all the UI changes required for Gnamod. By this design the other versions are just modlets designed to specifically alter or activate certain stuff within Gnamod and thus are dependent on the Core mod to function. Want more Gnamod, find other players or know what is cooking: Join the Discord Channel! DOWNLOAD OLDER VERSIONS
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