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Found 19 results

  1. For those pipz that prefer newly established server. Asia Apocalypse has just landed! Best apocalyptic experience in Asia!Come join us slay some zeds!You'll receive a starter pack upon joining. There's available lobby, medic, horde base establishments for community use.Modded zombies and items are implemented, there’s exp multipliers too! Modded items can be bought from the web shop.In-game commands available for players to use such as / lobby, /horde, /medic, /bank, /gimme etc. more commands to be implemented as the server progress. See you let’s get lock and loaded Disc: https://discord.gg/GF3EY9aJVz Server name: Asia Apocalypse Location: Singapore Map: Cruzside - RGW Slot: 60 IP:
  2. Apparently this is an issue that is fairly common and I seem to have run into it. About two days ago, I ran into an dilemma where I was on my paramotor flying to a trading outpost when I teleported onto a bike that had disappeared after a crash several days earlier. I was stunned that the bike came out of nowhere, so then I went on the bike in the general direction of my paramotor. I noticed that the paramotor icon wasn't on the map, so I knew it was also glitched, however, I got to close to it and warped back onto it. When I got on it, I was unable to move and was in first person mode with zero controls whatsoever. I tried everything I could to exit the vehicle, but I was unsuccessful. After flying for about a minute or two, the game crashed saying the there was an issue with G Stack Overflow. When exited and restarted the game, the issue seemed to resolve itself and I went over to the area where my bike was so I could pick it up. When I got on and then subsequently got off of the bike, I noticed that all of the items in my hotbar where missing, which didn't make any sense. I looked up online and apparently this issue is rather common, with people for multiple years saying that this was an issue that they've run into, but that nobody would help them. I really enjoy playing 7 days to die and have put about 179 hours into the game this past month or so. Personally, I'd rather not stop playing the game and would like to get assistance so other people may be helped, but I'm not sure what to do. I talked to a person who posted yesterday who also had an issue related to this and we both agreed that it's incredibly frustrating. I'm not sure what to do but if any developer or person would be able to help me, it would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I had questions about the controls for console as they are poorly optimised in the current version as specially in combat I am really interested to know if you guys are going to change anything in the controls or add a little aim assist for the combat or is there any plays for this later on after the console update
  4. We're new to the forum but been playing on the consoles for 3 years+, been trying to find the consoles sections only but only find news about seed worlds and then EVERYTHING else is pc. Is fun pimps just not dealing with consoles no more or not gonna ever update console. We really wanna know because we don't wanna get friends to buy a game with no future. We never want ppl to waste their money or time. Any info is great appreciated and everyone have a great and safe day.
  5. Just wondering. Are there any specific pages/forums on here for just console players. I tend to have a lot of questions about the console version of 7dtd and I typically find answers based on the pc version that doesn’t apply to me. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Edited to add the reuploaded video. The updated video contains important information that was not included in the first one. I made this after seeing many posts and comments on Reddit about people trying to play with friends from different game stores (Steam and the Xbox PC Game Preview Version) I saw a lot of questions about it and some incorrect responses. Figured I'd make a quick video to explain how.
  7. 7 days to die bug me cant join any game la braderr need a fix for this sheet exc nullreferenceexception object reference not set to an instance of an object this thingy pops up everytime i join my server n single player its appears in somethings like cmd thingy welp me la cb
  8. I've to Host Dedicated Server from Steam, The server is appear on serverlist, And I have try to join server by Xbox Game Pass client the server tell "Could not retrieve server ID". But my friend join my server on Steam version is worked properly. This is a problem from my server or xbox client?
  9. I’ve been playing the console edition for years and I’ve heard people say over the past 5 years that there would be an update soon. Will there really be an update or are fun pimps pulling my leg.
  10. I just been pondering over how I might find a way to make a work around that does work for this game and I had this idea where maybe the land claim block could stop a section from being reset. Now might seem dumb to some of you but I don't know a whole lot about the tech so I'm just trying the best I can I was even gonna try doing a check and see if a certain block type was causing the error or maybe even an item... if you guys have any info on what you've tried and in what depth you've tried it I'm gonna do some testing over the next few weeks maybe I'll find something or waste my life who knows!?.
  11. Unable to join game with some friends (They are sharing wi-fi connection) who just upgraded their internet service. I keep getting "...server disc (time out), try again later". My friends can sometimes join my session.... but cannot interact with stuff. NP for other friends online though. Solutions? Gotta be something at their end, right? We are all on X-Box.
  12. Are there dedicated servers in the works for console alongside the possible updates to allow more than 4 players per game?
  13. I need help trying to get my multiplayer to work on Xbox again. I’ve tried so many fixes but am open to any and repeating old ones. I missed this game and got back into it recently but multiplayer no longer works for me and my mates. Someone please help.
  14. I hope this has not been answered before in the posts but I just scrolled through 30 pages of them and did not see a thread on it. So, I decided to ask here. I am wondering if there is a simple way to transfer your saved worlds to a thumb drive and then back again when you would like to play on that world. With the maximum of 4 concurrent worlds on the console, I have run out of space quickly. I would love to start a new world but am not ready to delete some of the worlds I have been working on (one of which has around 700 hours on it). I just would like to know if I can save a world on a thumb drive to free up space and then bring it back when I am ready to play on it again. I appreciate any help that can be offered here. Even if it's just pointing me to the thread where this was already discussed. Take care, T-1000
  15. Is it true that the online services are closing in September of this year for the current console version? I was on TruAchievements recently and it states that one or more online services are scheduled for closer on September 2022. I just wanted to get some more info on this because, I haven't heard anything about it considering it's only about 5-6 months away from now.
  16. I have a few questions for those who own, The Walking Dead skin packs for the game on console. Do the TWD character skins come with their own preset clothes on, or are they half naked like any other character skin when starting a new game? Also, if they do come with their preset clothes already on them, are you able to take them off for other pieces of clothing? And if not, can you at least put on what you want over their default clothes or are you not able to? If anyone knows, please let me know...thanks! PS: I'm asking because, TWD skins are the only skins left that I need and wasn't sure if they work like all the other skins in the game, cheers!
  17. I already own the game digitally on Xbox, but I've always been interested in getting a disc version for my physical collection. The XB1 physical edition is becoming a lot more rare with time, and on Amazon they're currently asking $99 for a used XB1 copy which is insane. There's also a few factory sealed copies on eBay right now as well, and they're going anywhere from $120 to $150 depending on the seller. With that being said, even the used copies on eBay are starting to go up in price since the last time I checked, and I was lucky enough to win a copy in an auction today for a reasonable price. I know some may ask me why, when I already own the game digitally? Well, I actually love the game for what it is, and it's nice to know I'll always have an official disc version of the game in my collection now. PS: Who's got a physical copy of the game? Let me know down below if you still do and for which platform. 🤠
  18. I'm so close to 100%'ing 7 Days To Die on Xbox One. I have all the achievements but Neil Armstrong (Travel 1,000Km). Now my game crashed and it caused the km (found with the Select button) to be blank and not show how far I've traveled. The tracker has also been stuck at 25% since I got the last travel achievement. I want to ask if this will "brick" the achievement and not let me unlock it as I can't see how far I've traveled or if the distance is even saved.
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