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  1. V20.1.1.4 3.27.2022 Alpha 20.3 Stable Branch New Save Game Required When installing mod for first time! Do not use a save game from any vanilla game, older version of mod or another mod. A20 Stable Download: Download Here V20.1.1.4 3.26.2022 Alpha 20.3 Experimental Branch New Save Game Required When installing mod for first time! Do not use a save game from any vanilla game, older version of mod or another mod. A20 Experimental Download: Download Here If you are interested in renting a server with my mod, I would suggest using BlueFang Solutions. They offer good rates with excellent customer service. The servers they use have DDOS Protection and are reliable. You have full control over your server uptime, restarts, settings, etc. They do even support mods. Which can be done through FTP access or through their customer support system. They have direct contact with me in case of any issues so that we can work together to provide you with reliable server! So if you are interested in starting a server, please use this link below: Using this link will help support me with a portion of all sales will be credited to me. The money will help me in real life pay bills and rent. As requested before from some, here is a PayPal Donation Button, any donations is greatly Appreciated but is not required to play my mod. Survival: Farming - Grow Wheat, Apple, Strawberry, Cocoa, Carrot, Cucumber, Leek, Lettuce, Melon, Onion, Pepper, Tomato and Blackberry Crops Schematics - New schematics to find to learn how to craft new recipes Buffs - New and modified buffs Fishing - Craft your own Fishing Rod and catch some fish in any water body Ores - Tungsten, Copper, and Zinc Ores HUD - Featuring SMX UI Mod Biomes - Updated biomes and new resource pile prefabs as well as Random Crate POI to find in the wild Health Items - New items such as the Trauma First Aid Kits, Bandages, Vitamins, Leg Booster Shots and more Food Items - New food items such as Meat Pies, Bread, Pies, plus more. Animals either have Raw White Meat or Raw Red Meat Drink Items - New drink items such as Mossy Brew, Green Tea, Apple Juice, plus more Prefabs - Several new prefabs that you can explore Traders - Modified trader locations that feature 2 new traders, one specializing in schematics and the other quests and reward papers Class Stores - Featuring 2 regular traders and the 2 new traders with all the class vending machines for buying goods Enemies: NPC Modlet - Amazing NPC modlet added that has followers, bandits, zombies and more! (A20 Only) Followers - You can hire NPCs to follow you around and cover your back, patrol, guard etc. (A20 Only) Zombie Hordes - All Screamer, Sleeper and Blood Moon Zombie Hordes now feature new zombies Bandits - NPC's that will attack you on site. Will also attack zombies, survivors and wildlife. Mainly found in harder biomes such as snow and wasteland. Survivors - NPC's that will only attack you if you attack first. Will attack zombies, bandits and wildlife. Some can be hired as followers (A20 only) Loot and Perks: Loot - Many new items found in loot, zombies, loot containers as well as traders Skills and Perks - Several new skills to learn with a revamped skill menu Classes - 5 classes that you can learn in game through quests. Each has exclusive recipes and items. All classes can be obtained 8 New Treasure Quests - 15 Total In Game 101+ New Challenge Quests Reward Cards - These cards can reward you with either experience points, skill points or even provide a buff for 20%/30% bonus xp. Can be obtained at traders or in special loot crates Traders - New specialized traders in modded trader locations (These locations are obvious when you see them as they have a different look than vanilla trader locations) Items and Blocks: Armor - Full sets of Kevlar, Silver and Tungsten Armor Clothing - New Cold and Warm Weather clothing Blocks - Tungsten Blocks, More shape variations for concrete/rebar blocks Flares - Spawns Specialized Loot Crates. These are found in special loot crates Tools - Full sets of Scrap Iron Tools, Tungsten Tools and Diamond Tipped Tools. Also Steel and Tungsten Augers/Chainsaws Guns - M1911 and MK23 handguns, Remington870 and USAS12 shotguns, FNScar and SVD Dragunov rifles, UMP45 and P90 machine guns, plus more! Melee Weapons - Tungsten Club, Steel and Tungsten Machetes, Gold Tipped Knives and Machetes + Swords and Maces New Ammo - 45ACP, 20G Shotgun Shells, 5.56mm, and 5.7mm bullets. All with HP and AP variants. Workstations: Armor Smithing Station - For crafting advanced armor such as kevlar, tungsten and silver Blueprint Station - For crafting schematic loot crates that you place and will spawn random schematics Gun Smithing Station - For crafting all vanilla and mod guns Mortar and Pestle - For crafting seed recipes and more Oil Production Block - A workstation that produces oil over time Forge - Vanilla forge but only for standard iron metal recipes Stone Forge - For crafting stone based recipes like cement Ammo Forge - For crafting ammo based recipes such as bullet tips and casings Tungsten Forge - Has regular forge recipes as well as the capability of smelting tungsten. Works better than regular forge Tool Workbench - For crafting advanced tools Builders Workbench - For crafting rebar, iron frames and tungsten frames Screamer Block - Light this up to attract screamers really fast Coffee Maker - For crafting hot beverages Microwave - For crafting soups Player Oven - For crafting campfire recipes plus several other exclusive recipes Food Processing Table - For crafting/prepping food recipes Brewery Station - For crafting alcoholic beverages Fabrication Station - For crafting decorative type blocks Ammo Workbench - For crafting ammo Mechanic Bench - For crafting advanced vehicles Included Modlets: NPC Core NPC Expansions CCTV NerdScurvy Doors + Windows NerdScurvy Toybox SMX Hud SMX Lib SMX Menu SMX UI ZTENSITY UBBI and Patches
  2. They mostly come out at night... (V4.03A) This is a mod I originally created to fix a few "issues" myself, my wife and some friends felt the game had. Turns out I really enjoy modding so I've expanded on it quite a bit. The intent is to drag out the early game, so it will take you longer than usual to get to Iron and Steel. I've also tried to inject a little realism by locking away quite a few recipes behind perks, since most normal folks wouldn't know how to do/make those things. Also, I started playing in Alpha 8, so I wanted to try and bring back a few things from that era. Hub city, sharp rocks and sticks are pretty good examples, and I want to try and incorporate more features from that era of gameplay. I will also be trying to add in new zombies/enemies to make the "end game" more difficult. Features. 8 Classes to choose from, with 6 quests each! 96 slot backpack! 12 slot crafting queue! Custom UI! Food/Water bars next to the hotbar. Increased zombie spawn/respawn rate! Night time is now dangerous. The ferals come out to play... Zombie Behemoth (male and female) added! Scrap Iron Tools added. Iron requires level 15. Titanium added! Can be found as trophies, underground and above ground. Used to make tools, weapons and blocks. Forge Ahead & Leather Tanning books are back! (can also be purchased as perks) Wrench is now a perk and a schematic, but crafted and repaired with Iron. All common books added as perks, so you have the choice of finding the book or spending points. Action skills are back! Skill books added for all 100 level skills. Generic skill point book added so you have ways to get skill points. Skill notes! Find a recipe you already have? Scrap it into a skill note and craft that into something more useful. Extra crops! Grow apple, orange banana and coconut trees, plus wheat, carrots and tomatos! More food! Way too much to list, but bread is now an option. So are sunday roast dinners. YUM! Animal Coops and Snares from Valmod added. Clay bowls are back, and used for more than just pretty plants! Craftable Small Engines and Lead Batteries! Several new guns! Like the P225 Pistol, AR-15 Automatic Rifle, Winchester Rifle and Combat Shotgun. Gun crafting! Gun parts are back and require the rare, find-only Lathe to be crafted. Arrows can now use cloth fragments instead of feathers. Sticks and Sharp Stones have also made a return! Tree sap is now a thing! Try left-clicking on non-dead trees with jars or bowls... Sterile Bandage! New healing item to fill the void between normal Bandages and First Aid Bandages. Working sinks and ovens! Both types craftable, so pick whichever matches your kitchen. 5 new workstations. The Advanced Forge (required to smelt steel, but no fuel needed!), the Mortar and Pestle and two workbenches! There is also the rare, loot-only, Lathe! Stone hammer added. Counts as a construction tool. Used only for repairing and upgrading. Lockpicks added! Now you can lockpick all safes and most doors. Steel crossbow added that takes steel, exploding and titanium bolts. Both crossbows can be scoped. Combat axe added. There's also a titanium version. Trader's are no longer protected! Take care of your local business! Guards added to the trader, with a Guard Captain NPC! Talk to them to buy quest starters, which can earn you skill notes! (Single player only due to server bugs) Larger player-crafted storage (kitchen cabinets, lockable!). Time REMOVED from under the compass and on the map. Added to the trader window (under restock time). Junction box added for invisible wires. Unlocked via electricity perk. Bomber zombies added! These @%$*#!s are designed to tear your base to bits. You have been warned! 7 Day hordes re-done (less game stages so difficulty should ramp up faster and ferals appear sooner). Writing Desk, Ink and Quill available! Used together, these halve the cost of creating skill books and class papers. Grass spawns reduced for better performance/easier to see things. Traders now have more basic materials for building. Localization HEAVILY edited to show where items are crafted, including if they can be made in multiple workstations (one will have a reduced resource cost) and what tools may be needed. Compo pack added! Hornet from A15 and earlier is back, with it's original sounds and model! Keep an eye out for them in forest biomes. Trader Caitlin has arrived! She has her own POI, her own voice, lives in the wasteland and carries the most powerful items.
  3. ABOUT Overhauled User Interface Improved Journal User Interface with thematic topic header images Vehicles have custom UI, showing speedometer, encumbrance and more Map window now supports 40 custom POI icons to choose from Advanced Sorting and Searching feature in inventory and storage Optional Undead Legacy UI parameters in Options -> Video -> User Interface -> Undead Legacy Overhauled Encumbrance system where all items and blocks have certain weight, inventory limited by carry weight, slot limit 300 Overhauled attributes and perks Perks no longer unlock new schematics, nor they level up crafting tiers Introduction of Action Skills, that level based on what you do Introduction of Research System New lockpicking minigame Overhauled crafting system and crafting progression Overhauled material progression Hundreds of new items, blocks, recipes, vehicles etc Player crafted electrical lights support for full RGB customization More immersive world interaction, water sources require jars to interact, fuel barrels and pumps require fuel cans Pick up all wild plants and player crafted ones with action key A lot of slightly damaged vehicles found in the world can now be fully repaired More info about the mod can be found on my website (including screenshots): http://ul.subquake.com/ A20 Features (Experimental): Brand new User Interface with even more stunning graphics New Item Upgrade & Repair mechanic featuring a Mechanic Station with 3 tiers Lockpicking v2.0 Deeper crafting recipe rebalance TERMS OF USE https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/4085-subquakes-undead-legacy/?do=findComment&comment=54613 LINKS DOWNLOAD DISCORD DONATIONS AND SUPPORT
  4. Apocalypse now (V3.0.3) π•‹π•™π•šπ•€ π•šπ•€ 𝔸𝕑𝕠𝕔𝕒𝕝π•ͺ𝕑𝕀𝕖 ℕ𝕠𝕨 𝕠𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕙𝕒𝕦𝕝 𝕄𝕠𝕕 𝔽𝕠𝕣 𝟟 𝕕𝕒π•ͺ𝕀 π•₯𝕠 π••π•šπ•– ΒΈβ€ž.-β€’~ΒΉΒ°β€Λ†ΛœΒ¨ πŸŽ€ πΉπ‘’π’Άπ“‰π“Šπ“‡π‘’π“ˆ πŸŽ€ Β¨ΛœΛ†β€Β°ΒΉ~β€’-.β€žΒΈ Progression Tree Overhaul -Added Game-Stage Difficulty Bonus -Added Supply Drops , You can now call Airdrops -7 new Classes " Engineer, Survivalist, Hunter, Medic, Farmer, Miner and Scavenger" -144 slot backpack! 24 slot crafting queue.! -Custom UI! Food/Water bars. -Increased zombie spawn/respawn rate.! -Night time is now Hell. Don't Blame Me if you died. 😜 -Titanium Nodes added! Can be found in the wasteland. -Wasteland is now radiated. -Added The Horent Back -Disable the Zombie Rage -Added Pin Recipes Modlet -Added Active Ingredients Modlet -More crops! Grow Apple, Cherry, Banana, Coconut and Lemon trees, plus strawberries, cabbage, carrot, cucumber and tomatoes -Big list of melee weapons have been added , from Swords, Bats, Pitchforks, Maces, Frying Pan, Cleaver and more -Added New Custom Food/Drinksβ€’ -Added Higher Tier Weapons And Tools -Added Scrap Tier Tools -Added 27 New item_modifiers -Legendary Tier weapons have been added -Gun parts are back -Added Bdubs Vehciles Modlet -Apache Helicopter That Shoots Missiles -Added 4 Maps With Combopack 48 -Added Stainless Steel, Titanium and Reinforced Titanium Blocks -Traders are Destructible and open all the time -Added New Ammo and explosives -Added Zombie Bosses Including the behemoth -The Candy is Craft-able Now -8 new workstations , 2 Advanced Forges, 2 Advanced Workbenches And Advanced chemistry Station, Advanced Cement Mixer And Upgrade Bench-Added Research Desk Classes Information :-Engineer Class Training Grants you :- Bicycle Chassis and Handlebars. Survivalist Class Training Grants you :- Cloth Armor Bundle. Hunter Class Training Grants you :- Hunting Rifle Bundle. Medic Class Training Grants you :- 4 First Aid Bandage, 2 First Aid Kit, 2 Painkillers, 2 Herbal Antibiotics and 2 Plaster Cast. Farmer Class Training Grants you :- Food Bundle 01. Miner Class Training Grants you :- Scrap Armor Bundle. Scavenger Class Training Grants you :- (150) 7.62mm Ammo,(150) 9mm Ammo and (150) Shotgun Shell. -- Mod Credits! -- 1) A20-GameStage Difficulty Bonus By Bar0th 2) Bdubs Vehicles Modlet By Bdubyah 3) Block Buff AOE By Alter 4) Supply Drops By Chickun / JustDoAsIDo 5) Disable Trader Protection By Khaine 6) 12 Slots Toolbelt By Khaine 7) TFP Hornet By Khaine 8 ) TFP Behemoths By Khaine 9) Vehicle Damage Patch By Khaine 10) Zombie Fall Damage By Khaine 11) No Zombie Rage By mythix 12) Ocb Pin Recipes 0.4.1 By ocbMaurice 13) Items Quality Rework By KillerBunny/ Bar0th 14) Active Ingredients By Redbeard 15) Scouts Mod By mythix 16) SWU Farming Mod By Zeeeeeeniiiiiii 17) Wandering Horde GameStage patch By mythix 18) Menu Music By Yakov 19) Advanced Forge And Advanced Chemistry Station By Zilox 20) AH-64 Apache Helicopter By Zilox And Closer_Ex Download link For manual installation Social Media Twitter Discord Server
  5. Welcome to Joke Mod! THIS IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS!! Version 2 This mod is about 85% a joke, 10% serious, 5% butterscotch ripple. It has been an idea for years and is finally a realization. It literally started as a joke and grew from there. The mod has been made so that players can have a serious playthrough and not just log in for 5 minutes, have some laughs, and never play it again. Although some people might still do that. Rude! This mod was thought up/created by RizzoMF and Zilox with consultation from Khaine and killerbunny264. Thanks also to our testers RedDaBoo, Dobbers, Jbirdgaming_, hijarl, darkness_from_above, Ecktos, and peachykeen80 . Also, a big thank you to my community for the ideas and support! Community members from whom ideas were stolen, er used: turbodiarrhea_, killerbunny264, Hehahigh, drbananastbagsyou, Hijarl, CloudZayne, xpenguin84x, Dobbers, and anyone else we may have missed. Follow us on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/joke_mod Join the Discord: Joke Mod Discord How to download: (Make sure EAC is OFF!) - Mod Launcher - Direct Download Want to run a server with the mod? Just yeet the same files into the mods folder on your server. Need to rent a server? Check out G Portal! I have used them for a few years now and love their servers and prices! Use this link and get 5% off: g-portal.us/?ref=RizzoMF Now bear in mind this is a new mod and while we try to test everything, there may be bugs/balance issues. Please report any bugs on the appropriate Discord channel. Also, use modlets with Joke Mod at your own risk! We cannot ensure compatibility. Features Short List: Added: Zombies, animals, guns, melee weapons, food/drinks, medical items, quests, work stations, clothing, armor, junk, magazines All item recipes removed from the skill tree. Recipes can only be learned from schematics New skill tree section: Joker Removed trader protection & set open times to almost always open Removed: weapon/tool parts All night horde nights Modlets Included: - No Zombie Rage (by Mythix) - Vehicle Sound Fix (by Khaine) - Vehicle Damage Patch (by Khaine) - 12 Slot Toolbelt (by Khaine) - Disable Trader Protection (by Khaine) - Custom Particle Loader (by closer_ex) - Full Auto Launcher (by closer_ex) - Schematic List Tracker (by Robear & Adredan Gaming) Features Almost Everything List: (For the complete list of Version 2 features, go here: Contains Spoilers! Zombies: Mega Karen, Annoying Kid, Jasper the Friendly Zombie, Super Steve, Skeleton, Clown, G.I. Joel Animals: Pig, Cow, Bull, Baby Bear, Scorpions, Goose, Snail, Shark, Crocodile, Rage @%$#, Giant Murder Chickens, House Cat, Flappy Bird, & a special extinct surprise Quests: - Custom yellow challenge notes - Trader quests with different objectives - High tier trader quests - Night time buried quests Food: - New food and drinks - Hurray! You can farm the land once again! Garden hoe added back in and you can hoe the ground - Canned food has dysentery again, aww crap. - Actually, all food has various levels of dysentery. You aren't a master chef after all. Medical: - Infection has been replaced with Stink. You ALWAYS have a stink and you must keep it under control with various items. - New candies with various effects Quests: - Starter quest shortened - New trader quest with a great end reward - Added Buried Treasure 4-6 tier Weapons: - Melee - clubs, blades, spears - Guns - 11 ballistic, 1 explosive, 3 laser, and a few special guns - Custom landmines Tools: - New tiers - plant fiber, plastic, and cutlery tools - Power tool mods to make them melee weapons Clothing/Armor - Eyewear with various effects - Armor mods - New tiers - paper, gore, bomb squad Everything Else: - Removed zombie rage mechanic - Lockable inventory slots - New resource - Gore - Lot's of pointless items - Custom paintings - Some containers destroy on close - Additional water sources - if it looks like one, it probably is! - Advanced work stations - Removed weapon/tool parts from loot/recipes - Removed learned recipes from the skill tree - ALL recipes/schematics must be found in the world - Mod slots - 1 per item quality - Custom perk tree - Custom magazines - Bigger backpack - Larger toolbelt (Khaines modlet) - Trader protection off - Open almost 24/7 - Custom vehicles - World decor - Custom POI - Workstations can be picked up and repaired - POI lights can be turned on and off - Player Level, Lootstage, and Deaths on UI In conclusion, thank you to everyone who at least tries this mod. It won't be for everyone but we still appreciate the time taken to try it!
  6. MAGOLIS COMPO PACK So welcome to the CompoPack. Compo Pack has its own Discord server Found - HERE Discord Requirements: PHONE VERIFIED with Discord and in your privacy and Safety - ALLOW DIRECT MESSAGES FROM SERVER MEMBERS NEEDS TO BE ON Once you join, agree to the rules then a verification PM will be sent for you to follow, simply follow the steps and you will be in πŸ™‚ . - Feel free to join. On the Compo Pack Discord channel you can - Submit new prefabs to be added to the compo Pack, - Report any errors or problems you may find - Discuss any thoughts and ideas - As well as general talk WHAT IS THE COMPOPACK: The Compopack is an expanded collection of custom-made prefabs for the zombie sandbox game 7 Days to Die. The poi pack/poi archive/overhaul was first compiled by Magoli in the early Alphas of the game and has continued to grow over the years. Prefabs are balanced to the pack and to work together in a vanilla setting. The compopack is also a museum and archive to keep every poi ever made alive and not forgotten. ***IMPORTANT INFO*** This will require a new world to be generated, not just a new save game because several prefabs have changed size which can cause severe errors in existing world when they are reset by questing. For multiplayer the mod will need to be installed on all player clients. This is a definate as keyracks will not work as with the many other issues caused by not having them in your prefab folder. A comprehensive clean. Every prefab has been gone through to fit into A20 and the new tile system. A full light optimisation on prefabs, a texture go thru and zombie spawn site clean up in an attempt to lower lag. All quest locations should now work. Every prefab that has a quest has been gone through and updated to ensure they can be completed. Vanilla locations not included. A questpath walkthroughs have been gone through to insure entry into the buildings. a Major questpath walkthrough is ongoing. Many prefabs have had several of their doors unlocked in logical locations. Also gone through each prefab to fix paint, a gew spots may be missing, if so, please report. A large loot reduction has been done in many gamebreakingly over populated loot pois. COMPOPACK 48 CHANGELOG Tasks that will be ongoing - Replaced many blocks to their correct block for texture saving. IE: if it was painted concrete and the block under the paint was actually wood it got replaced with concrete (This will still continue into CP47 if we find more) - Zombie amounts in prefabs were fixed to a more standardised level and per more vanilla amounts in alot of over populated pois. (Mine included lol) - Loot rebalance will be ongoing each and every iteration of the compo pack. - quests, pathing and zombie interactions. Ie: active, passive and attack tags. DOWNLOAD: All Downloads: https://www.moddb.com/company/magolis-compopack/downloads Infinity: https://www.moddb.com/games/7-days-to-die/downloads/infinity-1-4 This tool will install the CompoPack in the correct folder and let you customize the POIs that spawn on your map. Perfect for map creators and sharing with players. Infinity Guide: https://youtu.be/GWjyWdCMvoM CompoPack #48: https://www.moddb.com/games/7-days-to-die/downloads/cp48-1-complete If you want to skip installing Infinity, and just use the modlet, download this file. Works for those creating map. May cause some lag issues if all files are kept in the Mods folder. For better FPS, please use the Part 1 and Part 2 downloads below. How to install the modlet: https://youtu.be/a2A4i4G5ix8 How to use the pack: https://youtu.be/9j23yIShA8g For server owners: CP#48 Part 1: https://www.moddb.com/games/7-days-to-die/downloads/cp-481-part-1 Use Part 1 if you generate maps directly on the server or clientside. CP#48 Part 2: https://www.moddb.com/games/7-days-to-die/downloads/cp481-part-2 >These files go into the Prefabs folder. Players can download Part 2 and add directly to their local Prefabs folder. This will help with FPS. Still stuck? Visit: For help: Magolis Compopack Discord COMPOPACK MODS Zombies On The Streets Unveiling (video unveiling Infinity a 7 days to die prefab installer) How To Use Infinity: SERVER INSTRUCTIONS: AS prefabs are required on both server and client side of every user that joins your server. After you have selected the prefabs you only wish on your server and they appear in your prefab folder bundle them up and send to your players and drag them into your server prefab folder to. For sending to other users you can simply save a preset in infinity and send them the saved txt file they can then load up in infinity and it dl for them as well. INFINITY STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS: HOW TO SET UP AND USE INFINITY: 1. Find pathsettings.txt and open using any text reader like notepad or notepad++ 2. Get your game address where the 7daystodie.exe is and past into first line of pathsettings.txt (Instructions on how to do this in the README_FIRST.txt) 3. Get your appdata address C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie and past in 2nd line. (see video on how to unhide the appdata folder) 4. Save and close. 5. Run the infinity v1.exe (a screen will appear and run thru a few processess) STEP 1: 6. Read then hit any key. The following settlements need just a "Y" or a "N" 6a. Fabbersville - "Y" you see fabbersville poi_tile set option. Fabbersville - "N" Fabbersville Poi Tile set skipped. 6b. Megacity - "Y" you see Mega City Poi Tile Set option. Mega City "N" Mega City Poi Tile Set skipped. 6c. Fabbersville - "Y" Fabbersville Poi Tile Set "N" Mega City - "Y" Mega City Poi Tile Set "N" (As lpng as Mega City and/or fabbersville is selected you will get corralating Poi Tile Set option that is attached to that settlement. 7. Continue to choose Y/N for the remaining settlements. STEP 2: POI Tile Sets that spawn in Vanilla Cities a "Y" or a "N" response fpr the following 20 poi/tile sets. [I reccomend either have the poi tile sets in gabbersville and mega city only and not in vanilla cities (so "Y" to fabbers and mega poi tile sets and "N" to the Step 2 poi tile sets. or vice versa - "N" to gabbersville and Mega City Poi Tile Sets and "Y" to all Step 2 Poi Tile Sets.] STEP 3: CP Pois that spawn in vanilla cities: Top Line Left side: * Select all (removes all in that district. click twice to undo back to all selected.) * Load Preset (adds a preset previously done prior) * Save Preset (saves the current list for future use to save redoing step 3 all again) [Saves the list in the infinity folder] * Back To Step 1 (returns to the first step in case you change your mind) * Back to step 2 (Returns you to step 2 in case you change your mind) - Pois list left side. - Category Selection middle top [Districts containing in each what cp pois spawn in each district] - Tag Selection middle bottom [highlight all attached to the tag - LMB (left Mouse Button) Remove all attached to that tag - RMB (Right Mouse Button)] - Poi Info right top [Name of poi, allowed biomes, editor group, size, sleeper volumes and min and max, Difficulty tier, Questable, yoffset] - Poi Picture right bottom ***Please note*** Biome Decoration Tag does NOT work Once you finish going thru these hit Install Files next page gives you a chance to return to change or add or remove any you mistake or what not by pressing any key [OTHER then 1] Press 1 to complete and start the adding process. Once complete press any key and close program. Run game and enjoy. SERVER INSTRUCTIONS: once the server host completes the above they have a few options to get the list of prefabs to the players to join their servers with: 1. Simply save a preset and send this preset to the player for them to load infinity and use to get the pois placed in the right folders/ [Pathsettings.txt will need to be correct for them on their end. 2. Simply zip up the prefabs placed in the prefab folder and send to the player/s to be placed in the prefab folder. Play and enjoy Recommended choices: The poi tile sets are monotinous meaning if you have them in fabbersville, megacity and the vanilla cities you will see alot of them. I recommend the poi tile sets be in fabbersville and megacity only no vanilla cities OR none in fabbersville and megacity and them in vanilla cities only. Prefabs will also need to be on client side as well as server side. CP 48 Proudly brought to you by: MAGOLI - A legend whom kept everyone entertained with his updating of the Compo Pack for all of us to enjoy STALLIONSDEN. TESTERS: WOLFBAIN5. GOBARG. MANA. BATTLEPAPI. OCTOBERFIRE. ZZTONG. NAZ. ZEEBARK Plus all the many Great and amazing prefabbers out there whom have contributed to the CP over the years and all those whom will be adding more in the future.. Prefabs Removed from CP to be fixed and re added when ready: * The Slums (By_Pikero) * ResidentEvilMansion (by_Magoli) DISCORD CHANNELS PREFAB SUBMISSIONS HERE Please refer to original thread for any info in the O.P for now. comments welcome here to, Original thread can be found here for cp45 dl and info:
  7. 7 days to die bug me cant join any game la braderr need a fix for this sheet exc nullreferenceexception object reference not set to an instance of an object this thingy pops up everytime i join my server n single player its appears in somethings like cmd thingy welp me la cb
  8. I'll start with the minor suggestion, and while it is minor, it is very important that I ask; Could there be a multi-parent relay implemented? that or just applied to all relay? I've found it very hard to set up a two way door with switches when only one switch can connect to the door to activate it. If multiple switches are lined up it would make sense that they function in unison, ie: if 3 switches are lined up to each other then a door, all three switches would need to be active to open the door. This would allow for more easily set up electrical grids where multiple switches could activate one source from different locations, or persons could make a complex placement of switches to create a central control building or grid for various contraption. An additional minor suggestion being 2x2 doors since you can't face two doors towards each other. The major suggestion, practically overhauling or adding new AI, by adding human Npcs that aren't traders. Perhaps the player could find other survivors in abandon buildings waiting to be eaten by a roaming zombie or found by the player to be traded with, killed, or recruited to defend a base. This can be particularly helpful for solo players who may not have any multiplayer assistance, or for those who have a knack for civ type games. Perhaps these survivor Npcs could have skill points or combat points of their own, allowing them to specialize with certain weapons. They could level up and the player could choose points for them, or it could be automatic/randomized to the Npc. All of this could still be added along side a disable/enable survivor Npc option. The implications of friendly survivors also imply hostile survivors and even raiders. Of course all of these would be rare finds, like finding radioactive zombies in the early game, but it could be a desirable addition for a zombie survival game. I'm not entirely certain if suggestions are being accepted, much less reviewed, but if they are, I would like to offer my suggestions whenever possible. I would gladly contribute my extraordinary creativity, whether it be implemented or not, just having my thoughts read by another for possible consideration is thrilling. I'm not asking for money, not a job, nothing but hope that suggestions don't go unnoticed.
  9. All Night Gamers - Undead Legacy I PvE Come on down and have some all-night fun! General Server IP: Game Port: 26900 Game Version: A 20.5 Undead Legacy Version: 2.5.82 Difficulty: Survivalist Basic 24 Hour Cycle: 90 Minutes / Daylight Length: 18 - Default daytime: 4:00 Max Zombies: 100 Max Animals: 50 Advanced Player/ AI Block Damage: 100% Loot Abundance: 100% / Re-spawn Time: 30 Days Drop on Death: Everything/ Drop on Quit: Nothing Blood Moon Count: 8 Multiplayer PvE only - No Killing Claim size: 51 Blocks/ Claim Duration: 7 Days Rules PvE only No active base raiding, don't claim a POI, build close to a trader and don't build or within 200 blocks of any city. Respect other players and the admins.
  10. WIP A20.5 TRUE SURVIVAL Click Here To Support True Survival Mod Description in the process of being updated. What is here is accurate** Mod is available in SP/Coop and Server play . It is not finished and is still in active development and open to suggestions, feed back and bug reports. At this time no assets may be used for redistribution. Mod Discord - True Survival Mod Discord Manual Install - True Survival A20 Manual Installation Test Server - IP - Port. - 28716 PW - In DL ReadME Also available on the Mod Launcher This mod was designed to walk the line between realism and fun engaging gameplay. Where realism became grindy or not fun I tried to aim for engaging gameplay mechanics with a focus on risk and reward and a strong sense of consequences. Death in this mod should not be viewed as dyeing and respawning but as if you got beaten to near death and stumbled home and passed out till you wake up(respawn). In this mod death occurs when your player can not respawn anymore. Choosing Your Character - Upon starting, players will have Knowledge Points available to purchase up to 3 Traits, a Hobby and a Profession. These choices will determine the players starting stats, items and recipes. Players are able to learn all Professions over time by collecting 20 Profession Pages and crafting another Professions Kit. Traits do not stack. The following are the Players Starting Choices. Professions All can be learned by collecting loot items during game, do not stack Cop Unique Recipes - Gun Oil Starting Recipes – Pistol, Stun Baton, Weapon Repair Kit Starting Bonus Stats – Handgun Specialization 10% Faster Reload, better Aim & Handling w/Handguns Starting Bonus Gear- Old Revolver 6q; 9mm Rounds x20 Chef Starting Recipes – All Food Recipes Starting Bonus Stats – +20% Faster Food Cooking speed Starting Bonus Gear – old Knife 6q Fireman Starting Recipes – Plant Salve, Molotov Cocktail Starting Bonus Stats – 20% More Block Damage with Axes Starting Bonus Gear- Fire Axe 3q, Full Fireman's Almanac Book Set Burglar Starting Recipes – Lock Pick Starting Bonus Stats –3 Block Treasure Radius; 20% Faster Loot timers Starting Bonus Gear- Old Knife 6q; Lock Pick x 20, Full Great Heist Book Set Park Ranger Starting Recipes – Herbal Antibiotics, Stone Spear, Iron Spear, Steel Spear Starting Bonus Stats –Rifle Specialist 10% Faster Reload, better Aim & Handling w/Rifles; 20% Faster Primitive Crafting Starting Bonus Gear- Old Rifle 6q; 762mm Round x 20 Bouncer Starting Recipes – Steel Knuckles, Brass Knuckles, Beer, Mead Starting Bonus Stats –10% Less Stamina when Brawling Starting Bonus Gear- Brass Knuckles 3q, Full Bar Brawling Book Set Carpenter Starting Recipes - All Wood Doors Starting Bonus Stats –The ability to use the Claw Hammer as a weapon; 20% Faster Crafting on the Workbench; Mastered Wood Building Skill Starting Bonus Gear- Claw Hammer 3q, Nail x50 Soldier Unique Recipes - Grubs Starting Recipes – Weapon Repair Kit, Pipe Machine Gun, AK47, Pipe Bomb, Cooking Pot Mine Starting Bonus Stats – Machine Gun Specialization 10% Faster Reloading and 10% better Aim with all Machine Guns. Can not get sick from eating Grubs Starting Bonus Gear- Old Rifle 6q; 762mm Round x20 Fitness Instructor Starting Recipes – Goldenrod Tea, Red Tea, Mega Crush, Vitamins Starting Bonus Stats – 5% Less Stamina from Running; 10% Faster Run Speed; 10% Faster Walk Speed Starting Bonus Gear- Bat 3q Electrician Unique Recipes - Electrical Parts Starting Recipes – Generator Bank, Pressure Plate, Battery Bank, Player Powered Lights, Timer Relay, Wire Relay, Motion Sensor, Speaker, Switch, Electric Fencepost, Spotlight, Stun Baton Starting Bonus Stats –20% Faster Electrical Crafting Starting Bonus Gear- Screwdriver 3q Mason Starting Bonus Stats – The ability to use the Mason Hammer as a weapon; 20% Faster Mason Crafting; Mastered Cobblestone Building Skill Starting Bonus Gear- Mason Hammer 3q Iron Worker Starting Recipes – All Iron Doors Starting Bonus Stats – The ability to use the Wrench as a weapon; 20% Faster Crafting on the Forge; Mastered Iron Building Skill Starting Bonus Gear – Wrench 3q Mechanic Unique Recipes - Mechanical Parts Starting Recipes – Small Engine, Large Engine, Auger, Chainsaw, All Vehicles Starting Bonus Stats – Sledge Specialist 10% More entity damage & more attacks per min w/Sledges; 20% Faster Vehicle Crafting Starting Bonus Gear- Impact Driver 300q Doctor Unique Recipes - Painkillers, Steroids, Stimulants Starting Recipes – Plant Salve, Antibiotics, Cast Starting Bonus Stats – Treated injuries heal 20% Faster; 20% Faster Medical Crafting Starting Bonus Gear- First Aid Kit(5), Stimulant(5), Steroids(5) Chemist Unique Recipes - Stimulant, Gas Bundle, GunPowder Bundle, Nitroglycerin Starting Recipes – Mega Crush, Black Strap Coffee, Purification Tablets, Glue, Oil, Gas, GunPowder Starting Bonus Stats – 20% Faster Chemical Crafting Starting Bonus Gear – Stimulant x10 Farmer Unique Recipes - Insecticide Starting Recipes – All Crop Seed Recipes, Watering Can, Fertilizer, Farm Plot Starting Bonus Stats – 20% Faster Seed Crafting, X2 Harvesting crops Concrete Mason Starting Bonus Stats – The ability to use the Concrete Sledge as a weapon \ 20% Faster Crafting on the Cement Mixer \ Mastered Concrete Building Skill Starting Bonus Gear – Concrete Sledge 3q Hobbies Only purchasable at start of the game Hunting Can track Deer and Pigs when crouched if they are near. Shotgun Specialization -10% Faster Reloading and 10% better Aim with all shotguns. Cooking Starting Recipes – All Crop Seed Recipes, Corn Bread, Meat Stew, Bacon and Eggs, Vegetable Stew, Carrot Cake, Bread, Kabob, Chili Dog Racing All Vehicles top speeds increased 10% Sewing Starting Recipes – All Crop Seed Recipes Denim Pants, Overalls, Skirt, Tank Top, T Shirt, Denim Shorts, Leather Duster, Puffer Coat, Storage Pocket Building Starting Recipes – All Building Block Shapes Crossfit Starting Bonus Stats – 10% Faster Stamina Regan / 10% more Max Stamina Electronics Starting Recipes – All Crop Seed Recipes Battery Bank, Speaker, Electric Fencepost, Spotlight, Ceiling Light Medic Starting Bonus Stats – Tending wounds heal 10% faster Sports Starting Bonus Stats – 10% Blunt Damage / 10% Faster Gearhead Starting Recipes – All Crop Seed Recipes Bicycle, Small Engine, Minibike, Motorcycle Gardening Starting Recipes – All Crop Seed Recipes Insecticide, Potato Seed, Corn Seed, Goldenrod Seed, Chrysanthemum Seed, Pumpkin Seed, Egg Plant Seed, Carrot Seed Starting Bonus Stats – +1 to Harvested Crops Archery Starting Bonus Stats – Bow Specialization 10% Faster Reloading and 10% better Aim, 10% Farther Range, 10% Faster Drawing with all Bows Traits Only purchasable at start of the game, do not stack Homebody Trait Effect = When Indoors you receive 10% Less Stamina to Melee / 10% Faster reloading / 10% Better Weapon Handling. When out doors it is reversed Outdoorsy Trait Effect = When Outdoors you receive 10% Less Stamina to Melee / 10% Faster reloading / 10% Better Weapon Handling. When indoors it is reversed Strong Trait Effect = When Encumbered -10% More effect / -5% Less Stamina on Melee / +10% Faster Metabolism Weak Trait Effect = When Encumbered +10% More effect / +5% More Stamina on Melee / -10% Slower Metabolism Skinny Trait Effect = 10 Degrees Colder / 10% Slower Metabolism Fat Trait Effect = 10 Degrees Hotter/ 10% Faster Metabolism Sickly Trait Effect = 10% more chance of Illness / 10% Quicker to Heal Healthy Trait Effect = 10% Less chance of Illness / 10% Longer to Heal Lazy Trait Effect = 20% Faster HP Recovery when Sleeping / 20% Slower Fatigue Recovery when Resting or Sleeping Restless Trait Effect = 20% Slower HP Recovery when Sleeping / 20% Faster Fatigue Recovery when Resting or Sleeping Early Bird Trait Effect = When Daytime you receive 10% Less Stamina to Melee / 10% Faster reloading / 10% Better Weapon Handling. When Nighttime it is reversed Night Owl Trait Effect = When Nighttime you receive 10% Less Stamina to Melee / 10% Faster reloading / 10% Better Weapon Handling. When Daytime it is reversed Fast Trait Effect = 10% Faster / 10% More Noise Slow Trait Effect = 10% Slower/ 10% Less Noise
  11. Guppycur's awesome original concept for Vehicle Madness started way back in the early days of A17 and now continues for 7 Days to Die in A20, Guppy handed over the reigns of the project to me (Ragsy) in A18 to rework and develop further the visions we had for vehicle systems in the game. About Vehicle Madness in A20 Features 58 vehicles ( New Physics and particle effects). 80 Plus wreck variants (some may look familiar) All new custom vehicle sounds. Find working spawned vehicles in the world ( Custom code was written by HaidrGna and adapted for Vehicle Madness with his kind permission) Find Repairable vehicles versions in the world Harvest wrecked vehicles to salvage parts for crafting vehicles on the VM Workbench ( Balancing feedback required as always ) . You will come across a variety of different types of vehicles in the world that may be working or have repairable versions you can find to fix up !! There will still be spawns of the 'lower end' Vehicles in the world but the 'high end' stuff like military vehicles or other customs will be a case of either find the repairable version and repair it or craft it with harvested parts from vehicle wrecks on the VM Workbench. If your vehicle becomes damaged during gameplay you can repair it as normal with the vanilla repair kit A vehicle repair kit consists of the following parts that can be found in the world or crafted at appropriate levels on the Workbenches : <ingredient name="CarFootpump" count="1"/> <ingredient name="CarBatteryChargerUnit" count="1"/> <ingredient name="VMToolRachetSet" count="1"/> <ingredient name="HotwireKit" count="1"/> .....and a specific tiered tool . Wrench for lower tier repairs , Ratchet for mid tier vehicles and Impact Hammer for High tier vehicles. ****** Dont forget to take some fuel with you as you will need it for the repaired vehicle *****. If you dont come across a vehicle you like subject to rwg pot luck , you can still craft the vehicles by salvaging parts from vehicle wrecks such as: Transmission (and damaged version) Engine (and damaged version) Seats (and damaged versions) Carburetor (and damaged version) Battery (and damaged version) Alternator (and damaged version) Chassis (and damaged version) Body parts (doors, hood, trunk and Fender and bumper) Full Vehicle Madness Style Wheels Wheel Rims Damaged wheels We have adopted a system where 2x Damaged Parts go towards making 1 good working part along with other smaller items in the recipes. Tires that you find on the ground? They can be picked up! But, they are NOT WHEELS. You must find a wheel rim , these can be obtained by salvaging the vehicles in the world (you may be lucky and get full wheels and a wheel rim during salvage), or you can make a fully functional wheel by adding tire and wheel rim and using the air compressor tool in the Auto-Workbench. There are some full damaged wheels you can collect on the roads to make a full wheel using our 2x damaged = 1 good system. To make the VM Auto-workbench you need to first be able to craft 'normal workbenches' as you will need one to build the full Auto-workbench along with a car lift (craftable) , a compressor and a ratchet set (lootable in world) ......you can then, after learning how, assemble the various vehicle parts into the various assemblies to build your custom vehicle. Car body assembly (requires a fully body kit) Electrical subsystem assembly Car engine assembly Car Body Kit Vehicle Madness wheel set ** Vanilla vehicles can be crafted using the existing vanilla parts as before but on the VMWorkbench ( Except bicycle and Minibike), we have left in vanilla items to maintain vanilla compatibility for other vehicle mods that do use vanillla resources as part of thier builds, vanilla parts however will not fit the custom vehicles system build method ** Gas will be at a premium, this means you may have to raid gas stations or find a damaged gas tanker vehicles on the road or make your own. Gas is more expensive to make in this version ... ***** We recommend that you use a bigger backpack modlet such as this one here by KhaineGB as there are many parts to collect. Also Recommend Khaines vehicle fixes for sound and entity damage in this thread ***** The Vehicle Madness Current Team Ragsy ActiniumTiger Magejosh Γ‰ric Beaudoin A20 Testers A special mention to the testers and thanks for the feedback and bug reports Magejosh Mr Devolver Furious Ramsey R.U.I.N.S Acknowledgements : Many thanks to the various modders and contributors helping us make Vehicle Madness better since Alpha 17, without whom this would not have been possible.. Guppycur - Original creator of VM and all round support on the development path so far. Marcus - Sourcing a few hard to find vehicle models and tracked vehicle delvelopment. Telric - For some vehicle fixes in blender and his help on the buffs system .. HaidrGna - Spawning system code and general support on development. Mumpfy - 'The Texture Guru' for texture reworks for the MotoGuppy bike , NPC Mod van and the Ragsy n Tiger Van (plus his original texture work on A17 version). Random Person - Texture work on the original VM in A17 bdubyah - Donating the first wrecked vehicle pack for beta 1.1 thats still part of VM today and his support. DUST2DEATH - Support feedback and original Development of VM in A17 with Guppycur and the original team . Also thanks to valdifer for the Spanish Translations for Vehicle Madness Beta 1.1 and Beta2.0 , feel free to take the current localizations and add more languages. Thanks also go to MikeyUK for adding the missing world entity localisation for Beta2.0 and some work improving Icons. Others who have been involved of whom i may have forgotten , and rest of the 'Crew' on Guppy's Modding Discord for the support along the way. More to come..... A Dedicated POI for Automotive Repairs .. this will be a separate add-on made by Guppycur New tire fitting station and car lift system . Update and improve vehicle models or replace with better models over time . Add tracked vehicles into the mix ... ***** Note: You are not allowed to extract and alter any of the assets in this mod in any way without first gaining permission , these assets must not be used in any venture that attempts to make money out of modding **** Vehicle Madness Continues A20 Download link SMX Compatibility Patch for Vehicle Madness For those who want use the SMX suite of Hud enhancements with VM , just unzip file to your desktop and place the folder inside called ZMXuiCPVMPatch into your Mods folder. Not Needed if you dont use SMX at all. SMX - SMXhud, SMXmenu, SMXui by Sirrilion for Alpha20 ***** Please Note : This is an Overhaul mod in modlet form and is required on both Client and Server as with other mods that add new assets. ******* Overhaul Modders can use this modlet overhaul as a recommended add-on if you wish but leaving the core files of vehicle madness intact. A brand new game save is required as the mod overhaul adds a lot of new blocks in the game and changes existing ones too !! Failing to start a new save game will break your existing save so be warned up front !!! Changelog Beta 2.0 : 1. Added a lot more New Vehicles into the mix ..bringing the total to 58 for ultimate variety. 2. More wreck variations 80+. 3. Added 30 + Repairable Vehicles that you can repair on roadside with special kits, dont forget to take some fuel with you . 4. 20+ custom vehicles that may or may not spawn in the world with the luck of RWG. 5. Crafting these new vehicles is still an option at the VM Workbench for those harder to find vehicles. 6. New Vehicle Sounds applied for all vehicles. 7. Loot overhaul inline with A20 system ( as usual feedback much appreciated on this area). 8. Our own particle systems for exhausts and vehicle damage. 9. Reviewed and updated storage sizes and vehicle speeds 10. Apocaliptic Style textures for the rustic used look 11. Recipe changes for crafting to help with vanilla engine shortages in the original version . 12. Added more deco stuff to collect on roads .. 13. More wrecks in world specifically on the country roads and reduced loot to balance out the numbers . 14. Support for vehicle mods on all vehicles except the cosmetic option as these vehicles are all custom made textures. Some vehicles have seating mods but not all (example Military Truck has 8 fixed) 15. Numerous of the the original vehicles have had brake lights added and some addition headlights where needed. 16. Added a few decorative advertising boards to world ..these can be harvested . 17. Vanilla Vehicles now require the VM Vehicle WorkBench to build them except the minibike and bicycle. 18. Revisited the vehicle damage scales on blocks ... Targeted individual blocks now and adjusted some down and some more added ... (like for instance vehicles ran into and stopped dead on mailboxes and cactus and so on.. vehicles will not destroy any wood on bridges anymore This system is going to be replaced with vehicles that have individual profiles at some point). 19. Adjusted all vehicles to have lower degredation so when you hit 25% damage level particles are triggered ..so be careful and try not too crash too much 20. Reworked vehicle physics in-line with vanilla settings. 21. Making gas is more expensive and requires more oil shale to craft your own gas. 22. Some vehicles will attach parts/vehicles from player inventory when you get in them , Bicycle - Motorcycle - engines ect ect .... these are only on the 'Pickup style vehicles or open trucks but not all and is still WIP. 23. Added recipes to make the 'repair kit' parts on a workbench if you dont find enough of them in the loot. 24. Changed some stack sizes to help with looting vehicle parts if you do not wish to use the bigger back pack modlets. Changelog Beta 1.1 : 1. Added various new wrecks created by bdubyah for the ultimate salvage variation ( There is only 1 vanilla sedan in chain as required by some POI's and all others are now custom). 2. Tweaked some vehicle speeds and camera positions and some storage on the big vehicles 3. Increased amount of wrecks on roads and in biomes to provide more resources. 4. Experimental block damage changes 5. Added Quad to world spawns and reduced spawns very slightly (feedback on this will be required as catering for server vs single player). 6. Added compressor to EMS and Military loot options , increased probabilities in automotive and rare automotive loot as were too rare before. 7. Removed damaged motorcyle part2 from spawn ( will add more motorcycle variant wrecks at some point) Have fun πŸ™ƒ The Vehicle Madness Team !!!
  12. This mod is derived from "Tristam's TacticalAction" mod. I removed a ton of unused and broken items and added a lot of missing items/features. A lot of legacy code and references were removed so it is truly just the guns and ammo now. I have since made so many changes that it warants the renaming from "TacticalAction ViperInfinity" to "Tactical Weapons". This mod adds various ranged weapons, mods, and scopes while maintaining most of the vanilla features or expanding on them. You can craft these new items at the Ammo Bench (New workstation). All credits to IvanDX for the original mod and Tristam. You can safely delete TacticalAction from your mod folder and replace it with this. If you used the TAmod modification or the Scope4xACOG_TA31_bacmod then make sure you log in and delete those items before replacing TacticalAction Downloads Tactical Weapons SMX UI Patch Backup Nexus Mirror Install in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods Features New Mods! New Scopes! New Weapons!!! Complete Animations! Pistols MK23 Colt 1911 USP 9 P99 Beretta 93R Glock 18C Desert Eagle Raging Bull Colt M1873 SMG's MP5N MP5SD UMP KRISS Vector Shotguns M4 Super 90 SPAS12 S686 Saiga12K AA12 Assault Rifles M4A1 HK416 ACR AUG A3 G36KV SCAR L SCAR H M16A4 SA580SW Machine Guns Gatling Guns M60E4 M249 Rifles Winchester M1894 Kar98K M1 Garand M14 EBR Snipers M110 AWP MSG90A1 M82A1 Explosive Guns T1M79 China Lake MGL140 ToDo List Align some scopes and fix projected laser dot location on some weapons (Mostly assault rifles). Rework scope attachment system within the mod to bring it in-line with vanilla and remove remaining chinese text popup installation on weapons. Rework names and descriptions for various items Add more weapons like the P90 Changelog 2/5/22 Removed all pop-up chinese text when swapping to any weapon Renamed mod to Tactical Weapons some scopes also no longer install the chinese text pop up when equiped added proper groups to all weapons in items.xml Added vanilla laser sight effects to modded laser sight (non-toggable) Added vanilla light effects to modded light attachment (toggable) Fixed all weapon animations and added missing ones Removed a lot of unused particle effects and animations from all gun animations Removed un-needed XML code for attachments Replaced non-vanilla muzzle flashes All ammo and weapons show up in the proper spots in the UI Removed metal ammo boxes, ammo bundles, and ammo crates Removed TA pad modification, duplicate Scope4xACOG_TA31 modification Changed ammo bench icon to avoid confusion on where items need to be crafted Removed duplicate/unusable recipes Added missing recipes 1/29/22 My friends are really enjoying my modified TacticalAction changes so I probably will continue this past this point until it is different enough to be called something else. Removed multiple versions of the M1 Garand Fixed TacticalAction mods not unlocking properly( bipod, grip, etc…) Added several missing modifier tags to Tactical Action weapons Added proper modifier tags to all TacticalAction mods Removed custom stack counts and economic values (all were at 1 for stacks) for mods by adding in the vanilla template Removed zeroing mod Added appropriate vanilla mods to list of compatible attachments for TacticalAction guns Made the XML’s a bit more readable Raging bull revolver is now considered a revolver Added modified traders and loot xml’s from Kingston621 Added a the general silencer schematic to the lootpool Added AdvancedScopes schematic to the lootpool Removed Bipod from MGT3M60E4 picture Fixed MP5 and UMP scopes Modified hold type for 686 shotgun to help fit it in the hands a little better. Still looks wrong but it’s not as wrong anymore. Increased compatibility with other mods in regards to how it adds these modded items. 1/28/22 Removed menu elements for SMX compatibility Removed unused cooking stations Modified the ammo bench to work with SMX Removed Radio, psi, and food references Removed howling noises and other added non-weapon related noises Removed Light Sticks Removed non-weapon and non-ammo images Removed many unused items Removed a lot of legacy code
  13. [ WickedNinjaGames Presents: 7 Days to Die ] For detailed information on our servers and settings please check out our website here: https://wickedninjagames.com/ Server Features (Not an exclusive list) Cloud Dukes Storage (Deposit and withdraw Dukes anywhere) Online Maps Vote Rewards Supporter Perks Game Difficulty 2 (3 on Horde servers) Airdrop Hours 72 Loot Respawn Days 28 Land Claims 1 (2 on Horde servers) Darkness Falls Land Claims 2 (3 on Horde servers) Claim Size 71 Claim Decay Time 30 Days Claim Protection 100% Optional Bloodmoons - Inject yourself with an experimental serum to remove yourself from the bloodmoon calculations! [ Connection Information (EU) ] PvE – No Horde - steam://connect/7d1.wngplay.com:26900 PvE – Darkness Falls - No Horde - steam://connect/7d1.wngplay.com:26910 [ Our Semi Vanilla Mods (DarknessFalls is unaltered) ] HUD PLUS Ana Vehicle Respawner Guccis Go-solar Harry's Better Supply Drops Zombie Hit Bar Reasonable Large Stacks Khane's 3 Slot Forge Khane's 12 Slot Crafting Queue Khane's 96 BBM (96 Slot Backpack) Khane's Dangerous Cities (No Bloodmoon server) WNG Mod (Generator holds 7,200 fuel (No Bloodmoon server) SDeco Stuff SWorking Stuff (Working Stoves, Taps, Lights) [ Any questions? Come and chat ] Join us on discord! https://discord.gg/wng
  14. This Project started with myself taking over the FarmLife Expanded mod. I first start to fix thing with the mod but as I began to learn more about modding I decided that rather then trying to fix it would be best to rebuild. What started a "Farming" mod has now become so much more. Welcome to "The Age of Oblivion"! Features: New Vehicles - you don't craft them, you find keys and unlock them New Workstations New Weapons New Quests New Food and Crops - complete overhaul! Over 100 New Animals, Zombies and Creatures! and so much more! Been awhile for this update but I think it is worth the Wait! Among the additions/improvements are: Back to basics with the UI - too many issues with A5 UI More then 30 new Monsters! The Start of Powered Workstations and a new type of workstation! (For A6 the Soda and Juice dispensers s require power and are a new type of workstation and the Auto miner is a new type. More workstations will be converted eventually) More of an Endgame! Your goal is to Find and rescue Dr. Turdlinger. you will need to find 8 teleporter parts to fix the teleporter that will take you into Turdlingers research facility. Along the way you will expereince caves with some unique monsters and have to kill the Skeleton King! Pets and Guard can be picked up! New Vehicle Trader that has the vehicles in the game but can only be bought by trading in other vehicles! some new OP weapons from the elite trader (this may be required when entering the Dark castle and the research facility! Multipoint Teleporter system! Some New Paint textures! and more! Current (Almsst...Maybe Stable): Alpha 6 Release Candidate 1 Please visit the Discord for more information or help with the mod https://discord.gg/WAVPppyB7S Alpha 6 Release Candidate 1 Download! Available on Mod Launcher now! Current Stable: Alpha 5.25 Please visit the Discord for more information or help with the mod https://discord.gg/WAVPppyB7S Alpha 5.25 Download! Available on Mod Launcher now! Check out our Teaser! History: Alpha 1.1 is out Download Alpha 1.1 Fixed up the Skill Tree (Not Completed) Started a new Quest system (Not Completed) Added Farm Crop Plots Added another Gas Oven, pizza oven and more Grills. All you do is craft "Ovens" "Grills" or Smokers and you from their each model is a Variant option. Added a few Descriptions that were missing. (still many missing) Removed Press "E" to pick up a Crop. when harvested this way the crop does not get replanted. Removed a block for an apple tree that is no longer used . ( only mattered if you were using creative mode and found that particular tree.) Alpha 1.2 is available Download Alpha 1.2 Fixed Garden Hoe to properly prepare ground to be able plant. Alpha 1.21 is Available Download Alpha 1.21 Fixed issue with some Recipes not unlocking as intended. Alpha 1.3 is Available Download Alpha 1.3 Oak's pets now completely integrated (No separate Directory) many tiny code fixes that probably were not noticeable to most. Garden Hoe recipe added. All New Cloning Chambers!!!!!!!! New Pets! Elephant, Penquin, Camel, Cat! New Guard! Pumpkin Man! Burns you enemies alive! ALPHA 1.5 is Available! Big Update! Download Alpha 1.5 NOTE: Lots of Changes.....you will 1000% have to start a new game and I would recommend playtesting for awhile before starting a serious game with it Restructured Folder and file Structure. Standardized Naming. (Search AOO to find items) Added: Advanced Forge Resurrection Table Alchemy Table Many Vehicles Lots of Decor! Windows, Doors and Furniture Working Windmill and other smaller tweaks. Alpha 1.6 Released! Mainly Small Bug Fixes to 1.5 Improved handling most vehicles Added Community Creature Packs 90 Slot Backpack. Traders will now sell Raw meat Fixes and Changes to Questline (Still a work in Progress) Download Alpha1.6 Alpha1.7 Released! More Bug Fixes More Food Recipes! (Finally!) Deep Fryer - for many of these new recipes! New Oven Model New Chain Link Fence and a Brick/Metal Fence! New Oblivion Work Bench - All workbenches are crafted from this Bench...even Vanilla ones. Download Alpha1.7 I am officially separating things into two different releases! Going forward Subsequent releases will be known as Age of Oblivion as the Mod has been moving away from just Farming components. As a result I am now releasing a "Release" version of Farm Life Revisited Lite. This version is just the farming components, Crops, Food, Animals (Cloning). This release will still get bug fixes and will get any Farm related content that gets added to Age of Oblivion. Get all Updated info at the Discord https://discord.gg/hBqXBTbjTV Get Farm Life Revisited Lite at Nexus Mods: Farm Life Revisited - Lite at 7 Days to Die Nexus - Mods and community (nexusmods.com) Alpha 1.71 Released! Fixes issue with Clone Chambers not being unlocked and Advanced Forge Display 1.71 Full was Broken - just download 1.7 and then the patch. Download Alpha 1.71 - Patch (Just overwrite the file in this patch. Alpha 1.75 Released! bug fixes! Cloning now takes longer Crops no longer grow almost instantly! Now includes the fantastc Mod White River Tools of Citizenship! Now includes Expanded Firearms! More Friendly animal will be found in the World Oblivion Loot Crates can now be found in the world Now grants 2 skill points per level! (If not wanted simply delete the 2 Skill Points Directory) Download Alpha 1.75 Alpha 1.8 Released! Includes bug fixes for some of the Friendly animals Reduced greatly the number of Bats that spawn! Made the spawning of Friendly's be specific to Biome. ie Peguin in Snowy area's and Elephant in Desert Added a Bunch more Friendly Animals! Turtle,Sheep,Zebra,Pug,Beagle,Goose,Leopard,Comodo Dragon Balanced the number of Oblivion Crates that appear and the loot they contain. Added More Beakers and Steroids for Cloning! Fine Tuned Batcar01 - Drives better and faster! More vehicle tune ups are coming! Download Alpha1.8 Download Alpha2.0 NOTE: Turns out there was a mistake made with sounds and they were applied to animal as well as Zombies. If you find the sounds too bad please come to the discord and download the latest Test Builds that fix up the sound. https://discord.gg/4UX3HZ7gka Instructions: Extract all files to your Mods Folder. Inside your mods folder will be a prefabs.zip, Extract this file into your data\Prefabs folder. A New Map will NOT be required. A New game will likely need to be started. If you want to try with a saved game please make sure you back that save up before trying. Alpha2.0 TestBuild 3 is now available on our discord! Sounds are Fixed! 17 NEW MONSTERS! Resurrection Table can resurrect all Vanilla Zombies! New Elevators and More! https://discord.gg/4UX3HZ7gka Join the Discord and and Join our Test Server!
  15. Hello, welcome in my topic My list of mods suggestions are welcomed, but be aware i'm not doing any mods requiring unity asset, as i don't know how to make them (so not my own models unfortunately) this topic is WIP Installation of all my mods: just extract into Mods folder inside 7 Days To Die game folder (create one if theres none) some may be incorrectly archived, check if file modinfo.xml is like this 7 Days To Die\Mods\MODNAME\ModInfo.xml Rain Catcher Cinder Fix (and tweaks) Santa-Hat as mod Stack Anvils Crucibles and Bellows Ammo and Gas Bundles crafting Ghillie mod Give back my Blunderbuss! Working Ice machine Logs from Trees and working tableSaw (Forestry) Steel Last updates: 23.5.2022: Steel to v1.0.1 20.5.2022: Forestry to v1.2.3 12.5.2022: Forestry to v1.2.2 08.5.2022: Forestry to v1.2.1 07.5.2022: Steel v1.0, Updated Forestry to v1.2.0 20.2.2022: IceMachine v1.1 20.2.2022: Forestry v1.1.1 19.2.2022: Forestry v1.1 --- Working on: just now im working on my last "Forestry" mod and Steel mod (if i get any new idea for it) tba: +thinking about reusing disabled trees.. but how and where?
  16. The TEST SERVER is now live for its third cycle, testing the heavily co-op focused mod "It Takes A Village". Choose between 8 trade professions and collaborate with other survivors attempting to rebuild society. Buy and sell goods in your shop to supply the community with specialized resources that only You can obtain. Are you the Mechanic, the Armorer, the Reaper or the Cook? How will you support the village? It's a server side mod, meaning you don't have to download anything. You also don't have to disable EAC to play. Players from NA/Canada and EU alike. To join, find the server IP in the 7 days to die section of this discord: discord.gg/Pnv7NFfASs Difficulty: Warrior Region: North America East Mode: PVE Claims per person: 2 Map size: 8k Loot and XP: 100% Loot respawn: 14 days Death: Drop backpack, keep toolbelt Zombies per Blood Moon: 12 per player ------ There are 8 professions: the Smelter, the Miner, the Cook, the Armorer, the Mechanic, the Scientist, the Reaper and the Decorator. Each profession has sole access to unique crafted products that need to be gathered or manufactured and sold to support the community. For instance, only the Smelter can craft Forged Iron, only the Scientist can craft gunpowder and concrete, only the Armorer can make weapons and armor past primitive. Some professions require substantially more involvement than others; Cook being the highest and Mechanic the lowest. Each playthrough will vary greatly depending on the composition of professions the group choses! Loot has been altered to no longer contain cooked food, T1 and above weapons and armor, most schematics etc. Small amounts of various crafting materials can still be found, but the only reliable source of goods is other players. Without a Smelter you will barely have enough Forged Iron to make enough repair kits to keep you afloat, and no drugs or medical items drop in loot aside from aloe cream, honey and painkillers. The Traders no longer give quests. They will buy your stuff but at an appallingly low price. Their re-sell price on the other hand, will be sky high. Every single item price has been adjusted to match the cost of materials. Players can craft shops to sell their goods to other players, and adjust prices if they wish. Many many many working decorative furniture pieces have been added, for example chandelier, fireplace wood, neon signs, street lamps, planter, clothes racks, bulletproof doors (white and brown wood, blue metal) and bulletproof windows (centered and non-centered). Players start with a bike, 500 OSB blocks and the regular starting kit plus a bit of extra food. The Gyrocopter has been removed. Hunger and amount of zombies in cities is increased. Good foods yield new bonuses to XP or run speed. Scientist can craft painkillers. Mechanic can craft Lottery Boxes. Mailboxes may contain Dad Jokes. Most professions require their advanced workstation to craft their fanciest wares. Most stack sizes are increased. Drop chance of eggs is increased. Tool parts and Robotics parts scrap into Tool Part Fragments, which can be used to craft either Tool parts or Robotic parts. Weapon parts scrap into Weapon Part Fragments, which can be used to craft any weapon part. Weapon repair kits require a weapon part to craft. Fuel value of wood has been increased 10x. Weapon block damaged has been reduced massively to avoid griefing. Chickens drop Chicken Meat which can be charred, boiled, grilled, or go into any of the many new chicken recipes. Canned foods have a 2% risk of dysentery. Drop chance of canned foods has been adjusted to better fit their useability in cooking recipes. XP for killing bears and wolves is increased. And many more tweaks!
  17. Welcome to Resident Evil: Reimagined! Have you got what it takes to go back to where it all began? Enter the Survival Horror! The Spencer Mansion Incident is a 7 Days to Die overhaul mod that plays a LOT more like Resident Evil than it does 7 Days to Die, with an end goal to aim for, escape. KNOWN BUG: 1) Clicking 'Equip' on an item in your main inventory - You will get an infinite wall of red text, to stop it, move an item from your toolbelt or into your toolbelt. DO NOT ALT+F4 AS YOUR CHARACTER WILL RESET! Setup: 1) Requires vanilla A20.2 (b2) files 2) When starting a new game, make sure to select the 'Spencer Mansion Incident' world. 3) I've made setup easy to follow by making the text orange for all settings you'll need to manually change for the intended Resident Evil experience. 4) It will always be night, so be sure to change the Zombie Night Speed to your liking. (If your game is in day time, you'll die a horrible death!) **IMPORTANT** PLEASE NOTE: 1) The Spencer Mansion Incident is a Permadeath mod, and will test your combat and maneuverability skills. 2) Multiplayer is now supported!!! So go have fun with a friend! (Huge thank you to wOOkie nOOkie!!) 3) If you don't change the orange coloured game settings to their stated value, you'll be playing with unintended settings. 4) Currently, Twitch Integration is not supported, but is planned. KEY FEATURES: 1 ) Limited Inventory: You'll be restricted to a 6 slot toolbelt and 6 slots of main inventory. 2 ) Reworked and rebalanced Skill Tree: There are no attribute requirements for skills, so you'll be free to put your skill points wherever you wish as long as you have enough points. 3 ) You cannot jump. 4 ) Zombie Pain: Zombies no longer feel pain, so they won't even flinch when attacked. 5 ) Zombie Rage: Disabled, zombies will never enter rage mode and get faster. 6 ) One Time Looting: Almost every loot container can only be looted once, and will downgrade or destroy after closing. 7 ) Linked Storage: You'll be able to access your stored items from any of the storage boxes. (Huge thank you to wOOkie nOOkie!!) 8 ) Simplified Criticals: I've removed the severe critical injuries (Broken arm/leg etc) and shortened the duration of fatigue. You can still get lessor criticals, like sprains. PLANNED FEATURE: Manual Saving: Auto saving will be disabled and you'll need to use an Ink Ribbon to save your progress. You'll have to manually save BEFORE you exit your game session. Ink Ribbons will be very limited, and will allow you to continue your save if you die, by simply exiting the game and reloading your save to revert back to your last manual save. Manual Download - https://github.com/Frantic-Dan/Spencer-Mansion-Incident---Resident-Evil Also available on the Mod Launcher Weapons, Armour, Recovery Items and Hostiles: Weapons: Survival Knife Regular Attack : 12 Power Attack : 18 Block Damage : 20 Regular Stamina : 18 Power Stamina : 24 Attack Speed : 60/minute Entity Range : 2 metres Leather Knuckle Wraps (Toolbelt slots 7 8 9 0) Regular Attack : 6 Power Attack : 12 Block damage : 10 Regular Stamina : 12 Power Stamina : 18 Attack Speed : 80/minute Entity Range : 2 metres S.T.A.R.S Handgun Regular Damage : 36 HiPower Damage : 48 Magazine Size : 15 rounds Firing Rate : 90/minute (150 with Samurai Edge Parts) Reload Time : ~3.5 seconds Pump Shotgun Regular Damage : 12 x 10 pellets HiPower Damage : 150 Tube Size : 6 rounds (10 with Assault Shotgun Parts) Firing Rate : 45/minute (60 with Assault Shotgun Parts) Reload Time : ~3.6 seconds (~4.3 with Assault Shotgun Parts) Rocket Launcher (Replaces the Grenade Launcher) Impact Damage : 1000 Reload Time : ~3.7 seconds Magnum Revolver Regular Damage : 150 HiPower Damage : 200 Cylinder Size : 6 Firing Rate : 60/minute Reload Time : ~5.8 seconds (4.6 with Speed Loader) AK-47 Assault Rifle (Replaces the Flame Thrower) Regular Damage : 42 HiPower Damage : 56 Magazine Size : 30 Firing Rate : 300/minute Reload Time : ~5.2 seconds Sub Weapons: Molotov Cocktail Damage : 25/second Duration : 15 seconds Makeshift Mine Central Damage : 160 Delay : 0.5 seconds Grenade Central Damage : 341 Delay : 3 seconds Armour: Padded Damage Resist : 5% Mobility : 0% Stamina : 0/s Mod Slots : 1 Leather Damage Resist : 7% Mobility : -2% Stamina : -0.3/s Mod Slots : 1 Scrap Iron Damage Resist : 9% Mobility : -4% Stamina : -0.6/s Mod Slots : 2 Recovery Items: Green Herb Physician 0 : 8 Health Physician 1 : 10 Health Physician 2 : 12 Health Physician 3 : 14 Health Mixed Herb (Green + Green) Physician 0 : 20 Health Physician 1 : 25 Health Physician 2 : 30 Health Physician 3 : 35 Health Mixed Herb (Green + Green + Green) Physician 0 : 36 Health Physician 1 : 45 Health Physician 2 : 54 Health Physician 3 : 63 Health Mixed Herb (Green + Red) Physician 0 : 36 Health Physician 1 : 45 Health Physician 2 : 54 Health Physician 3 : 63 Health Blue Herb Physician 0 : 4 Health + Cures Poison Physician 1 : 5 Health + Cures Poison Physician 2 : 6 Health + Cures Poison Physician 3 : 7 Health + Cures Poison Mixed Herb (Green + Blue) Physician 0 : 12 Health + Cures Poison Physician 1 : 15 Health + Cures Poison Physician 2 : 18 Health + Cures Poison Physician 3 : 21 Health + Cures Poison Mixed Herb (Green + Green + Blue) Physician 0 : 24 Health + Cures Poison Physician 1 : 30 Health + Cures Poison Physician 2 : 36 Health + Cures Poison Physician 3 : 42 Health + Cures Poison Mixed Herb (Green + Red + Blue) Physician 0 : 40 Health + Cures Poison Physician 1 : 50 Health + Cures Poison Physician 2 : 60 Health + Cures Poison Physician 3 : 70 Health + Cures Poison First Aid Spray Physician 0 : 120 Health Physician 1 : 150 Health Physician 2 : 180 Health Physician 3 : 210 Health Hostiles: (Spoiler warning!) Zombie (Tier 1) Health : 200 Entity Damage : 8 Block Damage : 8 EXP : 400 Note 1: Fast zombies can have their attacks miss if they are attacked just before they hit. Note 2: Slower zombies CAN NOT have their attacks interrupted. Zombie (Tier 2) Health : 350 Entity Damage : 12 Block Damage : 12 EXP : 700 Zombie (Tier 3) Health : 450 Entity Damage : 16 Block Damage : 16 EXP : 900 Zombie (Tier 4) Health : 451 Entity Damage : 20 Block Damage : 20 EXP : 900 Zombie (Crippled) Health : 150 Entity Damage : 10 Block Damage : 12 EXP : 300 Cerberus Health : 200 Entity Damage : 8 Block Damage : 10 EXP : 400 Vulture (Flappy @%$#) Health : 18 Entity Damage : 7 Block Damage : 8 EXP : 400 Adder Health : 60 Entity Damage : 6 Block Damage : 4 EXP : 200 Web Spinner Health : 300 Entity Damage : 10 Block Damage : 10 EXP : 600 Crimson Head Health : 450 Entity Damage : 12 Block Damage : 50 EXP : 900 Hunter Health : 600 Entity Damage : 16 Block Damage : 40 EXP : 1200 Failed Test Subject Health : 500 Entity Damage : 20 Block Damage : 20 EXP : 1000
  18. V2 This is a mod I created to try out a few different things regarding code. I have tried to keep it as vanilla as possible, to maintain modlet compatibility, and just messed around with how zombie work. Features. - Zombies only take full damage from headshots. - Bloodmoons disabled. - Included Jax's Wilderness Spawn increase modlet (5x more zombies) - Added a difficulty tweaks mod to remove damage reduction from higher difficulties. - Removed zombie rage mode. - Added 10 slot toolbelt. - Added backpack stash buttons. - Added craftable log spikes. - Added ability to pick up plants with E. - Removed cop ability to puke. - Removed radiated vulture ability to puke. - Wandering hordes start from Day 2 at midnight. - Wandering horde configured to 30 zombies every 6 hours. - Wandering horde frequency and zombie amount can now be configured by XML (1-RomeroModCore\Config\blocks.xml at the top) - Added guppys PUSHABLE shopping cart (works like a bicycle for stam usage). - Added scrap iron arrows and arrow heads. - Added scrap club, scrap knuckles, scrap machete and scrap spear. - Added Pipe Pistol and Pipe Rifle. - Edited loot to remove stone arrows, leather knuckles, stone spear and wooden clubs from loot (replaced with scrap). - Edited loot to remove stone tools and replaced with scrap tools. - Moved iron tools, baseball bat, iron knuckles, iron spear and hunting knife from Level 1 of appropriate perk to Level 3 (localization updated to reflect this). - Scrap tools/weapons now locked behind schematics or level 1 of appropriate perk. (scrap arrows are NOT locked). As you can see, it's mostly adding some extra T0 guns (pipe weapons), a scrap tier and modifying the zombies. Please consider this a base for you to build your own apocalypse on, rather than a full-fat overhaul. Download Links. A19 Client (Does not work with EAC Enabled). A19 Server (Does not work with EAC enabled). A20 Client and Server (Does not work with EAC enabled) Installation Instructions. (If you don't use the mod launcher) Make a copy of your 7 Days to Die folder first!!! Download the zip file at the link above. Unzip the 7DaysToDie_Data and Mods folder to your 7 Days to Die folder and overwrite when prompted. The mod uses Harmony so both folders (and their contents) are needed or you'll have problems. Same for the server files, except in this case it will be 7DaysToDieServer_Data and Mods. Video for folks who may need it (it's for darkness falls, but the basic idea is the same). Installation Instructions for macOS users. IMPORTANT NOTE: I do not have a mac. This is a guide I found for Starvation Mod and Ravenhearst, but it also works on War of the Walkers so it should be fine here. 1 - Uninstall 7dtd. Open Finder, from taskbar choose Go -> Home. Open Library -> Application Support -> Steam -> steamapps -> common. Delete 7 Days to Die folder. Reinstall 7 Days to Die. 2 - Unzip downloaded mod. Open unzipped folder. You should see 3 folders: 7DaysToDie_Data and Mods. I will be referring to this as a β€œhome screen”. 3 - Open Steam. In your games Library, right-click 7 Days to Die and choose Properties from the drop-down menu. Choose the LOCAL FILES tab and choose BROWSE LOCAL FILES. 4 - Copy & paste (do not drag-and-drop) the Mods folder to this location. 5 - Open 7DaysToDie_Data -> Managed. 6 - Right-click 7DaysToDie.app and choose Show Package Contents. Here you should see 2 folders: Contents and Data. This will be the other β€œhome screen”. 7 - Open Contents -> Resources -> Data -> Managed. 8 - Copy & paste (do not drag-and-drop) the .dll files into this location. Mac OSX will ask if you want to keep both or replace. Choose replace. 9 - Navigate back to each home screen. 10 - Drag-and-drop the 7DaysToDie_Data and Mods folders into this location. 11 - Open the Data folders in each location. You will see there are Config, Prefabs, and UMATextures folders in each. 12 - For each of these three folders, open up its corresponding folder so you can see the contents. Drag-and-drop the mod’s contents into its respective folder. For duplicate files, mac OSX will ask if you want to Skip, Stop, or Replace. Check the β€œApply to All” checkbox, then choose Replace. 13 - Start 7 Days to Die and enjoy the mod!
  19. Purgatory was a wild idea i had before i knew anything about modding back in 2020. I've learned so much since starting work on this. I know i have a lot left to do to really make it fully match my vision, but it's at the point it's fun and playable. To me and my playtesters at least. I hope you like it. You have been magically trapped in Purgatory and have to find a way to survive until you can find a way to escape. Purgatory is confirmed working on a19.5 and can be used as a server side only overhaul for servers. This means anyone installing it to their server will be able to have any player with only the vanilla game client still connect to and play on a server using Purgatory. If you are using one of the maps provided, or generated with a Purgatory modded game client, then the players will need to get a copy of Purgatory or Compopack v47 rwg modlet version and add that to their mods folder or they may not be able to connect to your map due to the number of new POI's to download. Purgatory is intended to create a new challenge for the experienced 7 days player. Dying is no longer without consequence. It should also be expected, often. In this version the endgame has been disabled for more time to be spent on better balancing and bug fixes. That does not remove the challenge or reduce the reasons to play through to at least level 500 to unlock your final items in your build. There are magic items, and almost every item destroys when it's fully degraded. There's many new challenges besides the zombie's rage and magical powers. There are 4 new perk trees, and many perks have been rebalanced. Your backpack and the loot game have been greatly altered to add new fun and challenges as well. Stun Baton and Spear have been rebalanced and improved as well. v1.0.0 b6 Download Here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aLjegyc4tSAODnNdRq1MxKBcNkkN1RAN/view?usp=sharing Credits listing with links to original versions of mods used in the overhaul's collection: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1D48Z5aJbMBLBz9KmtpzyslyuoD_pHkPTm_WrqU3J8Lc/edit?usp=sharing Known Bugs: some users have reported a red error which points to profiles.sdx on game client load. closing the console and ignoring it has not seemed to cause any further issues in all the testing done so far. you should be able to ignore it. also know for the quad shotgun to cause a red error when out of ammo and using right click to reload. Please report any further bugs here or on the discord listed in the readme.
  20. Haidrgna


    GNAMOD DOWNLOAD LATEST DOWNLOAD OLDER VERSIONS Join Discord 1. Basics 1.1 Introduction Gnamod has been developed since A14 by Haidr’Gna, hereafter referred to as mod-author. It all began as a set of tweaks for personal use and grew bigger during A15 into a full overhaul. The name is derived from the mod-author’s nickname and has no special meaning and is not an acronym for anything either. Gnamod grew from just one overhaul into a group of mods that all share the same base of alterations to the game. This mod is now referred to as Gnamod Core and is the foundation for nearly all Gnamod versions since A17. The only exception is UI, which is known as Gnamod CoreUI and forms the foundation for all UI modifications for Gnamod but is also available as a stand-alone release. Gnamod is aimed at any player that finds the vanilla game lacking and is seeking more of a challenge in all aspects of the game. It brings back the survival aspect and offers a slower pacing than the vanilla game. The aim is a challenging but also fair gameplay experience where you will have to fight and be smart to earn your place in the world. The zombies are far more relentless, looting a lot more challenging and the world is more interesting. Gnamod is a complete overhaul of the game, which means every aspect of it is altered in some way or will be in future versions of the mod. Gnamod is also continually being worked on and new content is being added. Since A17 introduced xpath there no longer is a need to redo work when a new alpha is released. This means Gnamod will continue to grow along with the game. DOWNLOAD HERE 1.2. Manual Installation A. Navigate to the game's base folder: (~\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days to Die). B. Extract the contents of the zip file(s) directly into the game’s base folder. C. Make sure the entire contents of each zip you install goes into the base folder. D. Start the game, if you done it correctly a you will see the Gnamod logo in the main menu. 1.3. ModLauncher Installation. A. Download the ModLauncher from sphereii at: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showth...-7-Days-to-Die B. Install the ModLauncher following the instructions. C. Find the tab for Gnamod, open it, select a version and use Install Game Copy. D. Use Pre-Sync to download the mod and then Play Mod to start. 2. License and Use 2.1 Terms of Use This section applies to all mods released by the mod-author under the name of Gnamod. Any such mod will always start its name with Gnamod, such as Gnamod Core, Gnamod Horde Mode etc. Assets found in the Gnamod.unity3d contain the work of The Fun Pimps, myself, work from other authors listed under Included Work and used Unity packages, therefore it is NOT allowed to re-use this in any way without permission from the mod-author and/or the original author(s) of the content. Gnamod is free to play by whoever owns 7 Days to Die. This includes running it on a private or rented server and hosting a game for friends. Users of Gnamod are also free to tailor their experience to their needs by altering the XML files. When hosting a server or game with such altered contents, it is required to notify users that an altered version of Gnamod is being used. Users are free to borrow ideas that are unique to Gnamod in their own locally used mods or hosted games for friends. When using ideas unique to Gnamod in a mod that will be released to the public you are required to ask for permission from the mod-author. It is good practice to credit the mod-author and reference Gnamod in the mod’s documentation and advertisement in this case. Users are NOT allowed to take the code from this mod to add to another mod in any way without asking the mod-author explicit permission for it. This applies for taking (parts of) the code, XML or assets as well as altered versions of these. Gnamod is intended to use as is and not to be broken down or redistributed in altered form. This includes adding any part of Gnamod into any kind of overhaul mod or mod collection pack. Due to the nature of Gnamod, the Core mod will likely not be compatible with any kind of modlet and the CoreUI mod will likely not be compatible with any modlet that alters the UI in any way. It is up to modlet authors to facilitate compatibility with Gnamod if they so incline. Bugs and issues that occur because of the use of other mods will not be resolved by the mod-author. It is of course allowed to design modlets that enhance Gnamod. Such modlets should be named in such a way they always load after the Gnamod Core mod. The Fun Pimps are ultimately the true owners of this mod as it only works with their game and is only possible because they support the modding community of their game. 3. Mod Overview 3.1. Mod Structure Gnamod is build around two Core mods, Gnamod Core and Gnamod CoreUI. Core is the main mod that houses nearly all changes required to overhaul the vanilla game. CoreUI is the same for all the UI changes required for Gnamod. By this design the other versions are just modlets designed to specifically alter or activate certain stuff within Gnamod and thus are dependent on the Core mod to function. Want more Gnamod, find other players or know what is cooking: Join the Discord Channel! DOWNLOAD OLDER VERSIONS
  21. From what I can figure out, moving the \Mods folder from the main game folder to the %AppData\... folder means that multiple game copies, like one for un-modded, one for Darkness Falls, one for War of the Walkers, one for say, an A19.6 game, etc. won't be possible. The ability to have multiple versions of 7 Days to Die that have such different "feels" and playing styles is why i absolutely ❣️ this game. THAT makes the game almost infinitely replayable and such a huge, huge, value. I like having a Darkness Falls game, a Wasteland game, a vanilla with CompoPack game, etc.
  22. When im trying to connect to a friends server i always get the error but i can play singleplayer normally without errors or any other issues, i tried reinstalling the mod and 7d2d but it didn't worked. here is the complete log https://pastebin.com/CPxv3ax1
  23. Grey's Prophecy a20 is officially stable! Grey's Prophecy is a flavoring of the default game. The goal of the mod is to add fun stuff, and some humor, while keeping close to the vanilla formula. Updates from a19 Alchemy overhaul - Lots of new potions and elixirs - Alchemy Table workstation - Mortar and Pestle is now part of the Alchemy Table New Herbs and plant models - Vanilla - Ginger - Peppermint - Cinnamon - Allspice - Peppercorn New minerals and surface boulders - Garnet - Flint - Topaz - Moonstone Lockpicking minigame - Similar to the minigame in Skyrim and Fallout 4 - Thanks to Sphereii and Xyth for code and inspiration UI reskin Vanilla gun, tool, weapon, etc… parts have been replaced by my custom ones - Scrapping these items will give the custom parts - All recipes have been updated to use the custom parts Blacksmith forge smelts lead and has been resized - Will now be a viable replacement to the vanilla forge The General Lee got a new paint job New dyes - Orange - Grey - Seafoam Blue Vehicle only dyes - Savage Green - Crimson Thirst - Sovereign Blue - Night Knight - Sizzling Pink - Rainslick Yellow - Royal Purple - Brown Brawn New Twitch Integration commands - #banana - #banana_boat - #sexy_time Custom Twitch channel point commands - Spawn Vulture - Same as the Pimp Points command - Supply Ammo - Each supply event automatically adjusts for gamestage at the same thresholds as the Twitch integration #supply commands that they emulate. - Supply Medicine - Supply Sustenance - Silly Sounds! - Same as the Pimp Points command - Celebrate! - Same as the Pimp Points command - No Stealth - Same as the Pimp Points command - Exchange for SP - Exchange your channel points for SP points You can get the mod using the mod launcher: http://7d2dmodlauncher.org/, or by downloading the files from the repository here: https://dev.azure.com/pouellette25/Greys Prophecy a20/_git/Greys Prophecy a20. Experimental NPC Mod version can also be also be downloaded through the launcher or by downloading the files from the repository here: https://dev.azure.com/pouellette25/Greys Prophecy a20/_git/Greys Prophecy a20 NPC Experimental Support us on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/ganthegrey Find us on Twitch: GanTheGrey SavageHarbinger Join the Discord: The Wizard's Tower Terms of use: The majority of the modifications are using the game’s built in models, materials, icons, etc… Have been found as free assets in the Unity store, or have been created by me. As such these are available for use. The following is a list of the Unity assets used that are available to use: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/props/interior/crafting-table-160161 https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/2d/textures-materials/ice-materials-133660 https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/props/weapons/fantasy-staff-lite-54999 https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/props/weapons/staff-of-pain-48820 https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/props/interior/plates-bowls-mugs-pack-146682 https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/props/interior/ygs-mugs-96665 https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/props/interior/free-alchemy-and-magic-pack-142991 https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/props/tools/tools-pack-1-20510 https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/vehicles/land/post-apocalyptic-truck-with-armor-45422 https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/vfx/particles/fire-explosions/flames-of-the-phoenix-46176 https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/environments/fantasy/blacksmith-s-forge-17785 https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/props/weapons/dragonblade-pbr-fantasy-sword-96982 https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/props/weapons/free-pack-of-medieval-weapons-136607 https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/props/weapons/ultimate-weapons-pack-lite-94668 https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/props/weapons/horror-weapon-set-1-26142 https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/props/weapons/medieval-weapons-vol1-free-demo-120361 The General Lee model was purchased and is not available for use or redistribution! If you like the model, and want it for your project, you can find it here: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/vehicles/land/hd-car-american-muscle-01-101297 Coka's Skyline model was purchased and is not available for use or redistribution! If you like the model, and want it for your project, you can find it here: https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/car/racing/nissan-skyline-gtr-fast-and-furious Special Thanks: Guppy's Discord modding server for help with issues and ideas Xyth and Sphereii for the lockpicking help, and their continued work on modding! Mumpfy for the zombie texture variations UncleSamIAm, Shugg, NoxAegis, AlphaDragonGaming, LoriannTucker, PayneStoneback, biggytoe, and Bluejoy for the original QA CokaGaming, TexCubSF, NoxAegis, and PandaPants75 for their continued support! And of course TFP for creating this game in the first place!
  24. Welcome to the Winterween Project by sphereii and xyth, the unholy combination of Winter Project and the ancient spirit of Valoween! Not wanting to miss an alpha, we've combined two of the most dramatic mods into a single mod for Alpha 19 for a special Halloween treat. Steel your nerves. Steady your hands. Keep your wits about you, and you just may survive Winterween... We invite you to explore Winterween and challenge yourself to find all of its dark secrets. Keeping with the spirit of the discovery of the sphereii-mentals, please be mindful of posting potential spoilers. Thank you to the following Modlet creators who helped shape out the world with their modlets: JaxTeller718 for his increased biome zombies, and wandering hordes. Riles for Riles' HUD Plus UI Ragsy for the custom vehicle. Recommended: 12G of RAM or higher. Required: Alpha 19.2 Special thanks goes to Mumpfy for his texturing work. Installation Instructions: For the 7D2D Mod Launcher (Recommended): Click on sphereii-mental, then Winterween. For manual installation and Dedicated Servers: Download https://github.com/SphereII/Winter-Project-A19/archive/master.zip and extract in-place, over writing what is there. Clients can ignore the 7DaysToDieServer_Data folder. Likewise, Servers can ignore the 7DaysToDie_Data folder. For players with less than 12G of RAM, a work around is possible by removing the following folders (or deleting their ModInfo.xml: Mods\winter zeds blue Mods\winter zeds white Mods\WinterSkins Those will reduce memory consumption, but you will not get the special re-texturing. NOTE: We are currently investigating and issue with RWG not generating worlds correctly. Prefabs are either sunk too deep and not filled to terrain, or giant mountains of snow instead of prefabs. Navezgane, Pregen Worlds, and Nitrogen worlds seem to work.
  25. -Server- G.A.G Darkness Falls Insane - -Mods- Darkness Falls Fast Nailgun / Faster Smelting 2.0 Fr3ak41 / Quicker Crafting / Car Respawner / JRB_Zombielootdrop / KHA19-Log Spikes / z30k item stack -Installation Guide- https://dev.azure.com/KhaineUK/_git/DarknessFallsA20 1. Click the 3 dots in the top right and select "Download as Zip". 2. The zip file you downloaded should be called "DarknessFallsA20.zip". Open it in your favourite unzipping program (7-Zip recommended as it's good and free!) 3. Inside the zip file, you should find 2 files (an icon file and serverconfig.xml) and a single folder called Mods. This folder contains ALL the files the mod needs. 4. Open steam, right-click 7 Days to Die and select properties. 5. In the new window, select "Local Files" and then "Browse". This will open your 7 days to die directory. 6. If you don't want to run vanilla AND the mod, drag all the files from the zip you opened (and should've kept open) into the window where 7 Days to Die is. 7. In the 7 Days to Die directory, you will see 2 EXE files. 7DaystoDie.exe and 7DaystoDie_EAC.exe. Run 7DaystoDie.exe as Darkness Falls is NOT compatible with EAC. 8. Enjoy the mod!
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