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  1. Output log: Mel Client Output log - Pastebin.com Win 10, 32 GB, RT 3060 I had been playing the Darkness Falls for weeks with no issues. I did not change anything as all was well. Yesterday the game decided that it would no longer do a 'clean' exit. That is, when exiting the game, 7dtd would not stop running - had to use Task Manager to kill the game upon each exit. No worries, it's time for a game change anyway. I used the game launcher to remove the game (all boxes checked). Seemed to be clean (both in Appdata and in Steam folders). Reinstalled A20 B9. Verified downloaded files twice. A20 B9 runs fine, but it too will not fully shutdown upon exit. The misty burnt forest screen is displayed, the cursor remains active, but it doesn't want to leave...must use Task Manager to kill it. Not going to guess at what it could be. The game (vanilla) runs fine, it just doesn't want to leave me....
  2. They mostly come out at night... (V4.1.2) This is a mod I originally created to fix a few "issues" myself, my wife and some friends felt the game had. Turns out I really enjoy modding so I've expanded on it quite a bit. The intent is to drag out the early game, so it will take you longer than usual to get to Iron and Steel. I've also tried to inject a little realism by locking away quite a few recipes behind perks, since most normal folks wouldn't know how to do/make those things. Also, I started playing in Alpha 8, so I wanted to try and bring back a few things from that era. Hub city, sharp rocks and sticks are pretty good examples, and I want to try and incorporate more features from that era of gameplay. I will also be trying to add in new zombies/enemies to make the "end game" more difficult. Features. Multiple classes to choose from, with unique perks, and you can learn them all! 96 slot backpack! 12 slot crafting queue! Semi-custom UI! Food/Water bars next to the hotbar. More zombies! Cities are as dangerous as they should be, while the wilderness is quieter. Pick your home carefully! Night time is now dangerous. The ferals come out to play... New tiers of tools and weapons added! Scrap slots between stone and iron, while titanium is better than steel. Coilguns! Lasers! All the pew pew for the new threats! Stainless steel is back! Reinforce your steel with more steel. Titanium can also be used for building! Forge Ahead & Leather Tanning books are back! (can also be purchased as perks) Action skills are back! Skill books added for all 100 level skills. Generic skill point book added so you have ways to get skill points. Skill notes! Find a recipe you already have? Scrap it into a skill note and craft that into something more useful. Extra crops! Grow apple, orange banana and coconut trees, plus wheat, carrots and tomatos! More food! Way too much to list, but bread is now an option. So are sunday roast dinners. YUM! Animal Coops and Snares from Valmod added. Clay bowls are back, and used for more than just pretty plants! Craftable Small Engines and Lead Batteries! Several new guns! Like the P225 Pistol and Winchester Rifle. Gun crafting! Gun parts are back and require the rare, find-only Lathe to be crafted. Arrows can now use cloth fragments instead of feathers. Sticks and Sharp Stones have also made a return! Tree sap is now a thing! Try left-clicking on non-dead trees with jars or bowls... Sterile Bandage! New healing item to fill the void between normal Bandages and First Aid Bandages. Working sinks and ovens! Both types craftable, so pick whichever matches your kitchen. 9 new workstations. The Advanced Forge (required to smelt steel, but no fuel needed!), the Mortar and Pestle, 3 workbenches, Fusion Forge, Writing Desk and Tailoring Station! There's also the loot and buy only Lathe. Stone hammer added. Counts as a construction tool. Used only for repairing and upgrading. Trader's are no longer protected! Take care of your local business! Larger player-crafted storage (kitchen cabinets, lockable!). Time REMOVED from under the compass and on the map. Added to the trader window (under restock time). Or you can make a watch! Junction box added for invisible wires. Unlocked via electricity perk. 7 Day hordes re-done (less game stages so difficulty should ramp up faster and ferals appear sooner). Grass spawns reduced for better performance/easier to see things. Traders now have more basic materials for building. Localization HEAVILY edited to show where items are crafted, including if they can be made in multiple workstations (one will have a reduced resource cost) and what tools may be needed. Trader Caitlin has arrived! She has her own POI, her own voice, lives in the wasteland and carries the most powerful items. Hornet from A15 and earlier is back, with it's original sounds and model! Keep an eye out for them in forest biomes. Scrapped Behemoth added! Many old zombies re-added back to the game! Multiple new zombies, with new models added. Also some new surprises... Demonic tier of zombies! Rads too easy for you? Well give these a try then!
  3. ABOUT Overhauled User Interface Improved Journal User Interface with thematic topic header images Vehicles have custom UI, showing speedometer, encumbrance and more Map window now supports 40 custom POI icons to choose from Advanced Sorting and Searching feature in inventory and storage Optional Undead Legacy UI parameters in Options -> Video -> User Interface -> Undead Legacy Overhauled Encumbrance system where all items and blocks have certain weight, inventory limited by carry weight, slot limit 300 Overhauled attributes and perks Perks no longer unlock new schematics, nor they level up crafting tiers Introduction of Action Skills, that level based on what you do Introduction of Research System New lockpicking minigame Overhauled crafting system and crafting progression Overhauled material progression Hundreds of new items, blocks, recipes, vehicles etc Player crafted electrical lights support for full RGB customization More immersive world interaction, water sources require jars to interact, fuel barrels and pumps require fuel cans Pick up all wild plants and player crafted ones with action key A lot of slightly damaged vehicles found in the world can now be fully repaired More info about the mod can be found on my website (including screenshots): http://ul.subquake.com/ A20 Features (Experimental): Brand new User Interface with even more stunning graphics New Item Upgrade & Repair mechanic featuring a Mechanic Station with 3 tiers Lockpicking v2.0 Deeper crafting recipe rebalance TERMS OF USE https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/4085-subquakes-undead-legacy/?do=findComment&comment=54613 LINKS DOWNLOAD DISCORD DONATIONS AND SUPPORT
  4. The 'Not Medieval Mod' is a fantasy Modpack based around a 'medieval/historical' theme. It provides an immersive environment, from game characters to the overall theme. The goal was to move back in time and bring in a touch of magic. As such, modern day assets have been removed, renamed, or replaced where possible. It is brought to you by Darkstardragon, who has been very active supporting the community project NPCMod, with an abundance of custom Addon entity packs. With the NPCMod being released (which powers the NMM), followed by CP48 Medievil Village (which adds that full on immersion to locations), the 'Not Medieval Mod' was simply waiting there for the taking. The 'Not Medieval Mod' should really be considered as a team effort because it combines the creativity of Prefab/POI creators, modelers, coders, and everything and everyone else that is required to release a full on mod. Many regular game features will be recognisable and allow players to quickly adapt to the new theme. For example, a Worktable is now an NMM Dragon Worktable with some craftable items removed but some new ones gained. Regular modern zombies are also gone but you'll still see Burnt Zombies out there and a few crawlers in POIs. The Wasteland is now Orcland with a partial burnt crispiness and wasted feel. There are two kinds of download; Development Build and Stable Build. 1. DEVELOPMENT BUILD - Can change daily Github: https://github.com/drkstardragon/NMM (This version is the development version and updated regularly. The current version will show the date on the Readme.) 2. STABLE BUILD - Updated weekly/monthly Moddb: https://www.moddb.com/company/not-medieval-mod-developers/downloads/mods10 (This version is the current public version which is decent for communities who want a stable build for everyone to download and share the same assets. It will be given a rapid update for critical issues, but other than that updates will arrive when there is sufficient additional content or change.) LOCALIZATION The NMM mod has been built using an English interface and Localization mods are gladly accepted for other languages. Here are links to Localization mods submitted for players that prefer to play in that language interface. 3. Japanese Localization Mod created by Macksan (日本語化MOD) https://www.moddb.com/company/not-medieval-mod-developers/downloads/zzz-jpn-macksan-notmdvl No log in is required for either Github or Moddb. The Moddb version will be updated on a weekly-monthly basis when the current Github version has been fully tested as stable.) Installation Place these individual mods from the bundle in your Mods folder. The bundle to be placed in your Mods folder has changed a little since this image was posted but will look similar to the following: For Players and Server Admin/Hosts who have never installed a mod before, here are some simple step by step instructions: 1. If you've never installed a mod before, it is necessary to create a Mods folder in the main directory, typically inside :\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die. In the future, this location may change and we'll update instructions at that time. If you have a custom install or your server host has modified the installation location, then you may have to explore. 2. Simply make a new folder called Mods (with a capital M to reflect standard nomenclature) in your '7 Days To Die' main directory folder. 3. You can now drag all of the mod folders directly out of the zipped file, and it can be placed directly into the Mods folder. It should look like the list of folders and file in the image above. 4. And when you launch the game, turn EAC (anti cheat software) off because EAC will not accept the custom content. Does this Mod need to be installed in the server/client host? = YES Do players also need to install this Mod? = YES (because it contains custom content that cannot be downloaded from the server). About the World - NMM01 Custom OPTIONS As of A20.6 Stable, a fire system was introduced as default. While it has received very positive feedback, this may not be for everyone. There is a new folder called 'NMM Gameplay OPTIONS'. This provides players/communities with custom options related to the food spoilage and fire dynamic. The associated Readme as follows: NMM Gameplay OPTIONS Readme This folder contains separate mod folders. The mods can allow you to customise your NMM experience depending on your game style. To use any of them, copy directly into the Mods folder. They will activate as you launch the game. Simply remove them from the Mods folder to deactivate them if they are no longer appropriate. A) 1-NMMCore Food Spoilage This mod activates food spoilage for NMM. This allows any food you have (except for fish and honeycomb) to degrade over time. B) 1-NMMCore No Fire This mod turns off all fire features for NMM. This means entities and selective ammo cannot burn wooden buildings, etc. C) 1-NMMCore No Fungus Fire This mod turns off the fire feature for the 3 Fungus entities. This means the acid vomit and globules cannot burn wooden buildings, etc. All other fire features will remain active, such as Fire Breathing Dragon attacks. Sample World Here is a 7K sample World. Be warned that there is a 'Spoiler' image of the World layout at this location. https://www.moddb.com/company/not-medieval-mod-developers/downloads/nmm7k01 NMM uses the game's in-house RWG with a little repainting of the Biomes for additional variety. In addition, all buildings are community made and incorporated into A20s superb Tiling system. This image shows how the biome and layout will look. The placement of Wilderness POIs and mixing of POIs in the tiling system may change as updates arrive but this image will be a very true likeness of what can be expected. NMM7K01 Layout - Added as a spoiler for communities/players who prefer the surprise. And the original 7D2D RWG Seed and Settings for reference. To make your own RWG, temporarily remove your Data > Prefabs > POIs. This stops default POIs from spawning in the Wilderness. The NMM is bundled with all the required POIs to generate a World. If you prefer not to temporarily remove your POIs folder, your World will only have NMM City/Town/Village Tiles, but the Wilderness will contain regular default buildings. More about the NMM NMM provides a multitude of custom assets from game characters to a fully immersive environment. Here are a few images to demonstrate. Environment This images shows CP48 Medievil Village minimally customised for the 'NMM'. Beyond changing things like electric lights and other modern assets, the POIs stay totally true to the original creators concept. The player is riding on the Pegasus which is currently available after completing a Tier 4 end tier Quest. Entities There are Orcs and Goblins which are 'Bandit' class entities. They will attack players without hesitation. In early Game Stages they will be melee type and as you progress you will experience some with ranged weapons (crossbows and bows). They will appear in the Biomes and selective POIs during Quests. There are the Undead. These are a collection of 'Zombie' class entities. They will attack Players, Orcs and Goblins. However, some types of Orc and Golbin are also built into the Undead faction to help make Horde Night a more eclectic experience. There are the Friendlies. These consist of 'Survivors' and 'Hireable' classes. The Survivors are just trying to survive like regular players, while the hireables can be hired by players to assist you. You can build your own merry band of followers. There are also Mythical Beasts such as Dragons out there... And some giant Rats and Spiders are known to lurk around as well. Vehicles Players can gain a horse (kindly created by @Zilox) after completing a Quest Tier if they so desire. The Shaman Goblin. And that stick is not just for show... ^^ Weapons Players also have access to a variety of custom weapons: - Smite Thee Down type. These consist of hand held cutting, stabbing, and head cracking weapons. - Flintlock and Blunderbuss weapons. - Semi-automatic crossbows that hold 4 bolts at a time. - Speary things. These progress using their associated skill from Quality 2 - 6. They are integrated into the regular system but you'll see a little difference in name changes. @oakraven has been prolific in sharing assets with the NMM and had these weapons all ready and prepared well in advance. Traders There are also custom Traders which are piggybacking the regular traders and their unique traits. Rekt has become Baker, who is built into the NPCMod Core files and being put to full effect. He also sells roast chicken and provides two custom quests. And @Laz Man's older version of the Blacksmith POI has also been converted into its own Trader POI with an appropriate character from the NMM. Quests There are an abundance of Quests beyond regular Fetch and Clear. - One is automatically provided upon entering the game and after completing the 'Tutorial' stage. It gives Skill Points for completing a certain number of eliminations during Horde Night. Players who prefer not to have this automatic quest can delete it from their quest tree list. - One can be found in the player tool belt and starts an entity quest to eliminate the Undead faction. This has 5 quest stages and awards experience and skill points upon full completion. Others in this series can be purchased from Traders. - Another is also shared in the tool belt and offers a mixed quest of collect / craft / defend. This can also be purchased again from Traders. - Some Traders have their own specific side quests which only they will offer. The Main Quest - The Main Quest is one which requires visiting certain POIs in a certain order based on the scroll instructions. This quest is primarily designed for SP or smaller groups who share as a party. It is not designed for large communities or public servers. A starter scroll is found at a certain central POI (which can be found in multiple towns) and leads players on a sequential quest mission. These POIs and scrolls will not reset and once taken or complete are gone forever. However, a server admin using server admin tools can reset the specific POIs or region that they sit in to provide a 'loot respawn' equivalent which will then bring them back into place. The names can be provided to server admin on request but will not be publicly shared to avoid any spoiler disappointment. What else will you find? The Oakraven Forest Collection has been 'plundered' and incorporates the fish farming, bee hives, chicken coops, wells and and and... ^^ Here is the Read Me added into the mod which shows a list of Credits, without whom the NMM would not be possible. ================================================= == Not Medieval Mod for 7D2D is powered by 0-XNPCCore and 0-Score == ================================================= ASSETS: =============== === 1-NMMCore === =============== 1-NMMCore contains all of the base resource files and connected xml files. 'Not Medieval Mod' (NMM) Creators and Developers in Alphabtical Order from Z - A: Zilox - Kindly provided the Medieval Horse. @xyth - Kindly developed the 0-XNPCCore, along with the team. The 0-XNPCCore is a complete bundle of models, code, and other game assets. Xyth/SphereII/Mumpfy - Kindly developed 'Locks' mod powered by Score. @sphereii - Kindly developed the 0-Score, along with the team. Also provided the 0-SphereII Legacy Distant Terrain. @oakraven - Kindly provided the NMMOakCore content, consisting of multiple released and NMM standalone modlets. (Full list below) @magejosh - Kindly supported background development, such as Biome modification. @MichaelL./mplogue - Kindly provided custom Prefabs that match the theme of the NMM. POI creator extraordinaire. @KhaineGB - Thank you for sharing Lockable Inventory Slots for mod use. @Guppycur - Kindly provided resources, and a venue for the NMM development. @Darkstardragon - NMM Creator and Overseer. Bought and brought all entities, and some models, into the NMM along with a host of other critical tasks. Compo Pack Team - Kindly allowed 'Medieval' type Prefab submissions to support the NMM. @stallionsden brought them all together into tiled Medieval townships. (Full list below) arramus - Kindly supported this, that and the other. (Some customisation from original assets was required for integration and balance) ================ == 2-NMMOakCore == ================ This 2-NMMOakCore Mod Pack compiles mods created by Oakraven, with support from arramus. It is a highly fundamental part of the NMM and Oakraven has really gone above and beyond. Thank you. The majority are individual modlets and part of the Oakraven Forest Collection that can be found here: Oakraven Forest Collection Mod List: - Bee Hives - Chicken Coops - Cooking Stations - Dragon Beds and Stuff (A custom collection made for the NMM) - Dragon Blunderbuss (A custom collection made for the NMM) - Dragon Cannon - Ranged (A custom ranged weapon made for the NMM) - Dragon Carts (A custom collection made for the NMM) - Dragon Crossbows (A custom collection made for the NMM) - Dragon Flintlocks (A custom collection made for the NMM) - Dragon Weapons (A custom collection made for the NMM) - Fireflies - Fish Farm - Oakdragon UI - Torches and Lights - Water Wells - Work Stations =================== == 1-NMMSmittysArmor == =================== This 1-NMMSmittysArmor Mod compiles assets provided by Smitty from the Smitty's Armor mod. Thank you for giving your kind permission. ============================== == 2-NMMCP48 Medievil Village Modded == ============================== The Compo Pack is a well know and very well establish 7D2D resource that allows custom POIs/Prefabs to be added to Worlds. Submissions are made to the CP team and kept as intact as possible beyond carefully modifying for quality and performance. The beauty of the CP is that it is very welcoming and open to all submissions and supports over 1000 Prefabs. A20 further diversified Worlds with a Tiling system and Stallionsden and team have carefully created themed tiles. Check them out here: The Medievil Village is one of the themed tile sets and consists of 31 community made Prefabs that have been updated or submitted for A20. All of the Prefabs keep their original names. However, the Sleeper Volumes, some internal assets, and tags have been changed to match the theme and avoid conflict where the originals are installed. Prefab creators from Z - A include: Zyncosa WormPie WildPig Vitamin E 'Unknown' Tom TehKarmah SirLoachalot Riahsaurus Rex PVWolfgang Pashmina Midnight Peach Libby Laz man Guppycur Ericbeaudoin Eko Eihwaz Ataxia78 arramus Additional POI submissions for CP49 are joining Medievil Village Modded. Prefab creators from Z - A include: Shema Redzero83 Magoli OPTIONAL SETTING By default NMM has no food spoilage system. However, it is hooked up to allow it and this can be easily turned on to increase the challenge. - Step 1. Go inside your '1-NMMCore / Config folder and open the blocks.xml file. - Step 2. On Line 4 you can see this code line. <set xpath="/blocks/block[@name='ConfigFeatureBlock']/property[@class='FoodSpoilage']/property[@name='FoodSpoilage']/@value">false</set> (may say true at the end depending on your version) Change the false to true to turn on food spoilage. Change the true to false to turn off food spoilage. KNOWN QUIRKS/ISSUES/EXPLOITS - The NPCs are not governed by low level protection rules and initial spawning may be met with a hostile or friendly interaction. Response: Run to a safer place, ideally close to a friendly who will attack the hostile by default. - The NPCs sometimes pause, disappear, do not follow requests promptly, attack too much, or show other odd actions. Response: They are what they are, and as good as it gets for now, which is actually very functional and adds immersion. For major issues, report in the NPCMod thread. - Quests are not registering kills. Response: Has been reported to the developers in the previous comment thread. - Fetch quests can be exploited. Response: Place the fetch items in your inventory before handing in to the trader. This exploit can be both beneficial and negative depending on the sequence. This uses a built in game quest feature and will hopefully get resolved in the future. - It is not possible to open some crates when a light/object is placed above or under it. Response: This requires some changes to the models and will be resolved in due course.
  5. Here are two download links for the Wild West Mod - 7 Days in the Wild West Select the link which matches your preference. 1. Moddb Version (Stable and will only change periodically for updates or critical fixes) https://www.moddb.com/games/7-days-to-die/downloads/wildwestmod 2. Github Version (Development build and will change more often for testing purposes) https://github.com/Tallman-Brad/Wild-West-Mod Click on the green Code tab and select Download Zip. For Github Desktop users, there is an option to synch. Posts to this thread will typically just be updates because the Developers do not frequent this forum. Please ask questions, share bugs, or offer feedback directly at the Tallman Brad Gameplay Community. This community also has a channel to find a 'posse' to party up with. https://discord.com/invite/vc2XmnNWB8 --------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT The Wild West Mod rolls back time to around the Mid 19th Century 'Wild West America' (+/- 20 years). It attempts to remove features which are not time appropriate and introduce additional features to expand and complement the overall experience. A few examples include: - Only the 'Old West' type tiling system will appear when using the RWG, with age appropriate POIs. - Asphalt has been replaced with gravel throughout the whole world. - Car assets have been overwritten with wagons. This continues to allow wrenching. - Some items have been renamed such as electrics to connectors and given an appropriate icon. - Weapons have been rolled back with customization, and a return of the Hunting Rifle from earlier 7D2D builds. - Age appropriate food items. - Custom lighting, traps, vending machines, and other features. - Hooked up for Telrics Horses, and an Oakraven Steam Horse. The Mod Pack is bundled with both a Guide, with a more detailed overview, and a Custom World called 'New Frontier' that began as a totally flat RWG, just to add in the Old West tiling system. It was then built up with valleys, mountain ranges, an extinct looking volcanic crater, a populated river, and all the POIs the Wild West could ever want. Here are a few images to show some of the highlights. A multitude of custom POIs to Quest Treasures Transportation (shared by Oakraven) And Telric Revolvers Tomahawks (and A19 sustainable farming) There are a lot more surprises to be found inside and that's enough spoilers for now. CREDITS Individual assets and know-how are provided by (From Z - A): Zipcore - MapToolz to assist with custom world creation. Zeebark - Multiple custom POI submissions. Telric - Kind permission to update Telrics Horses to A20 and add a patch to match the Wild West Mod features. Tallman Brad - Created and administered a hub for the concept to come alive, game direction planning, developing xml, POI, and the New Frontier Custom World. Syco54645 - A19 Farming For A20. Brings back seedlings upon harvesting to replace the A20 system of non sustainable negative returns. Stallionsden - Assisted with community relations, technical advice on a number of topics, and submitted a Ranch POI. sphereii - SphereII Legacy Distant Terrain to remove Asphalt in RWG Worlds. Oakraven - Wild West Lighting, replacement blocks, balloons, weapons, storage, and an absolute abundance more in all capacities. Always goes far and beyond to assist overhaul type Mods. MPLogue - Custom POI submissions, game direction planning, and additional custom block integration. Mistress Medusa - Custom POI submissions, game direction planning, assessment and evaluation, quality control support, and general consultation at every stage. Magejosh - Kindly did the NMM mod groundwork template support with environmental features that crossed over to the Wild West Mod. LazMan - Eliminate the Horde Mod with Wild West updates. KhaineGB - Kind use of lockable and expanded inventory mod. JaxTeller718 - Expanded Wandering Hordes. Haidr'Gna - Invisible Dye mod to assist with hiding inappropriate armor. Guppycur - Provided a hub for development and sharing, the Guppy Vulture, as well as technical know-how where appropriate. Darkstardragon - Template support with expansion features, and quality control consultation. closer_ex - Random Main Menu Background. Chaz916Gaming - Old West POI pack. bdubyah - Template code advice and support. arramus - Assisted with xml compilation, mod integration, and general support for returning close to the mid 19th Century. And anyone else who has chipped in with advice and support.
  6. an item you can craft using the various models of mailboxes and drop offs throughout the world that when you place down allows you to mail items to friends as long as you know their information ( like a pin code they added to it i guess) this is just a bare basic idea you can flesh out with more ideas if you decide to make this, but figured it wouldn't be tooo hard to make but I'm not a Modder so i wouldn't know though i have never seen a mod try this before and it seems there might be a small demand for it so here i am requesting it i suppose lol
  7. // GREETINGS // Welcome to the new and improved SMX series for 7 Days to Die - Alpha 20. The goal with this mod is to give the entire 7 Days to Die user interface an extreme makeover an refashion it into how I believe the user interface for the game should be experienced. SMX consist of several modlets which can be broken down into three separate mods: SMXhud, SMXmenu and SMXui. These are all stand alone and can be used separately or, as is the intention, together with the other two and all three mods combined is what makes the SMX experience complete! In addition we have the core, the main modlet if you will, SMXlib. This is a library modlet and even though it makes very little changes on its own it holds all the assets that the other mods need to function. Because of this it is a mandatory modlet that will need to be downloaded and installed no matter which of the other ones you choose to use. SMX tries to create an experience as close up towards the vanilla user interface as possible. With little to no changes that can disrupt the balance of the game. The only exception being the extra slot on the crafting queue which is there to make the design fit and hardly disrupts game balance! Then we have the optional modlets. We are aware that some people want the extra bling bling, and as such we offer these as optional downloads that can be installed alongside the main modlets from each series to expand upon the features from vanilla. We offer official optional downloads such as: Target Health Bar, Bigger Bags and a Third Forge Slot. Other optional modlets and compatibility patches might become available from other mod authors. We hope you will enjoy playing 7 Days to Die with the new experience that SMX brings to the table. Have fun! - The SMX team. // TERMS OF USE // You are allowed to use these modlets as is for your own personal use and/or on a server you run and/or administrate. You are under no circumstance allowed to distribute any SMX and/or ZMX branded modlets without written consent from the main developer. If you wish to distribute SMX and/or ZMX branded modlets as part of your own project and consent have been given you are required to do so in such a way so that all the files of the SMX and/or ZMX modlet or modlets in question remain unaltered and you cannot under any circumstance claim credit for creating the modlet or modlets or any of the files provided with it/them. If consent is given you are required to make any changes as a new modlet that injects into the modlet in question and keeping load order in mind it is to be named so that it loads AFTER the original modlet. The original modlet shall be distributed as is with no change to its files what so ever. If consent is given it is only given on a case to case basis and those that receive consent cannot pass that consent on to another party or project. Nor will the consent pass on to other creators that opt to include consented work into their project. You are not allowed to use any of the assets bundled with SMX and/or ZMX branded modlets in other projects. This restriction applies to all files that the SMX and/or ZMX modlets consist of. EXCEPTION: The content of the Harmony folder is to be considered open source and can be used freely as long as the original credit comments within the files are not removed or altered other than adding to. You are required to seek special consent from the main developer should you wish to make changes to any asset files provided with the SMX and/or ZMX branded modlets. You are required to inform the main developer when your project that contains any SMX and/or ZMX modlet or modlets have been made available to the public. // MEET THE TEAM // As of A20 I decided to move SMX into the lands of Harmony and with that digging even deeper into what we can do with modding the game. This requires knowledge that I do not possess enough of to be able to continue working on this on my own. As a result the team has grown and we have added some supernerds that know this stuff. Main Credits: Sirillion (main developer/designer/xml/coding) sphereii (developer/coding) TormentedEmu (developer/coding) Laydor (developer/coding), Contributors: Mumpfy(art) // SUPPORT THE DEVELOPMENT // All SMX branded mods and modlets will forever be free of charge and available for everyone to download and enjoy. We do however from time to time get questions from users on how they can donate to support the development. The purpose of this link is nothing more than a way for us to cater to those that want to make a donation. You should under no circumstance feel obligated to do so, but if you do decide to do it we want you to know that is comes greatly appreciated. Donation or not we would like to extend a thank you to all that download and use the different SMX mods, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do making them. If you feel like making a donation to support the development of the SMX branded modifications, click the image below or scan the QR code. // DO YOU NEED SUPPORT? // We strive to make SMX in the best possible way and try to make user actions with it as smooth as possible. But we are still here to answer questions if you run into problems with it or it's installation procedure. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any issue, big or small, we just ask you to run this simple checklist before coming to ask us for help and just maybe you will be able to help yourself first. Did you install all the downloaded folders? Do note that SMXhud and SMXui both have an additional folder that needs installing. (ZMXhudCP and ZMXuiCP) Did you install SMXlib? This modlet contains all the assets (custom graphics) we use and without this your UI will be mostly transparent. Did you check the folder hierarchy and made sure you didn't install the modlets too deep? Did you disable ALL other mods or modlets and then try again to see if the problem still exists? (Be careful with this, backup your save!) Did you check the support sites to see if anyone else have had the same problem recently? If you ran this checklist and still need our support please contact us on one of the links below or just post in this thread. But please, only post on one of the support channels. Pick one and stick with it as we do monitor all of them and having to answer the same thing on several sites just leads to confusion. // INSTALLATION AND REMOVAL PROCEDURES // First and foremost, the most important thing you need to do with SMX in A20: >> !!TURN OFF EAC!! << Backup your save game before installing ANY mods to the game. We don't expect SMX to cause any issues, it is just good practice! Download the mod or mods you want to install from the list below. Decompress the downloaded files with WinRAR or a compatible compression software like 7zip. Copy or move the Mods folder you just decompressed into your 7 Days to Die installation folder. Overwrite if prompted. Verify your install by checking that the ModInfo.xml file is located in this Hierarchy: "\Mods\modletname\ModInfo.xml" Remove by deleting the modlet folder in question from within the Mods folder. // DOWNLOAD LOCATIONS // SMX modlets can be downloaded from Nexusmods (our main site) or GitHub. Alternatively it can be installed via the 7 Days to Die Mod Launcher by sphereii. When opting to use Nexusmods or GitHub you will have to do the installation manually by following the procedure above. When opting to use the Mod Launcher the installation procedure will be more automated but you will need to make sure that all the different modlets are installed as you won't get nested downloads like from the other two. Please note that the Mod Launcher is a separate piece of software that you will need to download and install on your system and then setup properly before downloading mods and modlets with it. The link below is to the main Mod Launcher web page. Follow the links below to go to the download sites and then select which mods to download from there. // SMXhud - THE HUD REPLACEMENT MODLET // SMXhud changes the game HUD. Everything you see on the interface while running around in the game world is part of the HUD experience. The purpose of SMXhud is to change that part of the user interface and change it into a more horror like and gritty art style all while trying to be as informative as possible but not intrusive. SMXhud - The Base HUD conversion. ZMXhudCPTHB - Enables the Target Health Bar for SMXhud. (Install optional modlet ZMXhudCPTHB to get the target health bar) // SMXmenu - THE MENU REPLACEMENT MODLET // SMXmenu changes the game menus. Everything you see when you start the game or when navigating the different options and settings is part of the menu experience. The purpose of SMXmenu is to extend the art style and feeling from the HUD into the menus and to supplement SMXhud to create the SMX experience. SMXmenu - The Main Menu conversion. SMXmenu - The In-Game Menu conversion. SMXmenu - Video Settings Window. ( !! NOT YET AVAILABLE IN A20 - COMING !! ) // SMXui - THE UI REPLACEMENT MODLET // SMXui is an extension of SMXhud and SMXmenu and will bring the art style over to the rest of the user interface. We've tried to maintain as close a relation to the vanilla interface as possible but we have also granted ourselves some artistic freedom when it comes to some areas. It deviates from vanilla with the fifth crafting queue slot which I added to make it fit the overall design better. The other changes we made are all optional like the third forge slot, the target health bar and the big bag conversion modlets for those that want a bit bigger bags. SMXui - The forge with the third forge slot enabled. (Install optional modlet ZMXuiCPTFS to get the third forge slot and ZMXuiCPBBM to get the bigger backpack) SMXui - Totally reworked skills windows. The goal was to make it look like a talent screen. ( !! NOT YET AVAILABLE IN A20 - COMING !! ) SMXui - Trader Conversation Window. SMXui - Character Screen Window with normal backpack and the item info window. SMXui - Vehicle Window with normal backpack and empty info window. SMXui - Map Windows with increased map texture and 48 fully configurable waypoint icons.. // SMX - THE OPTIONAL MODLETS // SMX sports a variety of optional modlets. Some are meant as small QoL additions to the vanilla experience like the third forge slot and the target health bar while others are meant as pure extensions that push the vanilla experience out of balance. ZMXuiCPBBM - A scrollable big bag mod for SMXui. It has 100 slots and adds search functions to the backpack, containers and vehicle storages.
  8. ntaklive

    Backup Mod

    Backup Mod by ntaklive Description This modlet makes it possible to automatically backup and restore your game saves. Settings You can configure the modlet by modifying the 'settings.json' file, or you can also use the FilUnderscore's Mod Manager. If you changed the configuration when you were in game, you should re-enter to your world to apply changed settings. { "General": { // Backups limit // Default: 10 "BackupsLimit": 10, // Custom backups folder path // IMPORTANT: You must escape all '\' characters or use '/' // Example: "C:\\7DaysToDie\\Backups" // Default: "" "CustomBackupsFolder": "", // Write debug information to the logs/log.txt file and to the in-game/server console // Default: false "DebugMode": false }, "AutoBackup": { // Is automatic backup enabled // Default: true "Enabled": true, // Auto backup delay (seconds) // Min: 10 // Default: 1200 (20 minutes) "Delay": 1200, // Reset the delay timer after a manual backup // Default: false "ResetDelayTimerAfterManualBackup": false, // Skip the next scheduled backup, if there are no players on the server // Default: false "SkipIfThereAreNoPlayers": false }, "Archive": { // Keep the last backup of the day // Default: false "Enabled": false, // Backups limit // Default: 10 "BackupsLimit": 10, // Custom archive folder path. // IMPORTANT: You must escape all '\' characters or use '/' // Example: "C:\\7DaysToDie\\Archive". // Default: "" "CustomArchiveFolder": "" }, "Events": { // Backup when world loaded // Default: true "BackupOnWorldLoaded": true, // Backup when the last player on the server disconnected // Default: false "BackupOnServerIsEmpty": false }, "Notifications": { // Are ALL chat notifications enabled // Default: true "Enabled": true, "Countdown" : { // Are countdown chat notifications enabled // Default: true "Enabled": true, // Do a countdown * seconds before backup starts // Min: 1 // Default: 5 "CountFrom": 5 } } } By default, your backups for each save will be saved in the '%AppData%/Roaming/7DaysToDie/Backups/%WorldName%/%SaveName%' directory (on windows). and your archived backups for each save will be saved in the '%AppData%/Roaming/7DaysToDie/Archive/%WorldName%/%SaveName%' folder (on windows). P.S. You can also change the UserGameData property in your serverconfig.xml or in the game startup arguments. Then by default it will use the next directories: '%UserGameData%/Backups/%WorldName%/%SaveName%' for backups, and '%UserGameData%/Archive/%WorldName%/%SaveName%' for archive Commands You can use the 'backup' command or its shortened version - the 'bp' command 'backup' - perform a forceful backup 'backup info' - show the current configuration of the mod 'backup list' - show all available backups 'backup restore' - restore a save from a backup 'backup delete' - delete a backup 'backup start' - start an AutoBackup process (even if disabled in settings.json) 'backup stop' - stop the current AutoBackup process Installation 1. Extract the downloaded .zip archive 2. Move the extracted 'BackupMod' folder to your 'Mods' folder Compatibility Required game version: Alpha 20 EAC Compatibility Server only. To load in single-player mode, you must disable EAC. Download GitHub Support I hope this mod will be useful to someone 😛
  9. Guppycur

    Guppy's Fire Mod

    \/ Download Here Powered by sCore, this mod adds elements to the base fire mod that Sphereii created. Features: Flamethrower Napalm Ammo Fire Extinguisher Better smoldering smoke particle Oil Slick flammable traps Lightning Strikes (primarily in the burnt forest, however occasionally elsewhere) FireNado's (in burnt forest) Potential Add-on's Fire truck (would require additional mod dependencies) Flamethrower bandit This mod requires both Server and Client install and EAC to be *Off*. Don't come crying to me when you can't follow these simple instructions. Instructions for use: Get and maintain the latest version of sCore Get and maintain the last version of My Addon Mod Unzip into the appropriate mod folder for the version of the game you are playing on Start the game with EAC Off Go burn stuff down 😃 Although I have included recipes and loot, it would be a really good idea to go through those and tailor those to your needs.
  10. After completing Tier 1 quests and moving up to Tier 2 quests, talking to Trader Bob will sometimes throw an error when trying to get a new Tier 2 quest, or when trying to turn in a completed quest. Here is the error when I try to talk to Trader Bob: 2023-02-03T11:02:58 529.609 ERR [XUi] Error while updating window group 'radial': 2023-02-03T11:02:58 529.613 EXC Object reference not set to an instance of an object. A bit of background: - Running Alpha 20.6, Single Player (SP) Client - Verified Steam files with no problems found - This is for a modified vanilla-generated 10K map - No Mods running apart from MapToolz for map editing - This instance of Trader Bob has been placed (not generated by the RWG) as part of a new 'town' (Really an airport) - All other Prefabs in this 'town' have also been placed by me, including Random World Generated (RWG) tiles, parts, remnant buildings and quest-able POIs - Some of these Prefabs have been created by me, including nine quest-able POIs; * Two Tier 1 POIs * Two Tier 2 POIs * Two Tier 3 POIs (Three instances of one of them; airport_hangar_01) * Two Tier 4 POIs * One Tier 5 POI * Over two dozen other prefabs including RWG tiles, Remnants and Parts seems to work fine - All of these prefabs that have been created by me work in the Editor/Playtest just fine - The rest of the placed Prefabs are all Funpimps generated, from the Prefab library - Most of my player-made POI's quests work via Trader Bob, but I will always encounter the above error at some point or another * Some Tier 2 POIs (both mine and Fun Pimps-made POIs) worked just fine, too, before Bob throws an error - Through a combination of console commands and advancing quest Tiers via other instances of Trader Bob, Tiers 3, 4, and 5 have also been tested; * Same error is encountered for Tier 3 and 4 as well as Tier 2 quests * Tier 1 and Tier 5 quests seem to work fine, again including those Tier 1 and Tier 5 quest-able POIs created by me - I have tried 4 separate playthroughs, each with a new save (as well as deleted and regenerated Region files for each save) * Have always encounter the same error at some point when getting Tier 2+ quests from this player-placed instance of Trader Bob - Other RWG-placed trader Bobs (3 more on the map) as well as other traders in other towns on the map seem to work just fine Full Log Files for the latest playthrough here; https://justpaste.it/c14cr
  11. (at 00:19 onwards it's demonstrated how to use the command and what it does) Long time ago TFP locked the hands/weapon FOV and set it to extremely low (45, lower than console games) because the hands model looked bad. Now they fixed the hands model (Magnum holding anim still looks bad but w/e) but the FOV is still locked to 45. I couldn't find other mods doing this so I decided to create this mod to be able to set the hands/weapon FOV to something more reasonable like 60. This mod adds a console command: wfov wfov <number> wfov 58 that changes the hands/weapon FOV. When executed without arguments (like wfov) it gets the current WeaponFov (by default I made it 60). When given a number (like wfov 60) it sets it to that number. More technical info: This mod is actually separated to 2 mods. 1) First is 0-FieryRiderCore which has the code for managing and storing custom options (Maybe it'll be useful to someone else). It creates a customPrefs.xml file inside <GameDir>/Data/Config where it stores the custom options. 2) Second is FOV Changer which adds a custom option and using it to set the WeaponFov. GitHub(0-FieryRiderCore): Link to the mod GitHub(Fov Changer): Link to the mod Bonus mod: Pistols AAA Aim Fov - Not a DMT mod. Just vanilla. Moves the standard pistols (that are normally in the game) away from the camera while aiming like it is in many AAA games. I think it looks better. Downloads: 0-FieryRiderCore Fov Changer Pistols AAA Aim Fov (Bonus mod)
  12. This mod contains a collection of zilox's vehicle mods, the pack has the following vehicles. DOWNLOAD AH-64 Apache Helicopter The Apache Helicopter controls are the same as the gyrocopter, except W will lift you upward instead of forward like a helicopter would.The helicopter can be unlocked with grease monkey level 5 or by finding the schematics to make the parts. You can also find the parts bundle for completing tier 5 quests. Missiles can be fired from the helicopter by pressing the right mouse button while you have the helicopter missile ammo in your inventory. Alternatively you can use the number keys to fire each weapon individually, numbers 1 and 2 are used for the helicopter. The controls settings can also be changed in the settings menu under the vehicles section. Solar Powered Helicopter The solar powered helicopter is very agile and has a high top speed. It does not require any gas as it is powered by solar panels on the back of the helicopter.The solar helicopter is crafted with a solar bank and solar cell. It can be unlocked by grease monkey level 5 or by finding the schematics for it. You can also find the parts bundle for completing tier 4 or tier 5 quests. It has the same storage capacity as the gyrocopter. the controls have a bit of a learning curve, it fly's like the gyrocopter except Shift and C are used to control the forward momentum. Cessna 172 Skyhawk Plane The Cessna 172 Skyhawk controls are the same as the gyrocopter, but with slightly tweaked handling to make it feel more like a plane. It can be unlocked with grease monkey level 5 or by finding the schematics to craft it. You can also find the parts bundle for completing tier 5 quests. Military APC The military APC can fire rockets from a mounted turret and also protect you from outside damage.The military APC can be unlocked by grease monkey level 5 or by schematics. Rockets can be fired from the mounted turret by pressing the right mouse button, the fire button can be configured in the controls settings under the vehicle section.You must have the APC rocket ammo in your inventory to be able to fire from the turret. The turret can be enabled and disabled by pressing left CTRL and the number 1 key at the same time, this can also be configured in the settings.There are 3 types of ammo that can be switched out with vehicle mods. Rocket Frags which deal little to no block damage, Rocket HEs which deal a small amount of block damage, and Rocket Nukes which deal an enormous amount of block and entity damage. The default ammo type is the Rocket Frag.Upon entering the APC you will receive a buff that will protect you from damage and critical hits from outside damage. The APC can still take damage from enemies. Tigr Jeep The Tigr Jeep can be unlocked by grease monkey level 5 or by finding the schematics in loot or at the traders.It has a mounted machine gun turret which can be fired while driving the vehicle by pressing the Q key, the fire button can be configured in the controls settings under the vehicle section.The turret fires 762mm ammo which must be in the players inventory while firing the turret. The turret can be enabled and disabled by pressing left CTRL and the number 1 key at the same time, this can also be configured in the settings.The vehicle also does more damage to blocks in the world to make it easier to drive through rough terrain. In the wasteland it gains an extra damage buff to metal and stone.There are 4 new vehicle mods to change the functionality of the turret. A burst fire mod which enables burst firing of the turret. A full auto mod which allows for a fully automatic turret, but uses a lot of ammo. An Incendiary ammo mod which enables fire damage for the turret. A shock ammo mod which enables shock damage for the turret. Jeep Gladiator The jeep gladiator can be dyed with all the colours. It has 4 seats as standard which can be expanded to 6 seats with the expanded vehicle seating mod.It can be unlocked with grease monkey perk 4, or by finding the schematics to craft it. Offroad Buggy The offroad buggy is a fun vehicle that can overcome obstacles in its path. It also has a custom horn. The off-roading buggy can be unlocked with grease monkey perk 4, or by finding the schematics to craft it. Credits Special thanks to Closer_ex for the vehicle weapon system and Laydor for his Quartz UI mod. Installation Notes Note: This mod needs to be installed on both client and server for multiplayer. EAC MUST BE OFF! Support Discord Server If you need help with a mod, you can join our discord server: https://discord.gg/7ZreyEqZYM
  13. New Alpha, new modlet post! This is all the modlets that will work on A20. Basically it's all my A18/A19 ones updated and adjusted as required. Also added some new ones that are now possible thanks to A20 and it's ability to load custom C# without patching anything. Modlets will be seperated into sections. XML only (for folks who want server-only), XML + Assets (needs to be installed on client and server) and C# (needs to be installed on client and server). If anyone wants to buy me a coffee as a thank you, then you can do so on Paypal. This is not required OR expected. Enjoy. XML Only Modlets (can be installed on servers with no client download). 3 Slot Forge - Adds an extra input slot to the forge and moves the UI around a little so there's no window overlap. 12 Slot Crafting Queue - Increases the crafting queue from 4 slots to 12. Scrap everything! 60 Slot Backpack - Pretty self explanitory. 96 Slot Backpack - Pretty self explanitory. Always Open Traders - Removed the open/close times from traders so they always remain open. Dangerous Cities - Increases the amount of zombies in cities and towns, while lowering the amount in the wilderness. Food and Water Bars - Just the food and water bars from my above backpack mods so users can use larger backpacks if they so wish. Headshot Only - Zombies take 0 damage from non-headshots for most weapons. Explosives, electric batons and molotovs still work normally, and animals still take full damage. HP Bars - Remember the red HP bar that was shown off in A17? This adds that back into the game for folks who liked that idea. Kill Tracking - Tracks how many of each different type of entity you've killed in the game (zombie or type of animal) and with what weapon (guns only, may consider adding melee in the future). Lockable Inventory Slots - Adds the "box" that allows the user to lock slots so they won't be moved OR sorted. Also adds one to vehicle inventory that does the same thing. NightVision Goggles Change - A few folks said they wanted the NVG effect from DF in vanilla, so it's more red than full green. This modlet will do that. Pickup Plants - Allows the player to press the 'E' button (default. May be different for other languages/controllers) to pick up plants. This does NOT grant extra harvest based on perk. You have to punch for that. Max Animals/Zombies and Claim Blocks - Adds options to the main menu for the player to select max spawned animals/zombies in the world in SP. Also allows the player to have more than 1 claim block via menu option. Steel Ammo - Adds the steel ammo from A17 for players who enjoyed that option. XML + Assets Modlets (cannot be server only). Log Spikes - Makes Wood Log and Iron Spikes craftable again. Return of the Behemoth - Adds the unfinished A16 behemoth and the A17 unfinished radiated behemoth to the game. Random spawns in the wasteland and horde nights. Return of the Hornet - Adds the cut hornet from A15 (and earlier) back to the game. Spawns as an enemy animal in the forest biome. Does not spawn on horde nights. Chicken Coops - Adds a chicken coop to the game that works the same way as the Darkness Falls one. Unlocked with Living off the Land 1. Craft, place, wait, loot. Once you've looted it, hold animal feed in your hand (so toolbelt and select it), then right-click on the chicken coop to "feed the chickens" so they can start producing again. See end of file for terms of use with this modlet. C# Modlets (cannot be server only, EAC must be off!!!). 15 Slot Toolbelt - Increases the toolbelt to 15 slots. Extra Tool And Output Slots - This is mostly for other modders. It increases the maximum amount of tools a workstation can have to 6 (so stops duplicating anything after slot 3) and the maximum output slots to 12 (was 6). Larger FOV - Increases the max FOV to 150, though anything above 90 is a bit distorted. Might be good for folks with motion sickness. Vehicle Damage Patch - Increases the amount of damage a zombie takes when you run it over. Amount of damage depends on how heavy the vehicle is and how fast you hit the zombie. Vehicle Sound Fix - This is more for modders. It fixes that horrible noise when driving custom vehicles. Wandering Horde Frequency - Folks may know this from JaWoodle's "Anywhere, Anytime" series. It creates random wandering hordes, of a random amount of zombies, a random amount of times per day. How often (in terms of in-game hours) and how many zombies are configurable in the blocks.xml included in the modlet. IMPORTANT NOTE: The wandering horde mod is ONLY FOR VANILLA!!! It is not for DF. Zombie Fall Damage - Removes the cap on the amount of damage zombies take when falling from heights, so drop pits from older alphas are now a semi-valid form of defense. TERMS OF USE. Modlets are provided as-is. I bear no responsibility if you break your save, your back, your PC, whatever. They've been tested on both of my machines and my wife's and are working as intended when installed correctly. No restrictions on personal use or mod use, just give me a thank you, except for the following modlets. Chicken Coops - These use purchased assets. The modlet is available for personal use (even for servers). However, anyone including this modlet in their own modpack needs to make sure they purchase the following assets in order to have the correct licence. Chickens - https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/characters/animals/animal-pack-deluxe-99702 Chicken Coop - https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/henhouse-modeled-games-3d-model/986709
  14. V2 This is a mod I created to try out a few different things regarding code. I have tried to keep it as vanilla as possible, to maintain modlet compatibility, and just messed around with how zombie work. Features. - Zombies only take full damage from headshots. - Bloodmoons disabled. - Included Jax's Wilderness Spawn increase modlet (5x more zombies) - Added a difficulty tweaks mod to remove damage reduction from higher difficulties. - Removed zombie rage mode. - Added 10 slot toolbelt. - Added backpack stash buttons. - Added craftable log spikes. - Added ability to pick up plants with E. - Removed cop ability to puke. - Removed radiated vulture ability to puke. - Wandering hordes start from Day 2 at midnight. - Wandering horde configured to 30 zombies every 6 hours. - Wandering horde frequency and zombie amount can now be configured by XML (1-RomeroModCore\Config\blocks.xml at the top) - Added guppys PUSHABLE shopping cart (works like a bicycle for stam usage). - Added scrap iron arrows and arrow heads. - Added scrap club, scrap knuckles, scrap machete and scrap spear. - Added Pipe Pistol and Pipe Rifle. - Edited loot to remove stone arrows, leather knuckles, stone spear and wooden clubs from loot (replaced with scrap). - Edited loot to remove stone tools and replaced with scrap tools. - Moved iron tools, baseball bat, iron knuckles, iron spear and hunting knife from Level 1 of appropriate perk to Level 3 (localization updated to reflect this). - Scrap tools/weapons now locked behind schematics or level 1 of appropriate perk. (scrap arrows are NOT locked). As you can see, it's mostly adding some extra T0 guns (pipe weapons), a scrap tier and modifying the zombies. Please consider this a base for you to build your own apocalypse on, rather than a full-fat overhaul. Download Links. A19 Client (Does not work with EAC Enabled). A19 Server (Does not work with EAC enabled). A20 Client and Server (Does not work with EAC enabled) Installation Instructions. (If you don't use the mod launcher) Make a copy of your 7 Days to Die folder first!!! Download the zip file at the link above. Unzip the 7DaysToDie_Data and Mods folder to your 7 Days to Die folder and overwrite when prompted. The mod uses Harmony so both folders (and their contents) are needed or you'll have problems. Same for the server files, except in this case it will be 7DaysToDieServer_Data and Mods. Video for folks who may need it (it's for darkness falls, but the basic idea is the same). Installation Instructions for macOS users. IMPORTANT NOTE: I do not have a mac. This is a guide I found for Starvation Mod and Ravenhearst, but it also works on War of the Walkers so it should be fine here. 1 - Uninstall 7dtd. Open Finder, from taskbar choose Go -> Home. Open Library -> Application Support -> Steam -> steamapps -> common. Delete 7 Days to Die folder. Reinstall 7 Days to Die. 2 - Unzip downloaded mod. Open unzipped folder. You should see 3 folders: 7DaysToDie_Data and Mods. I will be referring to this as a “home screen”. 3 - Open Steam. In your games Library, right-click 7 Days to Die and choose Properties from the drop-down menu. Choose the LOCAL FILES tab and choose BROWSE LOCAL FILES. 4 - Copy & paste (do not drag-and-drop) the Mods folder to this location. 5 - Open 7DaysToDie_Data -> Managed. 6 - Right-click 7DaysToDie.app and choose Show Package Contents. Here you should see 2 folders: Contents and Data. This will be the other “home screen”. 7 - Open Contents -> Resources -> Data -> Managed. 8 - Copy & paste (do not drag-and-drop) the .dll files into this location. Mac OSX will ask if you want to keep both or replace. Choose replace. 9 - Navigate back to each home screen. 10 - Drag-and-drop the 7DaysToDie_Data and Mods folders into this location. 11 - Open the Data folders in each location. You will see there are Config, Prefabs, and UMATextures folders in each. 12 - For each of these three folders, open up its corresponding folder so you can see the contents. Drag-and-drop the mod’s contents into its respective folder. For duplicate files, mac OSX will ask if you want to Skip, Stop, or Replace. Check the “Apply to All” checkbox, then choose Replace. 13 - Start 7 Days to Die and enjoy the mod!
  15. RizzoMF

    Joke Mod

    OLD POST PLEASE DELETE You can find the new post here:
  16. Hello everybody I'm here to present you a software I developed, running on Windows, that can be used while playing to 7 Days to Die, to autorun, autodrive (and autotrack animals and automine in future version). So it's not a mod of the game as we mostly know it, in fact, it will just simulate your keys pressed to run and walk in loop, so you can get rid of touching your keyboard, nevertheless, I decided to make it specific to 7 Days to Die. In the future, I would also like to get info from the user to automaticaly compute the optimal loop It is free, and open source (sources will be available when I'll publish a complete version of it). For now, I would like to know if some people would like to test it, giving me feedback. EAC (EasyAntiCheat) must unfortunately be disabled to get it work. It would very help me to have your impressions If you have any question, technically of anything else, don't hesitate ^^ Thank you in advance Amir, EDIT : v1.2.1 ready to be tested ^^ https://github.com/AmirHammoutene/7Auto
  17. The Oakraven Forest Modpack provides players with an 'out of the city' gaming experience. Players have access to a variety of custom tools and resources that provide greater levels of self sufficiency and quality of life. It is heavily influenced by Oakraven's Forest Collection and acts as a Modpack show case. It also contains some of Oakraven's unreleased modlet content to provide a greater level of immersion. Modpack Download The (A20) Oakraven Forest Modpack can be downloaded here: https://github.com/OAKRAVEN1/Oakraven-Forest-Modlets (Some users have reported the zipped file suggests it is corrupted when attempting to download it. We have not been able to verify this as it has downloaded appropriately every time we tested so far. Users receiving this error warning can use the GitHub Desktop Application which resolves this issue. It also allows you to keep the files up to date without needing to download the whole Modpack repeatedly. https://desktop.github.com/ ) It is bundled up with a sample 6K World called OAK6K01 which considers specific POIs which need to be in a certain Biome for context (Snow Orc POIs are in the Snow and Old West is in the Desert). It is hidden by a Spoiler ^^ The Oakraven Forest Modpack has been primarily compiled for players who have played through the main game. It is an additive Modpack and nothing that impacts regular gameplay (progression, assets, etc) has been removed. In addition to the Oakraven Forest Collection mods, additional community creations have been bundled into this Modpack to bring cohesion and expansion. Install directly into the main directory Mods folder. A new Mod for textures requires it to be installed here. It will cause errors in the appdata area. The creator of the texture Mod has been contacted. It will look similar to this: ASSETS INCLUDE: (Click directly on the name of linked mods to be taken to an instructional video kindly created by @wickidaurazgaming) ==================== ===== 1-OakModpack ==== ==================== This 1-OakModpack provides an abundance of Oakraven's modlets alongside a variety of expansion and quality of life mods. The mix is quite eclectic and gives players further opportunities within the framework of 7D2D content. This Modpack contains the following modlets/modifications: - Oakraven On/Off Lights (Unpowered Steampunk Lights and Jukebox) - Oak Traps (Custom Traps) - Oak Modpack UI (Custom HUD features) - Replace Mod (Block type replacements and additions) - Dragon Cannon (Custom Weapon) - New Weapons (Custom Weapons) - Space Ship Supply Drop (Futuristic flyover in place of regular plane and supply crate) - Torches Lights (A collection of wood burning lights) - Water Wells and Sinks (A variety of custom water sources such as wells and stand pipes that can be placed within a player's boundaries) - Rock Drills (Provides a gentle resource trickle for underground materials while out questing) - Draw Bridges (A variety of walkways the act like horizontal plane draw bridges) - Cooking Stations (Blenders, Mincing Machine, and Stove/Oven type appliances) - Sign Cupboards (More storage choice variety) - Power Things (Renewable power solutions) - Hydroponic Farming (Farm underground with good returns, new crops, and a few new meals...and Fireflies) - Fish Farm (Craft fish farm plots, place a starter kit, let them grow, harvest and eat) - Chicken Coops (Find Baby Chicks in nests, place them in a Coop, reap the rewards) - Bee Hives (Find Queen Bees, Craft Bee Hives, Collect Honey Comb and make some nice treats) - Oakraven Workstations (7 Custom Workstations - Oakraven Forge, Tatatin Forge, and Copper Force, Chemistry Station, Powder Mixer, Cement Mixer, and Ammo Bench) - Oakraven Traders (5 selected custom traders to give Bob, Hugh, Jen, Joel, and Rekt a short vacation to Navezgane) - A20 Skyrim Style Lockpicking MiniGame (Makes lockpicking skill based) - JaxTeller718-BiggerWanderingHordes (Customised expansion to Wandering Hordes) - KhaineGB's Inventory Lockable Slots Mod (Allows players to stop essential items being removed form the backpack when bulk moving) - A19 Farming For A20 by Syco54645 (Rebalancing for Hydroponics) - Clear Bulletproof Glass (Allows players to craft clear bulletproof glass similar to the regular type) - Guppycurs' Guppy Vulture entity for the desert biome. - Quest - Blood Moon Vanguard (Gives players an incentive to stay for Horde Night and pick up a Skill for completing an objective) - Quest - Eliminate the Horde (Gives players a Craft/Build/Upgrade Quest opportunity to survive a wave of grunt/feral/radiated entities) - Quest - Pest Control (Gives players a starting quest to cull laboratory specimens from 1-ZombiezPack) - Quest - Snow Orcs (Cull Darkstardragon's Orcs in the snow) - Quest - Infestation (Cull Xyth's Spiders with arramus' expansion abominations) - Quest - Beast Bust (Eliminate Darkstardragon's Flying Beastz) - Quest - Beast Boom (Eliminate Darkstardragon's Land Beastz) - Quest - Summon Fox Friend (An item to spawn the 0-XNPCCore Fox to offset despawning) In addition, some Addons that are powered by 0-Score and 0-XNPCCore and bundled directly are as follows: - 1-SurvivorzPack (A collection of helpers who can assist you, for a price) - 1-OrczPackAlpha and 2-OrczPackBeta (The Orcz have taken over the Snow Biome) - 1-khzmusik_Zombies (A variety of well crafted entities to enhance regular 7D2D zombie interactions from khzmusik) - 1-ZombiezPack (A variety of hostile looking zombies from Darkstardragon) - 1-GansSpecialZombies (A variety of fancy dress type zombies from GanTheGrey) + 2- Feral and Radiated - 1-NPCXSpiderPack and 2-NPCXSpiderPack-ColonyExpansion (Spiders for the Wasteland and Desert Biome) - 1-FantasticBeastz (Mythical Beasts for the Wasteland and Desert Biome) - 1-YeOldeUndeadPack (A variety of Medieval undead + 2- Radiated) OakModPack Creators and Developers in Alphabtical Order from Z - A: @xyth and @sphereii with @Mumpfy for branding - Created the A20 Skyrim Style Lockpicking MiniGame. (The assets are embedded and remain as per original). Xyth - Created the 1-NPCXSpiderPack. Syco54645 - Created A19 Farming For A20 (Crops return to seedling once harvested and you no longer get seeds when you harvest). Oakraven - Created Oakraven Forest Collection assets. @MichaelL. - Supported OAK_NPC_Bandits_Settlement_01. (Look out for that awesome airship). @Laz Man - Created Quest - Blood Moon Vanguard and Eliminate the Horde. @khzmusik - Created 1-khzmusik_Zombies. @KhaineGB - Unlocked Inventory Lockable Slots Mod. @JaxTeller718 - Bigger Wandering Hordes Mod. @Guppycur - Guppy Vulture entity. @GanTheGrey - Created 1-GansSpecialZombies. @Darkstardragon - Created 1-ZombiezPack, 1-SurvivorzPack, 1-OrczPackAlpha and 2-OrczPackBeta, 1-FantasticBeastz, and 1-YeOldeUndeadPack. Also performed an abundance of play testing and coding support through the connected 'Not Medieval Mod'. arramus - Supported the Oakraven Forest Collection with NPCMod and Addon integration, 2-NPCXSpiderPack-ColonyExpansion, Fox things, xml, compilation, distribution, quality control balancing, and even added the odd icon or two. Currently released standalone Oakraven Forest Collection modlets can be found here. https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/27806-a20-oakraven-forest-collection/ ======================================= ============ Custom POIS and RWG =========== ======================================= The Oakraven Forest Modpack incorporates a variety of custom POIs that are built into 7D2D's Random World Generator Tiling System. In addition, Worlds are created with custom features in addition to regular default features. Features and customisation is as follows: - The Old West area of 7D2D has been expanded and has traders (An Old West Trading Town). - Downtown has been totally removed because it can be quite heavy to render the POIs along with entities and NPCs at the same time. - Custom POIs will appear within some of the default areas (residential, rural, commercial, etc) and allow in the Wilderness. There is some crossover in the towns, districts, and areas above. It is highly recommend that players/communities also bring in some Compo Pack 48 content to enhance the experience. The Compo Pack 48 is fully compatible with the Oakraven Forest Modlet and will not impact on game-play in any way. Fabbersville is particularly suited to the theme of the Oakraven Forest Modpack, and was bundled in with the first release. Unfortunately, feedback suggested it restricted adding in additional Compo Pack themes such as Medievil Village and Mega and was removed to give more flexibility. The Compo Pack is administered by @stallionsden and the Compo Pack team and provides high quality expansion and great rendering performance due to rigourous care and quality control. Check this thread for more details: ============================= === 0-Score, 0-XNPCCore and Addons === ============================= The NPCMod is a community made asset that gives life to custom made NPCs, among many other features. 0-Score and 0-XNPCCore power the Addons compiled into 1-OakModpack. Addons have been compiled directly into the 1-OakModpack to reduce latency. Care has been taken to ensure creators have been credited both in this Readme and within the xml files. ================================ ===== Random Main Menu Background ===== ================================ This modlet is cared for by @closer_ex and provides Modpacks and Overhauls with a custom Main Menu Background image that is shown randomly. This provides a very nice feature to personalise and highlight different aspects of what players can face. It can be downloaded here, among many other delights. closer_ex combines modding with some complex coding, and has been very willing to assist other modders. ============== == INSTALLATION == ============== For Players and Server Admin/Hosts who have never installed a mod before, here are some simple step by step instructions: 1. If you've never installed a mod before, it is necessary to create a Mods folder in the main directory, typically inside \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die. In the future, this location may change and we'll update instructions at that time. If you have a custom install or your server host has modified the installation location, then you may have to explore. 2. Simply make a new folder called Mods (with a capital M to reflect standard nomenclature) in your '7 Days To Die' main directory folder. 3. You can now drag all of the mod folders directly out of the zipped file, and it can be placed directly into the Mods folder. Does this Mod need to be installed in the server/client host? = YES Do players also need to install this Mod? = YES (because it contains custom content that cannot be downloaded from the server). The contents of this Modpack contains these folders and files. The bottom two files can be removed. The Readme mirrors the contents of this thread. The zipped Pack01 contains a 6K World that can be unzipped and placed in the Worlds folder if needed. * Launching the Modpack will require EAC to be set as False/Off due to the custom content. Starting Out as a new Player Once you spawn in game, you will see your tool belt contains different items to usual. The first thing to do is open the can of Friendly Fox Food to receive 20 meat. This allows you to hire the friendly fox which also spawns in your close vicinity. If you are unable to see the fox, it may be chasing zombies. You will also see a Fish Stick pack. This contains two items, a Fish Stick melee weapon and a Perch Pie for sustenance. The First Stick will be either Quality 5 or 6. It does more damage than a wooden club but less than a baseball bat. It provides more experienced players a chance to start from where they left off while still offering a challenge. This Fish Stick was crafted by Forest Hermit @swmeek who will answer any questions on how best to use it. Additional items include Quest items. One is for Laz Man's 'Eliminate the Horde' quest and the other is for a 'Pest Control' quest that asks players to keep certain entities under control. In this case it is 3 experimental entities from Darkstardragon's 1-ZombiezPack. It is recommended to complete the initial Survival Quests because upon completion players are given a 'Blood Moon Vanguard' quest that asks players to eliminate entities from Darkstardragon's 1-YeOldeUndeadPack entities. This is a collection of Medieval looking entities that will only appear during Blood Moon in Grunt, Feral, and Radiated form (Chaos type). Just as usual, players are then directed to a Trader or Multi-Trader. The Trader POIs are just the same as usual but with a little customisation. As the rotating Billboard shows (switch between 3 different images each side), trading hours have been extended. Trader Bird Man replaces Trader Hugh as your friendly weapons expert. Get your first quest from the Trader, and pick up some side quests along the way. There are 7 elimination type quests in total. About the Environment The tiling system incorporates default POIs but also supports the Compo Pack just as well. This show the CP48 Fabbersville with Rural as its district. It renders very smoothly for lower end systems and provides lots of looting and questing. The Old West supports Traders and has also been expanded. Some things to consider about the Biomes for the World added into the Modpack: Snow - Contains Snow Orcs (powered by the NPCMod) Wasteland and Desert - Contains Mythical Beasts and Spiders (powered by the NPCMod) Forest - Provides players a retreat, beyond Horde Night 'Ye Olde Undead Pack' (powered by the NPCMod) Biomes also contain friendly hireable assistants although they are loathe to go into the Wasteland and Snow and will be a much rarer sight in those areas. World Assets Without giving too much away, there are a fair number of custom features covering tools, weapons, farming, and other quality of life additions. Some craftable items will force the player to go into the Wasteland to collect crystals, Forest to search for Bee Logs, and Desert to search for Peppers. The vast majority incorporates regular world items. There are some fun weapons to explore, some of which are the Punk series of hand held shooters. There are so many wonderful vehicle mods out there including @bdubyah's Vehicles as well as @Ragsy 2145's Vehicle Madness and some single modlets for individual creations. As such, this Modpack includes some token gestures grabbed from the Server Side Vehicle mod with some modifications to ensure they do not conflict. They are all added to Progression, Loot, and Traders to match the regular vehicle types. Spider Rider Between the Minibike and Motorcycle but with its own unique traits. ^^ There may be a few more surprises to explore. Yum.. ----
  18. This mod is derived from "Tristam's TacticalAction" mod. I removed a ton of unused and broken items and added a lot of missing items/features. A lot of legacy code and references were removed so it is truly just the guns and ammo now. I have since made so many changes that it warants the renaming from "TacticalAction ViperInfinity" to "Tactical Weapons". This mod adds various ranged weapons, mods, and scopes while maintaining most of the vanilla features or expanding on them. You can craft these new items at the Ammo Bench (New workstation). All credits to IvanDX for the original mod and Tristam. You can safely delete TacticalAction from your mod folder and replace it with this. If you used the TAmod modification or the Scope4xACOG_TA31_bacmod then make sure you log in and delete those items before replacing TacticalAction Downloads Tactical Weapons SMX UI Patch Backup Nexus Mirror Install in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods Features New Mods! New Scopes! New Weapons!!! Complete Animations! Pistols MK23 Colt 1911 USP 9 P99 Beretta 93R Glock 18C Desert Eagle Raging Bull Colt M1873 SMG's MP5N MP5SD UMP KRISS Vector Shotguns M4 Super 90 SPAS12 S686 Saiga12K AA12 Assault Rifles M4A1 HK416 ACR AUG A3 G36KV SCAR L SCAR H M16A4 SA580SW Machine Guns Gatling Guns M60E4 M249 Rifles Winchester M1894 Kar98K M1 Garand M14 EBR Snipers M110 AWP MSG90A1 M82A1 Explosive Guns T1M79 China Lake MGL140 ToDo List Align some scopes and fix projected laser dot location on some weapons (Mostly assault rifles). Rework scope attachment system within the mod to bring it in-line with vanilla and remove remaining chinese text popup installation on weapons. Rework names and descriptions for various items Add more weapons like the P90 Changelog 2/5/22 Removed all pop-up chinese text when swapping to any weapon Renamed mod to Tactical Weapons some scopes also no longer install the chinese text pop up when equiped added proper groups to all weapons in items.xml Added vanilla laser sight effects to modded laser sight (non-toggable) Added vanilla light effects to modded light attachment (toggable) Fixed all weapon animations and added missing ones Removed a lot of unused particle effects and animations from all gun animations Removed un-needed XML code for attachments Replaced non-vanilla muzzle flashes All ammo and weapons show up in the proper spots in the UI Removed metal ammo boxes, ammo bundles, and ammo crates Removed TA pad modification, duplicate Scope4xACOG_TA31 modification Changed ammo bench icon to avoid confusion on where items need to be crafted Removed duplicate/unusable recipes Added missing recipes 1/29/22 My friends are really enjoying my modified TacticalAction changes so I probably will continue this past this point until it is different enough to be called something else. Removed multiple versions of the M1 Garand Fixed TacticalAction mods not unlocking properly( bipod, grip, etc…) Added several missing modifier tags to Tactical Action weapons Added proper modifier tags to all TacticalAction mods Removed custom stack counts and economic values (all were at 1 for stacks) for mods by adding in the vanilla template Removed zeroing mod Added appropriate vanilla mods to list of compatible attachments for TacticalAction guns Made the XML’s a bit more readable Raging bull revolver is now considered a revolver Added modified traders and loot xml’s from Kingston621 Added a the general silencer schematic to the lootpool Added AdvancedScopes schematic to the lootpool Removed Bipod from MGT3M60E4 picture Fixed MP5 and UMP scopes Modified hold type for 686 shotgun to help fit it in the hands a little better. Still looks wrong but it’s not as wrong anymore. Increased compatibility with other mods in regards to how it adds these modded items. 1/28/22 Removed menu elements for SMX compatibility Removed unused cooking stations Modified the ammo bench to work with SMX Removed Radio, psi, and food references Removed howling noises and other added non-weapon related noises Removed Light Sticks Removed non-weapon and non-ammo images Removed many unused items Removed a lot of legacy code
  19. For those pipz that prefer newly established server. Asia Apocalypse has just landed! Best apocalyptic experience in Asia!Come join us slay some zeds!You'll receive a starter pack upon joining. There's available lobby, medic, horde base establishments for community use.Modded zombies and items are implemented, there’s exp multipliers too! Modded items can be bought from the web shop.In-game commands available for players to use such as / lobby, /horde, /medic, /bank, /gimme etc. more commands to be implemented as the server progress. See you let’s get lock and loaded Disc: https://discord.gg/GF3EY9aJVz Server name: Asia Apocalypse Location: Singapore Map: Cruzside - RGW Slot: 60 IP:
  20. Introducing a Claim Auto Repair Block to ease the chore to clean up after horde night. Do you also hate to have to look around your base after every horde-night to repair what has been broken by the Zeds? Don't worry anymore, here comes the Claim Auto Repair Mod. Nexus: https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/1705 GitHub: https://github.com/OCB7D2D/ClaimAutoRepair (A20) All releases can be found at GitHub: https://github.com/OCB7D2D/ClaimAutoRepair/releases Multiplayer Bugfix Release - 21. May 2022 Fix issue not reporting missing land claim Improve multiplayer support for new features Undead Legacy Release - 18. May 2022 Added compatibility with Undead Legacy out of the box, e.g. no further compatibility patches are needed. But you will need to make sure that this mod loads after the regular Undead Legacy mods. You can e.g. accomplish this simply by renaming the folder to `ZClaimAutoRepair`. Fix issue with outline not moving fast enough Fix high CPU usage (left dev mode on in 0.7.3) Add compatibility (recipes etc.) for Undead Legacy Also chat about missing land claim block Update 6. May 2022 Improved visual/textual feedback and added translations: Shows red outline if land claim is found missing Shows orange outline if repair materials missing Progresses outline from yellow to green on repair Chats you about last missing material when opened Add Simplified Chinese Translations (thx future93) Automated deployment and release packaging Expose repair speed factor to block xml config Update 28. Dez. 2021 Made repair speed configurable via block xml (finding speed still hardcoded) Important Update 9. Dez. 2021 I've finished porting this mod over to A20 (current latest version 0.7.0) which makes this harmony mod now standalone and working out of the box with 7D2D A20 🎉🥳 Increased repair speed by factor 2.6 Decreased storage size for UI real-estate Module Description The Block is based on a storage chest, as you need to put the necessary repair materials into it. It will randomly check blocks in its perimeter if they need repair and if the required materials are in storage. If both requirements are met, the block will start to be repaired. This will take some time and the repair sound will be played while repair is undergoing. If the block is damaged during that process, the whole repair will be aborted. Also only blocks that are within a claim you belong to (e.g. can pickup items) are repaired. So far the UI is really just the standard storage chest, and no further information about which block is being repaired etc. is displayed. Only some sounds will play according to what is happening. For me that is probably enough, although I don't know if the sounds might be too annoying after some time. Feel free to open a pull request on GitHub if you have any improvements in that direction Also multiplayer hasn't really been tested yet, but should work (tm). I've developed and tested this Mod against version a20.b218. All the best and good zombie hunting!
  21. [v1.2.1] Horde alert, Survivor! The hordes we've been getting recently seem to be... different. The old scouts seem to have returned alongside the screamer, and the wandering hordes have been acting smarter-than-usual. The animals seem to have also been affected... what's going on? Backstory: This mod was initially an idea I came up with after playing A19, and reflecting on the past alphas where I felt wandering hordes used to be more dangerous and unpredictable. I wanted to bring this back and focus on improving both wandering hordes and scout hordes, to bring more difficulty (and customization) into the game, as I felt the only real threat was the blood moon. Features: Improved hordes Customizable hordes that scale with gamestage progression to always keep the game feeling difficult. (Note: Balancing is still WIP.) Combines a new heatmap system with the vanilla heatmap system for smarter difficulty scaling, taking biomes into account. Additionally, hordes can also be grouped into larger hordes to allow for variations in enemies. Better wandering hordes Wandering hordes work off a schedule generated at the end of every blood moon (except for Day 1/whatever day you are on when the mod is first initialized). This schedule also determines what hordes are feral and which aren't. Feral hordes can sense your location and wander closer to increase the chances of encountering you especially near buildings. Non-feral hordes wander by in more distant proximity and are not as harmful, meaning you might not even notice them sometimes. Refreshed scout hordes Scouts have gotten a refresh, namely the addition of feral scout hordes. The likelihood of a scout horde being feral increases as you hang around in an area. As scouts scream, they contribute more heat to nearby areas which attracts harder hordes in these areas, thereby increasing the likelihood of a feral scout spawning. Feral scouts are much more aggressive and will stick around 2x longer than a regular scout. They have a tendency for attracting more zombies than expected. The benefit of this however is that scouts will now walk away given enough time and no disturbances in the environment are sensed (that means don't use your forges/cement mixers/campfires/augers for a while.) If disturbances are sensed, the scouts will stick around for longer, be warned. On a final note, the original spider zombie scout trio have returned in their original, feral, and radiated variants now. New patrol hordes Utilising the new heatmap system, hordes begin to roam frequently visited areas on a determined frequency depending on the amount of heat generated in an area and biome difficulty. Avoiding detection lowers the heat in surrounding areas. Horde AI Changed some base entity behaviors to allow animals in particular to behave alongside zombie hordes. Smarter AI which allows hordes to make use of the game's sensing systems to detect players through sound and sight, making stealth a much more important area of play. Horde Entities rely on command lists to find out what to do next, this behavior is most noticeable with scouts as they can change what they are doing at any moment if they sense a change in the environment around them. Download/Source: > Latest Release for Alpha 20.6 b9: https://github.com/FilUnderscore/ImprovedHordes/releases/latest/download/ImprovedHordes.zip > Previous Releases & Changelog: https://github.com/FilUnderscore/ImprovedHordes/releases > Source Code: https://github.com/FilUnderscore/ImprovedHordes Add-ons Installation: Note: This mod can be added to existing saves to start working, no new save is required. Testing has been done on removing the mod from an existing save game, and no issues have currently been uncovered. For Clients: Note: This mod is not client-side EAC-compatible and will not run with EAC enabled due to how mod DLL loading works in A20. Download and extract the latest release into the Mods folder in your 7 Days to Die install folder (create one if it does not exist). To verify you have installed the mod correctly, located inside your Mods folder should be an ImprovedHordes folder (containing the Config folder, ImprovedHordes.dll and ModInfo.xml files). Settings can be modified in the Config/ImprovedHordes/settings.xml file in the ImprovedHordes mod folder. For Dedicated Servers: The mod only needs to be installed on the server, as it is a server-side mod, so any client that joins your server without the mod installed will be able to experience it. The installation instructions are the same as the above, however it is installed in the Mods folder of the dedicated server. Commands: For more information about the commands, type in the in-game console help improvedhordes Note: Requires a permission level of 0. Wiki: For information such as changing mod settings or creating your own custom wandering/scout hordes, check out the Improved Hordes Wiki at https://github.com/FilUnderscore/ImprovedHordes/wiki Mod Support: Although mod support has not yet been tested, this should work with other mods that add new entities into the game that use the AI ApproachSpot/Wander properties, and can also be manually added with xpath. Mods that modify AI behavior may not work with this. Screenshots: Terms Of Use: https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/26781-improved-hordes-a20/?do=findComment&comment=463276
  22. Here is a download link for a 'one off' update by special request for Telrics Horses 2.0 Mod. The original thread that outlines this mod and others by Telric can be found here. https://github.com/arramus/TelricsHorses2.0A20 My role in this is purely as custodian although I shall attempt to address any issues if they arise. As the original thread explains, Telric is deeply involved in Telrics Fantasy Quest World and bringing A19 content up to date has naturally been secondary. In addition, Telrics' content is typically not just updated for each new Alpha but also expanded on and this has not been possible for A20. As such, this update is a special case. Here is the original introduction of Telrics Horses 2.0 Mod from the A19 page. [--Requires New RWG Restart--] Seek out Maybell's farm and prove your worth to the NPCs there. Do quests to increase your reputation. Upon reaching a couple milestones, you'll be rewarded with your very own horse. Once you have a horse, and the proper reputation, the farm will allow you to participate in the horse course. Completing this course will give you the option to increase your horse's speed. The update was completed in-house, that is with input from those belonging to Telrics Discord with permission by Telric. This is purely just a one off for A20 as things stand. It loads up without any warnings, and all appears to be updated and functional. A20 updates include features such as bringing Maybell's Farm POI up to date due to obsolete blocks, updating loot entries, entity groupings, horse 'vehicle' features from which we thank @Zilox whose xml could be cross referenced for the NMM Medieval Horse to look for mismatches with A19 and remove trial and error to speed up the process, updating entity class features to match default updates, and so on. It is possible some things may still need to be addressed and your feedback is welcome. Here are a few images to outline some of the highlights. Grandma Maybell is back at Maybell Farm with her family and waiting for your visits as they have Quests for you to complete. Maybell Farm will spawn in the Wilderness. Due to A20 RWG algorithms, it will pretty much be guaranteed to spawn once, but any more than that is not certain. It's a good idea to check the location before using that World as a Maybell Farm in the Wasteland will not be ideal for the residents and interactions. Vincent is still very busy with the stables and has some errands for players to perform. Completion of these errands from the family members will make you a very welcome visitor and it won't be so long until you are invited to formally participate in the horse course. The horses remain content but the desire to be fed apples is as constant as ever. The horses' health/appetite ^^ will be topped up as they receive these treats. What more can be said? The horses are out in the wilds awaiting your interaction. Here is an update YouTube video to show something Telric is working on for the Fantasy Quest World and show what has been limiting time elsewhere.
  23. Overview This mod adds item degradation to guns, melee weapons, tools and armor. Each time an item is repaired it has a 50% chance to degrade by one level. Mod slots will also downgrade accordingly, any mods that no longer have space will be added to the players backpack or dropped on the ground if the inventory is full. Showcase Video DOWNLOAD Installation Notes Note: This mod needs to be installed on both client and server for multiplayer. EAC MUST BE OFF! Support Discord Server If you need help with a mod, you can join our discord server: https://discord.gg/7ZreyEqZYM Modding Info Modder's can also use this mod to add item degradation to their own mods, as follows. How many quality levels the item degreades by on repair <property name="RepairDegradeAmount" value="1"/> The probability that the item will lose a quality level/levels on repair. <property name="RepairDegradeChance" value="0.5"/> Will the item break after its repaired at quality 1. <property name="RepairQualityOneBreaksAfter" value="false"/> Set the minimum degrade amount for items with this cvar. <triggered_effect trigger="onPerkLevelChanged" action="ModifyCVar" cvar="minDegradeAmount" operation="set" value="4"> onSelfItemRepaired has been hooked up and can be used to trigger game events and triggered effects. <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfItemRepaired" action="AddBuff" buff="someBuffName"/>
  24. We have a new Modded Server up and ready for Clans to start being formed. We have Areas set for the clans to start their bases and an intro Base for everyone. We need 2 Clan Leaders to start working on their areas and recruiting to their Clan as we get War Dates set up. It is PvPvE, but there are rules in place so we can deal with the real Jerks. We have a Discord set up to discuss anything (not just 7dtd) needed.
  25. Zilox

    Lootstage UI

    A small C# mod that adds the players lootstage to the UI. IMPORTANT NOTE: This mod needs to be installed on both client and server for multiplayer. This is a C# mod so EAC must be OFF. If you need help with a mod, you can join our discord server: https://discord.gg/7ZreyEqZYM DOWNLOAD
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