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Found 9 results

  1. // Greetings, fellow survivors! Welcome to the new and improved SMX modlets for 7 Days to Die - Alpha 19. With this modlet series my goal is to give the entire 7DTD user interface an extreme makeover and refashion it into how I believe the user interface for the game should be experienced. The mod consists of several modlets which can be broken down into three separate mods. These are all stand alone and can be used alone or, as is the intention, together with the other two. These three mods combined is what makes the SMX experience complete! Please be advis
  2. We run a a PVP/PVE modded server, so try a server different from the others! become a Jedi, become the wealthiest survivor or be a hunter in the PVP area! Your base is always saved and stores you buy! We just want to have fun, that's the TIPSY way! https://www.tipsycity7days.com/ WHAT MODES WE HAVE: * Over 20 Vehicles! *Lightsabers (RARE) *Laser guns, swords and more *Working TV (3 channels) *Working Radio (10 songs/2hrs) *Come and gamble slot machines (win money or lose it) * Over 10 new zombies * Own a store in TIPSY ALWAYS
  3. There are many weapons in the game including the classic 9mm ammo pistol, the Desert Volture .44mm ammo, the .44 Magnum, the double barrel shotgun BUT a pistol with 7.62 ammo is missing. A great addition to the game to use the 7.62 ammunition in another way would be a very special and lethal weapon, the Nagant M1895: a 7-round drum magazine pistol. This is a very interesting and beautiful historical weapon, designed in the 19th century is a weapon used by many nations in multiple battles. Why not have it in play? It would be a revolution for someone like me who loves to use pistols with r
  4. IRRELEVANT DATA NOW: LOW SPEC USERS: Install GEforceNOW by nvidia,Even High Specs PC's may and will have issues in certain scenarios as your hardware maybe much newer than the games current stage and progress support for compatibility and thus is a hindrance periodically.INSTEAD PLAY YOUR GAME WITH A 32GB TESLA P40 In Full GLory....BY running GFN Platform App which lets you use the 7k card virtually even on PC system as low as a CORE 2 Duo with 4GM Ram. Stick it All On Ultra & Enjoy Your GAME
  5. Well, today all Mac users got a notification they can update to new MacOs... the Big Sur... Anyone tried if 7d2d keeps working with it? I've got some doubts on this... Another question is that Mac is moving towards their proprietary silicon, so I guess we'll also have trouble there as many application devs will simply refuse to move to that architecture and write pretty different code for Apple Silicon. How about TFP? Guys are you keeping the support for MacOs, or you'll drop it of as it happened to console versions? @meganoth @SylenThunder @Gazz @Roland someone? )))
  6. Reading through the treads curiosity came over me, so decided to check my own logs, just to find out they have some errors! Anyone have a clue on what's going wrong here? Specs from log: 2020-10-18T17:31:40 5.105 INF Version: Alpha 19.2 (b4) Compatibility Version: Alpha 19.2, Build: Mac 64 Bit 2020-10-18T17:31:40 5.105 INF System information: 2020-10-18T17:31:40 5.105 INF OS: Mac OS X 10.15.7 2020-10-18T17:31:40 5.106 INF CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz (cores: 12) 2020-10-18T17:31:40 5.106 INF RAM: 16384 MB 2020-10-18T17:31:40 5.106 INF GPU: AMD Radeon
  7. Hi on a Mac with A18. Games been fine but wrists are starting to hurt so I'm turning to a controller, specifically an original Xbox Controller (I like giving old tech a new purpose). I found a driver from GitHub and use a usb dongle to connect the controller. The controller registers and seems fine and is set to pretend to be a 360 controller. It works in Steam big view, Dying Light, Borderlands 2, and Tabletop simulator flawlessly, but it does absolutely nothing in 7DTD. I have checked the option to enable controllers in game. I used a steel series playstation style controller bef
  8. Game quit unexpectedly. Upon attempting to re-start, after selecting Continue Game, got the following message: "Starting the server failed. Probably another program is already using one of the game ports 26900/TCP, 26900/UDP, 26901/UDP, 26902/UDP)." I deleted saved game (sigh....) and tried New Game. I'm getting same message and can't get past it to play. Help!?! Playing A19 on iMac. Never mind..... The old standby, Restart, fixed problem. 76 years old, I'm losing it.....
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