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  1. Roland

    0XP RolMod A18

    UPDATED May 14 2020 See #11 Below! 1) Zero Experience For Actions Actions in the game are now only valuable for helping you survive and accomplish your goals. There are no xp bonuses attached to individual actions that make killing zombies more valuable than farming or mining or scavenging or building. Zombies are now an obstacle to your objectives instead of a source of xp income tempting you hunt them down and kill them. Use stealth to avoid or weapons to destroy and as long as you survive the day you will get rewarded either way. 2) Daily Skillpoint For Surviving Gain skill points simply for surviving according to the following schedule: After your first and second days of survival, you will gain one skill point each day. On your third and fourth days of survival, you will earn two skill points each day. After your fifth day of survival and thereafter you will earn 3 skill points per day. If you die your penalty will be having to start over with earning 1 then 2 and then 3 skill points AND the timer begins fresh from when you respawn so it will take 5 full days of no deaths to regain the highest level of skill point generation. Costs of attribute and perk progression have been increased to compensate for the increase in skill point gains. Attribute costs for levels 2-10 are: 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Perk costs for levels 1-5 are: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5 3) Training In Return For Jobs Beginning with Tier 3 and Tier 4 quests you will be rewarded 1 skill point in addition to the other quest rewards. Tier 5 quests will reward you with 2 skill points. This puts an incentive on doing quests in order to progress. Skillpoints are not earned for the tutorial quests nor for Tier 1 and 2 quests. 4) Gamestages Based on Time Instead of Actions Gamestages will now progress daily instead of as a result of player actions gaining XP. Each game day that the player does not suffer a death they will automatically level up which will, in turn, advance the gamestage. The gamestages multipliers have been modified to help compensate for this slower pace of gamestage advancement as follows: Scavenger: 1.5 Adventurer: 1.8 Nomad: 2.2 Warrior: 2.6 Survivalist: 3.0 Insane: 3.5 These are higher rates than vanilla but leveling up now happens once a day at a regular pace which is slower than most players of the vanilla game. Please note that the ONLY function leveling up has is to advance gamestages. Gaining skill points for player progression advancement is completely separate from player level now and there are no experience points in the game at all. 5) Improved Death Ambiguity Because there is no XP there is no XP popout which means no giveaway clue that a zombie died with that last hit. But I took it several steps further by removing death animations from all zombies, replacing the death sound from all zombies with their stun sound, and increasing the range of time they will utilize to recover from a stun. So now when they die it looks and sounds exactly like it does when they are stunned. The only remaining clue is that big yellow bag that sometimes appears.... 6) Increased Zombie Loot Drops Since there is no longer xp for killing zombies I increased the loot drop across the board to 8%. 7) Trader Finder Quests All of the treasure map quests will now chain into the White River Settlement Quest from the beginning of the game giving the player a chance to find a new trader. The quest finds the nearest trader to your location which might be a trader you already know but if you are lucky you may get a new trader's location after digging up that treasure chest. How exciting!!! 😎 Brutal Start The Newbie protection buff has been removed. There is zero protection from the elements from the get go. 9) Get off your Brass Added a random 0-3 scrap brass drop to destroyed stone. Need brass? Find the ruins of the old world and start digging through it all for that precious metal. This modlet is completely standalone so can be used alone or deleted without causing any issues. 10) Trolland's Moar Zombies Added more zombies to biome spawns as well as larger wandering hordes. Greatly increased nighttime spawns to simulate the lunar influence waking up and causing more zombies to be active. Values are very easy to change if you want to lower or increase the numbers. If you prefer vanilla numbers simply delete this modlet from your mods folder. 11) Laz Man's Horde Night Vanguard Quest NEW You now earn a bonus skillpoint for every 100 bloodmoon zombies you kill. You have to directly kill them and it is only bloodmoon zombies that count. In the beginning it might take 2-3 hordenights to fulfill the bounty but later you might earn 3 skillpoints from one hordenight! The quest is automatically started after the tutorial quest and renews itself every time it is fulfilled. Thanks and Credits Thanks to @Guppycur, @StompyNZ, @sphereii, @Laz Man, and all others who have helped me and continue to help me. Guppycur and Sphereii are responsible for the SDX script and dual timer that makes the daily skill point possible. Sphereii also came up with the script to make this mod truly zero xp. Laz Man came up with the genius workaround for creating a quest that only works during the bloodmoon. Several others gave me pointers and ran through xpath lines of code with me to help me see what I was missing. Obviously my improved Ambiguous Death mod was inspired by Guppy's own random zombie get back up mod. Special thanks goes to @Royal Deluxe who provided me with a simple morning quest in the early development of this idea so I could try it out and see if it was worth pursuing. And @rewtgr....thanks for keeping me sane when nothing I tried would remove the damn level gates on the last night when I was trying to get this pushed out. Thanks to @jrbarrio for allowing me to use his work for more outdoor zombies roaming the world. Thanks to @Red Eagle LXIX for allowing me to use his work to remove the XP bar from the HUD. If you feel I should have given you credit in any of this work please let me know. I don't mean to slight anyone and want to make sure to give full credit where it is due. Please feel free to use any part of this compilation for your own projects. I tried to keep things clear so parts could be easily separated out but feel free to ask me if you want to know where the stuff is that does the thing.
  2. Ive been struggling with this for the last WEEK! The things i already tried are insane and nothing works. Thing is....what i want is real simple. Can someone help me mod a turret with infinite ammo? dont care if i have to put ammo first, dont care if instead of infine it just replenishes. I just want ANYTHING that works and god damn did i tried everything. So, anyone got a clue how to do this? pretty please?
  3. Hello devs, I just enjoyed a blood moon, but I encountered a bug that, the mobs spawned were way too hard for players (for a first blood moon there were radiated, spiders, and a lot of fats cops) I've gone back in time 3 or 4 times to wait a friend... And We were 3 friends to play on the maps Good luck with this bug, Thanks
  4. Hello, i noticed that the zombies rarely run strait towards me. It seams like the can only walk in strait lines or in 45° angles to the baseline grid. So if you stand anywhere else they tend to run to your right or to your left instead of strait at you (what i would expect from a zombie), and then sudenly turn and run strait at you. This makes aiming actually rather dificult since there mouvements are dictated by an invisible baseline grid which makes it hard to predict.
  5. Hello, i started a new game to build an underground base and its working well execpte wen zombies are spawned. The games starts to lag and even freezes completly regulary. During blood moon hordes the games crashes easely 5 times. I am surprised not to find anything about that here. Wenn they spawn then don't seem to find any path, just trying to climb the mountain even thow i am under them. I have to bait by running out of the base in order to avoid crashes.
  6. GunMuse


    Hello All, Im GunMuse https://youtube.com/GunMuse and owner of RogersRaiders.com A friend just showed me 7D2D and in 3 weeks was hooked more importantly there is so much for an influencer to talk about that really excited me. Latest video is always at https://rogersraiders.com/newvid Did a couple toe dipping to see what numbers looked like and was impressed by the quality of the players. So my first video is on setting up a machine gun nest using solar power and a small walk around my oversized base that i am actually setting up as an in game studio. I have 22k members on RogersRaiders few if NONE have heard of 7D2D. Other Youtubers are welcome to have me promote them from RogersRaiders.com you will find that I don't believe in a bear trap market. Some will like you some will like me but its important that they get what they seek which is information. Well my vid is still uploading as I write this. I Tend to do a schedule release 12pm EST. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkvS4Yhoyho&feature=youtu.be
  7. Background I have been playing with 3 friends on dedicated server. At Day 133. Went to dig up a treasure map in the snow. Riding motorcycle up snow covered hill and near the peak the bike started disappearing into the snow. Tried several times to go around, same result. Tried to get off bike and fell through the map, then popped up right in place next to bike. At this point the game froze and I could not move. I could enter inventory. I quit game and restarted. This is when the game began to hang up at "Creating Player" Other players can join the server no problem. Details of Game Game Time Day:133 13:30 Mode: Survival Vanilla Settings: Off Vanilla files: On Requires Mod: Off Game 7d2d Alpha 18.4 (b4) Multiplayer Vanilla files On Password protected game We had one mod that showed water and food on hud, but removed to no effect. EAC on **We updated to Alpha 19 Experimental a few days ago. But, we rolled back to 18.4 right away and everything has been working smoothly since. We have had no issue until today. I Tried The Following Creating a profile on my machine. No effect Joining another local game. Worked Creating a new game local. Worked Updated Graphics card. No effect Restarted Steam and PC. No effect Verified Local Files Through Steam. No Effect Had server admin turn off persistent profile. No effect Have admin login and try to teleport me while I am stuck in "Creating Player" screen. Did not work Questions Can I get this working without losing my progress? Can I join the server as a new player and is there a cmd or other way for admin to give me my level (and skill points)? Gamestage? Our server admin has a save point (about a week ago). Would restoring to that save point fix my issue? Client 7D2D log https://pastebin.com/czv6GYRY Server 7D2D log https://pastebin.com/r9FJPBKX Please Help. I love this game, but cannot deal with starting over or making all my buddies start over with me.
  8. Empty my motorbike and pick up but keeps reapiering like a duplication glitch I thing it happened I was a quest by the factory I died at the quest and went back there but I have now 8 motorbike is that supposed to happen?
  9. Yeah so is there any way to completely disable the Creative Menu? I have been tempted to turn it on and mess around with my mates on my good world. Any help would be brilliant!
  10. I have a server that is somewhat modded for new zombies and stuff. Moderate difficulty and non eac (with a pw) cuz one of my friends has a linux os. Looking for more people who like to play regularly, are honest and experienced players. preferably you have more than 1k hrs in this game (I'm at over 3.7k hrs). hmu Edit: Add me to steam to chat and join me (I play with 2 other ppl whenever they come on. we use teamspeak)
  11. Click here to download Latest release: 5/9/2020 Last tested with Alpha 18.4 b4 (Stable) Latest News: ComSenMod 5.0 is now available, with Alpha 18 compatibility and over 60 new changes! What Is ComSenMod? Common Sense for Loot and More ComSenMod makes hundreds of small changes, many of them to loot, to use what’s already in the game in a more common sense way. Everything is carefully apportioned so that intuition and logic apply, without needing prior knowledge of the game... People rarely keep their clothes in a desk, their canned food in a purse, or their trophies in a filing cabinet. You can fit more in a big storage box than in a small storage chest. The bigger the tree, the more wood it yields, and many trees contain bird nests. Machetes are appropriate for chopping wood. You can’t start a fire without a source of ignition. And so on. At the same time, quantities are still fine tuned for gameplay, iteratively based on many hours of gameplay. Many factors, including risk versus reward, rarity, tangible value, the progression curve over time, and utilization are taken into consideration. Zombies with Tailored Loot Zombie corpses can once again be looted directly for whatever low-level loot was on their person. They might have some lockpicks, vitamins, or a brass wristwatch for example. More lucratively, zombies drop more loot backpacks than in vanilla, and each type of zombie drops their own unique type of backpack. If you want an axe or a chainsaw, you can selectively target a lumberjack zombie and hope he drops a backpack with one. Satisfying Portions Finding a couple of nails is nearly useless; it clutters your inventory more than anything. So although ComSenMod doesn’t aim to increase loot overall, if you do find something, it will generally be enough to potentially change the narrative of your game. Similarly, players get a bonus for destroying a tree or boulder completely, instead of leaving it partially damaged. Improved Day 1 Experience The starter quest is re-ordered based on increasing complexity and a player’s real priorities. It’s enhanced via (English) localization text changes and more to be easier to follow, while teaching more about game functions and the interface. It also adds safeguards against some ‘cheap’ Day 1 dangers, while adding authenticity to early game survival. ComSenMod isn’t aimed at making the game easier or harder. It’s not meant to take the game in a wildly new direction with changes that are experimental or frivolous. My hope is that ComSenMod can appeal broadly, to improve the game for all kinds of players and play styles. What’s New In ComSenMod 5.0? First and foremost, ComSenMod 5.0 brings compatibility with Alpha 18. It ports over the changes that still make sense from ComSenMod 4.0, and it adds over 60 new changes in keeping with the mod’s continuing spirit. I’ve gone over the full change list with a fine tooth comb to double check that everything listed is actually implemented and working. New in ComSenMod 5, things like weapons and mods are distributed comprehensively among zombie backpacks, so that no character builds are favored over others. For instance, zombie cops can carry all types of pistol weapons in their backpacks, following the same tiered progression used elsewhere in the game. Experience points for killing all animal types are re-balanced so that the total reward (including harvestable materials) more closely matches the risk/effort required to kill them. Item icons are re-made to Alpha 18’s new, higher resolution standard. There are a few brand new or newly enhanced icons, including an easter egg based on current events which I’ll let you find and hopefully enjoy. Installation Automatic Installation (recommended for Windows users) A. Download sphereii’s Mod Launcher app (http://7d2dmodlauncher.org/). B. Find ComSenMod in the list of mods and download & install ComSenMod directly from within the app. Manual Installation (recommended for other users) A. Move the Mods->ComSenMod folder from this download into your 7DtD installation’s Mods folder. B. Replace your 7DtD installation’s Data->Config->Localization.txt file with the Data->Config->Localization.txt file from this download. That’s it! ComSenMod & Other Mods Because it uses standard xpath syntax, ComSenMod should generally be compatible with other mods. If anything, there may be conflicts in loot.xml or Localization.txt. Multiplayer For multiplayer games, every player should install ComSenMod on their own machine, in addition to the server operator. Like with other mods, some data (like item icons) aren’t pushed from the server to the clients, so clients without the mod installed will get confusing results. Known Issues Road debris sometimes floats above the ground, though it shouldn’t be any worse than the cinder blocks in vanilla Some modified items (cigar, hazmat clothes, pumpkin soup) may not show their new stats Hazmat zombies are supposed to resist catching fire, but this isn’t working Credits ComSenMod is solely developed by me, Crater Creator. My thanks go to the good and knowledgable people of Guppycur’s Discord, and to sphereii for his Mod Launcher. Source images for the item icons come from these sources. 7DtD’s own icons included in the game https://shop.lodgemfg.com/images/L8GP3_L.jpg https://pxhere.com/en/photo/1194136 https://www.pikrepo.com/faiiv/photo-of-gold-and-silver-colored-pad-lock-and-two-keys https://pixabay.com/images/id-1338433/ https://pxhere.com/en/photo/1533247 Feedback I love feedback! Please tell me what you think right here in this thread.
  12. Hi, FUN GAME YA'LL HAVE MADE! I'm sorry to have to ask if I may keep my modded copy of 18.4 from getting updated. There seems to be no option to turn off updates. I rewrote a hardy portion of XML and finished testing it just now and don't want to lose it. Thing's turned out very well and i'm afraid it'll update before i get a chance to enjoy my math wizard'ness. Please don't update me.... yet.
  13. Hi all, I'm absolutely addicted to this game and find myself coming back time and time again and building new worlds. I originally played on PS4 in alpha 15 or 16 i believe and now playing on pc in A18 the game is so much better and rjns a lot smoother. My question however (which i dread to think i already know the answer) is if ive spent endless hours working on a game as my role is always the builder, when A19 comes out do i have to give up that game in order to play the new version? Or can it update to the new one? Thanks :) Steve
  14. So 7days is pretty front loaded with that most of the challenge in the early game and very little to work on late game. I've noticed on servers that many players will disappear once they get to about level 100 but have also noticed that most people mention restarting about day 50-100 in single player. So I'm curious, when do you feel like you've "completed" a run? At what point do you consider yourself "finished" with a save game/server/build/character? For myself I play far longer than most, with my time dwindling down based on server activity. Once all the players I know disappear I tend to hang around for a period longer before giving up. No relation between time and level as I have multiple level 200+ characters and one of the servers is around 2500 (but I'm not actively playing there anymore).
  15. Hey everyone, Just wondering if anyone has had similar issues with running unusually high temperatures for CPU and GPU while playing. My temps immediately jump to mid 70's and sometimes 80C and usually within a certain period of time, sometimes an hour, sometimes less, my computer will freeze and I have to restart. I've never had an issue with any other game, temps usually stay below 70 or low 70's with other demanding games such as Bannerlord for example. I would say I have pretty good airflow in my PC, just bought a nice 140mm fan recently which I put directly under my GPU and this didn't seem to help at all. It is of course summer time right now and my room is pretty stuffy with bad air circulation. In the winter time I still had the same issue, but less frequent (I could play a couple of hours or so before this issue would happen). Right now I can play for maybe an hour. Cheers
  16. A question does anyone have any idea how I can change another horn sound vehicles? Eg with the 4x4 truck or so the horn is different than the normal one. A heartfelt thank you
  17. I can get it to show the 6 slot but only 3 of the slot are counting down. one is counting up and 2 arent smelting and they are for the placeholder value of brass and lead. Here is what i have code wise <configs> <append xpath="/windows"> <!-- Extra Forge Input --> <window name="AstryaelwindowForgeInput" width="300" height="279" panel="Right" controller="WorkstationMaterialInputWindow" materials_accepted="iron,brass,lead,glass,stone,clay" valid_materials_color="[green]" invalid_materials_color="[red]" cursor_area="true" > <panel style="header.panel"> <sprite style="header.icon" sprite="ui_game_symbol_forge"/> <label style="header.name" text="INPUT" text_key="xuiSmelting" /> </panel> <sprite depth="2" name="backgroundMain" sprite="menu_empty3px" pos="0,-46" height="228" color="[black]" type="sliced" fillcenter="false" on_press="true" /> <rect name="content" depth="2" pos="0,-46" height="223"> <grid depth="7" rows="3" cols="2" pos="3,-3" cell_width="75" cell_height="75" controller="WorkstationMaterialInputGrid" repeat_content="true"> <item_stack name="0"/> </grid> </rect> <rect name="content2" depth="0" pos="151, -49" width="147" height="223"> <sprite depth="1" color="[mediumGrey]" type="sliced" on_press="true"/> <grid rows="9" cols="1" pos="9,-12" cell_width="147" cell_height="34" repeat_content="true"> <forge_material name="0"/> </grid> </rect> </window> </append> </configs>
  18. Hi! The game is essentially unplayable for me on Windows 10 64-bit because it randomly crashes. I think my specs are up to it considering I have a core i9 9900k with 32GB ram and a RTX 2080 Ti I have attached some crash files. My settings are on Ultra but I have tried with High too and it behaves the same. Motion blur is disabled. Everything else is vanilla. error.log output_log__2020-06-21__13-07-30.txt crash.dmp Attaching another crash I got. Not sure if they're the same (Wasn't sure from looking at the logs) but it happened in the same manner so. error.log output_log__2020-06-19__22-43-43.txt crash.dmp I just realized I put this in the wrong forum. I intended to put it in Bug Reports. Damn.
  19. Im currently trying to do a small gameplay overhaul for 7 days to die simmilar to Romero-ish but a bit more leaning towards Resident Evil. in this overhaul i want zombies to be able to tank an infinite amount of gun and melee damage and the only way to kill them is to get a critical headshot. The Reason i want to do this specific overhaul is because i want zombies to not give a @%$*#! about any kind of damage unless it completely destroys their head or another body part because it seams odd to me that a zombie would die from getting shot in the leg. In other words: this overhaul is supposed to be a complete gorefest with exploding heads and limbs all over the place. To make this overhaul fun to play i need a reliable way to call upon critical hits without making it a 100% chance on every headshot because i do want every weapon to require its own amount of headshots to finish off a zombie. I could propably archieve this by adding a buff to the zombie once he gets hit by you. So if you use a pistol and you do a headshot it would apply the "HeadDamage5" buff if the zombie gets the same buff again it will result in the "HeadDamage4" Buff ones it reaches "HeadDamage1" the buff will apply a 100% critical hit chance for headshots if you use an AK it could apply the "HeadDamage3" Buff on the first hit so it would require less headshots. but that doesnt work for shotguns because all the pellets will hit at the same time so i need some command to tell the game that only if say 6 pellets of buckshot hit the head you will get a guaranteed critical. i would eventually have to just work with headshot multipliers like Romero-ish does but i really want to use the critical hits because it would just be awesome if every single point blank shot with a shotgun would explode the zombies head but if i leave it at the current random chance it means that even 1 pellet at 20 meters distance hitting the head could result in a critical wich would look odd and be slightly unbalanced in this new overhaul. The 44 Magnum, Sniper and Hunting Rifle will most likely get 100% chances on headshots out of the box but their range and arm/leg damage will vary. if it really turns out to work how I imagine it I could also implement stun and stumble effects into this system so for example if a zombie reaches "LeftLegDamage3" it could result in him falling over. Explosives and Fire would be Excluded from this system but i would propably rebalance them to be more powerfull and Rare/Expansive. And pls dont just say keep the random criticals and stuns because RNG just isnt fun. Also all the values above are just examples i dont know yet if the pistol should require 6 headshots while the Ak needs 3 im figuring that out later. If anyone has a solution for the shotgun problem i described pls post it below.
  20. Hi, Me and my friends have been playing on my hosted dedicated server. we got the blood moon on day 7 which featured Thunder followed by a wave of zombies and a very visible red moon. However today we played day 14 and nothing happened. and i mean nothing, there was no thunder, no red moon and no zombies spawned :( We tried logging out at around midnight on day 14 too, no luck I have attached the logs for both client and server for Day 14 -> 15 Please can you tell us why this happened, i am worried that the game is broken and there will be no more horde nights. Server Info: Hosting Provider : Nitrado Game Version : A18.4(b4) Player slots: 4 Thanks server_output_log__2020-06-11__20-34-46.txt server_output_log__2020-06-11__21-56-24.txt client_ output_log__2020-06-11__20-37-06.txt client_output_log__2020-06-11__21-56-49.txt
  21. Good Morning. recently i upgraded my PC to Windows 10 (Finally, i know). When i went to load up my game that i am playing with my friend, the loading screen gets stuck on the creating player portion and repeats the error "Object Reference Not Set to an Instance of an Object" i have tried verifying files through steam, deleting the save folder and replacing it with a back up, but no luck. I have a character that i like and would be bummed out if i have to start over. is there any way to fix this? i am including a link for the log. https://justpaste.it/7dr8m Thanks in advance DJDrewcifer
  22. Hey All, I’m having some issues with NitroGEN and was wondering if someone could help me troubleshoot the issue. I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the downloads or not, but every time I went away from the spawn point, POI’s would disappear and I would fall through the world. I watched Farket’s tutorial on downloading it as well as the COMPO pack. I’d love to be able to play on these maps, but it’s frustrating trying to troubleshoot this for hours with no guidance. Any help is greatly appreciated! I know I probably sound like a moron, but I’m just trying to get my game to work. Thanks!
  23. Hello there.. So now it is my turn to have some issues with this game.. This is the first time ever that i encounter this "bug/crash" We are renting a server and a playing on a random map, the size is 8000x8000 the medium one. It could seem that the unify engine is causing the problem idk. I can play for 10 min to 1 hour and then it just closed the game down... Graphic is up to date. Drivers is up to date Steam validating files is done like 20 times. Reinstall the game 3 times deleted all that had anything to do with the game. Change the map on ther server 2 times. I have inclueded my specs and the 2 logs. Feel free to ask if i miss something. output_log__2020-06-05__12-08-43.txt error.log
  24. I get like 50000 ping everytime i play in my friends servers (we tried both of them being the host) but if i play on other peoples servers or in dedicated servers my max ping is 100 ive tried disabling eac, my windows defender and avast. the other friend (the one not hosting) can play with no ping. We are not using mods. I have validated with steam and reinstalled twice. This has happened in 5 different worlds that my friends created I dont know if it is a problem but my friends are runing the servers in normal computers https://pastebin.com/L5jiPY53 my log
  25. Hi guys! I'm a gamebloger from Russia, and my English not good, but I want to show you my crazy work. Everybody here have watched a screenshots by Joel with new zombie models and new lighting on new POIs, right? It looks great in Alpha 19, but how it looks in Alpha 18? I have intrested. So I recreated a locations from dev's screenshots in A18, and now you can compare two versions of the game First half of video devoted to a zombie models, and after 4 minutes goes screenshots from two Alphas. Sorry, but no subtitles. Thanks for your attention, and enjoy!
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