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  1. I've been getting into modding and everything has seemed relatively straightforward when it comes to adding icons or specifying vanilla textures for custom items, but I can't figure out nor find a guide on how to made or get unity3d files for things like vehicles or items. I'm very new to using Unity, and for one don't know how to export 3D models as unity3d files and I also can't seem to find any websites that offer free already made 3d vehicles or items already available as a unity3d file. On top of that, I don't really know how exactly to specify to use that unity3d file inside the xml. For the most part, I've been looking at how other mods specify it, but they basically all have the file name, such as "BRDM1.unity3d?BRDM2.prefab" with that question mark that I don't really understand. I feel like I'm asking for a lot in terms of help, but regardless any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hello my name is DANI3L, I upload Gameplays to my channel and I recently bought 7 Days to Die and I really love this game! I decided to make a full Walkthrough Series until the 8th Day in-game. (Maybe I will do more later) Its a gameplay without any talking, pure gameplay! I hope you will enjoy 😉 If you enjoyed please leave a like and sub 🙏 7 Days to Die Playlist (All Episodes)
  3. Is console updated to the point of no fog of war view constantly or is it still there? I quit 7dtd due to the bad move telltale made but wanting to return with my girlfriend and friends. But my main concern is the fog that wont allow you to view for long distances. Also we're looking for the more recent stuff.
  4. 3 times I took the quest from a trader to retrieve supplies I create a chest either put it above the door on the outside/inside when I come back to put more items in it it is gone along with all my items.I am trying to find out where I can go to report this but all I found was discussions about bugs.
  5. Hey folks, Running Alpha 18.4 with 7d2d.sh here. I Updated my engine to the mentioned version and installed the "fixes". When I try to visit the web-map I get a blank page and these logs: 2020-07-30T12:33:45 77.703 ERR Error in Web.HandleRequest(): 2020-07-30T12:33:45 77.703 EXC int AdminTools.GetUserPermissionLevel(string) MissingMethodException: int AdminTools.GetUserPermissionLevel(string) at AllocsFixes.NetConnections.Servers.Web.Web.HandleRequest (System.IAsyncResult _result) [0x00070] in <c10c26e2b66c4562ba86c962b02e1f48>:0 UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:Internal_LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.Logger:LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.Debug:LogException(Exception) Logger:masterLogException(Exception) Logger:Exception(Exception) Log:Exception(Exception) AllocsFixes.NetConnections.Servers.Web.Web:HandleRequest(IAsyncResult) System.Net.ListenerAsyncResult:InvokeCallback(Object) System.Threading.QueueUserWorkItemCallback:System.Threading.IThreadPoolWorkItem.ExecuteWorkItem() System.Threading.ThreadPoolWorkQueue:Dispatch() System.Threading._ThreadPoolWaitCallback:PerformWaitCallback() I am busting my head against this. I reinstalled the entire server from CentOS to Ubuntu in hope that this fixes it to no avail. I can't make any sense out of this error and searching the forum and the 'Net all morning yielded no results. What am I doing wrong here? -Chris.
  6. I'm currently playing on an A18.4 random gen world that I created. I have about 25 hours on the world, and pretty recently got a Minibike, I started to ride out to a quest and hit a birds nest, instantly I was teleported about 100-200 meters forward still on my minibike, so I continued to ride through the hills on my way to the the marker. As soon as I reached it I was thrusted into the sky, changing the POV so that my camera was fixed in the place I used to be, then I was sent into the ground, going far below the world. I exited the world and attempted to restart the game, but now whenever I join it I'm stuck in a white limbo-like space in first person, and all the items in my hotbar are gone.
  7. Hallo . i use a18 and my smgand shotgun auto turret didnt atack ....i dont understand why .. somoanw hnow how to fix ?
  8. I've been experiencing slow loading times since as far as I can remember (been playing since US lockdown started). But I've noticed that my load times for bother starting up the game and trying to enter a server are considerably longer than the three people I game with. We all have iMacs from late 2013 playing A18, with same speeds yet my loading is double theirs (like 3-4 minutes to start and 4-5 minutes to enter the same server). Any clues on why this is happening? Thanks in advance
  9. Hello, survivors! I'm new here and I'd like to start off on the right foot with you by telling you about the Coloña ... Actually, it's a project that was inspired to me by the series "Fear the Walking dead" (season 6 coming up !!!😁). What does it consist in? It's a base that I'm building with my best friend and my brother. Located on a peninsula in a randomly generated prairie biome. Eventually, it will be fortified with a level III wall (double thickness, towers, ditch with peaks, walkway). It will include 11 buildings, most of which will also be fortified with an underwater tunnel giving access to an island off the Coloña. This island will have in its center a forward post which will be used essentially as a forge for the Coloña but still composed of 4 buildings. What do you think of it? Yours sincerely. Arthamios Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  10. I had a plan for a base and I'd added the Mall POI into a generated map, so I've still been playing on A18. I've just started having an issue though. I have a bunch of modlets running but they've never caused the issue before so I believe that the issue is something else. I am running the bigger backpack mod, vehicle storage mod, increased stack sizes, Harry's M4 mod, increased zombie loot mod, and a vehicle mod that varies up the spawned vics. Like I said though, never had an issue before even with the mods. My base is massive so I'm thinking it's that and all the mining I'm doing. Anyways, the issue is that blocks go invisible when I'm staring at them and too close to them. If I move about 10m away or turn 90 degrees to them, they reappear. My forges have just started doing this. I started thinking it might be the mine when the area on the surface showed just how massive an area I'd mined, roughtly half the size of a small town. For the most part I've gotten what I wanted to out of this playthrough, but this issue's been bugging me so I thought I'd ask about it. Edit: Specifically the main blocks that do this are my signs. I barely cared at all with the signs but the forges worry me.
  11. Curious guys I am by no means a modder but I am decently adept at adjusting the config XMLs to adjust gameplay to my liking. I have recently downloaded the ravenhurst mod ( awesome job by these guys ) and adjusted it to my play style ( I only play solo ). I know before when I would adjust these files I could edit what spawned on the street or in certain biomes. An example would be supply drop crates spawning in the road or backpacks spawning in the roll forest biome. This was alpha 16 or so. Now with the addition of the mod folder I know I have to go there to edit any installed mods. The problem I'm having is I don't see where the street spawn table is? Before there was a list of everything that could spawn on the street. I would just add items to my liking. Where would I find, in the xml files, the list of spawns for a specific biome or area so that I could add things to my liking? Any help would be appreciated thanks guys one more thing. If I wanted to spawn a fully operational truck or mini bike is that possible to add it to the biome loot spawn table? If so is it an easy adjustment? Thanks
  12. So I've had the game for a short time now and crashing is a big issue. When playing on my own I can usually last 2 days before the game starts to crash. After that it begins happening more frequently. I've checked the game requirements and I meet them all. Launching the game isn't an issue and neither is lag. I just crash randomly it seems. On other friend's worlds I can't even go 5 minutes before crashing making it very frustrating to try to play with friends. My friends do not run dedicated servers. My graphics are set to Lowest but it still doesn't seem to help the problem. Does anyone have any way to keep the game from crashing? I would love some help with this.
  13. So in both A18 and A19 I've been having some troubles with a dedicated server. I'm running it on the same machine that i play the game on. And generally i don't have issues, unless i get a map with fairly densely populated POIs. Base map and average maps seem fine. The issue comes in the form of the server being in a state of lockup/desync. And the general symptoms are: Zombies will stop really moving, they may stand up if shot/interacted with but then will only do the jerky standing animation. Sound effects stops occuring, such as reloading and footsteps. Lootable containers stop being able to be opened. All other players look to be walking in place. If you disconnect you generally can't re-connect. (more info below on this one). Its not really a full server crash at this point, and people are still "connected" but its as if the server is hung up on something. One of 3 things can then occur. The server fixes itself, doing a bit of a "catch-up". The server doesn't fix itself, but still accepts console commands allowing a "kickall", if its still taking console commands and all players disconnect, players can then reconnect. The server doesn't fix itself, and doesn't accept console commands. This requires a forcekill of the task in the task manager because it won't exit out no matter what you do. As a note when the forcekill of the task occurs all connected players are disconnected, forcing them to the title screen. Which suggests some level of connection was being maintained to the clients; just the server itself was hung up on something. Now the console still shows certain things, but generally only players connecting/disconnect. I've attached a screenshot of someone attempt to connect during this time also, where it doesn't even fill in any of the info, and puts in a seemingly default IP/port into the chat. The output logs don't show anything as there's never any unifying thing between the incidents, and its just usually a full halt of activities in the log, outside of player disconnections. I've monitored the resources, but memory and cpu usage seem to be fine; did a memtest just to be certain as well. Overall nothing else is crashing/behaving this way which is why its so odd. I have a Ryzen 9 3900X 3.79 GHz 12-Core; 32 GB of DDR4 ram (running at 2133), effectively triple that in a paging file. Both the game and the server are running on an SSD. I've hosted other games/game servers in the past, so this hasn't been an issue before, but obviously different game could have different conflicts. I've been all around trying to figure this out but these are the only real factors that we've noticed. It tends to happen most on super densely POI populated maps. the base map, and others seemed fine, its only these rare maps that it seems to occur on. Happens a bit more right around the bloodmoon Though cutting the max zombies on the map down didn't help; and even with no zombies around its occured. Happens if theres 2 or 8 players. (average is about 4 players on). Happens more if i'm specifically playing 7 days to die; (if i'm playing something else, and even if its something thats also memory/CPU-intensive it doens't seem to happen as much) Its still happened while i'm not playing, just less frequently. The world does a small rollback after this, as it seems around the exact moment the server locks up thats where it last saved. Reloading the map causes a small rollback then; as this is desynced from player saves/inventory it can result in players getting duplicated or lost items depending on their last actions before this. I thought this meant it was an issue with it saving, but changing the save directory, double-ensuring the directory isn't read-only, and ensuring theres exclusion paths on the game and save folder didn't seem to help. Overall haven't been able to track this one down, and its been infuriating trying to troubleshoot this one; as i can't seem to find a specific cause, rhyme, or reason. The only thing I can really say is its not a network issue as as the host, doing a localhost connection to my own game doesn't work. I even once tried moving it from the dedicated server to the main game client and running it from there. This was considerably worse, because when the freeze occured it would take the game client with it.
  14. Ive been struggling with this for the last WEEK! The things i already tried are insane and nothing works. Thing is....what i want is real simple. Can someone help me mod a turret with infinite ammo? dont care if i have to put ammo first, dont care if instead of infine it just replenishes. I just want ANYTHING that works and god damn did i tried everything. So, anyone got a clue how to do this? pretty please?
  15. Hello devs, I just enjoyed a blood moon, but I encountered a bug that, the mobs spawned were way too hard for players (for a first blood moon there were radiated, spiders, and a lot of fats cops) I've gone back in time 3 or 4 times to wait a friend... And We were 3 friends to play on the maps Good luck with this bug, Thanks
  16. Hello, i noticed that the zombies rarely run strait towards me. It seams like the can only walk in strait lines or in 45° angles to the baseline grid. So if you stand anywhere else they tend to run to your right or to your left instead of strait at you (what i would expect from a zombie), and then sudenly turn and run strait at you. This makes aiming actually rather dificult since there mouvements are dictated by an invisible baseline grid which makes it hard to predict.
  17. Hello, i started a new game to build an underground base and its working well execpte wen zombies are spawned. The games starts to lag and even freezes completly regulary. During blood moon hordes the games crashes easely 5 times. I am surprised not to find anything about that here. Wenn they spawn then don't seem to find any path, just trying to climb the mountain even thow i am under them. I have to bait by running out of the base in order to avoid crashes.
  18. GunMuse


    Hello All, Im GunMuse https://youtube.com/GunMuse and owner of RogersRaiders.com A friend just showed me 7D2D and in 3 weeks was hooked more importantly there is so much for an influencer to talk about that really excited me. Latest video is always at https://rogersraiders.com/newvid Did a couple toe dipping to see what numbers looked like and was impressed by the quality of the players. So my first video is on setting up a machine gun nest using solar power and a small walk around my oversized base that i am actually setting up as an in game studio. I have 22k members on RogersRaiders few if NONE have heard of 7D2D. Other Youtubers are welcome to have me promote them from RogersRaiders.com you will find that I don't believe in a bear trap market. Some will like you some will like me but its important that they get what they seek which is information. Well my vid is still uploading as I write this. I Tend to do a schedule release 12pm EST. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkvS4Yhoyho&feature=youtu.be
  19. Background I have been playing with 3 friends on dedicated server. At Day 133. Went to dig up a treasure map in the snow. Riding motorcycle up snow covered hill and near the peak the bike started disappearing into the snow. Tried several times to go around, same result. Tried to get off bike and fell through the map, then popped up right in place next to bike. At this point the game froze and I could not move. I could enter inventory. I quit game and restarted. This is when the game began to hang up at "Creating Player" Other players can join the server no problem. Details of Game Game Time Day:133 13:30 Mode: Survival Vanilla Settings: Off Vanilla files: On Requires Mod: Off Game 7d2d Alpha 18.4 (b4) Multiplayer Vanilla files On Password protected game We had one mod that showed water and food on hud, but removed to no effect. EAC on **We updated to Alpha 19 Experimental a few days ago. But, we rolled back to 18.4 right away and everything has been working smoothly since. We have had no issue until today. I Tried The Following Creating a profile on my machine. No effect Joining another local game. Worked Creating a new game local. Worked Updated Graphics card. No effect Restarted Steam and PC. No effect Verified Local Files Through Steam. No Effect Had server admin turn off persistent profile. No effect Have admin login and try to teleport me while I am stuck in "Creating Player" screen. Did not work Questions Can I get this working without losing my progress? Can I join the server as a new player and is there a cmd or other way for admin to give me my level (and skill points)? Gamestage? Our server admin has a save point (about a week ago). Would restoring to that save point fix my issue? Client 7D2D log https://pastebin.com/czv6GYRY Server 7D2D log https://pastebin.com/r9FJPBKX Please Help. I love this game, but cannot deal with starting over or making all my buddies start over with me.
  20. Hi on a Mac with A18. Games been fine but wrists are starting to hurt so I'm turning to a controller, specifically an original Xbox Controller (I like giving old tech a new purpose). I found a driver from GitHub and use a usb dongle to connect the controller. The controller registers and seems fine and is set to pretend to be a 360 controller. It works in Steam big view, Dying Light, Borderlands 2, and Tabletop simulator flawlessly, but it does absolutely nothing in 7DTD. I have checked the option to enable controllers in game. I used a steel series playstation style controller before in 7DTD but the analogs don't feel great at all (aiming was difficult). Is there anything I'm missing that would prevent it from working? Thanks in advance.
  21. Empty my motorbike and pick up but keeps reapiering like a duplication glitch I thing it happened I was a quest by the factory I died at the quest and went back there but I have now 8 motorbike is that supposed to happen?
  22. Yeah so is there any way to completely disable the Creative Menu? I have been tempted to turn it on and mess around with my mates on my good world. Any help would be brilliant!
  23. I have a server that is somewhat modded for new zombies and stuff. Moderate difficulty and non eac (with a pw) cuz one of my friends has a linux os. Looking for more people who like to play regularly, are honest and experienced players. preferably you have more than 1k hrs in this game (I'm at over 3.7k hrs). hmu Edit: Add me to steam to chat and join me (I play with 2 other ppl whenever they come on. we use teamspeak)
  24. Hi, FUN GAME YA'LL HAVE MADE! I'm sorry to have to ask if I may keep my modded copy of 18.4 from getting updated. There seems to be no option to turn off updates. I rewrote a hardy portion of XML and finished testing it just now and don't want to lose it. Thing's turned out very well and i'm afraid it'll update before i get a chance to enjoy my math wizard'ness. Please don't update me.... yet.
  25. Hey everyone, Just wondering if anyone has had similar issues with running unusually high temperatures for CPU and GPU while playing. My temps immediately jump to mid 70's and sometimes 80C and usually within a certain period of time, sometimes an hour, sometimes less, my computer will freeze and I have to restart. I've never had an issue with any other game, temps usually stay below 70 or low 70's with other demanding games such as Bannerlord for example. I would say I have pretty good airflow in my PC, just bought a nice 140mm fan recently which I put directly under my GPU and this didn't seem to help at all. It is of course summer time right now and my room is pretty stuffy with bad air circulation. In the winter time I still had the same issue, but less frequent (I could play a couple of hours or so before this issue would happen). Right now I can play for maybe an hour. Cheers
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