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  1. Hello, I have a problem regarding the game language, as many I play through geforce now, which allows access only to enter the game, without going through steam, so it is impossible for me to change the game language note: even entering steam through the geforce now app, and changing the language from 7 days to die, every time I start 7 days to die it goes back to the original language (English) So I would like to ask you a question, how about in the next patch notes, add an option to change the language within the game? grateful for the attention and sorry for the bad english
  2. I'm one of the admins of a gaming community. The owner has two 7 Days servers on his machine. They both run simultaneously and well. The questions I have is about allocs map webpermissions.xml. 2 questions. First, with two servers on the same machine won't both servers link to the same save folder to serveradmin.xml and webpermissions.xml? How would I go about separating the two maps? The server permissions is not a big deal because the same admins are for both servers. Secondly, my users cannot seem to view the map for the first server. The default level is 2000. If I wanted a player to be able to view the map and interact what level do I set in webpermissions? I don't want to have to assign a level to every player in order for them to see the map. I want anonymous users to see the map w/o having to login, and then if they login, they can see more.
  3. Ok I was trying to modify zombie spawns in open world as I feel your a little too safe at night. I wanted to keep daytime relatively safe my problem is I originally set things to test behavior: <spawn maxcount="6" respawndelay=".2" time="Day" entitygroup="ZombiesAll" /> <spawn maxcount="10" respawndelay=".1" time="Night" entitygroup="ZombiesNight" /> And it gave me a bonkers amount of zombies all the time which was expected behavior as I increased counts and decreased respawn time, (Really Fun but brutal hard) So to make daytime survivable but still have some zombies I changed only the respawn time for days but kept vanilla max count like this but kept the bonkers setting for night: <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay=".2" time="Day" entitygroup="ZombiesAll" /> <spawn maxcount="10" respawndelay=".1" time="Night" entitygroup="ZombiesNight" /> This made daytime live able but it completely neutered night time spawns also. Does anyone have any insight to what I am doing wrong?
  4. I was in the process of gathering some items to make a bike, and on my way back to my base, in an effort to be less encumbered, I dropped a measly 2 bottles of Acid. It's nothing, I thought. It's only TWO silly bottles of Acid. I'm sure to have more at my base. I didn't have more at my base. When I went to make my bike, I realized I has none whatsoever. I've already exhausted all buildings in a half day travel, so it's a long trip to get some more. I thought, with all the cars I have nearby, I should be able to harvest enough batteries to realistically get some acid from them. I think it's be a good idea to be able to craft or scrap batteries to get some acid.
  5. Hi, I LOVE this game and have allocated a nice refurbished Windows workstation to run a dedicated server for my gaming group with nothing else running on it. This may seem like a very odd request but I'd actually like to try consuming MORE RAM if it would help with loading new areas of the map. The workstation has SSD only storage and also has 16 GB of RAM on it but never goes above 6 GB of RAM usage in this role. This setup runs really smooth for us except when we are travelling in our vehicles and we hit a new area of the map where there is dramatic stutter and vehicle spasms (even with the SSD). I would gladly trade more RAM usage on the server for less of these incidents. This is just a nice to have type of discussion. The Fun Pimps ROCK and have made the best game ever in my opinion. Thanks so much for any thoughts on this topic.
  6. Hello everyone. I dont know how to describe better my question so i will try my best.... What is the best server spec (RAM,CPU) for 7D server by slots ? We have a 40 slot server and he keep kicking players by server after there is more like 16GB of RAM usage (35 players online). So my question is, what RAM i have to install to my server ? 32GB ? 64GB ? 128GB and keep server running fine. I know there is recommended max 8 slot per server but you know, our server is most played in Slovakia and Czech Republic over 2 years, nonstop full so we are trying to solve this problem. Thank you for answer, have a nice day everyone :)
  7. So when jumping and using the sledge turret at the same time (this one being a T4 w/out any mods) you suddenly spin around uncontrollably... Not even in the normal way you can use your mouse, but more as if your were in a snowglobe, being shaken from side to side. The only way to get out of this glitch is by reconnecting to the world. I have not tried this in a server with other players, so I'm unsure if the avatar moves along as well, but it's still quite annoying... Also, sometimes your mouse is locked in position and you can't look around anymore. I'm not sure however about the specific requirements for this to happen. When stuck in this so called "spinning mode" you don't need to hold the sledge turret, or even use it to trigger another spin, you just need to jump. I've been testing this glitch to tell as much as I can, but tbh it's making me kind of dizzy and giving me a headache, so I'm not gonna keep testing. 2020-10-18_21-02-58.mp4
  8. Hello, player of about 4 months here. I play exclusively on a multiplayer server that's extremely popular and frequently at it's increased server cap of 30 players. This hasn't been an issue for months, in fact it used to run at 50 players frequently, but recently (within the last week or so) I've begun having desync issues. What happens is that after I open a loot container and close it, I become unable to interact with any other containers. I can still open and close doors, but I'm not able to open up any other containers- whether loot containers or ones I place. Blocks I place seem to be hit and miss on whether they actually make it to the server or not; a test I performed by making a square of concrete and relogging (which temporarily fixes the issue) had some of the blocks being down and fully upgraded, some still being rebar frames, and some just never being placed at all. A concurrent issue to this and why I think it's a desync problem is when I kill zombies when I'm not able to loot anything, occasionally some of the zombies will remain alive and aggressive even after they've 'died' and I've gotten the EXP drop on my screen. They'll continue to chase me and attack me, and are able to cause damage. Similarly, I'll sometimes be attacked by completely invisible zombies that seem able to keep up with me even when I'm moving at high speed. These problems seem to arise if I open a container during a momentary lag spike. My ping is typically a solid 32-33 without any issues, and I've performed a connection stress test while playing to ensure it's not the problem. I've done every troubleshooting step on the client end I can think of, including: Verifying local game files Making sure my firewall was allowing the game to pass through Disabling my firewall Disabling all AV software Disabling all other bandwidth-consuming programs and processes Clearing standby memory (which builds due to the memory-leak bug) Restarting the game client Restarting my PC Server host rebooting the server Loading a rolled back version of my character profile Rebooting my router Lowering all game settings to improve FPS I am at a complete loss at the moment. I've played without issue on this server and even on this map seed with the current arrangement of server mods before. Neither I nor the server admins can figure out what is going on. If anyone, dev or otherwise, has information that might help, PLEASE let me know. It's nearly impossible to play for any longer than 15-20 minutes at a time right now.
  9. I've only played singleplayer in my 312 hours of 7d2d. I've played co-op with friends twice but they grew out of the game. I'm just really curious on what the multiplayer experience is compared to the singleplayer experience. I've tried playing on one server but I spawned in some random POI and there were radiated feral wights everywhere... which put me off and I haven't tried MP since (it was also laggy). How do players act? Do people form teams and work together? Is it just singleplayer but with a social aspect? Is PVP any good? etc.
  10. So back in 2013-14 you could pick every block and placeable item from the creative menu so when you wanted to nuild houses like that area already on the map or fix destroyed ones you could. But now in 2020 there are more than 2600 blocks and even if I search roof, window, house, pipe, like basic stuff that are houses made of the browser barely helps me. I've spent hours finding materials that are houses made of without success. I'm really this noob or you can't get pre-existing-house materials?
  11. Hi Everyone! Just wanted to give you an update that the tool I created is almost end to end modlet editing. It now handles the Modinfo.xml, localization.txt and xpath command generation. I have made quite a few modlets with it and for managing XML modlets it is a must have for me. Easily manage different mods, inspect them and even copy objects from them easily with the search tree or directly in an editing window. If you are creating modlets for 7d2d the application is worth learning. Link here: https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/754 I'd love your opinion, general feedback and thoughts on the app.
  12. Hello good day. Yesterday a friend gave me this game for steam and I come here because I have a problem. After about 10 or 15 minutes playing the game with 60 fps it suddenly gets stuck and after one or two minutes it takes me out of my friend's server but it does not let me do anything, only after 50 seconds the title wallpaper appears and it does not let me do anything. Is it just a bug in the game or does it just happen to me because I don't meet any of the characteristics? My pc caracteristics :
  13. I've 50 or so hours on PC and every update I attempt to get this achievement again. It's laughable how many times I've started a new game, punched a tree until I have 2 wood, picked up 10 plant fiber and collected 2 rocks to make the Stone Ax. I'm a pro at it now. Help? Idk... 😄😅
  14. Difficulty: Normal Exp: 400% Loot: 150% Day Night Length: 90 Min. Day Light Length: 18 Drop on Death: Backpack only Drop on quit: Nothing Max. Spawned Zombies: 75 Max. Spawned Animals: 50 Bloodmoon Enemy Count: 12 Loot respawn Days: 3 Land Claim Expiry Time: 14 Land Claim Decay Mode: Linear Land Claim ONLINE Durability modifier: 16 Land Claim Offline Durability modifier: 48 Zombie Speed Normal: Jog Zombie Speed Night: Nightmare Zombie Speed Feral: Nightmare Zombie Speed Bloodmoon: Sprint 1. Commands /fps - Shows the server FPS /day7 - Shows information about the server /bloodmoon - Shows the time of the blood moon /gimme - A random item (usable every 60 minutes) /stuck - Get rid of stuck bugs /suicide - suicide /pm - private message /rm - answer to private message 2. House system /sethome - House set /delhome - House remove /home - Teleport to the house (usable every 60 minutes) 3. Other Features Trader are 24/7 open Vehicles have more seats 4. Server Restarts 00:00, 06:00, 12:00, 18:00 MESZ 1. General rules 1.0. Each user is to be treated with respect. 1.1. Insults or discriminatory content against groups will not be tolerated. 1.2. Third party providers who provide unfair advantages will be punished with a permanent ban. 1.3. Taking advantage of in-game errors is not permitted and will be punished depending on the case. 1.4. Server-side errors are to be reported to an administrator in-game or in TeamSpeak; failure to report them will be penalized depending on the case. 1.5. Users who exploit bugs or use third-party providers who provide unfair advantages should be reported, failure to report these users leads to a permanent ban. 2. Trader rules 2.0. Attacking and killing players is not allowed on traders and within a radius of 100m. 2.1. Tracking a player from Trader is prohibited and can be investigated. 2.2. Attacking abandoned vehicles is prohibited within 1000m of a trader. 3. Baseboot rules 3.0. It is not allowed to rob a base with zombies. Gameserver: TeamSpeak³: Coming soon Discord: Coming soon 7daystodie-servers.com: https://7daystodie-servers.com/server/90325/
  15. I keep getting errors for "Steelseries Gamesense" in console and logs over and over. This just keeps repeating constantly throughout my game, even while just in main menu. I do not use gamesense and i do not own any steelseries hardware. Only in the latest A19.2 b3 EXP patch this started happening. I tried searching everywhere on the forums but it seems no one mentions gamesense anywhere. I'm using Windows7, Solo play with EAC turned off. My log files are growing in size exponentially after every playthrough with thousands of this error repeated. Is there a way for me to disable the new gamesense thing they added? " at SteelSeries.GameSense.GSClient._sendMsg (SteelSeries.GameSense.GSClient+AbstractQueueMsg msg) [0x0006d] in <d49929b99b1a41faacf341922e86416d>:0 at SteelSeries.GameSense.GSClient._gamesenseWrk () [0x00112] in <d49929b99b1a41faacf341922e86416d>:0 (Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Runtime/Export/Debug/Debug.bindings.h Line: 35) [GameSense Client] Failed connecting to GameSense server - Error: ConnectFailure (No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it."
  16. I've been toying around with creating my first mod, primarily editing the XML files. I have made some changes to the Attributes by effectively replacing Perception with Dexterity and then moving the perks around. After replacing Perception I fired it up to test and noticed that I no longer even have the option to scrap any items. My first thought is that it's somehow tied to Scavenging by way of my change to Perception, but I can't actually find anything that determines when the scrap button appears. I've replaced every instance of Perception with Dexterity in progression.xml and in the Localization.txt file. Any suggestions on where I might look?
  17. My name is Josh, I’m a Youtuber who’s been uploading loads of 7DTD content for the last few years! heres a playlist of all my Content! Please help a fellow survivor out by Subscribing! ill be live tonight on our weekly Live Stream Sunday’s on 7DTD as we carry on with our horde night base! 19:30pm British Time!All of my 7 Days To Die Content! Please Subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6sNnWNzCHz3dBcOFoMJ5oS8G8Zt23wlP
  18. hi, We have the following card problem on our Windows dedicated server. Before we render the map, we have a large wall chunk. See image. Is there a specific solution to fix it? All of our users have the problem. output_log_dedi: https://pastebin.com/FC0tzECe
  19. I would like to know how to make zombie upgrade block instead of breacking them
  20. Hello, First of all english isn´t my first language, sorry in advance. The problem is the game frozen and then crashed, and windows gave me the option to close or await, sometimes I can play 10-15 minutes other times a few seconds, I already tried verify archives, start a new game, install the game again... It´s a new installation of windows with a new motherboard(x570) and a new processor(3700x), the odd part is that I also tried my old savegame from experimental that I played with my old computer configuration and played from an hour and the game doesn´t crash. I left the last output log attach, thanks and advance, any help will be appreciate. output_log__2020-09-09__18-21-36.txt
  21. Is anyone else using the Endless Murky Water Exploit? You just need to supply Beer or any other liquor (grain alcohol works too) to your Zombie volunteer, three to four times a day. I suggest getting a Hops farm for this. But once it's running, you're looking at an endless supply of Murky Water. Sometimes it even comes with extra Rotting Flesh! And if you're lucky Corn Seeds. Seriously, give this exploit a try, it'll really help with the early game food/water issues.... 🙂
  22. I have connection issue towards private/friends servers but I have no issue connecting dedicated servers. As well I would crashed on my own created server
  23. So i was sneaking arround with my friend on the new update, but i noticed that the sneaking animations were actually (in my opinion) worse than before? I noticed that the player now also has animations for the top part and bottom part of the body, and when sneaking the top part stays normal but the legs crouch down, making for a very weird looking sneaking animation. In the past the characters would also bend their back over to decrease the height even more, would love if that was reimplemented! Or maybe im just the only one who doesnt like the new sneaking animation?
  24. A19.1 I know what is causing the issue I just don't know why it is. The issue is in the progression.xml I wanted to change the Better Barter perk so that the quality of items increase with every level so I changed this code <passive_effect name="SecretStash" operation="base_add" level="3,5" value="3000,5000"/> to this <passive_effect name="SecretStash" operation="base_add" level="1,2,3,4,5" value="1000,2000,3000,4000,5000"/> I also tried <passive_effect name="SecretStash" operation="base_add" level="1,5" value="1000,5000"/> These for some reason makes the secret stash tab disappear when trading. Could someone explain why this is happening and if there is a better way to do what I was initially trying?
  25. Hey everyone, I've recently started my own YouTube series of 7dtd videos. I was heavily inspired by the likes of Capp00 and Glock9 but with my own style (as I am not nearly as good at the game as either of those guys). As a result, my videos tend to have a more accidental comedic aspect as I get myself into situations that seemed like a good idea...but ultimately weren't. My first series is called "The Long Road" and it involves me trying to survive long enough to build the ultimate Horde Night base. Come marvel at my ineptitude as I throw spears into the wild blue and miss coyotes over and over with a bow. Oh, and I also thought it might be a good idea to get drunk before recording what was supposed to be the first episode in the series. Not a good move. I'll be updating regularly (2-3 times a week on average) so you can always expect new misadventures. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to seeing you there. My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIQej9ZRNXswAVNLOSpei5A/
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