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  1. I was casually riding my motorcycle from a quick POI loot snatch when suddenly my game froze and closed itself. Seeing as riding motorcycles are buggy af and commonly send me a few hunderd meters up into the air out of nowhere I just assumed this crashed the game and went to restart it, however I found out that the whole game had suddenly deinstalled itself! I'm reinstalling as we speak, but this has never happened to me before. I went to check my disk space: 500GB of free space, so it couldn't have ran into a bug that I'm out of free space. Does anybody know how this happened? PS: when the game has finished reinstalling I'll check if all of my saves are intact, if I can join the world alright, etc.
  2. Preferably an adult (I'm 20 years old), just to join me on my existing world in the days around the late 60's (68), on PC. I'm from Canada. Mic required, just to make it fun. We can play through Steam as well. Let me know! JUST ONE PLAYER, NOT LOOKING FOR A GROUP
  3. I start a new game played for 3 hours pressed exit went to bed got on the next day and spawned back at spawn all character progression erased but everything I did to the map is still there and i did not change profiles
  4. hey i'm nii, I've been working for 2 days to create a 7 DtD server on my root server. I can start the server and connect putty to it, but the server is still not displayed in the master list and you cannot join with the ip and port. I am just desperate, hope someone can help me. I once attached the serverconfig.xml but deleted the passwords, if you need more information just ask, thx for your help <3 serverconfig.xml
  5. Currently playing on a server and day 20 with a group of friends. Starting tonight we went to raid a large crack a book on the default map in the snow area and I found myself unable to open any container. I was still able to shoot, repair, enter/exit vehicle, etc but unable to open any container. No other player in my group had this issue including one on the same network as me. First attempt to resolve was exiting the server and logging back in. Doing this the first time I was briefly able to access containers again but after doing 3-4 it broke again. Further attempts to drop/join the server did not help. Next I totally closed the game all together without any change. Then I rebooted my PC with again no change. Searched a variety of places for people with this similar issue going back many versions but with no proven solution. The admin rebooted the server for us and for a brief time I had no issues again. However after about 15min the issue came back again. My next attempts got a little more involved. I deleted the game and all supporting folders on my machine. After reinstalling rejoined the server and was still unable to access containers. I tried to launch the game without EAC but the server we play on requires it. I validated my newly installed files with Steam. I launched a local game and played for a few minutes without the issue. More testing is likely needed here. I logged into a random empty server and ran around for about 5 minutes looting stuff without issue. I checked my event viewer and found nothing related to the game. Checked my AV log and saw nothing remarkable there. I am asking for the admin to send me the logs from the server but in the mean time here is a link to my log file from my last game attempt. https://pastebin.com/mWK8Ry0z Would appreciate any help that can be provided. Please let me know if there are any additional details I can add.
  6. I just downloaded the game today and the ground looks like this. Anyone know how to fix? My brother has the exact same computer and same display settings in game and his ground looks normal.
  7. I did a cursory search and did not see this in the known bugs list or this forum, so... I have on two occasions had to save and exit mid way through a POI quest (retrieval or clearing) and when I reloaded the save the quest was reset. By reset I mean the rally point marker is back like I never activated it before the save/exit. I know I activated it before the save/exit the last time, so it wasn't like I was doing a dry-run/double loot pass or anything. The good news is it did not 'fail' the quest, so I was not too upset, just a bit of extra time was needed and I got more loot, but I can see this being a problem for the longer POI's (save and exit, reload...and swear). I suspect whatever variable that indicates the rally point was activated (quest stage number maybe) gets lost during the save process. To reproduce: you should be able to activate a rally marker, enter the POI, save, exit, reload and find the rally marker active again. Possible workaround: finish a POI to at least the 'return to trader' stage (although I admit I've managed to make it to the trader to turn it in before having to save and exit.
  8. I'm looking for anyone wanting to create a whole new team to play 7 days to die day 1. Similar play to neebs gaming. Fun RPG story type of play. Make new friends, generally have a laugh. My steam account is IZZIT!?
  9. https://photos.app.goo.gl/HrgJcZ3PkdWVoTZN6 We are now approaching day 63, about level 180, game stage 284. It won't get much harder than this now. We moved the roof top garden to ground level. You can see Trader Bob's place across the field. The white elevated cage in the parking lot is our horde kill zone. When we are in the cage the zombies mostly leave our living space alone, but we leave the doors open so they can more easily path to the kill cage. Motion sensors auto open garage doors when we arrive home, and two sensors inside, facing down, see when we are a couple feet from the back doors ready to leave. We have four independent power lines, A. solar on timed relay for lighting, B. generator to battery box for base defense (fences, SMG turrets) , C. one line for only garage sensors to garage doors. D. a separate generator, and battery box for powering the horde kill cage (6 fence lines, 5 blade traps, 2 shotguns looking upwards for vultures). Day 56 we had dozens of demos and ended up with a few craters in the asphalt, but it repairs quickly. We ended up building a 2 plate high box inside the cage to stay out of sight of the cops.
  10. Note: this is purely for cosmetic reasons, I'm not trying to achieve any functional objective. I am trying to place two doors side by side such that the hinges are on the outsides and they face/open the same direction, but I can only seem to place them with the hinges on the same side (left). The objective is to have a two by two block wide opening with the doors opened along the walls and in the same orientation. When closed the doors should look like they meet in the middle (handles in middle). I can achieve the desired orientation with hatches mounted to the walls, but I want to do it with doors...just because. So far I can only find a rotation where one door is facing in and the other out and they swing open in opposite directions. Looks terrible. I was hoping one of the rotation options would allow to rotate the door along the z axis, but no luck. (where axis x = left/right, y = up/down, z = front/back) Ideally the door frames would be on the walls so there is no frame 'post' in the middle. Is this a possible configuration? If so, how might it be achieved (what surface to look at, what to do)?
  11. I use the animal tracker perk and find the first level quite good: Hunker down, if there's an animal within 20 to 30 meters the paws will turn green, follow the indicator on your compass and kill the animal. If there's not an animal within range it will say you don't spot any tracks. A newly added on-screen icon helps you spot the little critter in the tall grass. This perk has found chickens and rabbits in relative abundance that I would have blithely walked right past, and has contributed to a reliable stockpile of meat in our base. Then I tried level 2 - supposedly allowing me to detect larger animals - and the thing seemed to bug out. The paws were turning green all the time but no compass indicator was showing up at all. It wouldn't even show me nearby rabbits and chickens, which I had to spot the old fashioned way ... such as when a chicken tried to cross the road. I spent extended time wandering in and out of range trying to zero in on the animals I was detecting before turning to the elixir that allowed me to reset to level 1, which works well enough. I have been given the impression that not a lot of players use the animal tracker perk, or are under the impression that it is broken. The first level is reliable enough. Does anyone have experience of the higher ranks of this perk working? Is there some special technique or something I'm missing? Level 2 seems bugged to me.
  12. Does anyone have a map of the PreGen worlds? I searched, but other than Navezgane I didn't find anything normal
  13. A friendly swedish PvE-server with CustomZombies, 120 backpack, teleport, CustomWeapons, ect.. Server with the latest stable version of the game.. Serverside modlets only. Serverside zombies, Serverside vehicles, 120 slot backpack, Serverside wepons, WhiteRiverToC, Food/waterbar.. ect. Teleport: /lobby (As a new player you spawn in the lobby. There are a trader and storageboxes with guns, ammo, food/water, clothes/armor.. if you choose to pickup. If you want to get back there at any time just write /lobby in chat ) /home (When you built a base then you write /sethome in chat to set it as your home and you can teleport home when you need just write /home in chat. ) /safehouse (As a new player safehouse is an indestructible place where you are safe from the zombiehordes during bloodmoon. The more experienced players will like the place to there is a hordehouse ontop of the bunker below ) /market (Market is located in an old fortress that has 2 traders.. Just travel there when you need to sell some loot or buy somthing.) /lighthouse ( Is a cold place.. There is a big new lighthouse there if you want to get in from the cold.. ) /commands (to see all commands you can use.. ) A friendly server with some nice mods, community spots and more. To come with suggestions or just to hangout we highly recommend our ATS community discord. https://discord.gg/QVcBZHWDVe ATS-Alla talar svenska is a swedish community/multiclan that. You dont need to bea member of the clan to join our community just follow the rules that is be nice to eachother. Server https://7daystodie-servers.com/server/90419/ Owner/admin: RiPp3r Admin: Zombie.
  14. Hi. I cant go in to the game. And when i start it from steam or app it shows this image. A while ago i could go in game but wasn't able to create and play a rw only navezgane and pregen1..2..3 Would love to get some help. Haven't been able to play the game since a19 release.
  15. I'm trying to play the War of the Walkers v8 mod on a dedicated server with friends. The server is getting hosted by a friend as well. Everything works fine till i get a timeout after playing for about 20-30 minutes. This does not happen to the others Here's my log: https://pastebin.com/8VKvYauu
  16. Playing as usual, and now this. I have already tried backup, but backup corrupted too. What the hell? Any chance to fix this? ERR Loading player data failed for player '76561198026559191', rolling back: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at QuestClass.CreateQuest (System.String ID) [0x00006] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at QuestJournal.Read (System.IO.BinaryReader _br) [0x0005d] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at PlayerDataFile.Read (PooledBinaryReader _br, System.UInt32 _version) [0x00263] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at PlayerDataFile.Load (System.String _dir, System.String _playerName) [0x00086] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 ERR Loading backup player data failed for player '76561198026559191', rolling back: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at QuestClass.CreateQuest (System.String ID) [0x00006] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at QuestJournal.Read (System.IO.BinaryReader _br) [0x0005d] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at PlayerDataFile.Read (PooledBinaryReader _br, System.UInt32 _version) [0x00263] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at PlayerDataFile.Load (System.String _dir, System.String _playerName) [0x0018c] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0
  17. Im sure im not entirely alone here. i love the new changes of the current alphas Except the overhauled skill systems that have continued to change from alpha 16,17,18, etc. i loved the progression system from console version which i think is alpha 15 or somewhere close to that. i dont have the tools or knowledge to mod this game but i absolutely dream of playing a current build of 7days, but with the old skill system for progression. i understand there are alot of items that have been added and changed overtime, but i dont think it would cause an imbalance at all if the item level dictates item health as well as entity and block damage as it used to and does on console.
  18. temrick


    So me and my friend have a server and he host it, lately we added vehicle mods, zombie don't dig mod, and a wood log spike mod but now i cant get into chest or workbenches and etc. Also zombie are extremely delayed and my friend is extremely delayed for me and this doesn't happen when I'm in my own game . so im just wondering if their is a fix for this
  19. Welcome to Sneak N Hide community server! We are glad to announce that we have been here already 1 year! We run one high performance server located in Germany, Frankfurt. We have developed lots of custom mods. Server doesnt require client side extra downloads for mods. [PVE] Sneak N Hide | 500%XP | 200%LOOT {LATEST_EXPERIMENTAL} Server settings See you on server
  20. Hello guys, I'm playing in a dedicated, vanilla, public server where things always were normal... no issues at all. For some time now (approx. 1 week) whenever I get in to some regions of the map (Nitrogen Created), my character gets very bugged. I cannot interact with chests, containers, anything that is lootable. I cannot open the Trader's inventory, sometimes I fall from the map and return to it after a while. If I'm in a vehicle, I start to hit invisible walls and when I get off the vehicle, it gets teleported to some previous place that I drove over. I can still destroy things, build, manufacture things, etc. It is not a lag issue. I've verified the files in steam a bunch of times. I even have reinstalled the game from scratch. If I get out of the certain parts of the map, 90% of the times the game returns to normality after I logoff and login again. 10% of the times I have to wait for the server to restart. The admin of the server is very friendly and she actually restarted the server a couple of times for me even. But as soon I return to these "cursed areas" of the maps the buggy behavior I described starts again. I appreciate if I can get some tips of what I can do about it (or the admin). Kind Regards and thanks in advance.
  21. HEY SURVIVORS, We are wiping both our PVE Servers this Friday 7pm CST. We are moving them over to our new Dedicated AMD server. With AMD's multi-threading cores it will make for some much smoother game play. PVE PRO SERVER: PvE Pro has vanilla settings and harder zombies. We will also add Boss Zombies into the game after Day 100 on the PvE Pro. For those who like the challenge. PVE CASUAL SERVER: PvE Casual has higher loot & XP with easier zombies. Kinda chill server for those who just want to take it easy. For more details on the servers check out our website below. DISCORD: https://discord.gg/jCyZEv5 WEBSITE: https://saltyzombies.com/7-days-to-die-pve-server
  22. I want to mod the xml file or learn to make a mod to make it nighttime 24/7, or install one already made any info would be great, as it stands the game will let you do 12 day 12 night, I want to be able to set that to 24 night 0 day thank you
  23. Hello I was working on a POI, placing some blocks (Brick blocks) and suddenly I´ve got this message spamming the console. Here is a screenshot: I search for it and found this: https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/15874-please-help-quotindexoutofrangeexception-index-was-outside-the-bounds-of-arrayquot/ But it doesn't work for me. This bug happened on POI editor, I haven't tried starting a normal game. any clue how to fix this? I already verified the files. I attached the log showing the error message. output_log__2020-10-27__00-34-59.txt
  24. was sharing quest with friends and realize if one of us finishes the quest (ex: retrieves supplies first), the other one of us says the quest was failed. Is the only point of sharing quests...just to see where the quest is?
  25. Hey everyone, I’m a small youtuber looking for a whitelisted role-play, unlimited pvp, pve server. I’ve been looking everywhere but can’t find anything. If you know of a good one even if it’s not whitelisted I’d greatly appreciate it 🙏 also I’m always looking for new people to role-play with so comment if your looking for a fellow survivor/ role-play series to join.
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