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Found 37 results

  1. Does deep Cuts and Flurry of Blows in Agility affect the steel knuckles?
  2. Hey gamers...love this game...started a warrior mode horde every night playthrough. Beginning vids kinda suck but I feel like their coming together now. Heres a link for my latest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HmchrMuf8M I'm sick of seeing YouTubers with 2hr days on default settings so figured I'd share this.
  3. I am currently working on custom city build composed of many prefabs. I would like to know if other people are interested in that kind of project. If peoples likes the idea I could release the map on a dropbox link when the stable alpha 19 version will arrive. I would also be in consideration of making a team that i could work with on the project. that is if the project itself grows in the community interest of course
  4. Just wondering, me and the wife play 7D2D together and I'm always the builder/mining and she scavengers/farming. This playstyle suits us and we have loved playing 7D2D over the last few years but when it comes to Horde night I seem to power level while she doesn't (even knowing we have shared EXP) I believe its because I have maxed out the 'Advanced Engineering' skill. So my question is When it comes to electronic traps who gets the EXP when the kill - The Person who PLACES the Electric Trap down? - The Person who MAKES the Electronic Trap? - The Person who RUNS ELECTRICITY to the Electronic Trap? She has put enough points in 'Advanced Engineering' to get the initial 20% EXP bonus but never seems to gain EXP on horde night. Also is there anyway to get EXP from spike trap kills?
  5. I just started A19 experimental with a buddy, and I have been noticing that we get way more run-ins than we usually do- that is, wandering zombies or wolves that spawn outside of buildings coming inside the building straight to where we are. I first noticed it when we were on the second level of a factory and a dire wolf came out of nowhere. I went to test this more in single player (this time in scavenger mode, because yes, I am wimp). While sneaking through a fire station, on two separate occasions a zombie from outside started bashing on the walls to get to me. When I left the building, it tracked me and came around to meet me. I had been stealth killing everyone inside, so there is no way it would have been alerted by noise. I don't understand what may be tripping off their tracking. Could this be a bug? I suppose it might a possibility that I need to put points into sneak to stop alerting every non-sleeping zombie with the clap of my dummy thicc @%$*#! cheeks. Any advice on how to handle this would be appreciated.
  6. (Edit: The one image got cut off a bit but you can still see my problem) Hi there. Im new to the game and just got through a pretty brutal bloodmoon. So zombies poked a few holes in the military base I was fortifying as a setup. I cant seem to find any block that perfectly fits this hole and have went through all of the options that a wood frame block can give you and none fit it. Likewise on another server I have been trying to fill in some existing holes in the a wall and cannot find any wooden frame blocks that will fit this wall because the wall is centralized. I really enjoy this game but finding just the right block shape has really been an infuriating experience since I was having a blast with finding structures and fortifying them. It would be really disappointing to hear that these blocks are unobtainable to the player. (
  7. The Quest to clear an area was my favourite but I noticed the higher tier ones are extremely slow to complete. Even in A19, the latest build using the new waypoint system on the compass still doesn't show where exactly the zeds are, only the ones that have woken up . It's more so the larger structures that i'm spending hours in trying to find the last few zeds that are hiding. I should be able to walk in, shoot up the place and wake everyone up on that floor. I understand the sleeper zeds are there to scare you when you get close, which is nice, but why not have them not count towards the quest and just have that building overrun by a horde of zeds that are marked on your compass. It's your job to clear them out. The sleepers are just an added difficulty that don't have to all be eliminated. But yea the bigger factories that has multiple floors have become too long to clear out, it's like playing hide and seek. Sneaking can always be an option when you first enter but once you feel like you combed through the place, i'm spending more time looking for the stragglers than I am having fun killing zeds. A19 did improve though to at least show you where the zeds are awake. I hope this can be looked into.
  8. Hey All,I've added the guy to the "ally" and "party" list, he accepted and all. But still, he was not able to open my "locked" doors and storage. Of course, I could "unlock" the doors for his use, but then, any player could invade my home. Is there a way for allies to freely use the doors and storage I own, without using passcodes?I heard there is a friend-list where you can add someone, isn't that the same as to add as "ally"?Thanks in Advance
  9. Game quit unexpectedly. Upon attempting to re-start, after selecting Continue Game, got the following message: "Starting the server failed. Probably another program is already using one of the game ports 26900/TCP, 26900/UDP, 26901/UDP, 26902/UDP)." I deleted saved game (sigh....) and tried New Game. I'm getting same message and can't get past it to play. Help!?! Playing A19 on iMac. Never mind..... The old standby, Restart, fixed problem. 76 years old, I'm losing it.....
  10. Hello survivors! I am currently hosting a 7D2D dedicated server 24/7 that anyone is welcome to join. Please note that this server is a safe space (hate, trolling, etc. will result in permaban) but swearing, etc. is typical and 100% accepted. If you have any questions about my admin policies or anything else, please ask below. The server is PvE but killing strangers is enabled so that players may PvP if both parties consent. Just ask if it's ok to engage in PvP and if you get a "yes", go for it. Otherwise players have been playing in the same party. You are welcome to join and play in our party or set off on your own PvE adventure in any case. Name: Goat Wranglers Casual PvE Game Version: Alpha 19 latest_experimental IP: Port: 26900 PW: None EAC: Enabled Mods: None but "modded" due to non-default serverconfig.xml settings. Modded Settings (serverconfig): 3x Loot, 10 Day Loot Respawn, 3x XP, Difficulty 3, Marked Airdrops Every 3 Days, Never Drop Anything, Shared Kills 10km, Kill Strangers
  11. as of alpha 19 for all of us who've played it so far we've all realized gun parts are not easy to come by. the only two ways to get a sufficient amount of weapon parts to craft a decent weapon to loot more then a couple POI's or search all the traders every 3-4 days in-game. my simple suggestion is that "bring back craftable weapon parts". one clear way that this can be accomplished with in a reasonable manner. Add back in the tool and die set and make a tool location spot inside of the workbench. much like how the forge has three spots for the bellows, anvil, and crucible. with every type of weapon part. they can be unlock viva two ways. Option 1: rank 1-3 of that gun/weapon perk OR Option 2: find the schematic if your not perked into that class. I'll leave the Material costs / Requirements to the Fun Pimps and hopefully they could bring some balance to this idea. but, before I leave this here for the community to input on this idea here is and example. (Different Types of Weapon parts will have Different Material Costs/Requirements) Rifle Parts 3 Springs 5 Forge Iron 4 Mechanical Parts 2 Glue (NOTE: This is an idea for base game content not modded content. so modder's please do not advertise your mod here.)
  12. I've noticed that many, myself included, have issues with select zombies; for some, it's the demo zombies, others hate spider zombies, I hate vultures, etc. I'm wondering if it would be possible to add an option in the world builder that would let you disable select zombies from spawning in the game world instead of modding them out.
  13. My wife and I have been playing a19 together without issues. Hit Day 7 and suddenly her view goes all wonky. If she moves around it will go sideways, upside down, all around. This seems to persist until she dies (which really frustrates her) or logs out/logs back in. It has now happened 3 different times all on day 7, at different locations and doing different things. We have never seen this before, but it caused us to stop playing and now she won't play until we can figure out a fix so it won't happen again. Anyone seen this before, or know what can cause it? A screenshot is seen here with one view, but if she moved, it would flip the other way or upside down, and keep her unable to look around or really protect herself. Between this and my lost backpack (filled with goods to sell) not spawning where it was meant to be (logs don't show it destroyed), she is quite frustrated this time around, and I don't think these are really a19 bugs, just normal bugs. Thanks!
  14. hi there, my name is Siniestro (its not really my name)...i did localizations for several "g play" apps and some other minor games like minecraft... and the spanish translation on this game is one of the worst localizations i've ever seen, it seems that this game was translated using google translate (and i think that this is actually true) is there a project somewhere i can join to try and fix this awfulness? thanks.
  15. I host an A19 server and last night the power went out. When I re-opened the dedicated server it rolled back to day 1 and the ground textures have disappeared (so far there are no dirt ground textures or asphalt I don't know what else is missing) the ground is still there, it can be dug up, you just can't see it. Attached is an image, this was what it looked like before I updated to the latest experimental (I have the server set to latest experimental, yes I know expect bugs), but updating to the latest didn't solve the issue either(A19 b157 as opposed to A19 b154) Is there a way to rectify this? Provided are my output logs from the last time the textures worked all the way until the last attempt Client side: output_log__2020-07-07__23-04-05.txt output_log__2020-07-08__08-52-46.txt output_log__2020-07-08__09-07-56.txt output_log__2020-07-08__09-38-35.txt Server side: output_log_dedi__2020-07-06__00-23-12.txt output_log_dedi__2020-07-08__07-15-44.txt output_log_dedi__2020-07-08__09-06-13.txt output_log_dedi__2020-07-08__09-37-02.txt
  16. Hey all reading this! I have made a list with bugs or features. I will put more on list as i play. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1amlxACQFPjunfwq8praY_E6sW2Po5d1kSjy_7tRj8yY/edit?usp=sharing
  17. I do not know English very well. There may be errors in the text. Thank you for your understanding. The first time I saw the trailer for this game, I immediately realized that this is a great game that combines what I really love. Survival, crafting, zombies, destructible, and well-implemented Horde. I don’t know whether you agree with me or not whether the developers of the game will read it or not. But I believe that at the moment there are a lot of unworked things in the game. I want to write a list of things that could be changed and improved. General 1.I really like the buildings in this game. They turn out to be very interesting and very realistic. But after a certain point in the game, you realize that there are not so many large and interesting places on the map and this is a little frustrating. The developers said that the creation of new buildings takes a lot of time. As for me - it is quite possible to make a competition for the best buildings of various sizes and gradually add them to the game. This will facilitate the work of developers and enable the community to prove themselves. 2.Temperature and Weather. The character essentially ignores snow, rain or thunder. It is not right. If the character gets wet, then he must get sick. It is quite hard to move in the snow. And in a thunderstorm it is better not to go into open spaces at all. Thanks to the good interval between the weather - I think it will fit perfectly into the world. 3.Biomes. Perfectly implemented in the game. But I would like to see the expansion of the scorched forest and as a complement the radiation wasteland. This would add the need for a radiation suit. As an option - the coastal zone. 4.Brass. I understand that this is an alloy, but I think that if a player can get steel, then he should not have problems with the melting of brass. In theory, you can add copper and tin as ore. This will expand the gameplay and give the Strength class more meaning. Also, in theory, it will be possible to add bronze tools and the ability to create electrics and mechanical parts. Slowly, costly, in stages. 5.Loot With this, the most interesting. Of course, I can understand everything, but how I find the AK-47 and camouflage clothing in the houses is not very clear. On an ideological level, loot should be where it should be. Military loot at the bases. Civil loot in homes. Loot from stores to stores. This does not apply to special loot chests. Just what's the point of going somewhere far if you can farm cool weapons from ordinary houses or am I wrong? 6. Recently, developers said that they will introduce an animation of grabbing from zombies. I really hope that they learn to work and jaw. I think it will be interesting if you try to grab, hit, bite and shoot at the same time. 6. Recently, developers said that they will introduce an animation of grabbing from zombies. I really hope that they learn to work and jaw. I think it will be interesting if you try to grab, hit, bite and shoot at the same time. 6. Recently, developers said that they will introduce an animation of grabbing from zombies. I really hope that they learn to work and jaw. I think it will be interesting if you try to grab, hit, bite and shoot at the same time. 6. Recently, developers said that they will introduce an animation of grabbing from zombies. I really hope that they learn to work and jaw. I think it will be interesting if you try to grab, hit, bite and shoot at the same time. 7. The appearance of a zombie. Should we expect updates from some other dead friends? The cop, soldier and feral think I have not abandoned the quality model, either. The Character At the time of Alpha 19, in my opinion, all skills are fairly well balanced and useful. Except one. The leader’s perk from the intelligence branch is simply useless. Yes, it gives bonuses. But only to players nearby. I think it can be fixed very simply. Make it a bonus that works for all the people in YOUR team. And yes, it really will mean that it is YOU Leader. Options for quick folding and important slots are sorely lacking. Possibility of dodging / jumping. This will allow the player to dodge strikes or break into him in an unexpected encounter with a zombie or in battle. IDLE, interaction animation, gestures for the character With some settings, the character’s nose and beard begin to peek through clothing or armor. It's a bit strange. Drop Damage Bonus? Or the opportunity to glance at the dead man - to overturn him and soften the fall. Book for heavy weapons. (I like the hammer) Weapons A new weapon for the Fortitude class is the Shield. Tier 1 - Wooden club and hammered shield. Tier 2 - Scrap metal short sword and shield. Tier 3 - Steel sword and shield. LMB - short cut RMB - block. reduces damage taken by the player. Spends stamina to absorb shock. Automatic crossbow with a clip like a Tier 3. Tier 3 for robotic guns. Double barrel and better. Drone Scout for the intellectual. It is controlled by the player who launched it. Armed with weak weapons, but small and convenient to inspect the building \ terrain. Other The ability to tame animals for keeping and breeding? One could safely breed pigs, cows, hens and sheep. Horses. Horses, like animals that a player can tame, saddle and shoot \ beat with them. It would be useful for the initial stage of the game, when the player cannot even create a bicycle. That's all for today. Gather my thoughts and supplement later. Thank you for your attention.
  18. Good Morning. alpha 19 game is updated in geforce now ????
  19. Hello, I have been trying to start a dedicated server for A19. When I have SteamNetworking disabled, 7DTD shows ‘connection timed out’. When I remove SteamNetworking, i.e enable it, then 7DTD goes through the connection process, but after initialising the world, the server cuts connection. (Could be Steam itself). I didn’t have this issue in A18.4, and didnt have to enable SteamNetworking. I have Ports Forwarded correctly, and could use my No-IP address and External IP to connect. Any help would be great! I will post a log here shortly. Output file from 7DTD Game output_log__2020-07-01__17-38-40.txt Output file from 7DTD server output_log_dedi__2020-07-01__17-36-01.txt
  20. Just finished my latest video for YouTube! This one's showing the HUGE LEAP forward visually Alpha 19 took. This Alpha looks absolutely awesome and here's the proof: COMPARING ALPHA'S VIDEO Let me know what you guys think in the comments over on YouTube. Thanks in advance for any likes/dislikes and New Subscribers! Much love and ENJOY THE NEW ALPHA!
  21. every thing i open stays on my screen making the game implausible to play
  22. I enjoy the new music and all but good god can we turn it down so I can hear the game play. I can hear nothing but music. I have tried turning down every music setting and have tried shutting all off. Music still satys the same. Help
  23. I just had a thought and wasn't sure where to post it as a suggestion to the game, but it would be nice to be able to craft an empty glass jar out of Bottled Murky Water (dumping the water out to just get the jar) since there are many times you come across useless bottles of dirty water early game that would be nice to be able to scrap or craft into empty jars. Just a thought!
  24. Hey everyone, Just wondering if anyone has had similar issues with running unusually high temperatures for CPU and GPU while playing. My temps immediately jump to mid 70's and sometimes 80C and usually within a certain period of time, sometimes an hour, sometimes less, my computer will freeze and I have to restart. I've never had an issue with any other game, temps usually stay below 70 or low 70's with other demanding games such as Bannerlord for example. I would say I have pretty good airflow in my PC, just bought a nice 140mm fan recently which I put directly under my GPU and this didn't seem to help at all. It is of course summer time right now and my room is pretty stuffy with bad air circulation. In the winter time I still had the same issue, but less frequent (I could play a couple of hours or so before this issue would happen). Right now I can play for maybe an hour. Cheers
  25. Hi! The game is essentially unplayable for me on Windows 10 64-bit because it randomly crashes. I think my specs are up to it considering I have a core i9 9900k with 32GB ram and a RTX 2080 Ti I have attached some crash files. My settings are on Ultra but I have tried with High too and it behaves the same. Motion blur is disabled. Everything else is vanilla. error.log output_log__2020-06-21__13-07-30.txt crash.dmp Attaching another crash I got. Not sure if they're the same (Wasn't sure from looking at the logs) but it happened in the same manner so. error.log output_log__2020-06-19__22-43-43.txt crash.dmp I just realized I put this in the wrong forum. I intended to put it in Bug Reports. Damn.
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