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Found 17 results

  1. I was wondering how difficult it would be to make standalone program where you can download and upload custom paint swatches and textures. Like say take a image type from google images, drop it in a folder in this program and have a command that can activate or a button that autowrites the code and inserts it into the game file for you. Similar to gran tourismos setup for custom graphics. It would only be used for single player tho. I play 7 days mostly offline anymore and would love to have something like that for extravagant builds. Also a bull dozer for leveling and digging would be awesome too! Lol
  2. Hi all, UPDATE: Added option to add new languages (field) Added Option to change delimiter for using it as "normal" csv reader Added more logging UPDATE V2.1: Added Option to remove languages (fields) GUI changes Minor bugfixes UPDATE V2.11: Fixed bug introduced with V2.1 that last line get lost after saving. UPDATE V2.2 Now able to handle Translations with multiple lines Huge performance update Added a edit box for better multi line edit - also possible to open multiple (for example see more language parallel): UPDATE V2.3 Added function to removed double entries (the button was already in V2.2 but not worked) This function will delete double entries but not the first one UPDATE V2.4 CL will now be changed to CR+CL (internal) Pics: Log: Qick HowTo: 1. Load Localization.txt (default path: ...\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Config 2. Select Entry (4) 3. Choose Field (5) - the translations are in the red marked area. The other fiels are orther data values. 4. Change Text 5. Save with File->Save... (1) Here you can load the file. (2) You can open it and select a field to remove with the "-" button. To add a field you press "+" and enter a new name then pressing enter. (3) Allows you to search all for special items in the list. (4) The list with the data. Each item in here has the same fields. (5) The fields that can be edited. Links: Program SourceCode Its only for editing the Localization.txt file and other csv files. Greetings knarox
  3. Project 7 is a collection of tools which can be useful for server owners. Focus is on adding features other mods don't provide and PvP servers. The mod is currently in beta but has already a varity of unique tools. A lot of new features are planned, but feel free to show off me your ideas. Feature spotlight: Raid detection & discord raid alert bot Anti zombie base griefing Advanced zone system with real safezones and much much more Discord chat/kill messages Module List: Anti Base Logoff - Punish players for logging out inside enemy bases Anti Chain Explosion - Prevent mass explosions Anti Tree Spam - Prevent tree spamming on your server in various ways Ban Manager - Keep Admin/VIP permissions when banned for a short time. Biome Spawn Manager - Fix biome zombie spawns Claim Cleaner - Deactivated inactive claims Claim Limiter - Limit claims by player level or playtime Claim Spacer - Keep space between claims without a need of a deadzone Falling Blocks Limiter - Full or lite prevention of falling blocks Kill Messages - Modify kill messages in chat Late Wipe Helper - Help players catch up high level players LiteNetLib Monitor - Auto. restart server on LiteNetLib freezes Prefab Protection - Prevent claims, bedrolls, traps inside/around POIs or allow quest reset even with a bedroll inside Raid Detection - Various options to deal with base raiding, from alerting offline base owners, over adding buffs to attacker/defending players, to auto. removal of zombies when they are abused to destroy a base Sleeper Spawn Manager - Adjust spawnrates of sleeper zombies 0-100%. Prevent sleeper spawn on bloodmoon Team Balancer - Add buffs to players depending on their current active group size TileEntity Limiter - Limit workstations/power-sources/turrets within range TileEntity Tweaks - Auto. lock placed doors Vehicle Cleaner - Give players time to join after restart to pickup vehicles before they get deleted View Distance Equaliser - Enforce the server max view distance as a min for players Weather Manager - Change fog density from 0 - 100% ( vanilla ~20% ) Zones - Advanced zone system with varius options ... more ... even more planned For download & enhanced support join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/KeGx4qsRbK Source-Code: https://github.com/Zipcore/Project7
  4. 7d2dMP

    Tools for 7DTD

    Various Tools for 7DTD : Tools avalaible: - convert a DTM heightmap PNG file into a RAW file - convert a RAW file into a grayscale 16 bits PNG file - the picture can be vecticaly flip during convertion All the infos and download link here : https://discord.gg/QZbJWDp9vB
  5. There are many weapons in the game including the classic 9mm ammo pistol, the Desert Volture .44mm ammo, the .44 Magnum, the double barrel shotgun BUT a pistol with 7.62 ammo is missing. A great addition to the game to use the 7.62 ammunition in another way would be a very special and lethal weapon, the Nagant M1895: a 7-round drum magazine pistol. This is a very interesting and beautiful historical weapon, designed in the 19th century is a weapon used by many nations in multiple battles. Why not have it in play? It would be a revolution for someone like me who loves to use pistols with relatively limited magazines but with modest firepower so as to save ammo that can be used for many more situations (even dangerous)
  6. KingGen v0.13.1 Random World Generation for 7 Days to Die This is the official webpage of KingGen, a tool to generate beautiful maps for 7 Days to Die. Downloads: Windows - 64 bit Linux - 64 bit Usage: Download KingGen. Run it. Choose your preferences and click “Generate world”. KingGen will create a folder containing the world. You have to copy it into 7 Days to Die’s worlds folder, usually: “%appdata%\Roaming\7 Days to Die\GeneratedWorlds” Why KingGen? The generated worlds are beautiful, with natural landscapes and large cities. The generation is faster than vanilla, even on old machines. Biomes are randomly placed, no repetitiveness. Deserts and snow never touch. KingGen is purely noise based, no stamps are used. This means that no two lakes look the same, nor two mountains. Advanced customization supported. Links Detailed user guide Video tutorials Change log Submit your heightmaps Translate KingGen into your language Feedback Follow development Donations Mods KingGen is supported by a few mods. If you are a mod owner and want to make KG and your mods compatible, please reach out for customized help. Mods that currently support KingGen: Compo Pack Darkness Falls War of The Walkers Ravenhearst Screenshots: Editor 4K 8K 16K An 8K heightmap Performance: KingGen is incredibly performant. It is several times faster than vanilla generation thanks to its parallelized algorithm that takes advantage of all your cpu cores. This table summarizes KingGen’s performance on a laptop. You can expect even better results on a gaming pc. Size of world Execution time Ram usage 4K 30 sec 500 MB 8K 2 mins 1.5 GB 12K 5 mins 3 GB 16K 10 mins 6 GB Donations: Help the development of this mod with a small paypal donation
  7. IRRELEVANT DATA NOW: LOW SPEC USERS: Install GEforceNOW by nvidia,Even High Specs PC's may and will have issues in certain scenarios as your hardware maybe much newer than the games current stage and progress support for compatibility and thus is a hindrance periodically.INSTEAD PLAY YOUR GAME WITH A 32GB TESLA P40 In Full GLory....BY running GFN Platform App which lets you use the 7k card virtually even on PC system as low as a CORE 2 Duo with 4GM Ram. Stick it All On Ultra & Enjoy Your GAME
  8. Hello everyone. I'm currently working on a pvp server project and I like to write a Discord bot which alerts players when their base is under attack. If there is enough demand I would make a server admin friendly version you could use too. So far I have already proof of concept that this is 100% possible, but before I write this down I like to collect some ideas. Furthermore I like to add a system which limits per player claimblocks by the time spent on the server and would integrate this too if there is interest in such a feature and possibly more pvp related features. Please notice that this is meant as an addition to other tools like ServerTools, PatronMod, BC or whatever, so I would like to avoid including features they already provide if there isn't a good reason. Is there a demand for such a tool and what would you expect from such a tool? Are there other features you would wish you had for a pvp server?
  9. The idea that information of discoveries would be shared is common. Now if we could share our exploration on our maps would be awesome, teams working together could explore better as a group. Weather they have to be next to one another to share this information or if it could be done like way points is another discussion maybe. The ability to share information like this would be key in any survival situation. If we could send (like way points), updates to friends/allies/all maps would be of great benefit and realistic . I'm sure this has been discussed before but i feel strongly i am not alone in my desire to see this, in the groups i game with this is our biggest fustration that we basically all have to explore the same areas as our fellow group members if we want to have a similar map and really slows and cripples our exploration and moving away from the main base of operations. Please consider some form of map share in your future updates. Thanks for a awesome game. (I know i'm a noob, with only like 2000+ hours in the game but hay, i'm still playing). Cheers
  10. I haven't played this game for a long time, but a thing i always think while playing it, it's a chemestry production for oil, whitout the need to go in the desert to gather oil shale, or breaking cars. I would like to start a production line of it, like start a tree farm, gather the wood to gasifier and then with a distillation boiler next to it i can convert gas to oil. To be more self-sufficient, without the fear that i'm going to run out of cars to demolish or oil shale deposit. It will help a lot at end game while at beginning this option will be disable until we unlock the ability to build the gasifier and boiler.
  11. So, from what I have read 8 players is the max for online play. Anything more than that and it results in performance issues, in turn horde nights having a very low spawn limit (4 or 5). I'm wondering if I can get around the 8 player limit by utilizing docker... What I am thinking is, setting up a container volume for the map and any other shared data, then setting up containers that would run multiple server instances for up to 8 players all referencing the shared volumes and having each container talk to one another. I'm wondering if this even possible or if anyone has attempted it? I found a git repo that allows you to deploy 7 Days to docker and I was able to successfully run a server on docker but haven't really tried going past that. I would like to know if there are any limitations in doing this? I'm pretty new to docker and I am undertaking this to learn more about it. Also, I am wondering if layering on a map can be implemented. Maybe only serving parts of a map that have players in it? So many questions. That big thing I am looking at though breaking past the 8 player limit utilizing docker and multiple containers? Thoughts?
  12. The devs should add an item that you can get like a generator that you can put down and hook up to block and if you put the Material that that block needs to repair inside the Machine then every time the block get below a certain durability or every so often the Machine should automatically repair the block I think this is a very good idea that the devs could add and it could open up a world of opportunity
  13. Hellow Everyone, Hope you all are Healthy. I do not know if this is the right Forum because it would fit better into Pimps Dreams in my Opinion. I just wanted to ask around what the Community would think if the Pimps would be able to include an In-Game Mod Launcher. Yes i am aware that there already is a very good Mod Launcher out there, but it would open up the modding for a lot more People who wouldnt try mods otherwise. *If there are any other Forum Post with the same topic, please tell me so I can close/delete this Post and go over to it TANK YOU very much! :)* I wish you a wonderful day and now lets go back to building a Base for the next Horde to come ;)
  14. Hi ! i got a server, and as admin im looking for tool to modify land. I saw on alpha 18 there was a mp5 wich destroy every block in one « click ». On alpha19 there is a « super wrench » but it’s too slow. What can i do ? thanks for your answer guys and girls
  15. Me and my friends have a question, when I play and use auto turrets I get xp. My friends don’t think that they can get xp from auto turrets. How do it work? And what do it takes to get xp from them?
  16. Hi, I LOVE this game and have allocated a nice refurbished Windows workstation to run a dedicated server for my gaming group with nothing else running on it. This may seem like a very odd request but I'd actually like to try consuming MORE RAM if it would help with loading new areas of the map. The workstation has SSD only storage and also has 16 GB of RAM on it but never goes above 6 GB of RAM usage in this role. This setup runs really smooth for us except when we are travelling in our vehicles and we hit a new area of the map where there is dramatic stutter and vehicle spasms (even with the SSD). I would gladly trade more RAM usage on the server for less of these incidents. This is just a nice to have type of discussion. The Fun Pimps ROCK and have made the best game ever in my opinion. Thanks so much for any thoughts on this topic.
  17. Howdy Survivalists, since Random Gen I always wanted a tool to export the explored world. Although I really like cumu's tool Export-discovered-map-to-png, it simply doesn't fit my needs. Personally I don't like python very much and I don't want to run a web server and browser just to see my map. So, I made my own version based on cumu's tool. It's a small .net application and exports only one player map to one png file. The only option so far is the size of the exported map: FullSize means one pixel equals one ingame block HalfSize means one pixel equals four ingame blocks (two in x and two in y) and so on Download and source code is available at: https://github.com/DorHans/7DTD-SMR/releases Old address provided, in case you need an older version: https://7dtdsinglemaprenderer.codeplex.com A big thanks to cumu for sharing his great work! Also a big thanks to Karlovsky120 for writing the 7DaysProfileEditor. Changelog: 2020-02-06 version 1.11.2020.206 added missing symbol for gyrocopter 2019-12-31 version 1.11.2019.1231 added rendering of biome map and prefabs for Alpha 18 added TileSizes double, triple and quadruple (maximum pixel size of png file is about 20k by 20k, enough for double size with 8k maps or quadruple size with 4k maps) added setting for game directory (needed for prefabs) -> please check "Settings" window! 2019-12-22 version 1.10.2019.1222 new method for reading waypoints from ttp files spawnpoint (bed), backpack and quickmarker are no longer rendered 2017-11-12 version 1.9.2017.1112 new experimental tool RegionViewer (maybe useful for RegionEditor) ImageFilePath is saved for each SaveGame individually Old versions:
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