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  1. Something that we as the community want and mostly need is the next level of threat. Besides the normal Zombies leveling up, getting harder as you level up is challenging and fun. However implementing a new creature that has evolved through this world be a nice fresh challenge to look forward to!! Having this Behemoth spawn in like every 10 to 20 days would be something! Having such a creature that you can look forward to without it dulling out to quickly is something that needs to be added!
  2. https://youtu.be/R03kLav_m0I Hey yall. Just wanted to share a project I've been working on. Me and my long time friend recently got PCs and have been playing together. I decided to record our gameplay for fun and realized what stupid and funny commentary we had together. So here is my little project to sharpen my editing skills. Its all for fun so I don't take it super seriously, but I'd still like to hear what people think. https://youtu.be/R03kLav_m0I
  3. Hello.. Can someone tell me how to fix this issue, we have dedicated server and yesterday some player reporting issued about plant seed. Everytime they put the seed on plot always dissappear even re-put the plot still doesnt work. I read on other forum, it called SI Bug. But theres no explaination how its happen or way to fixing it. Any ideas to fix or explain how it can happen to us? Thankee..
  4. Hello Pimps, I love the updates you have done, and I think you have done a great job. I really enjoy the new zombie looks, and the loot rework feels better. As I was playing, I was thinking about some things that would be cool to see. It would be cool to see a Evil dead Cabin in the wood Biome just as a Easter egg. Another thing I was thinking about is a nuke creator in the Burned Biome. It would make more sense for the radiation in that biome. Areas were nukes were dropped to stop the zombies. Just things that would match the themes you have made for the game. Another thing I was thinking about when playing was I wish there was Archery targets you can put up to practice. Maybe be able to hang a zombie up on one. That would be funny. Also I would love the ability to rename zombies so I can make my own story's in the game. I love the game, and how everything works, but I have to admit I wish there was some kind of side story to follow, or make up just make things more immersive when playing that's all. To have more tools to make more interesting videos. Anyways. I love your game. You guys have done a amazing job. I can't Phrase you enough. I Look forward to what is next, and what other amazing things you add.
  5. https://youtu.be/HZx5N1R0DOQ It’s the first 7th day, in my role-play series!! This episode is crazy a lot goin on in it! If you’re interested, please check it out it would mean a lot🙏 And maybe subscribe while you’re there🤷‍♂️ Couldn’t hurt if you’re interested in more🤔 and u can always unsubscribe later🤷‍♂️
  6. I've been here before (previous alpha) and they said it was fixed in a patch note so either I'm doing something wrong or they are. Basically the AP ammo says that it should do more damage to armoured targets since it ignores 20% of their armour, but when testing this in 'god mode' with cheats, the health bar goes down by the same amount when I'm using AP and normal ammo. I've tried this on a bunch of different zombies, with different weapons/ammo and by shooting them in different areas but the AP ammo still seems to not ignore that 20% of armour. However I didn't test the penetration, but even if that works, the armour mitigation doesn't. Please let me know if I'm just doing something wrong here, thanks!
  7. Hello future friends! Or enemies, your choice! I've been playing on this server (BShop True Survival PVP) since it's launch and would like to take a moment and show it off, as well as find a few new players to come hang out with our family. A little background first. At the time of writing this post, I've accumulated over 3923.5 hours of play in 7D2D split between single play and online servers. My first 6 months online were spent between NAPVP, Tweaks Lament PVP, Builder Friendly/PVP/400%, and finally Trips PVP, until it was shutdown in December. I dealt with uncaring, absent, or toxic server administrators, countless players whose only existence was to glitch or cheat, forcing the brand new players to leave until there were no consistent players left, and the ebb and flow of server population with early day 100 wipes or super late day 1500 wipes. With the death knell of Trips PvP, I thought it was time to sift through the rabble and find a new temporary home. Luckily for me, two of the consistent players decided they were done server hopping and decided to just host their own server, which resulted in the birth of BShop True Survival PVP! Let me tell you my friends, this server is nothing like you've played on before. These admins care about their player base. They care about their server. They care about this family that has come to call BShop their home. Constantly striving to improve the server, the admins work tirelessly to improve map performance and learn the coding of the game to develop and implement custom mods in the future that will improve quality of life. These admins have designed and built one of the absolutely coolest PVP Arenas I have ever seen, with games to be hosted for players to get their PvP fix in a controlled environment. (see pics below) There are even giant zombie battles for players who want a change of pace but aren't quite solid in their PvP abilities just yet. I am a PvP player at heart and I can't say the "no raiding" concept didn't turn me off at first; however, after building my castle and being able to show off as players drive by, I can say it honestly is so much better than I ever expected. There is plenty of PvP between the city with the hunting of noisy players and friendly battles in the PvP Arena. There are player owned shops where you can buy essentially any item you need 24/7 and a player owned bar where you can stop for snacks if you get hungry shopping. This is a PvP server so of course players fight but, as everyone knows each other and there is zero toxicity, nobody is hunting low level players who join late. It's more of a PvP-lite server if you will. I believe I have talked long enough so please take the time to view some of the pictures and if you feel like you need to find a forever home, or even just want to stop by for 15 minutes, come check us out! Welcome to BShop True Survival PVP!
  8. This game is amazing, 4/5 stars. But sadly, there's no green beans. I hope the developers see this, the player base not only wants green beans, but deserves green beans.
  9. Hey guys, We are hosting a friendly, mature, 7 Days to Die server and we are looking for new survivors! Our premise is a simple one. We're all adults, and we all have things going on in our real lives. Games are where we come to cut loose, have fun, and forget about the worries of the world for a while. We strive for good games, good memories, and good times. **We do not use a 7 day blood moon cycle, instead we have the game customized to grow increasingly harder as you progress through xp gains, and have included a variety of increasingly difficult unique zombies (mini bosses included- with special loot tables!) to encounter in your travels. This set up allows for comfortable RPG style game play, and focuses on a huge center city with a variety of biomes surrounded by easier starting areas. Come claim your base location, and defend from the hordes! Our current survivor base is friendly and active. Feel free to hop into our discord and say hello, and ask any questions that you may have! Please be sure to visit the welcome page in our Discord for more information or shoot me a message! Discord: https://discord.gg/Axv6rHjCEP Region: NA Central PVE Server Happy Hunting! -Divy/ Caedas Gaming
  10. As the title suggests I need some people to play with, I currently do not have a mic but I am getting one. I'm 24yrs old if that matters and just want to start a private server with some people. If your interested send me your steam ID.
  11. We started with a regular base but Demolishers were blowing up traps and they were just too much of a nuisance. So, we made the Road Runner bridge, zombies try to run across it, fall to the server bottom, get electrocuted on the way down and shot from a hanging walkway above them. (This was hilarious and a lot of fun.) However, after the 19.2 update, the zombies kept digging. Not for the people down in the hole. No they kept finding the softest point to start going down within their spawn radius on horde night, then they dug across to me, where I was being bait on the bridge. This made no sense at all, they could have bashed approximately 10 blocks of reinforced concrete to make stairs up to where I was instead of trying to go through hundreds of blocks with a much higher total of hit points to try and sap what I was standing on. As a result, we ended up destroying 3.5 million blocks to rip out a village and build a base on the server bottom. No more digging zombies then! (We didn't know about the admin tool to shoot blocks out, until after it was done, so we did this by hand).
  12. I've been a console player for too long. But damn, the PC version brought a tear to my eye. I am in love with it. Check out my 1st week! And I'll be making more 7 days content soon.
  13. Domuks Hell Horde 300x-Looking for players! New pve Modded server we invite you to join us! Active admins friendly server! Mod List: Server Side Zombies StartingItemPlus Riles-HUDPlus1.07 Snufkin_CustomZombies_ResearchCamera_A19_Stable_2020Oct28 Snufkin_CustomZombies_A19-Stable_2020Nov03 War3zuk HD Tools Server Tools 7_Stacks_Plus_30k(A19.2) SnufkinWeapons-LootboxAddon_A19_Stable Snufkin_Weapons_Xpansion_A19_Stable server ip: https://7daystodie-servers.com/server/90462/ Discord https://discord.gg/QSgsfZM
  14. Hi everyone, Steam files verified OK. The latest Steam version of the game Alpha 19.2 (b4) No mods. 2 person multiplayer. I've made a mess, as I usually do, playing with what I shouldn't, without any knowledge about it, but I accept only 80% of the blame, as someone who lets kid in front of the wheel is the one responsible for the crashed car Anyway, I created 2 player server in the game (playing and hosting on same PC) and played with friend for a few days until we came far enough to start planning strategy and tactics for future hordes, a sustainable, effective and efficient solution. After making it, it would be natural to test it, before a horde, so I came up with the idea of spawning a few zombies to see if they'll walk where we want to or they will find an easier path for them. After spending 30 seconds on Google, I found some thread where someone was asking the same question and someone replied something like this "se X Y, where X is ID of entity near which new entity will be spawned (for example a zombie near a player) and Y is ID of entity type we want to spawn (specific zombie type ID)" , with an example "se 350 1". Easy enough, I used "lpi" to list players, determined my ID is 304 and used "1" in Y place to spawn a zombie of type 1, not knowing which one it is. I'm really lucky in general, so of course, "1" had to be a template zombie which obviously is not supposed to be spawned (now I understand why Microsoft won't let you be administrator of your own PC , but I don't know, seems irresponsible to allow random people to issue commands which could destroy their game and real time days of progress ). Console started filling with dozens identical errors per second, not letting me close it or do anything (zombie was spawned, attacked me and killed me after a while, so at least that went almost as planned, I think he was invisible though). Quick Google search led me to "shutdown", so I closed server and game like that. After logging in again, same error continued, making the game unplayable. Another "shutdown" and restart. Not knowing what else to do, I entered "kill 1" thinking it would perhaps kill that zombie and prevent error from happening and somehow that worked, stopping the error, even though it in fact didn't kill the template zombie, but a random dog (as I concluded it had, after thinking about it today, because it probably killed entity with ID "1" and not entity which type is "1"), as I found in the log few minutes ago. However it says dog 4030 was killed, not 1, as I said, no idea what I'm doing. Perhaps zombie despawned on it's own stopping the error. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2020-12-07T01:02:14 46.226 INF Executing command 'kill 1' 2020-12-07T01:02:14 46.258 INF Entity animalZombieDog 4030 killed ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Anyway, now I can login and play without error happening (as can be seen in log 07.12. 18:56) , but if my friend tries to join the game, error continues (as can be seen in logs 07.12. 01:01 and 07.12. 01:04). Is it related to backpack somehow, as it's the last line that gets printed before error ? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2020-12-07T01:03:22 114.206 INF RequestToSpawnPlayer: 312, 123, 6 2020-12-07T01:03:22 114.213 INF Created player with id=312 2020-12-07T01:03:24 116.260 INF 5141 EntityBackpack id 0, plyrId 304, (0.0, 0.0, 0.0) (0, 0), chunk False (0, 0, 0), items 54 ammo762mmBulletBall, ammo9mmBulletBall at (0, 0, 0, xz 0 0) : Read 2020-12-07T01:03:24 116.261 INF 5141 EntityBackpack id 5158, plyrId 304, (208.1, 81.0, 403.2) (13, 25), chunk True (13, 5, 25), items 54 ammo762mmBulletBall, ammo9mmBulletBall at (0, 0, 0, xz 0 0) : Write 2020-12-07T01:03:24 116.263 INF TileEntityLootContainer backpack write 0, 0, 0 2020-12-07T01:03:24 116.640 INF 5141 EntityBackpack id 5158, plyrId 304, (208.1, 81.0, 403.2) (13, 25), chunk True (13, 5, 25), items 54 ammo762mmBulletBall, ammo9mmBulletBall at (0, 0, 0, xz 0 0) : Start NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at LegacyAvatarController.Update () [0x00127] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at AvatarZombieController.Update () [0x00000] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Logs are attached and since it's a short error getting repeated infinitely, I will also paste it here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2020-12-07T00:47:21 17258.181 INF Executing command 'lpi' 2020-12-07T00:47:26 17263.489 INF Executing command 'se 304 1' NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at LegacyAvatarController.Update () [0x00127] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 at AvatarZombieController.Update () [0x00000] in <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70>:0 (Filename: <8966b1f384fe4ecab81b938f521bef70> Line: 0) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Do you think killing that zombie would help? According to below, it's ID should be 5156, but if I type "kill 5156" now, I get the message that ID can't be found. Perhaps it despawned because I was reborn far away from the place where I was killed? 2020-12-07T00:53:17 132.193 INF GMSG: Player 'Andrej' died 2020-12-07T00:53:17 132.194 INF Entity Andrej 304 killed by zombieTemplateMale 5156 output_log__2020-12-06__19-59-25.txt output_log__2020-12-07__00-50-46.txt output_log__2020-12-07__01-01-12.txt output_log__2020-12-07__01-04-13.txt output_log__2020-12-07__18-56-49.txt
  15. I've gotten past the other issues with the alpha. This one might be my breaking point though. How can traps be insta-kill? That makes no sense. How does a scratch end up killing you instantly? I get that the spikes were absurd in that you could land on them, essentially impaling yourself, and take minimal damage. Why is it that the UnFun Pimps always take the drastic option of swinging from one extreme to the other? I barely touched barbed wire walking over the edge of it, dead. I jumped onto spike traps after several tests, all which killed me instantly. These two scenarios are not the same. They should not have the same outcome. And for those who'd say "just mod that", it seems to be hard coded. Thanks a lot for that. The damage_received property does nothing when you change it. Still dead, still instant. I agree the penalty for getting caught in traps needs to be severe but death and death penalty is like getting a ticket, jail time, house arrest, and then walking with a ball and chain all for jaywalking. I cleared a complete factory and then died on barbed wire. When barbed wire is deadlier than more than 100 zombies you know that balance has been lost. I think I'mma still play, but I am definitely going to be annoyed with this bs. My character is a pansy and there's nothing I can do about it.
  16. The Silent Joe's PvPvE Anarchy 500% / 300% Main Features : - PvPvE - 15 Slots - Custom Map 8K (/w pvp, reset & pve zones) and a lot of cities & towns! - High rates (500% Loot, 300% Experience gain with additional tweeks to loot.xml and more on the way). - 2 Bases (Land claim blocks) per player. - Max 3 players per group. - Upgrading performance & slots when required. - Open to suggestions to improve the experience. - Lightly modded. - Voting rewards and QoL commands. - Chat /shop with Silent Joe's Coins earned trough killing zombies. - 6 Rare trader locations with all 6 traders available at one POI. - Rare POI's with more sealed boxes and special loot. (Might get removed) More informations & rules..! - 7D2D Servers : https://7daystodie-servers.com/server/90382/ - Discord : https://discord.gg/UN8DZ6ATk9
  17. I'm looking for anyone wanting to create a whole new team to play 7 days to die day 1. Similar play to neebs gaming. Fun RPG story type of play. Make new friends, generally have a laugh. My steam account is IZZIT!?
  18. https://photos.app.goo.gl/HrgJcZ3PkdWVoTZN6 We are now approaching day 63, about level 180, game stage 284. It won't get much harder than this now. We moved the roof top garden to ground level. You can see Trader Bob's place across the field. The white elevated cage in the parking lot is our horde kill zone. When we are in the cage the zombies mostly leave our living space alone, but we leave the doors open so they can more easily path to the kill cage. Motion sensors auto open garage doors when we arrive home, and two sensors inside, facing down, see when we are a couple feet from the back doors ready to leave. We have four independent power lines, A. solar on timed relay for lighting, B. generator to battery box for base defense (fences, SMG turrets) , C. one line for only garage sensors to garage doors. D. a separate generator, and battery box for powering the horde kill cage (6 fence lines, 5 blade traps, 2 shotguns looking upwards for vultures). Day 56 we had dozens of demos and ended up with a few craters in the asphalt, but it repairs quickly. We ended up building a 2 plate high box inside the cage to stay out of sight of the cops.
  19. I use the animal tracker perk and find the first level quite good: Hunker down, if there's an animal within 20 to 30 meters the paws will turn green, follow the indicator on your compass and kill the animal. If there's not an animal within range it will say you don't spot any tracks. A newly added on-screen icon helps you spot the little critter in the tall grass. This perk has found chickens and rabbits in relative abundance that I would have blithely walked right past, and has contributed to a reliable stockpile of meat in our base. Then I tried level 2 - supposedly allowing me to detect larger animals - and the thing seemed to bug out. The paws were turning green all the time but no compass indicator was showing up at all. It wouldn't even show me nearby rabbits and chickens, which I had to spot the old fashioned way ... such as when a chicken tried to cross the road. I spent extended time wandering in and out of range trying to zero in on the animals I was detecting before turning to the elixir that allowed me to reset to level 1, which works well enough. I have been given the impression that not a lot of players use the animal tracker perk, or are under the impression that it is broken. The first level is reliable enough. Does anyone have experience of the higher ranks of this perk working? Is there some special technique or something I'm missing? Level 2 seems bugged to me.
  20. A friendly swedish PvE-server with CustomZombies, 120 backpack, teleport, CustomWeapons, ect.. Server with the latest stable version of the game.. Serverside modlets only. Serverside zombies, Serverside vehicles, 120 slot backpack, Serverside wepons, WhiteRiverToC, Food/waterbar.. ect. Teleport: /lobby (As a new player you spawn in the lobby. There are a trader and storageboxes with guns, ammo, food/water, clothes/armor.. if you choose to pickup. If you want to get back there at any time just write /lobby in chat ) /home (When you built a base then you write /sethome in chat to set it as your home and you can teleport home when you need just write /home in chat. ) /safehouse (As a new player safehouse is an indestructible place where you are safe from the zombiehordes during bloodmoon. The more experienced players will like the place to there is a hordehouse ontop of the bunker below ) /market (Market is located in an old fortress that has 2 traders.. Just travel there when you need to sell some loot or buy somthing.) /lighthouse ( Is a cold place.. There is a big new lighthouse there if you want to get in from the cold.. ) /commands (to see all commands you can use.. ) A friendly server with some nice mods, community spots and more. To come with suggestions or just to hangout we highly recommend our ATS community discord. https://discord.gg/QVcBZHWDVe ATS-Alla talar svenska is a swedish community/multiclan that. You dont need to bea member of the clan to join our community just follow the rules that is be nice to eachother. Server https://7daystodie-servers.com/server/90419/ Owner/admin: RiPp3r Admin: Zombie.
  21. Welcome to The 7 Legions - BIOHAZARD & INFECTED SERVERS WWW.THE7LEGIONS.ORG ● Nice, Active and Creative Admin Team ● Friendly Community ● 2 servers with different levels. ● Player-supporting tasks already in the starting area in order to get an easier start into the action ● Custom Mods - 39 Legion Guns, 96 backpack, Custom food, Wicked Garden and so much more. ● Discord ● Live Map Direct Connect to Game: steam://connect/ Sever name: THE 7 LEGIONS – BIOHAZARD| PVE|A19.2|MODDED Connect: IP: Port: 26940 If you are having trouble, please just ask an admin for help in our discord Direct Connect to Game: steam://connect/ Sever name: THE 7 LEGIONS – INFECTED| PVE|A19.2|MODDED Connect: IP: Port: 26910 If you are having trouble, please just ask an admin for help in our discord
  22. Welcome to Sneak N Hide community server! We are glad to announce that we have been here already 1 year! We run one high performance server located in Germany, Frankfurt. We have developed lots of custom mods. Server doesnt require client side extra downloads for mods. [PVE] Sneak N Hide | 500%XP | 200%LOOT {LATEST_EXPERIMENTAL} Server settings See you on server
  23. HEY SURVIVORS, We are wiping both our PVE Servers this Friday 7pm CST. We are moving them over to our new Dedicated AMD server. With AMD's multi-threading cores it will make for some much smoother game play. PVE PRO SERVER: PvE Pro has vanilla settings and harder zombies. We will also add Boss Zombies into the game after Day 100 on the PvE Pro. For those who like the challenge. PVE CASUAL SERVER: PvE Casual has higher loot & XP with easier zombies. Kinda chill server for those who just want to take it easy. For more details on the servers check out our website below. DISCORD: https://discord.gg/jCyZEv5 WEBSITE: https://saltyzombies.com/7-days-to-die-pve-server
  24. Hey everyone, I’m a small youtuber looking for a whitelisted role-play, unlimited pvp, pve server. I’ve been looking everywhere but can’t find anything. If you know of a good one even if it’s not whitelisted I’d greatly appreciate it 🙏 also I’m always looking for new people to role-play with so comment if your looking for a fellow survivor/ role-play series to join.
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