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  1. Good evening. I got this stupid idea, that's been rolling around in my head for some time. In various video games and tv shows that deal with the "world after...", you always have that one oddball character, who chose some crazy way of surviving/way of life/cult/etc, that seems to work out under some unknown reason. I was thinking of a person that was heavy into fantasy, either a Larper or MMORPG, and decided now that he was a crusader who's holy duty was to rid the world of these zombies. Heavy armor, with a 2h hammer (in the case of 7days) in hand, he strides off to victory or his end - with no fear. So, heavy armor/2h hammer/sexy trex is how far I got with this build. I'm not sure if I want to go nomadic or have some knowledge of campfire cooking. I haven't used a 2h hammer yet, so I don't know which mods could be added to one. It would add to his character, if I could build a flaming weapon. Thoughts? Suggestions? Thank you for your time.
  2. a thing to do when you have nothing to do
  3. Just started a fresh 8k modded map, on day 22 or 23. Modded POI's, weapons, vehicles, overhauled farming, and some other things, but not overboard. Just game enhancements I wanted some more vehicle options, firearms and POI's so that's most of what's on the server as far as mods go. Currently just myself and a couple buddies, thought I'd try to get more people involved. Feel free to reply here or join our new discord if interested. 21+ please. https://discord.gg/WhtvVypuUM
  4. I'm aware that an overhaul of the repair system probably falls under the heading of 'balancing the game economy' which is something that probably will not, and should not, be addressed until beta. The current repair system is certainly 'good enough' for alpha. That said, I'm hopeful there is a serious overhaul of the repair system planned for some point in the development roadmap. The current system means that as soon as you have reliable sources of glue, cloth and iron, repair is a non issue. The amount of those resources required is pretty trivial, so repair itself is trivial. Even if the requirements were increased, they're very basic resources, so getting enough of them is unlikely to require impactful gameplay decisions beyond very early game. I think the characteristics of a good repair system are: The system requires a trade off between reliability (risk) and resources invested. I.e. keeping your gear 100% repaired all the time is safest, but costs more resources than waiting until things break. The current system actually does this, because a single repair kit repairs to 100% no matter how degraded the item is. The current system doesn't do it very well, because repair kits fix everything and are trivially easy to make. The system encourages a trade off between using lower performance but reliable equipment and very high performance, less reliable equipment. Currently this doesn't really happen unless you randomly get a piece of gear that rolled high for stats except for durability. Again, because keeping everything repaired is so easy, it doesn't really matter even then. Items that require rare resources to craft also require rare resources to maintain. The current system doesn't do this at all. Repairs taking rare resources would mean the urgency of needing a particular resource to keep functioning at peak effectiveness stays as a thing beyond early to early-mid game. Personally I find that situation of 'I could have a vehicle if I could just find a bottle of acid' enjoyable, and it drives gameplay. Being able to create a similar situation later game (if the tyre on my bike goes, I currently don't have any acid to make a new one) seems like good gameplay. Some unpredictability in reliability. Unpredictability should increase for poorly maintained gear. Currently this doesn't happen at all. Everything works perfectly until it reaches zero durability. There are many ways to change the repair system to make those characteristics more prominent. A few thoughts I've had are: Number 1 pretty much takes care of itself, if we stick with the current model where repairing to full costs the same resources as repairing a little. By making the actual resources required to repair more meaningful, the fact that you can choose to repair early or late would become a lot more meaningful. Number 2 could be addressed by modifying item generation to a sort of 'points buy' system, where high stats potentially lead to lower durability, for equivalent items of the same tier. I think you'd probably want it set up so that poorly statted items CAN have a much higher durability than ones with excellent stats, but it's not guaranteed. So if a particular item has a base durability of 300 at quality 3, or whatever, a version of that item with average performance stats would roll durability between 150 and 450. A version with good stats rolls between 150 and 300 and a version with really bad stats rolls between 150 and 600. So you can still get items that are just all round crap for their tier, and equally some excellent items with decent durability. Yes this system does mean that high precision weapons degrade faster, which makes sense, but also tough armour will usually degrade faster too. That may not be strictly logical but it's good gameplay. It also adds a lot more value to the armour perks' ability to reduce armour degradation and degradation reducing weapon/tool mods. Number 3 can be addressed by making repair costs proportional to crafting costs. Getting the proportion right is very much economy balancing, and will need some trial and error. Something like 25% of crafting cost feels about right. There's some additional complexity for items with multiple crafting stages, namely vehicles. In order to calculate repair requirements the game engine would need to be able to trace the resources that were used to make the components. So you might need a new headlight to fix your truck, but generally you don't need a new chassis. For resources which are going to end up with a fractional cost (like engines for vehicles) you could roll against the percentage of resources required. So if 25% of crafting resources are required for a fix, then 25% of the time a vehicle needs a new engine to be repaired, 75% of the time you can repair it without needing an engine. I'd actually suggest rolling for each resource individually for all repairs. So a high tier rifle that took 20 rifle parts to craft would roll the 25% chance (or whatever the right 'repair amount' turns out to be) for each of the 20 rifle parts that are in the original recipe. It might take anywhere between zero and 20 rifle parts to fix, but the average will be around 5 (if the repair requirement was set at 25%). That sort of ties in with unpredictability, which I'll talk about next. Adding in unpredictability is as simple as having a (small) chance for an item to stop working every time it loses durability. The chance increases the further the item is from full durability. In order to balance the system using the values we currently have, you actually want items to keep working beyond zero durability, if you're lucky. The actual calculations for where an item stops working are moderately complex, but the player doesn't have to be aware of that. They just know that stuff is pretty reliable at high durabilities and likely to break at any time if durability is low. Combining number 3 and number 4 (rare resources and unpredictability). If you implement the approach where the resources required for a repair are 'rolled for', not fixed, you could make 'the roll' as soon as the item first loses durability, and display that information to the player. That would lead to gameplay that 'My truck is at 99% durability and isn't likely to stop working any time soon, but I know the engine and two of the wheels are wearing out, and when it does break, I'm going to require new ones to fix it'. There probably needs to be a requirement that items that require a workbench to make also require a workbench to repair. That's an independent design decision, but makes unlucky failures are high durability a lot more impactful. I recognise how difficult to implement these system change suggestions would be depends a lot on how the crafting system is actually constructed. If you'd need to explicitly code a recipe for every single possible scenario of required parts then it's not practical to implement. The solution suggestions are merely quick thoughts I've had, though. I stand by the four desirable characteristics listed at the start of the post. Any change to repair that makes those characteristics more prominant seems like a good thing to me.
  5. A medieval, early to mid game defense before electricity is accessible. It would be made using iron and could be put under the first rank of advanced engineering along with the forge to get you started on more fun traps than just spikes and barbed wire. You would have to fill it with the fuel first (either bottles of oil or a crafted "ammo" specifically for the cauldron) and then activate it to tip it over, raining fire on anything below leaving something similar to the fire molotovs leave only bigger and maybe more damaging as to make it worth building.
  6. Hey fellow 7 day'rs. Iam 45 yr old gamer guy of over 1000 hrs on PC and over 2500hrs on the ps4. Iam also a Canuck on EST time. I play on steam or modded through the Launcher. Iam looking for ppl to join up in on playing multiplayer server, or whatever?, Playing single is still fun but I feel that theres alot more fun to be had playing this game that I love. If anyone would like to hit me up my steam name is: eco_slider My Id name is just ECO. I have discord and or TeamSpeak, I do have a mic. I speak English. So again if anyone would like to hit me up I'll be around. PvE is my preference. Thanks.
  7. Welcome to The PACK Gaming! We are an adult gaming community, and we are looking for quality players to join our adventures. We have an active and friendly Admin Team to assist your gaming endeavors. Our Gaming group is Beginner friendly! Most of our Servers are Modded for the best QoL We currently Host: ARK PvE Cluster (4xXP, 3xH, 15xT/B) of 16 Maps! Atlas 3x3 (6xXP 2xH 2xT) Conan Exiles PvE 18+ (3xXP,3xH) Dark and Light PvE (3xXP,3xH, 15xT) (Shard and Sacred Path) 7 Days to Die ( 200% XP, 200% Loot) (2x A19 Maps) Valheim PvE Outlaws of the Old West PvE Subsistence PvE Our Discord: https://discord.gg/uvmXB2P The PACK PVE | 200% XP | 200% Loot | A19 | 10K Circle Map steam://connect/ https://7daystodie-servers.com/server/86965/ <--- Server Map The PACK PVE | 200% XP | 200% Loot | A19 | 10K steam://connect/ https://7daystodie-servers.com/server/90060/ <--- Server Map Our Website https://faq.thepackgaming.com/
  8. SMS Run Of The Mill PVE IP: Port: 26960 Server Features: This is a long term server. No wipes till A20 hits. No mods allowed so don't ask. Botman Server Manager. King Gen Map. Full Vanilla Server. Mostly Default Settings. No Bag Drop. 8k player Shared range. 30 days loot Respawn Huge cities and towns. SMS Standard Rules: No Player Killing, No Base Raiding, No Stealing. https://www.somethingmoreserious.com/ https://discord.gg/RJwHk8cq3u
  9. 7 Days to Die Paradise Deutschland PVE Version : alpha 19.5 stable Slots : 20 Schwierigkeit : Warrior Claims : 4 Airdrops : 24 h DayNightLength : 120 min WorldGenSize : 8192 Server Reboot : 4 a.m. Nette Community, mit vielen Spieler-Shops und freundlichen & hilfsbereiten Spielern. Es gibt ein paar kleine mods & modlets (nur Serverseitig, kein download nötig) wie z.B. Auto-BackUps, Vehicle-Respawner, Vehicle-Mods, schnellere Nailgun, häufigere & größere Wanderhorden und einiges mehr. Server Regeln 1. Bauten, Gegenstände und Fahrzeuge anderer Spieler sind Tabu, auch wenn nicht geclaimt ist - KEIN KLAUEN 2. Kein claimen von POIs 3. Beim claimen genug Abstand (mind. 65 Blöcke) zu POIs halten, damit dort Zombies respawnen können 4. Keine Lootcontainer zerstören/abbauen 5. Respektvoller Umgang miteinander 6. Gebuddelte Löcher sind so abzusichern, das niemand reinfallen oder reinfahren kann 7. Spieler, die nicht gegen die Blutmondhorde k&#xE4;mpfen wollen, m&#xFC;ssen sich bis 21:00 Uhr ausloggen Claims die gegen oben genannte Regeln verstossen, werden entfernt! Server rules 1. Buildings, items and vehicles owned by another player are taboo, even when not claimed - NO STEALING 2. No claiming of POIs 3. When claiming, keep enough distance (at least 65 blocks) to POIs so zombies can respawn there 4. Do not destroy/dismantle loot containers 5. Respectful interaction with each other 6. Dug holes must be secured in such a way that no one can fall or drive into them 7. Players who do not want to fight against the Blood Moon Horde must log out by 09:00 pm Claims that violate the above rules will be removed!
  10. Split screen mode is a great thing. It is implemented in ps, so why not do it for the desktop? Photo
  11. New special zombie ideas -Pile of flesh/goop zombies Can slowly pass through closed doors, iron bars, broken windows, ect. Cannot pass through Bullet proof glass doors, maybe sealed iron doors, and similar things. Does little damage but has an increased chance to infect and has slow movement speed. Silent movement so they can sneak up on people with the slow movement speed. -midget/baby zombies Fast movement speed with abnormal strafing like rabbits and chickens Low damage if they decide to attack but have them also cry so other zombies will be attracted like screamers. You can change it so that screamers will scream anyways as they die/in the area of players unless shot in the head or decapitated while the baby zombies will cry until killed so screamers aren’t rendered useless. Screamers will cause a hoard to spawn while the babies will attract zombies in a radius to become aggro or wake up. Midgets can be the same thing but without the crying I guess if the crying is too annoying. -Camouflage zombies They have overgrown grass or plants on them. You can make it so that they are wearing ghillie suits but make them spawn on/around military areas only. New boss Zombie ideas -Combination/ Morphing zombie (This zombie can be a special type or boss depending how strong you make it.) Upon the first knock down, this zombie will stretch and pull on the 2 closest zombies near them. You can make it so that if multiple zombies are close, it can either choose the stronger or weaker ones(it's up to you) If you choose to not limit the zombies it can pull then you can limit the radius of the pull range so things don’t become too crazy. I think a huge zombie with many heads in the chest and body would be cool as a design. This morph adds all the HP from the zombies combined on top of each other, however the morph should take maybe 3-6 seconds or just be dependent on how many zombies were sucked in. (also up to you for balance reasons) -Titan zombie (definitely an Late-game zombie) Huge zombie about the size of a 2 to 3 story building. Make the movement insanely slow but have his environmental damage way up. This zombie will add to the variety by making the player decide to either bunker down and try to kill it or drive away during mid blood moon to kill it slowly/ distract it. (if people don't like it then maybe have bosses toggled through the server settings?) There will need to be a deep growl/yell that echoes throughout the map that will indicate that the upcoming blood moon will have a titan. It would also make it really spooky in a way too but make sure to give like..... 1 warning each for the last 4 days before blood moon or something. Overall I think the game is in a really good spot but I also think it needs more variety. The special zombies are kind of bland and there aren't really any threats late game besides being overwhelmed by shear numbers. I feel like the game should have zombies that make you play different and watch out for instead of needing to shoot more bullets. The bomber zombie is a good example where you need to shoot them in the legs to not activate the bomb but other than that, its about all the game's got rn. I have high hopes for the future.
  12. Our new competitive PvE season: 7th May 2021 to 2nd June 2021. Play, fight and die to see who is the top zombie slayer at the end of the month to earn rewards, including SSDs and WNG merch. For detailed information on our servers and settings please check out our website here: WickedNinjaGames Website Server Features (Not an exclusive list) Official and unofficial events Supporter ranks and rewards Chat in-game with friends on our Discord In game Currency, Rewards and Shop Competitive PvE with rewards View a real-time map on our website Monthly Wipes Server Settings Custom 8k World Warrior Game Difficulty 60 Minute Days 72 Hour Airdrops Walk Day zombie speed Sprint Night zombie speed 3 Land Claims Increased land claim size 100% Claim player damage protection All mods are server side and do not need to be downloaded PvE Map - Steam - Reset 07/05/2021 Alice County - steam://connect/7d1.wngplay.com:26900 PvE Mods 3 Slot forge 12 Slot crafting queue 96 Slot backpack Server Side Vehicles Lockable inventory slots Improved HUD Better supply drops Craft Acid Log Spikes Improved loot tables Car respawns Additional vehicle seats Any questions? Come and chat: WickedNinjaGames Discord WickedNinjaGames Website Or direct message me with any questions.
  13. One for the British and anyone who likes big shopping trips! Enjoy Tesko, the supermarket where Every Little Helps - which is certainly true in a zombie apocalypse when you need food, water, medicine, and ammo to stay alive. Explore through this huge supermarket, loot whatever remains you might find there, and learn about the stories of past survivors who may have once called this supermarket their home during the plight of the apocalypse. Tesko features a whole heap of areas to explore, zombies to kill and places of interest to find. With thanks to Notti for helping me get this place finished up! DOWNLOAD Download (NexusMods) Download (Google Drive) Installation details can be found here on the NexusMods page. SCREENIES
  14. SMS Easy 500% PVE (Now with 50% More Zombies) Ip: Port: 26930 steam://connect/ Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Server Features: More zombies 28 slot crafting queue and 30 slot output window Lam's 136 slot backpack 30 K stacks Custom Nitro Generated Map Powerful BB Bat Riles-SeatingPlus HUGE Cities. faster 4x4 and motor bike Botman Server manager SMS Website www.somethingmoreserious.com
  15. I was thinking about possible future military bases as locations to explore and loot. Basically those places would help to find items like military cloth schematics, car parts, some weapon nd armour parts etc. So basically quite high tier loot, but at the cost of a new soldier zombie type, or a new version of a mutant zombie which would be very hard to kill with bullets due to armour, forcing the player to use explosives or other kind of specil weaponry, a zombie boss of sorts. Such base could be different types, starting from an airfield, or some larger barracks, to a research facility or even a rocket silo. On another hand i think a coop or singleplayer lore quest would be interesting, something you wouldnt have to do if you didnt want to, but somethibng that could give you something to go for, like finding the source of the virus, or the local hive...
  16. Genuinely not sure if this is intended or not, but on my second blood moon (that i actually survived!) all of the zombies insisted on taking a lap around my base to systematically tear apart all of the wooden spikes i had placed next to my walls. Made the night a hell of a lot easier, but i can't help but feel like having the zombies willingly seek out and throw their bodies onto my spikes kinda made it feel a bit less tense you know? So uh. Guess i just want to know if this is the game working as intended or if they are planning on fixing this for the release. Or if i should file a bug report....
  17. First of all im a long time player of 7 Days to Die with over 1000 hours so i know that there is still plenty to sort of DO after day 100 ish but will there ever be a proper end game? Maybe zombie bosses that come with every 7th wave after day 70 that drop specific loot? A roaming world zombie boss that needs to be defeated to truly beat the game? I generally play single player because if internet issues and truly love the game but i always feel like i get bored and restart after im all set up etc, playing on harder difficulties and higher zombie counts does make it more challenging early game but it still ends up being the same late game. Id really prefer not to have to turn to mods but that sort of seems like the only option.
  18. https://youtu.be/R03kLav_m0I Hey yall. Just wanted to share a project I've been working on. Me and my long time friend recently got PCs and have been playing together. I decided to record our gameplay for fun and realized what stupid and funny commentary we had together. So here is my little project to sharpen my editing skills. Its all for fun so I don't take it super seriously, but I'd still like to hear what people think. https://youtu.be/R03kLav_m0I
  19. Hello.. Can someone tell me how to fix this issue, we have dedicated server and yesterday some player reporting issued about plant seed. Everytime they put the seed on plot always dissappear even re-put the plot still doesnt work. I read on other forum, it called SI Bug. But theres no explaination how its happen or way to fixing it. Any ideas to fix or explain how it can happen to us? Thankee..
  20. Hey, I understand that there are other things that will take priority. But, I'm a builder and decorator in this game. I was wondering if it would be possible to have beds function like bedrolls? I'm tired of having a beautiful bed, with a bedroll laying next to it. It's something that has always bothered me as other survival games allow it. I love this game, I just want to have a nice comfy bed to wake up on!
  21. All Night Gamers - Undead Legacy I PvE Come on down and have some all night fun! General Server IP: Game Port: 17470 Game Version: A 19.6 (b6) Undead Legacy Version: 2.4.28 Difficulty: Survivalist Basic 24 Hour Cycle: 90 Minutes / Daylight Length: 18 - Default daytime: 4:00 Max Zombies: 100 Max Animals: 50 Advanced Player/ AI Block Damage: 100% Loot Abundance: 100% / Re-spawn Time: 30 Days Drop on Death: Everything/ Drop on Quit: Nothing Blood Moon Count: 8 Multiplayer PvE only - No Killing Claim size: 51 Blocks/ Claim Duration: 7 Days Rules PvE only No active base raiding, don't claim a POI, build close to a trader and don't build or within 200 blocks of any city. Respect other players and the admins.
  22. Hello Pimps, I love the updates you have done, and I think you have done a great job. I really enjoy the new zombie looks, and the loot rework feels better. As I was playing, I was thinking about some things that would be cool to see. It would be cool to see a Evil dead Cabin in the wood Biome just as a Easter egg. Another thing I was thinking about is a nuke creator in the Burned Biome. It would make more sense for the radiation in that biome. Areas were nukes were dropped to stop the zombies. Just things that would match the themes you have made for the game. Another thing I was thinking about when playing was I wish there was Archery targets you can put up to practice. Maybe be able to hang a zombie up on one. That would be funny. Also I would love the ability to rename zombies so I can make my own story's in the game. I love the game, and how everything works, but I have to admit I wish there was some kind of side story to follow, or make up just make things more immersive when playing that's all. To have more tools to make more interesting videos. Anyways. I love your game. You guys have done a amazing job. I can't Phrase you enough. I Look forward to what is next, and what other amazing things you add.
  23. https://youtu.be/HZx5N1R0DOQ It’s the first 7th day, in my role-play series!! This episode is crazy a lot goin on in it! If you’re interested, please check it out it would mean a lot🙏 And maybe subscribe while you’re there🤷‍♂️ Couldn’t hurt if you’re interested in more🤔 and u can always unsubscribe later🤷‍♂️
  24. Hello future friends! Or enemies, your choice! I've been playing on this server (BShop True Survival PVP) since it's launch and would like to take a moment and show it off, as well as find a few new players to come hang out with our family. A little background first. At the time of writing this post, I've accumulated over 3923.5 hours of play in 7D2D split between single play and online servers. My first 6 months online were spent between NAPVP, Tweaks Lament PVP, Builder Friendly/PVP/400%, and finally Trips PVP, until it was shutdown in December. I dealt with uncaring, absent, or toxic server administrators, countless players whose only existence was to glitch or cheat, forcing the brand new players to leave until there were no consistent players left, and the ebb and flow of server population with early day 100 wipes or super late day 1500 wipes. With the death knell of Trips PvP, I thought it was time to sift through the rabble and find a new temporary home. Luckily for me, two of the consistent players decided they were done server hopping and decided to just host their own server, which resulted in the birth of BShop True Survival PVP! Let me tell you my friends, this server is nothing like you've played on before. These admins care about their player base. They care about their server. They care about this family that has come to call BShop their home. Constantly striving to improve the server, the admins work tirelessly to improve map performance and learn the coding of the game to develop and implement custom mods in the future that will improve quality of life. These admins have designed and built one of the absolutely coolest PVP Arenas I have ever seen, with games to be hosted for players to get their PvP fix in a controlled environment. (see pics below) There are even giant zombie battles for players who want a change of pace but aren't quite solid in their PvP abilities just yet. I am a PvP player at heart and I can't say the "no raiding" concept didn't turn me off at first; however, after building my castle and being able to show off as players drive by, I can say it honestly is so much better than I ever expected. There is plenty of PvP between the city with the hunting of noisy players and friendly battles in the PvP Arena. There are player owned shops where you can buy essentially any item you need 24/7 and a player owned bar where you can stop for snacks if you get hungry shopping. This is a PvP server so of course players fight but, as everyone knows each other and there is zero toxicity, nobody is hunting low level players who join late. It's more of a PvP-lite server if you will. I believe I have talked long enough so please take the time to view some of the pictures and if you feel like you need to find a forever home, or even just want to stop by for 15 minutes, come check us out! Welcome to BShop True Survival PVP!
  25. I've been here before (previous alpha) and they said it was fixed in a patch note so either I'm doing something wrong or they are. Basically the AP ammo says that it should do more damage to armoured targets since it ignores 20% of their armour, but when testing this in 'god mode' with cheats, the health bar goes down by the same amount when I'm using AP and normal ammo. I've tried this on a bunch of different zombies, with different weapons/ammo and by shooting them in different areas but the AP ammo still seems to not ignore that 20% of armour. However I didn't test the penetration, but even if that works, the armour mitigation doesn't. Please let me know if I'm just doing something wrong here, thanks!
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