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  1. Now that boxes of bullets can be made, I am trying to make it possible to make boxes of bullets for this sniper turret mod. I believe this code to be correct, yet when I open the box of bullets nothing happens. I think my problem is the first property, "ammoBundleMaster", I'm not sure what to do though. <item name="Box of 50 Caliber Ammo"> <property name="Extends" value="ammoBundleMaster"/> <property name="CustomIcon" value="ammo762mmBulletBall"/> <property name="CustomIconTint" value="a0a0ff"/> <property name="EconomicValue" value="2200"/> <property name="UnlockedBy" value="perkAdvancedEngineering"/> <property class="Action0"> <property name="Create_item" value="50 Caliber Ammo"/> <property name="Create_item_count" value="100"/> </property> </item> The other issue is the localization text. I believe that to be correct yet it is not working.
  2. The question is in the title. The motivation for the present thread is a discussion about failures of stealth gameplay in the general section of the present forums and an issue some people have with auto-agro sleeper volumes (link in the end of this post). In that thread on page 9 Kalen posted a simple VB script that should, in theory, go over the POI XLM files in a given directory and change all auto-agro sleeper volumes (flag 2) into "normal" sleepers (flag 0) Const ForReading = 1 Const ForWriting = 2 sFolder = "C:\[Folder where prefabs are]\" Set oFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") For Each oFile In oFSO.GetFolder(sFolder).Files If UCase(oFSO.GetExtensionName(oFile.Name)) = "XML" Then ReadFiles oFSO, oFile End if Next Set oFSO = Nothing msgbox("Processing Complete") Sub ReadFiles(FSO, File) Set oFile2 = FSO.OpenTextFile(File.path, ForReading) Do Until oFile2.AtEndOfStream strLine = oFile2.ReadLine if instr(strLine, "SleeperVolumeFlags") <> 0 then strLine = replace(strLine, "2", "0") end if strText = strText & strLine & vbCrLf Loop sFile = File.path oFile2.close set oFile2 = Nothing Set File = FSO.OpenTextFile(sFile , ForWriting) File.Write strText File.Close Set File = Nothing end Sub That is pretty cool, in my opinion. However, what this basically means is doing a custom POI pack which means that both the server and clients would need to have it. It is not clear at all to me if it is even possible to do that change after the map has been already generated or if such an change would need to be done even before a map generation. What I would like to try, actually, would be a situation where ALL sleeper volumes in all POI's are set to "awake" state (flag 1). Now before I start messing about with scripts doing changes to the POI files I would need to understand a bit more about what does what in the POI xlm files, exactly. Is there such a resource available somewhere? Must the sleeper volume changes be made before map generation? Or are the sleeper volumes loaded from a file only after a player enters the POI and, thus, could the changes made to a already running server? Are the sleeper volumes loaded from the server side or must they be both server and client side? For example, I look at the "red mesa" POI xlm file <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <prefab> <property name="CopyAirBlocks" value="True" /> <property name="ExcludeDistantPOIMesh" value="False" /> <property name="ExcludePOICulling" value="False" /> <property name="DistantPOIYOffset" value="0" /> <property name="AllowTopSoilDecorations" value="False" /> <property name="QuestTags" value="clear,fetch,hidden_cache" /> <property name="ShowQuestClearCount" value="2" /> <property name="DifficultyTier" value="4" /> <property name="TraderArea" value="False" /> <property name="Zoning" value="industrial" /> <property name="AllowedTownships" value="wilderness" /> <property name="RotationToFaceNorth" value="2" /> <property name="EditorGroups" value="government" /> <property name="YOffset" value="-23" /> <property name="SleeperVolumeSize" value="29, 3, 17#13, 3, 27#9, 3, 1#24, 3, 16#16, 3, 2#1, 2, 1#10, 3, 12#11, 3, 11#10, 3, 6#16, 1, 10#24, 3, 13#5, 4, 7#16, 4, 19#9, 2, 9#4, 5, 4#11, 7, 24#4, 3, 2#14, 6, 13#3, 3, 9#8, 3, 5#7, 3, 7#11, 2, 13#21, 3, 3#11, 3, 2" /> <property name="SleeperVolumeStart" value="31, 23, 31#18, 23, 44#40, 18, 60#32, 14, 30#40, 14, 46#37, 15, 47#39, 29, 48#16, 14, 42#19, 18, 68#30, 2, 57#33, 2, 27#56, 2, 41#32, 8, 29#48, 8, 15#28, 8, 37#31, 6, 49#27, 6, 46#15, 19, 30#26, 26, 33#18, 26, 34#17, 14, 63#60, 8, 12#49, 10, 15#18, 26, 31" /> <property name="SleeperVolumeGroupId" value="1,1,1,2,2,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,3,0,3,4,4,0,5,5,0,0,0,5" /> <property name="SleeperVolumeGroup" value="S_-_Group_Zom_Soldier,0,1,S_-Group_Generic_Zombie,2,2,S_-Group_Generic_Zombie,1,1,S_-_Group_Zom_Soldier,3,3,S_-Group_Generic_Zombie,2,2,S_-_Group_Zom_Soldier,0,1,S_-Group_Generic_Zombie,1,1,S_Zom_Utility_Worker,1,1,S_Zom_Utility_Worker,2,2,S_-Group_Generic_Zombie,2,2,S_-Group_Generic_Zombie,2,2,S_-Group_Generic_Zombie,1,2,S_-Group_Generic_Zombie,3,3,S_Zom_Utility_Worker,1,1,S_-_Group_Lab_Worker,1,1,S_-_Group_Lab_Worker,4,4,S_Zom_Utility_Worker,2,2,S_-Group_Generic_Zombie,1,1,S_-_Group_Zom_Soldier,4,4,S_-Group_Generic_Zombie,0,0,S_-_Group_Lab_Worker,1,1,S_Zom_Utility_Worker,1,1,S_-Group_Generic_Zombie,1,1,S_-_Group_Zom_Soldier,4,4" /> <property name="SleeperIsLootVolume" value="False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False" /> <property name="SleeperIsBossVolume" value="False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False" /> <property name="SleeperVolumeFlags" value="2,0,0,0,2,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,2,0,0,2,0,0,0,2,2,0,0,0" /> <property name="SleeperIsQuestExclude" value="False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False,False" /> <property class="Stats"> <property name="TotalVertices" value="1905279" /> <property name="TotalTriangles" value="1876287" /> <property class="BlockEntities"> <property name="Vertices" value="1406927" /> <property name="Triangles" value="1513608" /> </property> <property class="ChunkMeshes0"> <property name="Vertices" value="396055" /> <property name="Triangles" value="252024" /> </property> <property class="ChunkMeshes1"> <property name="Vertices" value="0" /> <property name="Triangles" value="0" /> </property> <property class="ChunkMeshes2"> <property name="Vertices" value="3000" /> <property name="Triangles" value="1548" /> </property> <property class="ChunkMeshes3"> <property name="Vertices" value="438" /> <property name="Triangles" value="244" /> </property> <property class="ChunkMeshes4"> <property name="Vertices" value="62781" /> <property name="Triangles" value="50311" /> </property> <property class="ChunkMeshes5"> <property name="Vertices" value="0" /> <property name="Triangles" value="0" /> </property> <property class="ChunkMeshes6"> <property name="Vertices" value="0" /> <property name="Triangles" value="0" /> </property> <property class="ChunkMeshes7"> <property name="Vertices" value="36046" /> <property name="Triangles" value="58536" /> </property> <property class="ChunkMeshes8"> <property name="Vertices" value="0" /> <property name="Triangles" value="0" /> </property> <property class="ChunkMeshes9"> <property name="Vertices" value="32" /> <property name="Triangles" value="16" /> </property> </property> <property class="IndexedBlockOffsets"> <property class="FetchContainer"> <property name="0" value="60, 3, 43" /> </property> <property class="Rally"> <property name="0" value="53, 23, 1" /> </property> </property> </prefab> It appears, that red mesa, as an example, has altogether 24 sleeper volumes? Can I just change all the 24 flags in "SleeperVolumeFlags" to "1" to turn all volumes into "awake" volumes? Or is it a bit trickier than that? Or would it be truly that simple that I could walk through all the XLM files in a the prefabs directory and change any "SleeperVolumeFlag" that is not "1" into a "1" server-side and that would do it? If it could be made post-map-generation then an server side xlm modlet overrriding given prefabs would be possible? This is the link to relevant thread in "general":
  3. SERVER NAME: NA/PVP/6K Map/Custom Settings and Mods The Goal of this server is to promote Balanced PVPVE, you can play however you want (Solo, with friends or temporary alliances). All mods/settings are to enhance the quality of life but at the same time still make the game fun and challenging. 7 Days to Die is not exactly a realistic game so don't expect everything to be as such, however at the same time it will be Lore Friendly. I will list some of the custom changes/mods below, however please feel free to ask me any questions or suggestions. You can join the Discord channel for this server at https://discord.gg/pQ6UdqM ALL MODS ARE SERVER WIDE AND DO NOT REQUIRE DOWNLOAD TO PLAY/USE! 1. GeekMyVehicle (Tiered vehicles unlocked through quests, they're faster/more storage/unique look) 2. WrathmaniacsBetterStartingItemsHard (Different starting items so you have a fighting chance in PVP) 3. Lam's Farm mod (Seeds are indestructable so you don't accidentally harvest them. To pick up harvest while they're in growing stage.) 4. ChallengeQuestsPlusAllInOneEdition (Increased exp and duke coin rewards from quests, some give Skill Points) 5. FRK_Stainless (Unlocks ugrade from Steel to Stainless Steel, Steel Polish) 6. GG2015_SniperTurretAnd50CalAmmo (Sniper turret for long range base defense) 7. harvestable zombies (Self explanitory) 8. Healthbars (Can see healthbar/name of whatever Entity your aiming at) 9. JaxTeller718_ZombieReach (reduces zombie reach to a more realistic distance) 10. KHA19 mods (3 slot forge queue, 12 slot craft queue, 60 slot backpack and lockable inventory slots) 11. Move_Speed_Rule1Cardio_A18 (adds movement speed and swim speed increase to Rule # 1 Cardio Skill) 12. Kronons-Immersion-Mod (Lootable containers downgrade to looted versions, no loot respawn unless you reset with quest) 13. Scrap Iron and Steel Bars (Self explanitory) 14. ServerTools (custom chats and commands) 15. solar_generator_mod (Fuel cap for generator increased to 10,000 and solar panels cap at 300W) 16. The Tracker Perk by jayfusion (Level 4-5 unlocks zombie and player tracking) 17. War3zuk Zombie Loot (increased lootbag drop and stay time) 18. Weed Whacker (Usefull tool for harvesting crops/grass) 19. Efficient Duke_Cobblestones_ClaySoil_CrushedSand Stacks by Jayfusion (Unlocks new bundles) 20. Dragons Food and Drink Recipe Mod (New food/drink items and recipes, Requires download to SEE Picture Icons) CUSTOM SERVER SETTINGS 1. Mines have been adjusted to be partially burried and more effective 2. Silencers have been fixed to actually reduce the DISTANCE at which other PLAYERS can hear you shoot. 3. 2 new grenades have been added (Shock and Stun) 4. 3 new Boss creatures have been added the Banshee, Demolisher Boss and Radiated Pig Boss (tier 5 quests, bloodmoon or certain situations) 5. New quests (Tier 3-5 burried treasure, tier 5 Demolisher Boss Fight and tier 5 Radiated Pig Boss Fight) 6. Weapons/Tools will be DESTROYED when they durability reaches 0, repair often! 7. Guns require Weapon Parts of their same type to repair. Armor requires either Sewing Kit,Steel Armor Parts or Military Armor Parts to repair. 8. Hot/Cold effects are more dangerous! Make sure you have proper clothing and try to stay Warm/Cool. RECOMMENDATIONS SKILLS: 1. The Tracker Skill unlocks the ability to track not only zombies but other players which is very helpfull in PVP. (Not moving while standing/crouching will prevent you from being detected by the tracker) 2. From the Shadows skill at level 5 unlocks the ability to have completely silent footsteps while crouching/sneaking. (other players won't hear your footsteps either and you won't be detected by the tracker skill while crouch walking) 3. After you MAX out the corresponding SKILL(For example DEAD EYE) NEW WEAPONS/TOOLS you aquire will have +1 MOD SLOT. 4. CHECK OUT THE OTHER NEW AND CUSTOMIZED SKILLS. QUESTS: 1. Quests are worth more XP and Dukes as well as some reward Skill Points. 2. Trader offers new quest that are more challenging and rewarding. 3. On completion of new challenging quests you can unlock higher tiered versions of vehicles that have more storage space, faster speed, and unique looks. 4. Treasure Maps, Air Drops, Bloodmoon Rewards and Tier 2 - Tier 5 FETCH AND CLEAR ONLY and BOSS quests have a chance to reward New Vehicle BLUEPRINTS and MOD! RULES 1. Do not destroy unoccupied vehicles that are LOCKED. UNLOCKED vehicles are FAIR GAME! (Only 1 Per each Vehicle type per Player is protected) 2. Traders are NOT Safe Zones. Killing is allowed, watch your back. 3. DO NOT CAMP TRADERS! This includes setting traps by trader entrances! 4. This Server is a PVP POI/Prefab base only, NO HIDEY HOLES! (You are only allowed to build a base out of a POI, you can remodel however you want within the bounds of the Original POI) 5. Base Block structures (for example Concrete Blocks/Steel Blocks of any shape) have to be completely above ground with the only exception being within the Foundation of the Original POI. 6. Non Blocks structures (for example Forges/workbenches/boxes) can be placed underground for the purpose of avoiding screamers. (Only underneath your base) 7. Land Claim Blocks settings are at 2x ONLINE and INFINITE OFFLINE. 8. Every player can place 2 active Land Claim Blocks in this server at the same time to use however they want. (Cannot Steal other players bases with LCBs) 9. Only destroy what you NEED to while raiding bases. Don't WIPE bases/or cause too much destruction or you will just get kicked and/or banned. (No collapsing structures)
  4. Many of you may have seen a certain youtuber that is doing a playthrough in Alpha 19.1, and he has constant, heavy fog in his world for added difficulty. I havent really done any modding in 7 days, other that changing vehicle speeds. I've poked around a bit into the weather system but could actually seem to make an changes take effect. Is there someone that could help me implement that? I have a few friends who would like to do a playthrough like this with me. Any ideas?
  5. Modlet Collection made in germany by Eihwaz´n´Friendz. Do you speak German? Then join our Discord! Credits to everyone who help me/us in "Guppys Unofficial Modding Discord". GitLab/Downloads (All Modlets are available via ModLauncher)
  6. Back in a18 we used a serverside xlm override modlet by JaxTeller which basically just increased the trader refresh to 7 days (from default 3'ish) and vending machines restoking to be every 3 days (from default about 1 days). I digged that modlet up, just changed the "version" line to be a19 and a19.1 b8 and tried if that works. It turns out it does not as after we found the trader he had a refresh on d29 and is saying that his new refresh will be d31, i.e., the trader refresh cycle is still 3 days it seems. Now, in a19 obviously some things changed with traders, they kinda got specializations and there is the new medic-trader. So the modlet is not working. Any advice how to fix it? Or does such a server-side modlet already exists for a19 and I have just not yet spotted it? I have added the current slightly edited a18 modlet, which is not working for us, to this message as an attachment. What the modlet did, basically was: <JaxTeller718> <set xpath="/traders/trader_info[@id='1']/@min_inventory">30</set> <set xpath="/traders/trader_info[@id='1']/@max_inventory">60</set> <set xpath="/traders/trader_info[@id='1']/@min_items_swapped">20</set> <set xpath="/traders/trader_info[@id='1']/@max_items_swapped">20</set> <set xpath="/traders/trader_info[@id='1']/@reset_interval">7</set> <set xpath="/traders/trader_info[@id='4']/@reset_interval">3</set> <set xpath="/traders/trader_info[@id='4']/@min_inventory">4</set> <set xpath="/traders/trader_info[@id='4']/@max_inventory">10</set> <set xpath="/traders/trader_info[@id='4']/@min_items_swapped">4</set> <set xpath="/traders/trader_info[@id='4']/@max_items_swapped">10</set> </JaxTeller718> JaxTeller718_TraderBalances.zip
  7. Hardcore Stack Sizes (for Alpha 19 b180 Stable version) Author: Taylorsd September 2020 Thought you could loot Shamway and bring it all back to your base.....Nope ********Description******** Requires inventory management with this modlet. It reduces stack sizes by large amount Example: Normal Stack size for 9mm Bullets is 300 Hardcore Stack size is now 50 ********Purpose******** I don't play vanilla, I play modded and look for mods that bring immersion and survival aspects, that is why I made this for myself to go along with Ravenhearst, though you can use this mod for vanilla ********Bugs/errors/problems******** -It doesn't include stacks for content added by other mods -If used with other mods this mod is set to load at the bottom of the load order so if you get an error you can manually rename the modlet from zw_Hardcore_Stacks_A19 to 00_Hardcore_Stacks_A19 which will load it above other modlets -There are items that extend from other items that give that items stack value instead of me changing it -Its not perfect and still may need some tweaking ********Usage******** This is just value tweaking Feel free to use this as a template and change the values to your liking You may use in any other mod. Don't ask me ~Taylorsd Download from Nexus Mods Download
  8. Hello Survivors, This thread will be used to organize all of my officially released modlets. Follow this thread for updates! LazMan's Storage Container Mod Summary: Adds lockable ammo/weapon/food/medical pile containers and new A19 loot containers for players to choose from the shape selector menu for the existing Storage Crate / Furniture block. Detailed Information: Here Download Link: Here Author/Credits: LazMan Current Version: 1.3 Last Modified: 09/14/2020 (A19.1 B4) LazMan's Admin Mod Summary: Adds admin tools to the game. Add's XP restoration items (10k/100k/500k/1m) into the creative menu (Dev Only) that can be distributed to other players. Works for New or Existing Saves Detailed Information: Here Download Link: Here Author/Credits: LazMan Current Version: 1.0 Last Modified: 07/17/2020 (A19 exp B169) LazMan's Expanded Quest Mod Summary: Adds additional quests to the game Contract: Eliminate Horde Quest: Blood Moon Vanguard Contract: Build Trader Outpost Detailed Information: Here Download Link: Here Author/Credits: LazMan, Roland, Haidr'gna Current Version: 1.2 Last Modified: 06/06/2020 (A18.4) LazMan's Tablesaw Mod Summary: Adds additional wooden crafts to the tablesaw. Detailed Information: Here Download Link: Here Author/Credits: LazMan Current Version: 1.1 Last Modified: 04/11/2020 (A18.4) LazMan's Expanded Trader Mod Summary: Adds 5 additional decoration blocks for sale at the Trader. Detailed Information: Here Download Link: Here Author/Credits: LazMan Current Version: 1.0 Last Modified: 03/08/2020 (A18.4) LazMan's Auto Trigger Mod Summary: Increase's Rounds Per Minute by 75% Detailed Information: Here Download Link: Here Author/Credits: LazMan Current Version: 1.0 Current Version: 01/23/2020 (A18.2)
  9. Note: I'm new to modding and I'm learning as I go! So go easy on me I'm gonna add more Mods in the future hopefully ... Better Goggles Adjusting the stats of some Eyewear in the game that feels more fair. All Goggles have +10% Exp Gain & +4 Loot Bonus Aviator Goggles have +1 Fortitude Treasure Radius -1 still exclusive to Aviator Goggles Crafting Time -10% still exclusive to Nerdy Glasses Note: Might be adding Cold Resistance to Ski Goggles & Heat Resistance to Shades in the future so that they all have an additional exclusive Stat. Pictures https://imgur.com/a/bMfXnb3 Better Goggles.rar
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