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  1. ZQLaNavObjectsZombie ZQLaNavObjectsZombie is a Proof of Concept modlet that adds zombies the new on-screen sprite system introduced in A19. This is just to show it can be done and how to do it, maybe someone can build upon this and make it into something more useful. As for a use case for this modlet, I guess it can be useful for people with hearing impairments that cannot hear the zombies, they will now get a visual indication that a zombie is between 10-50m away from them. Other than that I do not recommend anyone using it unless they want to ruin the zombie horror part of the game. Zombies will show up on the compass, map and on the on-screen sprite system. Fully customizable in regards to functional ranges and other functions. Supports off-screen display. Trails along the edge of the screen to show a zombie that is not on screen. Comes with a custom Zombie icon that is more fitting to this than the vanilla. XML only, no DMT magic required. DOWNLOAD
  2. Hi everyone, I designed a simple HUD mod based on my experience playing 7DTD on pvp servers. The vanilla HUD lacked things that I felt would be useful for people playing in groups or fighting other players. This is not by any means a professional mod, its my first mod ever, but I do plan on keeping it up-to-date. This is completely open-sourced. Features Compact party system that shows the stamina of all members. Navigation system that shows degrees in increments of 15 degrees for better callouts. Larger tool belt blocks for increased ease of use. Simple design to provide you with information without clutter. (day, time, elevation, temperature and core temperature) Simple KDZ info at a glance (player kills, deaths, zombies killed) Clean XP bar with level and amount of XP left for next level. Food and Water bar under Health and Stamina bar. Simplified Chat Box with darker background. Server-side friendly - does not require players to download & install this mod on their end. How to Install Download the repository (master Branch) and move into your Mods folder. That's it. Repository: https://github.com/lloan/7DTD-fpsHUD Direct download: https://github.com/lloan/7DTD-fpsHUD/archive/master.zip Credit Utilized Sirillion's HUD modlet as a base to learn from as it modifies a lot of the HUD, thanks to them. Also received help from the modding community via Discord. Thanks to GanTheGrey for pointing me in the right direction with controllers - helped keep xp bar up-to-date. Thanks to Chaos.Blend for directing me to uTinyRipper so that I could modify the texture for the navigation into more of a fortnite navigation. If I'm missing anyone, just send me a direct message on Discord. Here is a quick snapshot of what the HUD mod looks like. Here is a breakdown of features: Changelog 1.2.0v - 9.23.20 - Fix issue with lag caused after opening containers - Updated position of xp bar as it overlapped when opening map. 1.1.0v - 8.25.20 - Center text for popup information with toolbelt - Toolbelt icons made slightly smaller, they were too large. - Center environmental information under compass - Make sure party component works with 8 party members. - Modify colors for stats HUD Bar - Make stealth bar larger - easier to see. - Add dark background for player information bars (health,stamina,food,water) - Modify size of toolbelt durability bar - Modify positioning and size of toolbelt numbers - Minimized code where possible - Party component moved up to top left corner. - Chat component made slightly more compact. - screenshot image updated
  3. Hi, inspired from Ravenhearst and Darkness Falls, where you can scrap the Schematics, i made this modlet for Vanilla Game to use similar mechanic. Put an end to the eternal search for a missing book in a series, simply disassemble the schematics and books you have already learned. with the corresponding number of SchematicParts you can then craft the missing book yourself. All schematics and skill books as well as quest papers can be disassembled into schematic parts. With these parts as well as a ruler, pencil and paper, which can be found in loot, you can craft the schematics and skill books yourself. Furthermore, 3 mission books can also be crafted from this parts. They will give you a killing quest to finish for a reward. Installation notes: 7 Days in Version 19.4 or higher - supported languages: english, german Just unzip the archive into the Mods folder of 7 Days. Example:(your drive:\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\) V1.1: Add a crafting-timer to reduce craftingtime Download: Nexus Mods Github
  4. This one's mostly aimed at server admins wanting to keep tree farms down on their servers. It may also be of interest to private players who want to harvest a lot of wood, but hate the unnatural look of tree farms right next to their base. This modlet reduces the tree seeds in game - by default, the drop is limited to a 1 in 30 chance of dropping one seed from any tree. Optionally, you can remove the seeds altogether. Instead of needing to plant seeds, the trees are replaced by a new sapling, which will randomly grow into one of the real world trees. This keeps the "natural" look of forests, rather than having 20 identical pine trees, all facing the same way, in a cluster. Dead trees in the wasteland and burnt forest biomes will regrow to dead trees again - this isn't 100% realistic of course, but it's better than regrowing to healthy oak trees. The few seeds that are dropped will plant these new saplings, so if a player does save up some seeds and plant a farm near their base, the resulting trees will be more random and natural looking. On a technical note, they also will no longer tick once they have grown, as they grow to the static RWG trees, so performance impact from these farms will still be reduced. The sapling seeds are available in the creative menu for admins to seed new forests. This modlet has been tested for functionality, but balance testing will be a more long-term job. I'm open to input from anyone who uses it as to tweaks or options that could be included. To remove seeds completely, check the blocks.xml file - comments in that file point to the edits to make. Click here to download. Update 11/5/2021: Fixed problems Burnt trees not downgrading to saplings correctly Cactus included in Oak random helper Seeking information Anybody getting an error "needs a deco shape assigned but has not!" - any logs or steps to reproduce, please! Anybody experiencing trees growing where they shouldn't be - please make sure you cut down the tree and then dug out the sapling Download changed Link updated - now using github instead of google drive
  5. Here is a small server side only standalone modlet that allows players to attach a Parachute Hat Mod and Drone Hat Mod to the dye area of headware. Credit to @oakraven for the concept and code used for the Hat Mods in the Snufkin Weapons Xpansion Mod. https://github.com/arramus/Parachute-and-Drone-Hat-Mod-2021May17 Parachute Hat Mod Once attached, it provides the player with 60 seconds of fall damage protection which can be used to launch from a high building. This fall damage protection is courtesy of TFP's 'Oh @%$#z Drops' and the requisite edited buff code. In addition, if you depart a vehicle such as the gyro, it will trigger the buff to reset and players will be given another 60 seconds of fall damage protection. And should you not be wearing the Parachute Hat Mod on your player at the time you depart from an airborne vehicle, you will be able to quickly put it on to avoid an unpleasant landing. The Parachute Hat Mod can also be made on the Workbench using a variety of resources, including Oh @%$#z Drops to give it some context. A few images of it in action. Making Description Attaching Today's tester friend is from The Wasteland Mod by @bdubyah. He is using the machete purely for direction purposes. ^^ Taking Off Put on the helmet with the parachute attached. You can see the countdown has reached 25 seconds remaining. The counter has reset to 60 seconds and it is clearly sufficient time to land. And here comes the gyro. I was unable to remove part of the parachute model using a trigger within the xml. Something to consider for the future. Drone Hat Mod And the second hat mod is for the Drone Hat Mod. This mod is purely cosmetic and has no real functional use beyond providing context to a Server Admin in God Mode performing their Godly duties. This mod cannot be crafted and will only be accessible through Creative Mode.
  6. Snufkin

    Snufkin's Jukebox

    Snufkin's Jukebox Description. Customizable Jukebox that holds up to 16 songs. While the Jukebox can be crafted, the songs must be obtained. The Jukebox itself can be placed as a vehicle. Upon placing it, it won't have any songs to play. To add songs you must obtain the 16 Jukebox Vinyl. They can be found in loot or bought from the traders. The Vinyl must be placed in the Jukebox's storage, upon which the song will be unlocked. If the Vinyl is removed the song will be locked again. Usage. With an empty hand: Primary Action, normal attack: Next Song. Secondary Action, power attack: Previous Song. To stop it, punch it while crouching. Adding Songs. The mod doesn't have any songs included. To add your own songs: Open the "_Convert" folder inside the mod folder. Copy up to 16 mp3 files to the "SONGS" folder. Run "CONVERT". Download https://drive.google.com/file/d/1i05kubKPv68vmiHs_ZcQJc2jnUVA2oCX/view?usp=sharing Hotfix 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hBkGoL5HXanTJtbyGVooM8mMYyMPZHKe/view?usp=sharing The CONVERT script now deletes the mp4 files in the Resources folder before copying the new songs.
  7. This mod introduces a research system for the Tier weapons, tools and armor. Furthermore there are 6 added weapons: Tank Rifle and Barrett Cal. 50 for Dead Eye, Uzi for Gunslinger and for the Intellect Atribute there are 2 kinds of Tasers and a Thermite Launcher. And a 6th secret weapon. Also there is a new material which comes after Steel. So this mod started basically because I didn´t like that grilled meat costs 5 pieces of meat. And that a seed costs 5 fruits of the plant. From there things started rolling and I learned everything on the go. As already stated there are 6 new weapons. I always felt the Intellect Attribute while being very supportive to craft the vehicles and new materials, always lacked own useful weapons. That´s why I made 3 new ones: Taser T1 and T2 for the Electrocutioner Perk. (also the Shocked Effect now lasts almost twice as long) And the Thermite Launcher which belongs to the Physician Perk. It is a late game weapon with expensive ammo but very useful against strong/radiated Zombies. It deals damage over time and kills the "weaker" radiated zombies mostly with one hit. The Dead Eye also got 2 new weapons. Same Spiel here: While the Shotgun and Machine Gun Perk are provided with strong T3 weapons to deal with crowds, the Dead Eye only has a mediocre weapon comparing to these two. So he is provided with 2 new weapons: Tank Rifle which uses special ammo made from forged steel, it deals massive damage. Good for single strong zombies. The upgrade is the Barret Cal 50. with a bigger magazine. Through the Penetrator Perk it is also be useful against crowds, zombies will be flying all over the place. The Uzi is a middle step between pistol and Mp5. Also it needs to be said that the ingame skins are all based on vanilla skins. There are NO NEW SKINS in the game. I am just using existing ones and changed the properties, name and icon. Mod language is english and german. What else is there: After Steel now comes a next tier Material. (from which can be crafted tools, some melee weapons, a powerful but very heavy armor and the standard steel block is upgradeable) These tools definetly compare to Motor tools, with some points in Sexual Tyranosaurus they might even outperform them. They do more damage than steel tools and cost less stamina to use and also have a higher rate of swings per second. The material itself I saw on two other mods- but besides the name of the material I didn´t copy anything at all. There is a very special way to craft it. You need a Engineer Lvl 5 to smelt the basic ingredient in the forge, a Physician Lvl 4 is needed to produce the very specific reagent which is capable of melting the material into Ingots. A Lvl 5 Tool Crafter is needed to craft the Shaft for the Tools. And also you need special glue for which you need to gather Mutated Corn. And then there is another secret material from which can be crafted a powerful weapon, go find out yourself. THE RESEARCH SYSTEM Basically everything is craftable now. To craft the items that werent available before or just through finding the specific schematic, here is how to unlock them: Get the specific Perk (in the ingame description, or for a weapon it is always the specific perk) After reaching a certain level, you are not able to craft the item directly, rather you unlocked to craft the SCHEMATIC for the wanted item. Gather the required resources and then research the schematic. Read the schematic and now you are able to craft the item. For the guns it is in general like this: T1 weapon is craftable from basic resources after learning Perk Lvl 1 T2 weapon schematic and the weapon part schematic are craftable after learning Perk Lvl 3 T3 weapon schematic is craftable after learning Perk Lvl 5 Exceptions are: MachineGunner: T1 weapon is craftable after learning Perl Lvl 3 (AK47 has also been downgraded in terms of accuracy) T2 weapon schematic is craftable after learning Perk Lvl 4 Pistol Pete: There are now 2 T2 weapons- Uzi and Magnum For T3 weapons, Lvl 4 is enough to learn them. However you need to have a Uzi to learn the Mp5 and you need to have a Magnum to learn the Desert Vulture. For Melee Weapons, Tools, Armor and Bows you can craft the Steel version / T3 version of the parts usually at Lvl 4 the same as the T3 schematic. Weapon mods schematics can also be crafted. You need the weapon parts of the belonging perk to do so. For example Machine Gun Parts for the extended magazine. The Crucible Schematic is already craftable after attaining Engineer Lvl 3. However, of course you still can find everything through looting, I didn´t change that at all. Furthermore: Guns now have the exact amount of quality as the perk. Whereas Melee,Tools and Bows have a bonus of +1 INCLUDING Level 5, which means you can craft these items of quality 6. The Stun Baton got upgraded. Perk Lvl 5 Electrocutioner grants 30 % Faster hitting with the Baton and each swing costs 30 % less stamina. Then there are some more small changes: As stated in the beginning seeds now only cost 1 fruit. And charred/cooked/grilled meat costs now only 2 pieces of meat. I think this is more balanced because now you can actually cook and eat the meat, rather than safing it for later on for the advanced meals which are like 600 percent more effective. A new drink called Mead. You can craft it with honey. Well, mostly that´s it. It is my first modlet and I was learning everything while doing it. There are one or two things I learned later on which I would have done differently when I would start again. I took the 9mm ammo HP and AP away from the normal guns and used it is special ammo exclusive for the mod weapons, same for flaming crossbow bolts, as I have made bad experiences with custom ammo in the beginning. But also I wanted to finish this project before the holidays and also before Alpha 20 gets too close. So everything works perfectly fine and is tested. If you should find anything that doesn´t, just write a comment into the forum and I will fix it as soon as possible. HAPPY HOLIDAYS To install the modlet, place the Mod file into a "Mods" Folder in the 7 days to die Main folder. The mod need to be installed on server and client side, as I am using custom Icons. Special thanks to "Flexible Games" on youtube for teaching me the basics of writing a modlet and also "Max Fox" who also covered more advanced stuff. ModdigerModOfficial.rar
  8. Curse Of Anubis -> CoA <- Updated to A19 Egyptian Fantasy Mod It does NOT change Vanilla Stuff or Core Gameplay but adds alot of stuff to the game Download CoA at - NEXUSMODS Download CoA at - Dropbox ADDS 2 new PREFABS This Mod adds alo of stuff to the Game. It does not change Vanilla Stuff or Core Gameplay. The Mod has two big ass Prefabs "The Pyramid" and "The Sphinx". It adds Quests/ NPC / Blocks/ Weapons. Install: Go to your 7dtd directory and Drag the "CurseOfAnubis" Folder to the - 7dtd/Mods - Directory Start the game via 7dtdLauncher or Exe. Create a new RWG world and the Prefabs should automaticaly spawn in rural and wilderness group in the Desert and Wasteland. If you want to change the spawns edit the prefab xml files. ( thesphinx.xml and thepyramid.xml ) **7dtd has a problem with big prefabs spawning automatically. It can be that none prefab spawns in the world. Then try a new seed or look for tuturials on how to spawn the prefab in an existing world as i dont know this part. As example: you can generate a world seed and edit the rwgmixel.xml in %appdata% - look for you generated world and choose a prefab to swap with theSphinx or ThePyramid Prefab. -> Then start a new World with your edited GameSeed. The Prefabs should be at the location you put them. Need Help? Join the Discord https://discord.gg/Gvp8wA TERMS OF USE. Personal use is fine. Credit me if you add it to your Overhaul Mod. free assets - NOT owned by me) - Mummy - Skeleton -All other Assets are my own! I modeled/textured them. If you like my Stuff you can check out my Cgtrader Profile and browse all of my Mod Stuff there --> https://www.cgtrader.com/joelkilb Credits: Awesome people. Always helpful.
  9. When Playing 7D2D, most of the time you spec into an attribute and spend skill points on perks within it, well this mod is going to help you spec into other Fighting perks. Originally I did this mod for myself, but I think it could be of use to other survivors who enjoy Vanilla with a few tweaks, not overhaul mods. Features: - Gather research papers to perform research. - 13 Perk Books that gives a level in Fighting Perks (Gunslinger, Dead Eye, Robotics Master, Demolition Expert, Archery, Machine Gunner, Boomstick, pummle pete, skull crusher, Miner 69r, Javelin Master, Deep cuts, Brawler). - This mod Adds a computer tool that is used as a workbench tool to allow the crafting of perk books (I made it expensive as it is intended for higher stages of the game). - This mod Adds a battery that is used to craft the computer tool. - Both the computer and battery are governed by advanced engineering but can be unlocked sooner by schematics. So this mod allows you to study the weapons and the weapon parts that you looted to craft books that awards you points in the same skill. for example, with the research papers, a hunting rifle and rifle parts you can craft a book that will award a point in Dead Eye Perk. another example, research papers, steel spear and steel spear parts you can craft a book that will award a point in Javelin Master perk. I don't know why adding images is buggy, so if you want to view some images, please view Here you can download the mod from Here Note: This mod uses Vanilla assets, and I edited some vanilla-icons and used them in the mod. This is my first mod, and I hope I could continue to expand on this one. Hope you enjoy it, and any feedback is appreciated. regards, Akai.
  10. I had friends that said their biggest issue with playing on servers was the lack of a pause button because they have a life that has dynamic demands on their time. Others have mentioned the lack of a sleep system to skip past bits of time in the game sucks. I came up with a way to alter the bedroll to become something that could fill that role for them. As a part of this modlet I altered the recipe for the bedroll, and unless you are playing DF you will likely not have access to the fifth ingredient, which is the blessed metal mod. In that case you should comment out that ingredient or replace it with another difficult to craft/loot item to counterbalance the value of the bedroll. You have a limited time that the buff is active once you walk off the bedroll. If you run, you will likely ragdoll. Visual effects are to simulate the dream state, and to mitigate using the bedroll to try to cheese the horde with. They will linger for a few seconds after the buff fades. The buff is on a short duration timer, and will be removed if you use either primary or secondary actions. If however you just stand on the bedroll in a space that will make it hard for a zombie that may find you while afk to knock you off the bedroll, then you will be safe and can just think of the zombie attacks like a bad dream that you wake up to find is real when you return to your keyboard. If you have any trouble or questions feel free to reach out in DM or reply to this thread. A19.4 verified version here (yes it also works with Darkness Falls): https://gitlab.com/magejoshplays/7-days-to-die-a19-mods/-/blob/cf5698007cf7034c961a757f818839b3a9adc3de/mjSafeSpaceBedroll.zip
  11. All Mods can be found on my A19, A18 and A17 Repos here: https://github.com/7D2D A19 Mods are under the A19Mods folder, A18 Mods are under the A18Mods folder, etc. Salvaged Bats : Adds baseball bats and item modifiers Better Books : Animated Comic Books Zombie Pinup Posters : Pinup posters for the apocalypse LightSabres : Adds 3 new lightsabres to the game Fun with Flags : Some new craftable flags, make your own fun flag today! VideoPlayers : Adds Televisions, Theater Screens and Billboards to the game. CCTVs : Adds 8 CCTV cameras and 2 monitors to the game. NOT SDX, its vanilla. Radios : Adds 3 Radios SteelBars : Adds 2 levels of steel, wrought iron and wood bars you can loot though HelmetCam: Adds a helmetcam item modifier, adjustable in xml No Potty Mouth : Addon modlet to remove the non-PG voiceclips from bandits Locks : Adds Skyrim style lockpicking (DMT Mod) Salvaged Bats Modlet: A modlet that demonstrates how to implement melee weapon modifiers, and adds new bats and modifiers in a compatible way with TFPs vanilla bat. New hi-def textures and mesh fixes provided by Dust2Death. Those textures for the modifiers were reduced to 1K for compatibility with most PCs. Schematic Icons by DukeW74. Hopefully some modders will want to make some more attachments for this mod and collaborate to make it a more finished modlet. See it in action: Download the modlet: https://github.com/7D2D/ Want to make you own modifiable hand items or weapons? Learn how here: Download the Base Bat Template used to align new attachments: (A17 version) https://github.com/7D2D/Templates-and-Utilities/blob/master/BatTemplate.unitypackage Better Books: Another proof of concept. Adds 2 in game magazines to read on those long nights in base. Goal is to provide a method to allow for in game documentation that includes images. Starvation really needed something like this to explain how to make uranium and other complex processes. See it in action: Download it here: https://github.com/7D2D/A19Mods Zombie Pinup Posters: Download it here: https://github.com/7D2D/A19Mods LightSabres: Adds 3 in light sabres (red,blue,green) because, well, folks asked for them. Adapted the particle from the lightsabre made by Starvation's own Pacco, may he rest in peace. Otherwise it all new. Recharge them when "broken" using a gem made from a rough diamond and a battery. They are OP so they wear out sooner than you would hope, especially L1 devices. See them in action: Download it here: https://github.com/7D2D/A19Mods SteelBars: Adds steel, wrought iron and wood bars models that you can loot though. I love using ironbars in my base for Bloodmoons, but you can't loot through those so all the wasted loot bags! Upgrade/downgrade xml by our own DrConfused! Download it here: https://github.com/7D2D/A19Mods HelmetCam: Adds a camera item modifier for helmets. Its pointed backwards now because my daughter hates vultures sneaking up on her, but you can rotate and aim the camera in xml as you would like. This needs more testing, and ideas how to improve it is welcomed. See it in action: Download it here: https://github.com/7D2D/ CCTVs Adds closed circuit TVs for your security needs. This modlet has its own thread. Locks
  12. CCTVs: Adds 8 panning security cameras and 2 CCTV wall monitors. Each comes in a large and small size. Monitors do not require power but must be wired, but can then be unwired. Cameras require the same wiring/unwiring if you want them to pan. The cameras will either pan or aim forward based on pressing E. I cannot make them pause in mid-pan, as I'm not using code for any of this. Monitors will rotate to the next camera image every 5 seconds unless you press E to pause it. The 5th screen shows all 4 cameras at once and you can also pause there. Monitor 1 shows cams 0-3, monitor 2 shows cams 4-7. You may use multiple copies and/or sizes of the monitors, but you can only have 1 of each camera number active. For example, if you place two camera zero's, only the last one placed will show on the monitor. Don't do this as each camera uses FPS. See it in action: Download it here: https://github.com/7D2D/ Dedi Installation: Modlet needs to be loaded on both the dedicated server and each client. Comments: I added a bigger screen and smaller cameras. Let me know what else would be useful. Should look bright in daylight or in a darkened room now. Warning: Each camera used lowers FPS slightly so don't use more than your rig can handle 🙂 ... Be sure to have VSync "Off" as that seems to hurt FPS badly. Also, I noticed at long distances, in my case cameras on a tall pole above ground and a monitor at bedrock, the cameras occasionally lose sync and transmission is intermittent. Moving the monitor closer to the cameras resolves this. You MUST turn off Occlusion in the Video Quality settings or the camera will cull (make invisible) somethings when indoors * Credit to Eihwaz for cleaning up and improving the xml in this mod, and for providing localization for our German speaking friends.
  13. We run a a PVP/PVE modded server, so try a server different from the others! become a Jedi, become the wealthiest survivor or be a hunter in the PVP area! Your base is always saved and stores you buy! We just want to have fun, that's the TIPSY way! https://www.tipsycity7days.com/ WHAT MODES WE HAVE: * Over 20 Vehicles! *Lightsabers (RARE) *Laser guns, swords and more *Working TV (3 channels) *Working Radio (10 songs/2hrs) *Come and gamble slot machines (win money or lose it) * Over 10 new zombies * Own a store in TIPSY ALWAYS *Buy land or building and become Mr Monopoly! *Hot Air Balloon * Over 40 new furniture *Kill area for PVP (Enter at your own risk!). — Server Information — Server name: Tipsy City/PVEPVP/200% exp/Wiped 5/20Server ip:
  14. ZLoot_Increase :: Sets the Zombie Lootbags so they stick around for 15 minutes. This ensures even on a bloodmoon, your Zombie Lootbags will still be around on the ground at the end of the night. This also increases the chances of a Zombie Lootbag dropping. Please see the chart below: all Normal Zombies (zombieTemplate): 20% Feral Zombies: 25% Radiated Zombies: 25% Wight Feral Zombies: 30% Wight Radiated Zombies: 30% Current Version https://github.com/XelaNull/7DTD-ZombieLootbag_Increase/archive/A19_1.0.zip Old Version https://github.com/XelaNull/7DTD-ZombieLootbag_Increase/archive/A18.3_1.3.zip
  15. 60Slot_Bag_30Reserve :: This Modlet sets the user up for a 60slot bag, with 30 slots reserved for growth through perks and items. The perk tree was adjusted to grant up to 20 more slots, leaving the last 10 for encumbrance or items. Faster_Bellows :: This Modlet modifies the Bellows item that is placed into the forge to increase smelting efficiency 5x. This means you can smelt five times faster. Headshot_25 :: TSBX removed the 25% Headshot that I was using from his modlet collection. So I copied and revised the code a bit. It provides 25% boost to headshots and also scales the damage to headshots based on the difficulty of the game. Difficulty 2=No change Difficulty 3=25% Increase Difficulty 4=75% Increase Difficulty 5=100% Increase Current Release https://github.com/XelaNull/7DTD-Bag_Bellows_Headshot/archive/A19_1.0.zip Old Release https://github.com/XelaNull/7DTD-Bag_Bellows_Headshot/archive/A18.3_1.3.zip
  16. Hi all. This is a thread containing my modlets. Currently, I am focusing on the Food mod, but occasionally put out some other mods. Food Mod: https://github.com/GopherMods/7DTDMods/blob/master/MoreCookedFoods.zip Automatic Shotgun Mod: https://github.com/GopherMods/7DTDMods/blob/master/AutoShotgunGoneWild.zip (You need it). (No (MOD) next to name, it modifies the existing Auto Shotgun!) Let me know if there's any problems with them and I'll try to fix them asap. Mod details: All items in this mod have a (MOD) next to the name. This is for easier searching, etc. MoreCookedFoods.zip AutoShotgunGoneWild.zip MoreCookedFoods_NoMODS_Prefix.zip
  17. I am new to creating mods for my own use, but have been inspired by some of the best and most useful mods (in my opinion, anyway *LOL*). Working with bdubyah's The Wasteland, I have made tweaks and additions that work fine, like craftable Lead Lining mods for the power armor, StimPacks, schematics for crafting those things... But how to make a Rocket Turret is eluding me. Created the schematic - Check. Made a custom icon for inventory - Check. Created the recipe to craft the turret - Check. Made the append xpath to point to the blocks.xml file - Check. Copied the shotgun turret code block, changed the name to rocketTurret, change the ammo type to ammoRocketFrag, changed the muzzle smoke and fire sound to match the Rocket Launcher in the items.xml, etc. - Check Open creative, the Rocket Turret is there! YAY! The schematic is there. YAY! In crafting, it shows up as a craftable item. YAY! 3 for 3, right? Place the block, slap some frag rockets in it, hook up power, and.... The muzzle flash is coming from the battery, and the rockets are launching 90 degrees to the right of the direction the turret is pointing. It was firing continuously even though there are no Zombies to target, and the shotgun turret is not turning back and forth. Here's the code I used: <block name="rocketTurret"> <property name="Extends" value="autoTurret"/> <property name="CreativeMode" value="Player"/> <property name="Model" value="Entities/Traps/AutoTurret/Auto_TurretShotgunPrefab"/> <property name="CustomIcon" value="rocketTurret"/> <property name="AmmoItem" value="ammoRocketFrag"/> <!-- does not use the damage value --> <!-- <property name="Magazine_items" value="ammoRocketHE,ammoRocketFrag"/> To be figured out --> <property name="MaxDistance" value="100"/> <property name="EntityDamage" value="100"/> <!-- does not use range falloff for damage --> <property name="BlockDamage" value="5"/> <property name="RaySpread" value="1.6"/> <!-- Spread 1.6deg: 1m cone(55% hit) @ 50m --> <!-- <property name="RayCount" value="8"/> --> <property name="BurstRoundCount" value="4"/> <property name="BurstFireRate" value="0.61"/> <property name="CooldownTime" value="2"/> <property name="OvershootTime" value="0.8"/> <property name="ParticlesMuzzleFire" value="rocketLauncherFire"/> <property name="ParticlesMuzzleSmoke" value="nozzlesmoke_m136"/> <!--<property name="Buff" value="buffShotgunWound01"/> <property name="BuffChance" value="0.8"/>--> <property name="FireSound" value="m136_fire"/> <property name="EconomicValue" value="3500"/> <property name="PickupJournalEntry" value="cameraTip"/> <property name="UnlockedBy" value="perkAdvancedEngineering,rocketTurretSchematic"/> </block> As a test, I did a copy/paste of the autoTurret block, and literally, the only things I changed in the block code were the block name (to autoTurretHP), and the AmmoItem (to ammo9mmHP). It shows up in creative, I can place it, load it, and it shoots when a zombie is in its active cone. But it doesn't swivel back and forth scanning, either. I'm missing something, and I am hoping someone experienced with modding blocks can help me out. Thanks in advance!
  18. Working on some mods lately -really starting to dig into cvars and feel kind of dumb for not noticing them before. I had this expectation that I'd be able to read/adjust cvars with admin commands (turn on a flag for an event, etc.), but... am I blind, or are there no admin commands for making these kinds of adjustments?
  19. Fixed immersion for all blocks to degrade after looting. Versions 1.0 All blocks degrade with looting. 1.1 Added Store Shelves. 1.2 Added Grills. 1.3 Added Kitchen Assets. 1.4 Add Wood and Metal Desk. 1.5 Fixed warning and infinite loops. 1.6 Fixed cupboards/cabinet to downgrade correctly. Disclaimer: I got inspiration for this mod from Stallion. Kronons-Immersion-Mod.zip
  20. Are you tired of driving the exact same Jeep as you friend? Do you want to pimp your ride? PaintJob is for you! This mod add recipes that allow you to change the colour of your ride. Important: this mod need to be install on the server and on every player's PC. Note: As of version 1.13, MotorcycleAlterations is integrated into PaintJob. I advise you to uninstall MotorcycleAlterations if you use PaintJob. v1.16: 4x4 Texture overhaul - Texture refactoring for the 4x4 (from 5 bitmaps to 2) - Fix Green Camo texture (Be Bear Aware) - Fix War3zUK texture (Scottish flag instead of the inverted Union flag) - Little overhaul of the Spartan texture - Complete overhaul of the red jeep - Add a windshield to Miss Spartan's jeep - Fix a clipping issue with the chain v1.15: More designs - Bubblegum Pink Motorcycle (for MaryB) - Green Camo Jeep v1.14: Minibikes - Minibikes available in orange (original colour), black, blue, green, piink, red, teal, white, and yellow - Remove acid from the recipes - Cut down textures size from 2K down to 1K for everything but the Jeeps v.1.13 Back in Black - Black and Red motorcycle - Black bycicle - Integrated MotorcycleAlterations v1.12 Bicycles and motorcycles! Just like the jeeps, you need to get the vanilla bicycle or motorcycle the usual when and then you'll have access to new recipes to scrub it and paint it. Compatible with MotorcycleAlterations. You probably want to use both mods. v1.11 Fix wobble wheel for the UK jeeps. (At first I though it was mormal that the left side of the road was more bumpy then the right side. Apparently not... 🙂 ) v1.10 New War3zUK Very Black Jeep. It came to my attention that UK also have crazy driving habits. They might actually be the originators of the whole darn thing. v1.9: Add the missing unity3D file required for the Patrol jeep (sorry everyone, my bad) v1.8: New Patrol Silver and Blue Jeep. Everything alive in Australia can kill you, including people that drive on the wrong side of the road :-). Fix an issue with windshield texture v1.7: Fix problems reported in this forum (thanks guys!) v1.6: Fix a hole in the mesh, move the steering wheel forward v1.5: Add Pink Rider V1.4: Add the missing HUD sprites for the Jeeps Release Notes v1.16 Download v1.16 To see all my mods
  21. I am sure people still playing RWG have noticed by now that Skyscrapers are rare in RWG and you may see only one on an entire 8k map if you are lucky. This is mostly because of improper zoning in their XML files. They are set to only spawn in Downtown, a small area in the center of the city that they may not fit in or be competed by other smaller easier to place buildings. This simple modlet adds each skyscraper back in through the new Prefabs folder functionality of A19 with only a small alteration to their XML files to also allow Industrial and Commercial zoning for them. This results in them being placed in more of the cities on the map and as you can see in the screenshot below also in a 4k map there are multiple visible in the preview. This modlet adds no additional code and is free to use for everyone. If you want to add this to your Overhaul or Modpack, please make sure to add credits for it, thanks Download
  22. This mod is made entirely by doughphunghus, I only made the request, gave licensed sounds and tested. Dough made the entire thing. Smitty's Sirens & Alarms This adds 19 additional sirens, alarms and alerts. When used with timed relays, motion sensors or pressure plates - the possibilities are invaluable. For Darkness Falls users, you can set a timed relay with a specific siren to alert you when night is 2 hours away. You can have a siren for security breaches vs an alert for when a horde is passing by. Requires Speaker Schematic & Advanced Engineering. All special speakers require a Speaker + Electrical Components. LIST Speaker - Ship Siren Warning Alarm 1 Warning Alarm 2 Warning Alarm 3 Warning Alarm 4 Warning Alarm 5 Security Breach Voice Sci Fi 1 Red Alert Security Breach Intruder Voice Emergency Voice and Alarm Emergency Voice All Hands On Deck Voice Alarm Siren 1 Alarm Siren 2 Alarm Fire Sci Fi 2 Sci Fi 3 Test and working in current build A19.2 Smitty-SirensAndAlerts.zip
  23. This mod will add loot to static zombie corpses and dead zombies. In the loot there will come across the same thing as in heaps of garbage, as well as clothes and sometimes pistols. Update v1.3 Added unique loot lists for each zombie! (nevertheless, you still cannot swim in loot) Removed yellow bags falling from zombies. Zombie corpse lifespan increased to 180 seconds. Zombie corpse durability reduced to 100. Update v1.2 Reduced the chance to find a pistol. Added the ability to search normal zombies after being killed. Zombie corpse lifespan increased to 240 seconds. Zombie corpse durability reduced to 300. Update v1.1 Added lootable all bodyBag. Если хочешь сказать СПАСИБО 😃 DOWNLOAD https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12KKmnqzZeS2tJQmAF1E4-85TmA1Ox5dZ
  24. Trying to change the right click function from a throw to a melee power attack. I need either advice on how to do it best or an explanation as to why what I have doesn't work. I'm very much a monkey messing around but i'm making a modlet finally because I'm tired of making the same changes to server files directly every update or when I start a new 7dtd server. Currently what's there just tosses a bunch of errors. After a bit i'm thinking if I remove the spear and append a new one and change the t2 and t3 spears to extend from the new one that would work. Please let me know any ideas,comments, etc!
  25. Hello All, First off I'd like to say Thank you to Stasis78, Mayic and hernanxx. Without thier prior work and permission, this wouldn't have been put together. Next, Thank you to all the modders here on the forums. The information/examples you've provided is greatly appreciated and helped me get this playable in A18.4. Extra special thanks to Linda, babygrl, Chris, Gator, Tru, Bluntz, David, Mistress Metal and Nomad for the initial help with everything to do with the farming mods and testing over the past few months. What I am posting here is a proof-of-concept version of farming based on/using prior work with a few new items, that I'm calling, Farm Life Expanded. It combines Stasis's FarmLifeMod2, Mayics Farming Mod and hernanxx's UnnecessarybutBeautiful mods into one. This started out months ago as just a farming modlet for our server. When asked if I could add recipes for UbB, I decided to just join that into the modlet after getting permission to use the mod. I know Demmers is working on a version of this as well, and this is in no way any kind of attempt to take anything away from what he is doing. I had started on this before I knew about his project. Information on Farm Life V3 can be found on the forums here and on NexusMods here. Also, I'm not claiming to be a modder, and I've been hesitant on posting about this knowing a good portion is others work. With that said, here are some details. Farm Life Expanded Animals Farm animals are part of the original mods. While I won't be fixing many of the issues with the previous models, I have corrected offset for placement. I've added new models and recipes. None have animations, and are working placeholders for the time being. New animals currently include: Beehive (honey) Horse (bone, leather, glue*) Pheasant (eggs, feathers, meat) Sheep (wool, meat) Turkey (eggs, feathers, meat) Animal Workstations Animal workstations are a continuation of Mayics concept, with new animals added. Again, none have animations and are placeholders for the time being. They are also the source of a "breeding" system. I didn't really know how to do this, so I added "cryo" containers to be found in loot that can then be used with the Animal workstation to create that type of animal. New animal workstations currently include: Beehive Elk Horse Pheasant Sheep Turkey Crops With the combination of the two farming mods, there were some duplicate plants. Some have been changed to other plant types, while others have been discarded and not used. The "crop" plants have been recoded to use TFP's growing method, with 56 plants available. All have at least 1 useful recipe. Trees Most of the recipes for UbB require certain types of wood. (example: Dark furniture requires Walnut, Clear requires Maple, White requires White Oak) making Trees more important. Workstations As mentioned, with the combination of the two farm mods, there were duplicates of some workstations. All have been re-evaluated and recipes changed accordingly. I didn't completely delete the unused models from the modlet, and they are still able to be crafted, but with no recipe requirements tied to them. Recipes/Quests This is one of the areas I haven't done much with yet, regarding the originals. There are currently 1517 recipes and 292 quests in the modlet. I haven't gone through everything, but all quests are available in the Farm Table. I also have to go through all of the Food recipes and catagorize them. There is a "starter" quest item that will give basic quests to get started with Farm Life if you decide to use it. A few of the new food items are just placeholders and don't have buffs/stats yet. I've tried to address as many of the original issues as possible eg. offsets of models, missing recipes, workstations(required items, model footprint) etc. There are still known issues with any of the workstations that have multiple rows of required tool slots. As for hernanxx's Unnecessary but Beautiful. The copy I started with had no recipes at all. All of the recipes are generic and can be changed in xml if needed. Also included, working sinks and ovens for those model types. Again, thanks to all that have put the effort into making these mods originally. One last thing to mention, I consider anything I've added to this as "open source", so if anyone wants to modify/use... by all means, go for it. Have fun and enjoy. Download A18 - Here (I was asked about links to A18 versions. This is the last backup that I kept. I also included a version without the backpack. I won't be updating these at all. If there are conflicts, I won't be looking at them. I am being upfront about it.) Download A19 - Here (Stand-Alone version, doesn't play well with other mods. Includes 96slot backpack.) (I'm unsure I'll update this past this point.) Download A19 (Updated 10 Aug 2020) - Here Compatible with "some" other mods currently. Very limited testing since the update earlier today to (b169). Vanilla backpack and restructured Perk for Farm Life to be more compatible with other modlets.
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