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  1. Good day to all. I want to share my first full-fledged mod. For a long time I could not find use for collapsible parts in the game. In addition, I think it is not logical that the player can repair complex firearms at the love stage of the game. On many servers, I met a mechanic with a change in repair - but not all mods were clear and convenient for me. And finally, I myself began to deal with writing mods and am ready to offer my vision of all this mechanics. ATTENTION! This mod significantly complicates the overall gameplay of the player - not everyone may like it! In any case, I will be glad to hear your opinion on the work done! P.S. I apologize for any inaccurate wording. I am using google translator to write this post The full version of the mod can be downloaded here: https://github.com/BlackRabbitMsk/Repairing_items_BlackRabbit The mod only uses server side materials. Useful for online servers. Available localization: English, Russian Description of changes: Resources for repairs have been changed: Cloth Armor - required resource: Cloth Scrap Armor - required resource: Scrap Leather Armor - required resource: Leather Rocket Launcher, Steel Club, Steel Sledgehammer, Steel Knuckles, Steel Spear, Machete, StunBaton - required resource: details when parsing Added 4 new recipe books and 10 new repair kits to the game: Mining Master book unlocks: Steel Tool Repair Kit (unlocked: Miner69r - rank1) - repairs: Ratchet, Steel Shovel, Steel Pickaxe, Steel Axe; Motor Tool Repair Kit (unlocked: Miner69r - rank3) - repairs: Impact Driver, Auger, Chainsaw. Battleship book unlocks: Heavy Armor Repair Kit (unlocked: Heavy Armor - rank1) - repairs: Steel Armor Set, Swat Helmet; Light Armor Repair Kit (unlocked: Light Armor - rank1) - repairs: Military Armor Set. Firearm book unlocks: Pistol Repair Kit (unlocked: Gunslinger - rank1) - repairs: Pistol, Magnum44, SMG5, DesertVulture; Shotgun Repair Kit (unlocked: Boomstick - rank1) - repairs: DoubleBarrel, PumpShotgun, AutoShotgun; Automatic Weapon Repair Kit (unlocked: Machine Gunner - rank1) - repairs: AK47, Tactical Assult Rifle, M60; Rifle Repair Kit (unlocked: Dead Eye - rank1) - repairs: Hunting Rifle, Marksman Rifle, Sniper Rifle; Bow & Crossbow Repair Kit (unlocked: Archery - rank1) - repairs: Wooden Bow, Compound Bow, Iron Crossbow, Compound Crossbow. Mechanics and Electrical book unlocks: Turrets Repair Kit (unlocked: Turrets - rank1) - repairs: Junk Turret, JunkS ledge; (in the next version!) Vehicle Repair Kit (unlocked: Grease Monkey - rank1) - repairs: any Vehicles Also added gameplay changes: - Changed the number of parts when disassembling any items (which are disassembled into parts); - Increased the initial cost of all parts obtained by dismantling. The cost differs depending on the frequency of use of the parts. - Increased the initial cost of all items that require collapsible parts to craft. Changing the cost according to the formula: cost of 1 part * number of parts for crafting. (P.S. The cost of other resources for crafting is not taken into account) - Changed the distribution of loot. All types of repair kit and recipes can be found in the game world - All new kits have been added to the sale at traders. Except books (they can only be found in the world) When developing the mod, the following materials were used: https://github.com/Iceburg71/Iceburg-Proper-Repair-Kits Many thanks to the author! I will very much ask your opinion on fashion. Write all your wishes or questions in the comments. I am happy to answer everyone.
  2. theredwolf13_First Aid Bandage Splint Double the potency of the vanilla first aid bandage with a twist. The twist being your leg. >_> Also counts as a splint. theredwolf13_Trader Limits Opening hours too mainstream? Trader wont buy your 34th pistol? Simply want to give Joel a reason to be a grumpy snake oil peddler? How's zero sleep sound!? Ya douchebaguette. >_< *Traders open 24/7 *All vending machines will buy your goods *Traders restock daily theredwolf13_Falling Trees Simple little thing to stop the tree falling animation. Nothing fancy but may help if you play 7dtd on a toaster. Mmmm jam. Or just hate trees having a final revenge attempt. Should work on all trees, even new/modded ones. theredwolf13_First Aid Bandage Find it odd that first aid bandages are only made with plain cloth when you have all these bandages waiting to be smeared with that sweet, sweet aloe? Now you have choices! Smear away! Thank you very much sphereii, Guppycur, Valmar, stallionsden, Ragsy2145, scwanobi and really, everybody in the mod forums. It is a lovely community. I am sure I could go on with names of all the lovely people. Download
  3. Alter - Working Trash Can A trash can that can be used to store and delete unwanted items. Place it on the ground like a normal block. Interacting with the top of the trash can will open the container. To delete the items, interact with the base (the metal area). You will pick up the container. When you place it on the ground it will be empty again. Download Nexus Mods Please, if you are going to post this to another site copy the description verbatim.
  4. This makes aiming down sights completely accurate for all weapons except shotguns. You may want to pair this modlet with my No Crosshair On ADS modlet. Download Here or use this GitHub Repo Link If you have any issues or suggestions, please get in touch! Installation in 3 steps: 1. Create a mods folder in your 7 days to die directory. By default in steam it's located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die 2. Download my modlet and move the entire folder accurate-ads into the mods folder. 3. Launch the game.
  5. Removes crosshair when aiming down sights on all weapons except the primitive bow and wooden bow. Download Here or use this GitHub Repo Link If you have any issues or suggestions, please get in touch! Installation in 3 steps: 1. Create a mods folder in your 7 days to die directory. By default in steam it's located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die 2. Download my modlet and move the entire folder no-crosshair-on-ads into the mods folder. 3. Launch the game.
  6. This modlet is designed to increase the zombie spawn rate up to 3x the vanilla default. I have scaled things for balance and server performance. Download Here or use this GitHub Repo Link Installation in 3 steps: 1. Create a mods folder in your 7 days to die directory. By default in steam it's located here: 2. Download my modlet and move the entire folder 3x-zombies into the mods folder. 3. Launch the game. If you have any issues or suggestions, please get in touch!
  7. Hello everyone, managed to make my first mod. It adds two explosive blocks. Placeable version of the dynamite and TNT as well as means of connecting explosives together and to electricity. Personally I've been missing explosives like these. The only way to demolish stuff was using the throwable dynamite which actually despawns in a bit. Very annoying. I just started playing 7 Days to die since Alpha 19 so I don't know where the old TNT block went. Anyway, this adds it back in a way, with a few more bells and whistles. Would be a shame to not blow stuff up efficiently in a voxel game with structure stability :D. Would be funny if they added it back in alpha 20. All the details and download are on here https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/1540
  8. im using bdubyah vehicle mod and have grease monkey maxed but certain items are locked even though it says unlock options is grease monkey why is this ? for instance brdm chassis https://ibb.co/ctxLb6y Mods List https://ibb.co/ZfCtGLw pic 1 https://ibb.co/2ZP52fd pic 2
  9. im using bdubyah vehicle mod and have grease monkey maxed but certain items are still locked even though it says unlock options is grease monkey why is this ? for instance marauder chassis and accessories
  10. A buddy and I are quite annoyed constantly needed to re-ally everytime we join our game. So, I would like to request a modlet that allows you to make a perm-ally request and you stay allied regardless if we log off. Any help would be appreciated. Edit: Also compatible with Undead Legacy Overhaul
  11. I have a mod installed called brass from iron and it isnt working BUT it does work for my son and im the host of our world how can that even make sense ive removed and reinstalled twice and nothing happens when mining iron i get no brass but my son does any help would be great thanks
  12. If anyone is able to help me i have compiled a bunch of mods to play with and i used kinggen to create a world for me and once i loaded in and started exploring i noticed ahead of me the world wasnt loading properly and as i got closer i fell through the map and landed back on the surface unable to move until i reloaded the world. Once i reloaded, that section that was previously not fully loaded was fine but then the same would happen a little further down the road i cant keeping quitting and reloading every five minutes so any help would be greatly appreciated And ive added what comes up on the console when entering a new area,also i have a few id errors 214,220,219,229,218,66 and 517 i have also restarted multiple worlds to see if it would fix itself but it just keep happening
  13. This is a modlet I made for 19.5. I like the random stats on the stuff you find but it does feel bad finding a higher quality weapon with markedly worse stats than a lower quality weapon. This aims to fix that in a balanced manner. Download Link (GitHub) Features New Workstation - Machinist's Bench This new bench takes over the old table saw that got dropped a few versions ago. Mods have been moved to be crafted here along with the suite of retooling recipes. Worlds that start fresh with this modlet should have these appear in the wild. They'll convert over in old worlds but the crafting menus won't work for those due to a quirk in the engine I've yet to find a way to rectify. Crafting or finding one is possible! Tool and Weapon Retooling - Reroll the stats for equipment that is made from the various 'parts' resources you find. These recipes are unlocked at the same time as you unlock the base recipes and allow you to use the item in question as an ingredient, plus a handful of it's original materials, to re-craft and thus re-roll the random stats you got to try and get something better. It could end up worse, but the process is fairly cheap. You can also upgrade low quality items to the highest quality available for you to craft (if you find a q1 rifle and your skill allows for q4, you can upgrade it to q4). Items modified in this manner cannot be sold to the trader. They don't know what you did to the thing. Mod Crafting - Now happens from the Machinist's Bench New Skill - Machinist (Intellect: Craftsmanship) Unlocks a handful of useful mod recipes for you to craft as you level it up. Each level increases the effective damage increase your mods confer. Vanilla rate is 10%. At level 5 the effectiveness increases by 25% for a total of 12.5% per mod attached to the weapon. On a Quality 6 this is like having a 5th mod's worth of damage! Update Item - Machinist's Compendium If you're loading this into an already existing game world this item made at the workbench will update the new recipe unlocks to match your current set. It's made with some paper, glue, and coal.
  14. If you have feedback or problems with any of my modlets, try to post them in their specific topic (most of these modlets link to their own topic). Major Mods Name Description Compatibility Version Link Cannabis Adds usable cannabis to the game. Who says you can't enjoy the end of the world? A18, A19 1.01, 1.02 topic Fishing Adds active and automatic fishing and new cooking recipes. A18, A19 1.04, 1.05 topic Mining Adds copper and zinc (including ore generation, salvaging, and looting) and mining machines. A18, A19 1.04, 1.05 topic Minor Mods Name Description Compatibility Version Link Acid Allows you to realistically craft acid from grain alcohol. See 'references.txt' for nerd notes. A19 1.00 download Barbed Wire Returns the missing or removed barbed wire sheet from A17. A18-A19 1.01 download Don't Use Up Water Prevents empty jars from depleting water sources that the player placed with a bucket. A18-A19 1.01 download Enemy Health Bar Adds a visible health bar to enemies to the top of the screen under the compass. A19 1.00 download Enemy Reach Shortener Reduces enemy's reach to a more reasonable distance. Credit to @JaxTeller718 for concept: this is a copy of his but with an even shorter reach, fixes to falloff damage, and is forward-compatible with new and custom enemies. A18, A19 1.01, 1.02 A18, A19 Entity Titles Adds missing names for entities. (Helpful when using the Enemy Health Bar modlet) A19 1.00 download Med Stack Sizes Updates all of the medical supplies (consumables and ingredients) to stack to +5 more than they used to (stacks of 5 are now stacks of 10; stacks of 10 are now stacks of 15. A18-A19 1.02 download Regenerating Boulders Boulders (even ore boulders) will regenerate after they have been mined. A18, A19 1.03, 1.05 topic Solar Adds craftable and lootable tiered solar components to power your electronics. Credit to @Drconfused for various concepts and his 1x1 3D asset he generously permitted me to use. A19 1.00 download GENERAL INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: Download and extract modlets to your 7 Days to Die /Mods folder. For Steam users, that's <steamdir>\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods (create 'Mods' if it doesn't exist). Once extracted if the mod contains a /Prefabs folder, then move the files in the mod's /Prefabs folder to your 7 Days to Die /Data/Prefabs folder. For Steam users, that's <steamdir>\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Prefabs ('Prefabs' will already exist; if you can't find it, you're in the wrong place). Some mods require (or strongly recommend) you to start a new game. SUPPORT ME: PayPal Donation if you enjoyed my work and want to encourage me to do more.
  15. Just started a fresh 8k modded map, on day 22 or 23. Modded POI's, weapons, vehicles, overhauled farming, and some other things, but not overboard. Just game enhancements I wanted some more vehicle options, firearms and POI's so that's most of what's on the server as far as mods go. Currently just myself and a couple buddies, thought I'd try to get more people involved. Feel free to reply here or join our new discord if interested. 21+ please. https://discord.gg/WhtvVypuUM
  16. Hey fellow 7 day'rs. Iam 45 yr old gamer guy of over 1000 hrs on PC and over 2500hrs on the ps4. Iam also a Canuck on EST time. I play on steam or modded through the Launcher. Iam looking for ppl to join up in on playing multiplayer server, or whatever?, Playing single is still fun but I feel that theres alot more fun to be had playing this game that I love. If anyone would like to hit me up my steam name is: eco_slider My Id name is just ECO. I have discord and or TeamSpeak, I do have a mic. I speak English. So again if anyone would like to hit me up I'll be around. PvE is my preference. Thanks.
  17. There are 3 styles of windows and 2 styles of the glass doors. Each has a centered and non centered version as well as downgrade blocks. Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/x0nst49ubg06jty/Opening_Windows.rar/file Demo:
  18. Mod that makes ghillie suits not require a book and cost 50 fiber per piece https://github.com/CappuccinoBeanGaming/Cap
  19. Made to blend in with the blocks in the game The 4x6 one also has a powered version. You can use my power door relays with it if you want but the relays require DMT. Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/x91a7vztzr51rp0/HiddenHatches_v1.0.rar/file Demo:
  20. three08

    Vehicle Lift

    Store your vehicles underground. Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/u732hlwc3p2fo5s/VehicleLift_v1.0.rar/file Demo:
  21. ErrorNull Zombies (enZombies): This mod adds a lot more zombie variations to the game, using the UMA archetype method showcased by the Snukfin's Server Side Z(S)ombies mod and Snufkin's Custom Server Side Zombies - PLUS mod. This mod only needs to be installed on the server, as it will be automatically downloaded to the clients. These zombies are meant to be your average walkers and crawlers to complement the existing vanilla ones. Stronger and boss-level zombies are on the works. Each enZombie also has their own feral, radiated, and crawler versions. enZombies spawn out in the terrain based on the biome, with each zombie group sporting a unique color theme that matches the biome. So you will find foresty zombies in the forest, deserty zombies in the desert, snowy zombies in the snow, and so forth. enZombies also spawn as sleepers inside the POIs, though unfortunately there's no easy way to spawn them as sleepers based on biome. So you see a wider range of enZombies appear inside the POIs. The short challenge quests are an underutilized feature in the vanilla game, and enZombies appear within them as well. New challenge quests have also been added to showcase the new zombies. All new quests are simply found as items within the usual loot containers where vanilla quests are found. Many more quests are planned. Compatibility: I removed and redid most of the vanilla zombie groups in entitygroups.xml, created a few of my own, and redid a number of the main spawners in gamestages.xml. For this reason, I don't expect this mod to work well with any mods that also make changes to these two XML files. The only mods I do officially support are in the Add-Ons section below. If you are getting errors or strange glitches while using non-supported mods with enZombies, I'll be glad to take a glance when I get the chance, but making sure other mods work with enZombies is not my current focus. If I see enough demand, I might spend the time to modify a non-supported mod to work with enZombies and thus will be included as an official Add-On mod below. Usage: You may use my mod as it is presented, or you are also welcome to disregard my spawning customization and just pull my zombies (from archetypes.xml and entityclasses.xml) and merge them into your own mod. But, I'd appreciate if you credit me in that case like mentioning my mod or the link on your website, discord or forum post. I love making these custom zombies and plan to continue for a long while, but it does take lots of time and effort. Download and Install: Download the zip file below. Unzip or extract the contents of zip file into the 7 Days to Die "Mods" folder. Version 1.9 - 👉 Download Link (google drive) 👈 Add-Ons: These are optional mods created for enZombies that are officially supported. The main enZombies mod must still be installed in order for these Add-Ons to work. Download the zip file for the add-on you want and extract the contents to your 7 Days to Die "Mods" folder. Known Issues: There are some interesting bugs when working with UMA zombies and molding them from the archetypes.xml. It's not unique to enZombies and are present in mods like the Snufkin zombies as well. In my view though, the relative ease in creating and modifying these zombies far outweigh the quirks: Credits: Thanks to @Snufkin for starting it all with your "Snukfin's Server Side Z(S)ombies" mod, and thanks to @arramus for keeping it going with the "Snufkin's Custom Server Side Zombies - PLUS" mod. I studied these mods for weeks to figure out how it worked and gave me inspiration to contribute as well. enZombie Screenshots: Mentioned Mods: Snukfin's Server Side Z(S)ombies Snufkin's Custom Server Side Zombies - PLUS
  22. JStanleyF

    TechnoBike Mod

    I created a TechnoBike mod for my private server and though I should share it with the community. Here is a screen shot and a link to a github. It's also on the nexus Mods site. A motorcycle vehicle mod. Craftable using the same materials as a vanilla motorcycle. It has roughly similar settings currently than the vanilla motorcycle and comes with the same amount of mod slots (4). The players on my private server asked to have a bike mod, I thought I'd share the mod with the community. I've tested this as of the latest version (Alpha 19.5) and also Darkness Falls (19.4B7) and appears to be working fine. Speed: 15 - 25 (can be edited) Gas Tank Size: 250 (can be edited) Hit Points: 6000 (can be edited) Seats: 1 player Comes in the following colors Red (default) Black Blue Gold Green Orange Pink Purple Teal White To Edit, change the following numbers in the following file locations inside the mod folder and save it. (note *** your install location may be different) (note *** you'll need to do this for each color if you want to change them as well) Speed - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\TechnoBike\Config\vehicles.xml ---- Edit <property name="velocityMax" value="15, 25"/> , change the 1st and 2nd value to min and max speed. Gas Tank Size - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\TechnoBike\Config\vehicles.xml ----- Edit <property name="capacity" value="300"/>, change the 300 higher to increase capacity or lower to decrease it Hit Points - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\TechnoBike\Config\items.xml ---- Edit <passive_effect name="DegradationMax" operation="base_set" value="6000"/>, change value to set HP of vehicle ------------------------------ Installation instructions 1.) Unzip this folder 2.) Place this folder inside your mods folder 3.) Structure should look similar to the following \mods\TechnoBike\ ... multiple folders 4.) It should NOT look like the following \mods\mods\TechnoBike\ .. files
  23. THIS MODLET HAS BEEN UPDATED. The current Version is 19.6-ZZ003 (As of 8/16/2021) See release notes for later versions found within this discussion. I've made a collection of original prefabs (POIs and Decorations) available as a modlet. It does not contain any custom blocks, resources, objects, etc. It depends only on the vanilla game and introduces no other requirements or dependencies. My goal is to provide semi-plain "meat and potatoes" POIs of an acceptable quality and in enough quantity to fill gaps in world generation and make a meaningful dent in player demands for variety. I hope you'll find these to be good enough to help round out the nooks and crannies of your generated worlds. The modlet is configured to plug into the Vanilla game, but it also includes suggested configurations for the Nitrogen and KingGen world generators. My prefabs are also contributed to the CompoPack, though that mod's release schedule seems to correspond with major game releases. Thus, I have also decided to make this stand-alone modlet available. Download at NexusMods Included in Version ZZ001: zztong_Apartment_Bldg_01 zztong_Apartment_Bldg_02 zztong_Bar_Pool_Hall_01 zztong_Brownstones_01 zztong_Cabin_Fort_01 zztong_Drive_In_Movie_01 zztong_Drive_Thru_01 zztong_EMS_01 zztong_Farmers_Market_01 zztong_House_01 zztong_House_02 zztong_KZMB_Radio_01 zztong_Law_Offices_01 zztong_Lumber_Yard_01 zztong_Masonry_01 zztong_Mass_Grave_01 zztong_Mass_Grave_02 zztong_Motocross_01 zztong_Office_Bldg_01 zztong_Office_Bldg_02 zztong_Office_Bldg_03 zztong_Pharmacy_01 zztong_Propane_01 zztong_Shelter_01 zztong_Solar_Farm_01 zztong_Stone_Quarry_01 zztong_Survivor_Site_Urban_01 zztong_Trailer_Park_01 zztong_Wind_Turbine_01 A few pics:
  24. Jegethy

    Jegethy's Modlets

    A collection of modlets that I've created for myself and friends [A19.5/6] Better Book Icons [A19.5/6] Trader Protection Aura
  25. Here is a download link to an updated and revised version of the Auto Miner and Auto Ammo Maker combined into one mod, but still with the two separate 'automation' units, called AutoBots (full credit to Snufkin who offered one of the most recent builds for the Auto Miner, but also to the modders down the line who have introduced similar features throughout multiple previous Alpha releases). https://github.com/arramus/AutoBots-A19-2021May29 This is a server side only mod and only needs to be placed in the server Mods folder. Players are not required to install it in their Mods folder. Pictures follow the outline and description: The AutoBot Mod is certainly not made to replace existing Auto Production options as some players really appreciate what is already out there because it provides more time to spend on other activities. This AutoBot Mod is simply made to bring Automation up to date and offer a little more balance for players who prefer an experience closer to Vanilla presets. Automated Mining Bot The Automated Mining Bot only went through minimal updates primarily as follows: - Converting 10000 Gas into 1000 shale is no longer possible as this was exploited through a constant Chemistry Table to Auto Miner loop that saw 800 shale to 10000 stacked Gas build up a very tidy resource profit but ended player's mining/wrenching careers. - The Gas icon disappeared from some releases out there due to recipe tagging features. This restores the icon. - The Workstation for the Automated Mining Bot has a different inventory color (gray) and is a different model from the Automated Ammunition Bot to better tell them apart. - Localization has been added. - It takes 10 seconds to 'pick up' the Bot for moving elsewhere. - Hit damage has been increased to 1200 - The Automated Mining Bot unlocks at Advanced Engineering Level 4 - It is compliant with A19 updates - Making the Automated Mining Bot requires a slightly different recipe Automated Ammunition Bot The Automated Ammunition Bot went through some fundamental recipe changes as follows: - It became easy to create HUGE quantities of ammunition by using the exploit in the Auto Miner and rather large quantities without it, to the degree that players were casually sharing 5K+ of AP ammo without putting the slightest dent into their own personal stocks. One player could realistically supply the needs of every player on a populated server. Recipes have changed to bring in a different style of game play for those who prefer more of a challenge and are based on a simple formula: 1. Half of each individual projectile's Gunpowder requirement + / or replaced with 2. Half of each projectile's Secondary/Primary Resource where needed to maintain balance or in place of Gunpowder where Gunpowder was not required + 3. One third of the Coin cost based on the projectile's Player Vending Machine cost. With ammo stacking providing a potential 20% discount on resources, the above formula exceeds that discount to 50% for Gunpowder or Secondary/Primary Resource but also brings in the extra requirement to use coin. This will give coin a greater purpose for latter Game Stage and reduce money hording as well as offer some greater context to the brass requirement of many types of ammo. The formula is not perfect, and may need to be tweaked, but makes this update a Quality of Life feature for those bringing in the coin and resources without it becoming a free hand out. - Icons disappeared from some releases out there due to recipe tagging and format. This restores the icons. - The Workstation for the Automated Ammunition Bot has a different inventory color (green) and is a different model from the Automated Mining Bot to better tell them apart. - Localization has been added. - It takes 10 seconds to 'pick up' the Bot for moving elsewhere. - Hit damage has been increased to 1200 - The Automated Ammunition Bot unlocks at Advanced Engineering Level 4 The Automated Miner with icon color and recipe. The Automated Ammunition Bot with description and a different icon and color. Placement on the Automated Mining Bot on the left and Automated Ammunition Bot on the right. My way of remembering which is which is simply that Data 'Mining' typically requires an keyboard which the Mining Bot has, while those big yellow and red buttons on the Auto Ammunition Bot are clearly the product of Shotgun shell casings. You'll find your way, for sure. As with standard, a full array of mining options minus the shale to stop the dog chasing its own tail which gets longer with each nip. And standard mining speed increases with attached augers that reflect their level. As for the ammo, a Gunpowder and Coin requirement that gives batches of 500 for rounds. 500 for turrets ammo with calculations based on Player Vending Machine and Primary Resource costings. 100 for arrows and bolts. And again, the Primary Resource at the previously mentioned formula. The AutoBot Mod is compatible with existing Auto Miner/Ammo Mods because they have their own names and will not conflict. However, as with introducing any new mods to your server, this will add two new items and due diligence on a test server is prudent.
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