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  1. Hi all, please be gentle as this is my first attempt at modding a game. Apologies if anyone has made these before but this is what I wrote for my personal games and just wanted to share to a community that gives so much. Vending was inspired after binge watching Glock9 and seeing how the "morning candy run" was becoming a routine.. I realized I was doing the same and wanted to break the cycle and add a bit of looting excitement SiNiCaL Darkness Modifies the Worldglobal.xml to reduce the moonlight ambiance , make it darker indoors and increase the day and night fog global
  2. I have a A19 dedicated server running on a Dell T3600 with a 8c/16t processor, 24gb ram, 2tb hdd. (Unsure if this info is need but providing anyways). Had a A19 server started. Everything running well. Stopped playing for around 24-36 hours (server never stopped running). Came back, my game had an update on my personal computer. I updated. I figured the server would need an update as well. I shutdown through terminal windows with 'shutdown' command. Waiting for it to shutdown properly. I open steam and check for update. Does not need and update. I go to rela
  3. I have been wondering over this question for a little while. If stealth is an intended gameplay mechanic with its own build/perks why are the developers of this game deliberately screwing over the stealth builds in their POI design? I mean in particular those auto-agro rooms where everything is waking up and beelining straight to you by a script and not by any action you are doing yourself? This is, ofcourse, not the only indication of particular dislike towards stealth gameplay by whoever is designing the POI's there are also these breaking floors you have to run over or fall into
  4. Hello, I'm BBBBilly. Today I've brought you a simple mod, but I don't think most people will use it. It's only applicable to special servers, or you just want them to shut up. Function: no matter you press t or change the chat key to something else, it just doesn't exist. Note: this does not disable voice. A friend asked me to do this mod, and I'm sharing it now. Seriously, what I think is that God doesn't let people build the tower of Babel and make their language confusing. Maybe it's inspiration. 7DTD_No Chat.rar
  5. Index out of range exception: Index was outside the bounds array I keep getting this after the mods load in but before the menu comes up.
  6. After the host restarted the multiplayer local server to increase the difficulty, I wasn't able to open any containers, but was able to open doors and pick objects off the ground. My friends are able to interact with everything perfectly. Neither me nor the host are hosting any mods. https://pastebin.com/hey6GSXn
  7. After my computer froze while the server was running I restarted my whole pc, when i restarted the server this texture problem started happening and one of my friends progression was reset. Any help with the block texture is much apreciated, thank you.
  8. Hello all you experts I'm trying to get my powered drawbridge to lower when coming and going, but I cannot the correct placement for my motion sensor. Any help would be appreciated. I know it is possible because I finally got the correct placement for the powered vault door.
  9. Hey guys, I'm your good friend BBBBilly. I've brought you a simple and practical mod - Disable Potted Plant. This simple mod can Prevent potted plants from being made and picked up, so as to prevent bad guy from using potted plants to commit crimes, such as using perspective bugs or shooting underground. This mod is very suitable for servers! In fact, I don't quite understand why Pimps don't fix this bug? My English is so poor! I hope you can understand what I'm talking about! If this mod helps you, please cheer for me! 7DTD_Disable Potted Plant.rar
  10. Man Fun Pimps you guys have outdone yourself I'm returning from not having played for quite a few versions and I must say the game is superb right now bravo. I just love what you've done since I've left. keep up the hard work u guys its definitely moving in the right direction and is still in my all time favorite top 5. I'm super excited to continue playing and discovering more of what you've done. I love how much rarer the guns are now that's far better and gives it a much more survival horror feel last time I played without even trying to look for guns me and like 5 of my friends had pretty
  11. We started with a regular base but Demolishers were blowing up traps and they were just too much of a nuisance. So, we made the Road Runner bridge, zombies try to run across it, fall to the server bottom, get electrocuted on the way down and shot from a hanging walkway above them. (This was hilarious and a lot of fun.) However, after the 19.2 update, the zombies kept digging. Not for the people down in the hole. No they kept finding the softest point to start going down within their spawn radius on horde night, then they dug across to me, where I was being bait on the bridge. This made no
  12. I am hosting a server with a Spare pc for my and my friends we played the first day and now my friends can log onto the server but i cannot does this have to do with me and the server being on the same network and steam account? Mono path[0] = 'C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/7 Days To Die/7daystodie_Data/Managed' Mono config path = 'C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/7 Days To Die/MonoBleedingEdge/etc' Initialize engine version: 2019.2.17f1 (8e603399ca02) [XR] Discovering subsystems at path C:/Program Files (x86)/St
  13. Hi There, I have a habit of leaving large amounts of resources inside of forges and due to this I believe that I'm hitting some form of integer limit in the game causing the chunk to crash and revert back to its original world gen version. which normally reverts a large part of my base back to nothing. is there any way to increase the limit on the forges or am I SOL? Thanks, Zenro
  14. I've been a console player for too long. But damn, the PC version brought a tear to my eye. I am in love with it. Check out my 1st week! And I'll be making more 7 days content soon.
  15. Important: For this modlet to work properly, it needs to be installed on the server and every player's computer. Do you have friends that can't help themselves and store everything in a specific box for each type of items? I do. This mods add new graphic designs for the storage boxes and also add half-block versions of the storage boxes (for more headspace). The new designs are added to the Wooden Storage / Furniture variant block. When the new containers are destroyed, they are put in the player inventory. This allow players to move the containers or to select a differ
  16. Domuks Hell Horde 300x-Looking for players! New pve Modded server we invite you to join us! Active admins friendly server! Mod List: Server Side Zombies StartingItemPlus Riles-HUDPlus1.07 Snufkin_CustomZombies_ResearchCamera_A19_Stable_2020Oct28 Snufkin_CustomZombies_A19-Stable_2020Nov03 War3zuk HD Tools Server Tools 7_Stacks_Plus_30k(A19.2) SnufkinWeapons-LootboxAddon_A19_Stable Snufkin_Weapons_Xpansion_A19_Stable server ip: https://7daystodie-servers.com/server/90462/ Discord https://discord.gg/QSgsfZM
  17. Here is a Modlet pack I've been working on. This is a Work In Progress (WIP), so please be kind with any problem reports. It kept annoying me that I would pass a military base with a generator ("destroyed") and be unable to wrench on it and have at least a CHANCE at recovering a working unit. The same with solar panels. Just because the world went to crap and everyone turned to Zombies doesn't mean all the electronics of the world stop functioning. So I'm working through a Modlet pack that will allow the players to wrench at any electronics (solar, generator, battery, signs, lights, and mis
  18. Hello! Is there a mod like the one for ark that brings a Shop to the game that u can fully costumise, a database for the players, get points every 10 min or so and you can donate / vote for more money/points to the shop. And ofcourse serversided Hope you guys understand my Norwegian english! 😂 Here is the webpage for the ark shop mod https://arkserverapi.com/index.php?resources/shop-currency-kits.14/
  19. A19 is introducing dynamic combat music, which will trigger when a zombie notices you and moves towards you. This will give you confirmation that you have lost stealth (if you were sneaking) and otherwise will clue you in that a zombie somewhere is targeting you. The game already has two "zombie death confirmations" beyond the obvious decapitation or dismemberment: XP Popup Obvious/repetitive death animations (that is, we know what it looks like when an Arlene falls down for good) These death confirmations are not universally liked, with some players preferring to n
  20. Hi all, I hope you will enjoy playing this 7d2d prefab. I started building this prefab in version A8 or so, that's why the shuttle is rather 'blocky'. If anyone has some advise to make the shuttle look more smooth, please let me know. Please note that the Helicopter is not my design (I forgot who made it, I'm sorry!) and the base-design of the shuttle and the pillar-base below it, is based on a Minecraft-design. This prefab is 80% built in-game (creative mode), but would be impossible to complete without the prefab-editors from Hall and Pille. Many t
  21. Hello, I'm just here, and I'm going to share some simple and practical mods that are designed for my server, but also for single player games. My English is very poor, I hope you can understand what I want to express. Author: BBBBilly 1.DeepDark Make the night darker, especially indoors and in the shadows.Tips:Mandatory, can be applied to the server!It works for everyone! No matter how much gamma you have. 7DTD_DeepDark.rar 2.Medical improvement Make ordinary bandage can also restore a small amount of health, not to let you helpless. And it can provide
  22. After the change of the farming system,growing plants is no longer happy, where is the fun to put seeds in a pot? I hope they can bring back the cultivated land, they can increase the costs of it ofcourse! That I agree. Imaging that you can build a large farmland down the hills, wouldn`t that be wonderful?
  23. This is a 'quality of life' mod that allows you to decrease, increase, or simply shift the period of time a trader remains open. Download: https://github.com/arramus/Change-Trader-Open-And-Close-Time-A19 A19 saw the traders receive their own specialisations and with this came unique IDs for each. You can set the trading time of each Trader on an individual basis as per your own specifications. This can make your server trading experience easier, more challenging, or more varied. The current settings allow traders to open at 04:05 and close at 21:55.
  24. Hi everyone, Steam files verified OK. The latest Steam version of the game Alpha 19.2 (b4) No mods. 2 person multiplayer. I've made a mess, as I usually do, playing with what I shouldn't, without any knowledge about it, but I accept only 80% of the blame, as someone who lets kid in front of the wheel is the one responsible for the crashed car Anyway, I created 2 player server in the game (playing and hosting on same PC) and played with friend for a few days until we came far enough to start planning strategy and tactics f
  25. It is just a simple modlet that gives you a colored feedback about the cointainer and door states. It shoud be compatible with other mods and modlets, because it is only an simple change of the localization.txt. I tested it with Darkness Falls and it worked well. Supported languages: English and German in A18 and now new in A19 all languages supported Game Version: 18.4 // 19 Latest Version: 1.3 v1.3 - Added missing highlighting when pick-up items in the world v1.25 - Added some new highlighted colors for some pick up and use interactions
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