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  1. Has anyone done an analysis on light vs heavy armor in a19 tier by tier? If not in which XLM are the armor values stored? in the generic items one? For background information on why I am asking for it - we have a 5 man game on a 4x4 km mostly desert with zombie speed increased to jog(day)/nightmare(night) and delete all EQ on death plus loot quantity reduced down to 30%. No loot respawn but there is two traders who can reset POI's with quests. Increased wilderness zombies x2 and increased horde size. With these settings death is not a question of "if" but "when". So I h
  2. Ztensity's Creature Renaming Modlet Series Select A19.3 Patches That Rename Zombies, Animals, Machines & More! All my modlets are now available via the 7D2D Mod Launcher! - New Updates Below - INTRODUCTION Into hours of playing 7 Days to Die and diving into the vast modding community between Nexus Mods, Guppy's Modding Server Discord, the official forum, the mod launcher and the official website dedicated to mods for the game, I decided to use Sirillion's entire SMX series. His modlets overhaul the UI of 7 Days to Die, which
  3. All of my Modlets available here >>--Ragsy's Modlets on GitLab--<< *** For individual modlet downloads click the 'Download link' in the modlet description post *** Also available on the >>--7 Days Mod Launcher by Sphereii --<< Hind Helicopter Modlet Information here Adds a big "flying tank" to the game Additional Credits : ActiniumTiger Compatibilty : A19 Hang Glider Modlet Information here Adds a handy 'Hang Glider ' for getting down from those tall buildings Additional C
  4. If you agree that the chainsaw in this game is sorely underpowered, check out the Happy Little Chainsaw. I've buffed the damage by about 12x and greatly increased the chance of dismemberment. Enjoy! Happy Little Chainsaw.zip
  5. 1 ° - Sorry if you have a spelling mistake because I'm using google translator and I'm Brazilian. :-) 2 ° - I came here to raise a request, which I hope will reach the developers with your help (for God's sake), not just me, but I think that everyone who plays this game, wants a redone electrical system. Relays do not accept more than one power input, which leaves me very frustrated with the game's electrical system. I would like to be able to connect three sets of solar panels in one system, but the relays, the battery bank, the generator, electric fence, etc ..., do not accept more than on
  6. Salut Survivors ! Having played the game for many years, and learnt a lot through many different experiences; due to the extra time of the community quarantine ... I decided to start a YOUTUBE Channel and SHARE MY LOVE for the game 👍 ! I tend to look at things with an Analytical, Engineering and Design point of view 👨‍🎓, and now sorted my videos into two categories: The Guides and the Bases designs, with a Flair 🍷 ! Please never hesitate to add tips to the guides (trying to keep these as short as possible often means to miss to mention some tips); and you are also
  7. Hi everyone This will be the post where I will publish my mods for alpha 19, any questions or suggestions or feedback is welcome. GK return to old Farmland A19 This mod adds back the old previous alpha cultivation system, added its scheme and recipe, the scheme is only obtained by looteo. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4kaiuggwx1goiib/GK_Return_to_Old_Farmland_A19.rar/file GK useful tires A19 V1.1 It is a small mod based on the work of Ragsy2145, which gives you the possibility to harvest th
  8. 2 players. After ~10-15 hours ingame the game becomes literally unplayable due to glitched mass spawning of enemies and a "death zone" following players which causes random terrain to collapse. This happens both when hosting a server and renting a third party one. Having mods installed vs playing vanilla hasn't made a difference. The last 5 or so playthroughs we had all ground to a halt as soon as we encountered this. This has been happening since A17 at least, so it's not due to some recent update. The friend I've been playing with always reports that 7D2D continually eats up more and more RA
  9. Making acid recipe -2 recipes Create cement, concrete, and cobblestone in a concrete mixer. Disassemble ammo into their constituent resources
  10. Rework Repair and Learn Weapons, Tools and Armors A19 [by SURVAGER] Hi everyone! I have to you BIG UPDATE for my first MODLET "Rework Repair Weapons". UPDATES Your's "Big Thanks" please send me here: Description 1. I am very confused that the details of weapons and tools are now used only to create these things. Now you will need these items to repair weapons and tools! 2. I was also confused by the fact that a character could magically learn how to create complex weapons and tools simply by pur
  11. There is a server I am a part of whom are having issues with zombies sometimes refusing to move, and we do not have a clue as to why this is. They do spawn and they swing at you when you get close, but they remove to walk or move. Sleepers still wake up when you get close or damage them, but even though this is odd enough, vultures and other flying creatures seem to be unaffected. The only thing we can think of is that it is something to do with A.I. pathing. A restart usually clears this up, but it seems like a repeating issue. Would anyone have any information as to what may be causing
  13. Hello, I'm BBBBilly. The COVID-19 has made me an inventor. This simple and practical mod is Suitable for players who like to search resources repeatedly. Effect:Whether it's food pile, ammunition pile or medicine pile, they won't be destroyed after you search. It can also be applied to the server. Have a good time✨ Inspired by: JaxTeller718——Trash Piles Destroy on Loot 7DTD_BBBBilly's Pile.rar
  14. arramus

    Clan Cooking

    Here is a simple Quality of Life server side only mod that allows players to combine 5 food items that are not currently part of a recipe into a meal: Cat Food Miso Soup Chicken Soup Canned Chicken Pears Download here: https://github.com/arramus/Clan-Cooking For server hosts who have trouble using Github uploads here is an alternative. Clan_Cooking.zip This is very easy for Clan/Community/Group server hosts to modify and customise to reflect a name more fitting with their own group. Within the mod 'Config' folder is
  15. I've been here before (previous alpha) and they said it was fixed in a patch note so either I'm doing something wrong or they are. Basically the AP ammo says that it should do more damage to armoured targets since it ignores 20% of their armour, but when testing this in 'god mode' with cheats, the health bar goes down by the same amount when I'm using AP and normal ammo. I've tried this on a bunch of different zombies, with different weapons/ammo and by shooting them in different areas but the AP ammo still seems to not ignore that 20% of armour. However I didn't test the penetration, but ev
  16. Hi everyone, Just to let you know that i created a server with my friend, we are 2 and we are looking for some new players on our world. The server is a PvP brand new place on his first days so giving you some infos: 300% xp and loot 3 claims per players standard rules like trader safe zone and ofc fairplay expected from everyone on the server server name: [PVP]-[EU] - COVID 19 - WIPED 12.01.2021 Thats all, dont hesitate to ask me if you want some more infos. Thanks to all the community and i hope to see you on our world soon.
  17. Hi. I cant generate a random world. Ever played only SP. Only possible to play navezgane and pregen worlds. I have validated the files on steam multiple times, reinstalled the game and even windows. Im trying to paste the logs in pastebin and justpaste but its not working only opening a new tab. Please help and thank you.
  18. Hello, I played a game on Navezgane for 50 hours I guess. My computer freezes while in game and I had to restart my computer. After this I started 7 days again but I can not find the savegame in the continue menu anymore. Is there any fix for this savegame, the folder is still existing of course. Thank you for your help:D
  19. arramus

    Egg Hunt

    This is a simple mod that provides two functions: - Gives a 10% chance of receiving 1 or 2 eggs from cutting down a tree and 'shaking' any bird's nests from the branches. - Gives a 50% chance of harvesting 1 to 4 eggs from a Chicken using a proper butchering tool or 1 or 2 eggs when using any other tool. These will add a couple more ways to acquire eggs in context. Download here: https://github.com/arramus/Egg-Hunt (For server hosts who have difficulty using the Github version, here is an alternative. Egg_Hunt.zip This mod w
  20. I am not sure if it is my server or the game itself but for some reason when anyone on my server places a bedroll it will instantly disappear and display a message saying "your bedroll is gone" this is also true to most other peaceable's such as , chemical station, work bench and such. It's almost as if they are not placing because of a stability issue even though it is on ground outside but then certain places you can place and others you can't, I have managed to place said items in poi's and also player made base's but it won't place them on normal ground and the bedroll cannot be placed any
  21. Hi, i can't create block,writes "unable to read header" and "what can't find this block" what to do?
  22. i have recently started making mods for my private group of people to play with and i have been looking for a way to increase the max item quality level if anyone has any ideas please tell me
  23. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I have a set up of 2 x 2x2 dart traps, 10 pressure plates, 2 electric fences, 4 blades. Vedui's vulture build. I finally got the darts working, somehow, I don't understand the process enough. But the electric fence relays I can't figure out at all. He also shows an amount of xp that can be farmed. After my last horde night I gained no XP, the darts and the blades were the only thing working. Have I missed something? What is the actual way to set up these traps in general? Ta
  24. Working Water Vehicles for 7 Days to Die Note: The Assets in these Modlets are purchased (unless otherwise stated) and therefore you are not allowed to extract and alter them in any way. The assets can be used in other mods that are purely 'non profit'. These assets must not be used in any venture that attempts to make money out of modding. If you use the xml code i came up with do the right thing and credit me for the float code. After discovering and making a vehicle float on water uncontrollably sometime ago I kep
  25. This modlet adds a weapon-mod for one-hit-kills at head hits. It starts with the creation of an Empty Book, which can be found in the Science tab! After reading the book the first quest starts. After completing the quest series you will get the blueprint to learn how to make the HeadShot-Mod.The weapon which have this Mod installed do one-hit-kills to headshots. On other body parts your weapon will only do 1 damage. Installation notes: 7Days in Version 19 - supported languages: english, german Just unzip the archive into the Mods folder of 7 Days. Example:(your drive:\steamapps\common
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