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  1. I have a problem with electricyty, I try to build my base enterence to my base with blade traps powered with motion detector that is powered from battery bank but when motion sensor is off(there isn't any target) I want to load my BB with sollar panel. But when i power my blade traps from battery bank everything is ok all working but when I try to power my BB with sollar panel then this is main power source, what i meen power is no longer taken from battery bank but from sollar panel and then i dont have enought power to run all blade traps. So when i pin all this together it's like BB doesn't
  2. I have been playing on a server for a while,and randomly last night I started having connectivity issues.First my two friends we play together on this server started having really high ping and then I started lagging and having weird interactions and not being able to interact with chests, but my ping was the same.When I leave the player created areas I can loot and kill zombies it works fine,but I tried visiting another players home and the game had problems again,I seemed stuck in the air from their perspective.This problem only exists for me and my friends ,other people on the server play f
  3. Hey everyone! I'm back after a long hiatus with new mods for alpha 19 experimental branch. These are built with DMT v2.2.7 using the latest version of Harmony(v2.0.2). Link: https://github.com/TormentedEmu/7DTD-A19-DMTMods Mods: NewBlockTextures The purpose of this mod is to allow adding new texture arrays to the game to avoid overwriting the original arrays or atlases as we used to in the previous builds. The mod contains a sample bundle with some textures included and you can pull the blocks out from the creative menu. T
  4. Hi all I made a prefab and I am happy to release it, but only if there is enough interest. So let me know if you're keen with a react or comment For my first prefab it is, of course, a castle. Decked out in cobblestone rock, with a little wooden hideaway out front for those who want to start taking the castle at level 1. Be warned, however, there are a lot of Zs to get through just to take the front garden! As you travel through the castle, the Zs swarm ever so progressively, so I assume it is quite performance heavy during the takeover. Should smooth out once yo
  5. ActiniumTiger

    MI 17

    This mod is based around the idea of traveling faster. Whether you need to travel to far away places or just to get away from those pesky zombies, this helicopter will get the job done while riding in style. I put together this design from the MI 17 model, re-textured to fit the theme and added particle effects. I hope you all like what I put together. Enjoy! Vehicle Name: Mi-17 3D Model Artist Name: msart@cgtrader.com All Models in this modlet are subject to creative commons License. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ No Models have been altered from th
  6. Snufkin's Battle Royale v0.01 Gameplay. The game is a classic Battle Royale (last player alive wins). The match starts at 07:00 with a window until 09:00 for players to join. Players spawn in a random position in the map. They have freedom of movement until 12:00 of the next day, when a supply drop will fall from the sky and the first safe zone will be determined. Safe zone centers are chosen pseudo-randomly. They will not always be inside the previous safe zone radius. Players have until 23:59 to reach the safe zone. Between 00:00 and 11:59 players outs
  7. And I'm back, with my second public modlet release. This time, it's a bunch of working items for your base, based on existing vanilla items so everything is server-side only. Working Oven Build yourself a working wall oven which functions the same as a campfire, with a slightly lower heatmap footprint. This is unlocked by the Master Chef perk. Working Faucets (or taps, if you like) Using an existing brass or household faucet, which you can either forge, or steal from a house, you can craft a working version which will allow you to fill jars and b
  8. Well the title says it all really. I have a tenkeyless keyboard and I also own a USB numeric keypad. I bought this keypad for both Blender and 7D2D as I understand that pressing * on it toggles the zombie AI on and off when in Debug mode. This however isn't the case for me. Nothing happens. I would like to know if I can simply reassign the keystroke to something more compatible with my lovely gaming tenkeyless keyboard. Maybe Pause/Break lol
  9. Hello there, i keep getting this error wherever a turret shoot a zombie in midnight, the issue seems the shotgun turrent. As the image shows the console keep popping up to eternity and i cannot move. All this happen in a multiplaye server i started to play with my friends, they dont seems to have this issue. i will appreciate any help! Thanks.
  10. This is Alsep Island and Atrum Island my 12k x 12k maps Generated with NitroGen v0501. Both of the maps use just the standard spawns (not Combo pack) They are both working on Alpha 19.3 (b6) Stable. Feel free to download and use on your private/public server. A preview map can be found inside each zip as well. Let me know if you would like the prebuild files from either map and I can get them to you so you can incorporate what ever Combo Pack yourself if you like. AlsepIsland Alsep Island is my original map. and is currently running on my public server. AtrumIsland Atrum
  11. I have been bashing my head against a wall trying to get a drawbridge to place somewhere, only to completely level the terrain out and realize there appears to be an invisible box where the drawbridge doesn't want to be placed. I recorded a short video of the weird placement behavior here: https://i.imgur.com/4taD41V.mp4. Another example with the drawbridge facing a different direction: https://i.imgur.com/9Zsmiop.mp4. Alpha 19, Windows.
  12. Here is a quality of life 'server side only' mod called 'Oak's Pet Animals, Guards, and Farm Jeep' by oak @oakraven with kind assistance from Dayhawk Mod. Thank you also to @Dre for giving it a good run through to check for functionality and potential issues. Download: https://github.com/arramus/Pet-Animals-and-Guards-A19-2021Jan01 This mod provides: 1) 9 Pet Animals - These include Boar, Rabbit, Stag, Chicken, Pig, mini Bear, Wolf, Coyote, and Doe. (These animals show no fear when approached and will stay within their confines. It is strongly rec
  13. This modlet allows you to increase or decrease selective electrical power attributes to match your own specifications. Download: https://github.com/arramus/Electric-Buffs-A19 Please use the Github download first but if you have issues with installation due to a Github shell folder, here is a simple alternative uploaded to the forum. Electric_Buffs_A19.zip The current settings provide 400% of default values across multiple settings for generators, batteries, and solar. You can manually change this to decrease or increase default settings to provide a greater
  14. (at 00:19 onwards it's demonstrated how to use the command and what it does) Long time ago TFP locked the hands/weapon FOV and set it to extremely low (45, lower than console games) because the hands model looked bad. Now they fixed the hands model (Magnum holding anim still looks bad but w/e) but the FOV is still locked to 45. I couldn't find other mods doing this so I decided to create this mod to be able to set the hands/weapon FOV to something more reasonable like 60. This mod adds a console command: wfov wfov <number> wfov 58 that changes the hands/weapon FOV
  15. Hello i have an issue with my game and i do not know what is causing it. my charter is never affected by weather buffs regardless of where i am, and according to the game statistics, the temperature always feels like 21.11C even in the mountain biome with nothing on, any help would be appreciated. thank you
  16. Hello, i am currently in the prefab editor and i am having trouble putting trees closer together, what setting can I change in the config folder? specifically for the small oak tree? Thank you
  17. I am currently working on a perk tree overhaul for personal use in an attempt to make things a little less limiting than what we currently have in vanilla. Just thought I would give a heads up here to see if anyone is interested when it is finished. Here is the structure so far : Melee Weapons 1. Brawler 2. Deep Cuts 3. Electrocutioner 4. Flurry of Blows 5. Javelin Master 6. Miner 69’er 7. Pummel Pete 8. Sexual Tyrannosaurus 9. Skull Crusher Ranged Weapons 1. Archery 2. Boomstick 3. Charism
  18. Hello, some of you may know me from the Gnamod overhaul(s) but I sometimes also release modlets, usually when I find something that should have been in the vanilla game and simply want to share it with everyone out here. I was chatting with some people about the lack of ability to hide pieces of clothing or armor on characters and how other games supported such feature and got me thinking this game already supports a cosmetic item that makes something invisible. So I tested it and it worked, so I decided to make it into a simple modlet for people to enjoy as well. Downl
  19. I want to present yourselves the Alaszka's Food Rebalance, my first mod made to public. This mod aims to rebalance how food, drugs and drinks work on the game, creating purpose for some long forgotten items on the consumables list. This is the release of the first module, that adjust recipes. To access the list of all the changes made, there is a changelog.xml file inside the folder. I would greatly appreciate suggestion. Happy surviving! DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WVHbnX3mvfxZsXshjhdphPrb9NVYM0Yd/view?usp=sharing
  20. Anyone Know how to achieve this mod Exact layout? I know there's already mod similar to this but they are on different layout and i prefer this Clean looks. Anyone Know How to achieve this ?
  21. The famous Russian localization is now in the form of a modlet! Translated: • Main menu • Settings menu • All items * Actions on items • The names of the effects and their descriptions • The names of the recipes and their descriptions • All quests/challenges and their descriptions If you find any mistakes or inaccuracies in the translation, please report them immediately! (preferably with a screenshot attached) Files to download under the spoiler below It is installed as a regular modlet! Have a nice game! Main guide on Steam!
  22. Hi, I'am looking for mod that will change the "helmet light mod" to be as bright as the regular flashlight. Thanks....
  23. Hey guys, I'm not too sure if others have experienced this, but my last two horde nights I've had (day 126 & 133) have been riddled with bugs: - On night 126, about a dozen zombies spawned on top of my base - On night 133, a few zombies spawned inside my base (I also found a screamer in my other home base earlier the same day) - I tried to ride my motorcycle out of the area both nights, but I hit invisible walls on 3 different sides of my base on night 126 and 1 wall on night 133 (then reset the game) - When I tried to drive towards a 4th side o
  24. Hello 7daystodie Community, I have a little .xml question. I have already invested many hours to find out for myself and have already achieved successes but not what I wanted. Therefore I ask you now and hope that you can help me further. Is there a passive effect, a property or something similar that simulates daylight? Or is there some other way to simulate it? I would be very happy about a positive answer from you. With friendly greetings Johannes
  25. Mana

    Outback Shack.

    Gobarg and I decided to try and build a questable prefab. We were looking for more variety in T5 quests. Pretty happy with the result. We had lots of fun going through it. Not for the faint hearted. http://www.mediafire.com/file/85z1r72zgyjrfwf/xcostum_OutbackShack(by_Gobarg_Mana).rar/file
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