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  1. So I grabbed a fetch quest from the trader (my 4th) and when I got close to the POI I was supposed to gather supplies from, the quest marker disappeared and I have no way to activate the quest. I exited to desktop and restarted the game hoping that would help but still nothing. Any ideas? I walked around spamming E to try to activate the rally point, but no luck. I also went in the POI and tried to find the cache, but also no luck (I assume it doesn't spawn in there until you activate the rally point though).
  2. Hi guys & Gals, Here is a very condensed Highlights & Shenanigans video from my Twitch: Streamer Weekend event. We had a great time and a great laugh. a brilliant Alpha update, as i am sure you will all agree! hope you enjoy! PS please be aware NSFW
  3. Is there any reason to believe any progress will get wiped between the experimental version and the full release? Getting tired of starting over atm
  4. I've followed the instructions on cleaning out the old settings. Clean out A18 data 1) start the game from your library 2) select show game launcher 3) click in the tools tab 4) click on clean game files and check all circles 5) click clean
  5. Rebotic Sledge doesn't attack any zombies on horde night but during the day it works like normal just not on horde night. Is this a Bug? Mr. Waste
  6. Just finished my latest video for YouTube! This one's showing the HUGE LEAP forward visually Alpha 19 took. This Alpha looks absolutely awesome and here's the proof: COMPARING ALPHA'S VIDEO Let me know what you guys think in the comments over on YouTube. Thanks in advance for any likes/dislikes and New Subscribers! Much love and ENJOY THE NEW ALPHA!
  7. every thing i open stays on my screen making the game implausible to play
  8. Sorry if it is obvious or there is a post that talks about this (look before) but I do not see a way to build the junk drone so I assume it is not in this version of alpha 19. Am I correct?
  9. ZQLxNavObjects ZQLxNavObjects is a Quality of Life modlet that disables the new on-screen sprite system introduced in A19. Intended for those that find such features immersion breaking and to gamey...or simply doesn't like it. For the record, I like it. It only removes the on-screen icons, the map and compass icons will still work as normal, so you will find that spear or that quest. Does not remove the treasure ring. DOWNLOAD
  10. Just a quick intro..... I have been creating mods for other games for a while and now my focus is on creating mods for 7 Days to Die. As soon as I see what Alpha 19 has in store for us I will begin work on my mod. What this mod will do is make your journey through 7 Days To Die a living nightmare. For a game like this the aim is for you to survive. To do this you need to get what ever you can to take out the Living Death. My job is to greatly shorten your chance of surviving even the first day. Can you survive the Living Death? The
  11. Dear Fun Pimps, the new gs dependent loot is a good idea. Although I would recommend a much higher gs. But it's still possible to buy an AK or any other weapon from the trader with GS 12, instead of 51. I think it would be consequent to change make trader inenvtory gs dependent as well. Just my 2 cents. Maybe you will reconsider this bevor stable. Val
  12. everyone seems to be having issues with A19 (Loading in, crashes etc) but no one seems to have a problem with merely opting into the Alpha.. as the title says, I can't even see A19 or a "latest experimental" in the list. Anyone else have or has had this issue?
  13. I enjoy the new music and all but good god can we turn it down so I can hear the game play. I can hear nothing but music. I have tried turning down every music setting and have tried shutting all off. Music still satys the same. Help
  14. Hi all, I'm absolutely addicted to this game and find myself coming back time and time again and building new worlds. I originally played on PS4 in alpha 15 or 16 i believe and now playing on pc in A18 the game is so much better and rjns a lot smoother. My question however (which i dread to think i already know the answer) is if ive spent endless hours working on a game as my role is always the builder, when A19 comes out do i have to give up that game in order to play the new version? Or can it update to the new one? Thanks :) Steve
  15. I had this idea about a new zombie type, I think it would add a bit of horror if a small child(boy and girl) was added. They would run around while Idle, just short runs in whatever direction. They could spawn alone or in pairs, or even a small group. You know, because they're "playing", lol. Maybe they could replace the screamer or just also be able to scream. That was my main idea. Secondly after seeing how the camera focuses on the trader when you speak to them, its just a jarring camera snap. I think it would be better and less abrupt if the camera would slowly and more smoothly zoom in to
  16. So my thought is we have the ability to make working TV and cameras to make like a surveillance room in bases to see zombies and players outside your perimeter that you set up via cameras could even use the motion detectors instead of using a new asset
  17. I enjoyed reading the release notes for alpha 19 (recently posted here: https://7daystodie.com/a19-official-release-notes/ ) but there were a few things I have questions about. So, if anyone knows the answers to any of these, please share! So, would it be true to say that the game difficulty choice now affects ONLY zombie toughness/hit points? Or are there other effects? Is that only for bicycles, or do you get extra hungry when cruising in the 4x4, too? Any chance we could get a publicly-posted preview copy of serv
  18. Hey @Faatal! As a programmer myself I like to say I really like all the hard work you have put on this game over the years. This stuff is really hard, more so in a voxel game, so I thank you for that! I watched the A19 Dev Stream 6 last night and I noticed you said that you can see underwater from above because the fog is a global thing. I thought however, why don't you make it shader-based like they did in Crysis (2007) instead of relying on Unity's fog? Basically, as water is alpha-blended it should be drawn in the translucent pass like any other alpha geometry, so I
  19. It would be more realistic if there were no cross hairs on any weapons in the game or even the option to turn them off. Love the game though :-)
  20. I am super excited for the new Alpha coming out and have been following very closely. However, with the world outside this game in chaos, I have some concerns about representation in the current game as well as its future. Here are my concerns: The "Bad Guy" is a Native American owner of a casino (stereotyped?). The "Good Guy" is a white guy dressed in white. I doubt (at least I hope not) race was used insensitively on purpose but it does seem a bit...problematic considering the current climate. Secondly, there isn't very much racial diversity in the characters or zomb
  21. For those who don’t own a copy of the game but are too excited about Alpha 19: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/7-days-to-die Just 7.81 bucks Offer ends on June 25
  22. Well ok, maybe it was MY proposed new logo! 😛
  23. Hi guys! I'm a gamebloger from Russia, and my English not good, but I want to show you my crazy work. Everybody here have watched a screenshots by Joel with new zombie models and new lighting on new POIs, right? It looks great in Alpha 19, but how it looks in Alpha 18? I have intrested. So I recreated a locations from dev's screenshots in A18, and now you can compare two versions of the game First half of video devoted to a zombie models, and after 4 minutes goes screenshots from two Alphas. Sorry, but no subtitles. Thanks for your attention, and enjoy!
  24. Dear 7 Days to Die I have been a supporter since Alpha and have written down some of my suggestion to make the game even greater. One of your game uniqueness is that it’s a crafting survival game, own it! - Make it rewarding to craft like traps that gives you xp upon zombie kill. - Craft molds to gun parts and thereby make it possible to craft guns again (Repair lowers item-lvl). - Craft vehicles with placeable blocks to modify it (it becomes slower the heavier it is). Make it less like rust like giving it a storyline / a characteristi
  25. So I don't mean to overhaul anything just some additions... Well... One really. So in those instances when you blow a zombies noggin off, it would be great, if the brain matter transfers to the environment in which it happened. I talk about this in my LATEST VIDEO where I wish the brains would be all over the staircase behind the zombie. Don't get this post twisted, I love this game, but thought I'd post my thoughts on the "Matter", pun intended, here. Your thoughts guys? Is this even possible with a smaller team? Anyhow, keep up the great work The Fun Pimps, and I cant wait for the next Alpha
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