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  1. Summary: Was playing on a dedicated server one of my friends set up on and off for several weeks. The last time I was able to get on, both me and my brother who were connected to the server had a strange issue where our pings started skyrocketing to 20,000-30,000. When we disconnected and tried reconnecting, we were met with a nullreferenceexception error that appeared when we tried to join the server after connected (hence getting stuck on the "creating player" screen). No players I know of other than me and my brother are having this issue with this server. Pastebin for the
  2. As title says. I was searching for an answer and never found one. Is this possible? I'm using darkness falls mod on a private server (g-portal) but want to add more other stuff without my friends needing to go out of their way for every mod. Also, where can i find some server side mods? Thanks
  3. (Before hand: No I don't want to rent a server and inexperienced with this) Scenario: My friend suggested that I helped host the server that we're playing on because he's busy with work. The problem is, he's the host of the server and can't be online for the majority of the time. He sent me his game files so that I can download them and put them into my own files to host the game myself. I ran into a couple of issues which is, where do I put the files, which folders do the files go into, and lastly I get this error (No height data). -Firstly, his game files he sent me "Empty, Voluya terri
  4. Starting with Navezgane. It's a nice enough map, but once you've explored a good bit of it, all replayability is gone, and starting a new save on it is boring, as you already know so much of the map that everything is recognizable to you. This is only worsened by there being a total of 3 spawnpoints, all of which are very close to eachother, meaning getting anywhere new is very hard. Alot of the mini-city layouts are rather nonsensical, and don't look like actual cities, apart from the one in the desert, and even that is weirdly small, as are the others. It is otherwise a pretty nice map, even
  5. When i play with my friend i have much lags, he have it too when he play on my server. We reinstalled game, deleted all mods and nothing happened. We don't know what we should do. Perhaps this happened due to the fact that we installed the mod on the interface, but first game was normal, and after that it just began to lag a lot. I and my friend have lisence.
  6. Hi I have a little problem with crashing, every time I start the world after minute or two my whole pc freezes and then game crashes (or sometimes whole pc blacks out), if i create new world it happenst too but after 15-20 minutes. I tried validating files, reinstalling DirectX 11, GPU drivers, and reinstalling whole game and nothing worked. Also it started after two updates of AMD Radeon Software, after first every time I alt-tabbed game froze and crashed, after second update game started crashing as described earlier. I would appreciate any form of help. Here is output log from "Steam\ste
  7. Genuinely not sure if this is intended or not, but on my second blood moon (that i actually survived!) all of the zombies insisted on taking a lap around my base to systematically tear apart all of the wooden spikes i had placed next to my walls. Made the night a hell of a lot easier, but i can't help but feel like having the zombies willingly seek out and throw their bodies onto my spikes kinda made it feel a bit less tense you know? So uh. Guess i just want to know if this is the game working as intended or if they are planning on fixing this for the release. Or if i should file a bug report
  8. Tired of the same old same old? Want a funny but action packed series whose videos are generally between 10-20 minutes? Look no further than 2 Bros 1 Base! We cut out all the boring mining and crafting gameplay (No offense to those who like/make that) and cut straight to the action! Youtube is full of let's plays and base building videos, so we wanted to take a different approach. Make a shorter video series showing the highlights of our adventures with some comedy sprinkled in. Each episode is getting better in terms of trimming gameplay and editing. But its all in good fun, let me know what
  9. Hello, we are with a friend on a client server that I host. We are on Windows 10, on version A19.4 (b7). We're at day 331 (10 minutes a day option), i'm level 300 with all books learned, killed 18500+ zombies, but my gamestage is stuck from already 5 in game days at 720 (even if I tried to launch the game again, verify steam files, kill more zombies, do quests ...). I think the bug come from the fact I glitched a level 5 quest. (start the quest, loot, then disconnect and reconnect to start again the quest... over 10 times). I don't really know how to fix it, my goal is to reach
  10. When Playing 7D2D, most of the time you spec into an attribute and spend skill points on perks within it, well this mod is going to help you spec into other Fighting perks. Originally I did this mod for myself, but I think it could be of use to other survivors who enjoy Vanilla with a few tweaks, not overhaul mods. Features: - Gather research papers to perform research. - 13 Perk Books that gives a level in Fighting Perks (Gunslinger, Dead Eye, Robotics Master, Demolition Expert, Archery, Machine Gunner, Boomstick, pummle pete, skull crusher, Miner 69r, Javelin Maste
  11. KingGen v0.5.0 Random World Generation for 7 Days to Die This is the official webpage of KingGen, a tool to generate beautiful maps for 7 days to die. Give feedback here: google form Follow development here: trello board Downloads: Windows - 64 bit Linux - 64 bit Usage: Download KingGen. Run it. Choose your preferences and click “Generate world”. KingGen will create a folder containing the world. You have to copy it into 7 Days to Die’s worlds folder, usually: “%appdata%\Roaming\7 Days to Die\GeneratedWorlds”
  12. https://youtu.be/R03kLav_m0I Hey yall. Just wanted to share a project I've been working on. Me and my long time friend recently got PCs and have been playing together. I decided to record our gameplay for fun and realized what stupid and funny commentary we had together. So here is my little project to sharpen my editing skills. Its all for fun so I don't take it super seriously, but I'd still like to hear what people think. https://youtu.be/R03kLav_m0I
  13. I am new to creating mods for my own use, but have been inspired by some of the best and most useful mods (in my opinion, anyway *LOL*). Working with bdubyah's The Wasteland, I have made tweaks and additions that work fine, like craftable Lead Lining mods for the power armor, StimPacks, schematics for crafting those things... But how to make a Rocket Turret is eluding me. Created the schematic - Check. Made a custom icon for inventory - Check. Created the recipe to craft the turret - Check. Made the append xpath to point to the blocks.xml file - Check. Copied the shotgun turret
  14. I get error messages at the start up of my server. The server appears to finish starting fine, however, it isn't listed on the servers page ingame. here are the error messages: 2021-03-27T14:41:44 55.648 ERR Could not get country code: Error: NameResolutionFailure 2021-03-27T14:41:44 55.653 ERR at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.EndGetResponse (System.IAsyncResult asyncResult) [0x00058] in <ae22a4e8f83c41d69684ae7f557133d9>:0 at System.Net.WebClient.GetWebResponse (System.Net.WebRequest request, System.IAsyncResult result) [0x00000] in <ae22a4e8f83c41d69684ae7f55713
  15. I had friends that said their biggest issue with playing on servers was the lack of a pause button because they have a life that has dynamic demands on their time. Others have mentioned the lack of a sleep system to skip past bits of time in the game sucks. I came up with a way to alter the bedroll to become something that could fill that role for them. As a part of this modlet I altered the recipe for the bedroll, and unless you are playing DF you will likely not have access to the fifth ingredient, which is the blessed metal mod. In that case you should comment out that ingredient or replace
  16. Can i get information on what maps have the custom buildings in them already i have watched khaine on youtube and realized that as i had chose medium map 2 as he did its the basic buildings. I would like a breakdown of this for all the pregen maps if possible and a suggestion would be to add this information on the darkness falls home page or faqs as would have saved me hours of play.
  17. Hello.. Can someone tell me how to fix this issue, we have dedicated server and yesterday some player reporting issued about plant seed. Everytime they put the seed on plot always dissappear even re-put the plot still doesnt work. I read on other forum, it called SI Bug. But theres no explaination how its happen or way to fixing it. Any ideas to fix or explain how it can happen to us? Thankee..
  18. This is a cross-post, which I think will be okay under the rules, but let me know if it's not. I just released version 2.0 of my split level prefab, and this time instead of screenshots I made a full walkthrough video of me doing a quest at this POI. While I hope people download and play it, the focus of this post is the video, for that audience of people that just like to watch videos of others playing. With that said, this is a complete walkthrough video with full spoilers. If you like what you see, you can download & discuss the mod here.
  19. >>> Click Here to Download <<< I'm pleased to announce version 2.0 of my split level house prefab. This update includes: Alpha 19 compatibility (last tested with A19.4 b7) Graphics refresh to take advantage of new decor options Reworked lighting Sleeper improvements, including reduced sleeper counts to target a Tier 4 standard Rather than just take some screenshots, I figured users would appreciate a full walkthrough video. That means this video has FULL SPOILERS, so I suggest skipping around to get just a taste if y
  20. Ztensity's Functional Elevator Redesigning Guppycur's Elevator for A19.3 (Permission Granted by Guppycur) Assets Purchased For Release INTRODUCTION Originally designed for Alpha 18 with compatibility for Alpha 17 by Guppycur, his Working Elevator modlet now gets its next iteration for the latest build of 7 Days to Die, A19. Similarly to the original mod, this elevator only moves from one floor to the next across roughly 2 flights, while also taking up 3 blocks wide, 7 blocks high and 3 blocks deep (x,y,z). This version of the el
  21. Snufkin's Paintings Additions Adds 20 famous paintings and 20 movie posters to the vanilla paintings. Download: https://github.com/Snufki-n/Snufkin_Modlets_A19/blob/master/Snufkin_Paintings.rar
  22. Does anybody know if there is currently a problem with errors popping up when zombies get damaged by the electrical fence or player placed doors and turrets visually disappearing and re-appearing ?
  23. I think it would be really sweet if there was some kind of companion option in the game, Like taming wolves or bears but making the bigger animals harder to tame and then you can have them as a follower. I think it would be so nice to have an animal companion to roam the zombie filled wasteland with or to just go out on an adventure. Other than that The Fun Pimps(TM) are doing a great job in my opinion. Keep up the good work Dev's🤠 (P.S) Maybe it could be a new perk tree or book.
  24. Hi all! I'm having trouble with my wiring, and I've been looking quite a bit on the web and it seems like either I simply don't get something very basic or there is some kind of bug with my game. Hope you can help I want to connect 5 electric fence posts to a battery packs. They are aligned, at least than 10 meters apart, all at 100% health and my battery pack is on the ground at the end of the line, with 6 fine car batteries in it. I connect the battery to the first post with the wiring tool, and the cord lights yellow. Up to now everything's seems fine. I connect the
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