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  1. Nobody uses haybales or wood frames to get to the lower run of a ladder? That way the ladder is too high for most zombies to get a hold of. We hack off the lower 2 rungs and get up by using haybales.
  2. Wrong for so many reasons..... Ok, Locating Ore: Is there something wrong with taking 2 shovels to break a block of surface gravel to find out what ore it is linked to? Or am I missing something here?
  3. 9500 Hours in game between hubby and me. GO TFP!!!!! - - - Updated - - - post two or 3 shows zipline is on hold
  4. added an XP bar...lolz it is done when it is done
  5. On a side not,I want to know who voiced the cooing that she does. I always have the oh crap moment when I hear her. Good job guys!
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