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  1. I remember tungsten in the game. I know this is some sort of "ask the Devs anything except when" thread, but I never have questions. Did you guys redo the plant graphics? (but nothing is ever important enough to really bother asking about) The game is the game and learning the good points and the bad points and then adapting my playstyle to those things is part of the fun. How about are screamers set to spawn everyday (sometimes more) at whatever place i have decided to make a base?
  2. Plant fibers from digging tops soil isn't really a stretch, at least not where I live. The ground is layered with roots from many different plants, both woody and less fibrous. If you have ever dug ground near Knapweed or white top, the roots are ridiculous. I live in the high mountain desert and plants send out large and extensive root systems presumable to capture water.
  3. I never noticed anything other than your skill level and tool that changed the resources you get from the rocks. the really big ones don't give anything except stone from what I recall. Anyone know about this?
  4. I don't mean to be terribly stupid, (but at times I think it is a hobby of mine) . Exactly what is "optimization"?
  5. I assume you mean the shopping carts for us over here in the colony. Have you heard the notice they make when you search them, Imagine what they would sound like if you moved them, and one always has a wonky wheel that drags you suddenly violently offcourse to ram into another shopper or a large fragile display (oh, maybe I do that on purpose)
  6. Uh, have you never gotten wet in A16.4? Being wet makes you colder and there is a percentage indicator (umbrella) that shows how wet you are
  7. How on earth did you manage to make that sound "dirty"?
  8. On the subject of snow melting: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_cutting (I loathe Wikipedia) But Ice lasts well into the summer months when insulated with hay
  9. On thing I disagree about spoilage (other than it being a pain in the butt) is this. Someone mentioned spoilage on beverages. So instead of making golden rod tea, I make the bottled water and store the goldenrod plants and make it as I need to to avoid "spoilage". Tea leaves last for fricken ever and golden rod plants are everywhere so even if the harvested plants "spoiled" you would just not harvest them. If we had spoilage, you would then have to introduce "crop spoilage" for the same reason. I could just leave my plants in the ground and grab as needed. Then we would be minecraft + farmville FFS. Corn lasts a year or more in a corn crib, as do potatoes so spoilage seems silly on those types of things. What does that leave? Meat, well meat properly cured lasts more than a year and can be reconstituted. So what is going to spoil? meat stew, isn't it "canned"? My hubby was eating stuffed canned before he was born growing up (by at least 5 years) Players like me will just avoid making items that spoiled from components that don't until we need some so introducing the mechanic seems a bit silly. I don't think people that advocate spoilage have really thought about the "realism" they are advocating. Crops in game take a week to mature, that isn't real. Neither is spoilage on the timescale you are talking. Unless you have a game going 400 days and you have food sitting around from day one, it isn't going to be realistic that it spoils. (other than uncured meat). Troops are eating MRE's from WW2 and there isn't spoilage concerns. I always wondered why the canned food we find isn't contaminated or spoiled or irradiated. If food is too easy for you, how about a novel idea... Don't harvest it.
  10. I would have to disagree. Most people develop a strong single identity (personality). They know they want to be a doctor or hate red socks. Some people develop DID, which usually include multiple STRONG personalities to cope with repeated abuse, some people develop no strong personalities at all, also due to abuse. I had a dislike for fruit flavored sodas and a preference for chocolate. Other than that if it didn't hurt or didnt hurt much, I was ok with it. It is a cosmic joke to suffer from cpstd and have 160 IQ. Lots of potential, but no direction or drive at all.
  11. I bet you would if I'm the one brave enough to jump down start looting bodies (before they rot) and lead the zombies to slaughter
  12. Roland: On the subject of what I like and why. I like farming, mining, animal husbandry etc, killing zeds not so much. I could give a flip about traps (other than spikes) and electricity is too complicated for me. So I am the non nomad happy with almost no tech mole base player
  13. The 20 Virgins are clamoring for the game release, no nerds have sex cuz grilz don't exist.
  14. Backpackgate. I love it. I want a big backpack, since i am one of those nasty underground mass crafting mongrels. Alhtough I have seen some storage warehouses that make me og, How would I ever find anything???? I usually have 15 containers so I can SORT!!! I guess if backpacks change how I carry stuff, I will alter my playstyle to accommodate it. I can't imagine a change the devs are making that would be a dealbreaker for me (unless my gtx260 fails to stand up to the OPTIMIZATION). Can we tame chickens yet, and OMFG seriously you can avoid getting hit by the bear by being on his back???? WHO GETS THAT CLOSE?
  15. I would never have moved out of Win95 but I needed USB support
  16. will my 9GB of tri channel RAM and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 still be able to run A17?????
  17. TFP are in secret negotiations with South Korean to sell the game overseas. WTH Eve Online just did it.
  18. They also complain that the strippers have little clothing on.... No one complains that the "nurses" always have cash.
  19. Have I missed anything? Let me guess TFP main backup servers went tits up and ate all the programming. They are desperately trying to piece everything together and need our HELP! Send your old copies of 7D2D or we may never play again!!!!
  20. Those tits might be essential to making the boar feel more in line with her true self...
  21. Has anyone asked (and answered) about customizing the characters further?
  22. huh? Maybe I've never repaired the R. Concrete
  23. That "hungry" zombie is a dead ringer for a lady I know in town. Her name is Vickie. Since i am obese, I don't think it is unfair or cruel to comment that TFP must have been working from a pic of Vickie cuz I was shocked when I saw her in the game. We have shakie willie and "angry young man" as well (the guy that stamps around with fists at his sides)
  24. We are expert Haybaler placers in that regard.
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