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  1. Where does the paint come from?  I got more hiking type boots, I didn't scrap everything, I sold some and while sorting noticed that some clothing of the same type was better than others. Each piece give heat and cold resistance, but the values and the total values differed.  One piece might give 2 and 2 another of the same type give 3 and 1.  I ended up keeping the highest total value clothes of each type .  It seemed the BOU set gives the best general protection unless you are in very hot or very cold.

  2. I'm looking forward to the new release.  I'm the crafter & farmer player while hubby likes the hack & slash + explore parts.  Each time TFP changes some aspect of the game, we try it out.  Sometimes it means a total re-imaging of how we play the game with changes in focus.  Sometimes it is annoying, sometimes it gives us a oh WOW experience.  If TFP change something that we find is vital to the way we like to play, we will mod it.  TFP's have made an excellent base game which even without modding is accessible to most people that enjoy this genre. If I am not mistaken the large change in A18 made modding much easier.


    I want to see more game story and more optimizing (lolz).


    If it's too hard, MOD IT.  If it's too easy, MOD IT.  If you don't like how X functions, MOD IT.

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  3. Two words: Neutron Bomb.  The idea behind it was to minimize the blast/explosive yield while enhancing the radiation to leave buildings intact but to blast everything living with highly damaging neutron radiation.  The large neutrons (as compared to alpha, beta or gamma) are highly damaging to living tissue.  The other types of particles are damaging as well but are blocked by various substances, such as a piece of paper in the case of alpha particles.  Alpha particles are very dangerous when ingested, but are typically stopped by clothing.


    So.... are we still learning by doing and using farming plots????

  4. While I LOVE McD and the Big Mac is da bomb, they are not the best burgers, what they are is consistent. If I go to BFE and everyplace is a crap shoot as far as quality and such, I know that the Big Mac in BFE will taste the same way as it does in Tulsa. kinda the Devil you know.

  5. Hi, my a13 save doesn't work and your company sucks because you devs are too lazy to fix it, and that's why no one buys your game anymore; I've seen the steam reviews so I know, so I'm leaving and never returning. If you listened to me, you'd all be profit sharing millionaires because I took some gwbasic classes back in the 80's so I have a VERY good understanding of how to make games!


    gorilla.bas for life!


    Guppy. Can you please stop posting. Almost everything you post DEMANDS a response from me, and that response is always some form of sexual harassment on my part. This one is "Can I have your babies"

  6. Hubby figured out what was happening with the hatches having to be opened twice in b208. If you leave the hatch open and leave the chunk, the game resets the doors graphics to closed and changes the collision to closed even though they were left open (or something like that) So when we return home and try to activate what we see as a closed hatch, it plays the sound and nothing appears to happen in game when in reality it is "closing" the hatch and we have to activate it again to open it. I think that is as clear as mud.


    Pardon that I have no understanding of states and collisions or if I am stating what everyone already figured out.

  7. Every poi that i have try to see has many many zombies inside.. a simple storage has 3-4 zombies.. whaaat? and the problem that i have is before you go inside you can't see any zombie and then suddenly all of these enemies spawn inside.. for example i found a hole in a storage and went down there.. i looted the basement (no zombies at all) and then suddenly i saw 2 zombies in front of my face and 2 sleepers behind me.. i run outside immediately from that hole... Why is that happening? Can you reduce the enemies inside simple poi's (i mean civilian houses, cabins, storages etc.. not military bases or police stations) and fix the spawning issue?


    Ok, here is how you deal with magical spawning sleepers. Run around the exterior of the POI, get close to windows and such and count to something like 10. They will spawn, you will see them and then they will begin trying to get to you. The open doors and windows for you to shoot at them.


    Exploit? some will call it that, I call it looking very very closly for sleepers hiding in the shadows until they appear and you can see them.

  8. OMG 4 hours... maybe my headache will be gone by then. I have never noticed that coffee has an effect on my motion sickness. I don't actually feel that the coffee effects me at all. Now sugar, that is the big one. ok a bit less than 4 hours, what mischief can I make, what chores can be completed?

  9. How will we know that it has dropped? The forums go down. Everytime a release happens the Forums go 404. And bless every one of you that posted about FOV. I love 7D2D and sometimes just push thru until I make myself sick. I can't change the distance to the monitor, I would have to be in the next door neighbor's house I think to compensate.

  10. I'll have to wait until I try it, but for all of us that have motion sickness/vertigo issues, please consider making this changeable. It can honestly be a 100% game killer for me. There are games I simply can't play because this isn't a modifiable setting.


    OMG does changing the FOV help with the vertigo???? I never considered that. Sometimes I can only play for 15mins before I have a headache and am nauseated. Watching the streams was torture, but I wanted some headstart on the new features. I watched brokenankles team and Kage and they were both really excellent.

  11. A17 will drop SOMETIME TOMORROW, provided no major bugs are discovered. This could mean tomorrow Papau New Guinea time or GMT or any other time zone on this planet or any other. There, you are answered. F5 is the REFRESH key, people use it to see if the announcement for the drop has happened. Go watch the streamers, nothing to see here for at least 13 more hours.

  12. I can't wait to see more of the Perks and stuff, trying to plan what hubby will take on and what I need to pick up is hard from watching the streams. (we play MP on our own server). The graphics are SWEET@@@. The only oddity I saw was vultures kept flapping after they were killed. Love the new POIs and the quest I saw was interesting, hope to see more of those as well. It is hard for me to watch the streamers since my vertigo kicks in. Stupid i know, I manage to get motion sick in car washes as well. frack me. GREAT UPDATE!!!!

  13. What magically happens at 16?


    I love you Gup. Exactly. Ok, so zombie strippers are in the game and they are showing what? Tits OMFG really??? It is only relevant if the child has been over exposed to sexualized versions of female tits. I mean, they produce milk too, so are we worried about the kids getting the muchies when they see tits? While I don't think that this is a really great game for a 5 year old, I think it should be up to the parents to decide what their child is exposed to. Parents that allowed unfettered access to the internet and let their kids buy this game and then freaked out about Trader Joe's language or Naked zombies have zero standing to complain about it since they didn't give a damn when they let the kid buy it.


    Sounds like the OP has a good handle on how to parent by TALKING to his child about what he is exposed to. I don't see anyone freaking about the "naughty nurses" I mean really how is that not a sexual reference when they are always carrying cash?

  14. I was poking around one of the tiny garages that are all over towns back in A14 or 15. A crawler sort of slithered off the top of a refrigerator and scared me so bad I threw my coffee cup and broke the mirror behind my monitor. The scariest moments in this game almost always involve only one zombie. I don't die a lot but when I do it's usually one zombie lady that somehow gets the drop stun on me and scares me so bad I somehow end up Alt-Tabbed out of the game and scrambling to get back in before I die.


    This... this is Us, sometimes I get out of the house (IRL) and am passing something and I think, do I need to scrap that for leather ???? Is that a brass fixture?

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