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  1. In youtube, right click the video it will bring up options including stats for nerds. You have to right click the video itself. Task manager performance monitor shortcut is alt control delete, then look at the top tabs for performance monitor. It should show life statistics of computer graphics and Wi-Fi. The monitor looks a bit like a line graph. The reason I was considering stats for nerds is that it will show upload download, signal volume, interference generally, anything strange related to internet would show up here fairly easily. I'm not sure of a more complex solution but I imagine one exists. That's the easiest way I'm aware of currently for viewing resources.
  2. This is a strange potential solution but can you check YouTube stats for nerds during this 6 minute time frame? Just out of curiosity I would run a scan of task manager performance monitor as well. Might contact server last ditch effort
  3. It is no coincidence that you would message me immediately after I was speaking with the dark lord. What do you know of it. Today he is very public in pointing out the impossibility of coincidences created live on stream. He is back. If you aren't sure what specifically calls you here other than what is perceived to be normal it is my duty to inform you that something else is going on.
  4. I thought the reason you posted initially was because you were having an issue and if you are not having an issue I would understand not trying new things If Big picture mode is that important keep it on I never use it cuz it is convoluted. I just figured might as well try it would only take a few seconds to check and see. Same with shaders. You don't have to try and see if it will work but I figured it would be easy enough. Even with those two aside it can't seem to find the correct file pathway which is the overarching issue.
  5. A lot of the external, or third party game programs seem to cause issues when interacting. Xbox game bar, Nvidia share and capture, Asus game first, etc. I thought for sure it would be Asus optimization that you listed before dang. I'm glad you figured it out though 👍
  6. It seems like it is attempting to run it in Big picture mode which is different than saying that that is optional. I wonder if that is a setting that can be simply turned off. I do not have these Big picture mode or keyboard or shader error messages and to me as it coincides with an issue you have, I thought it might have value. I still believe it is searching for a pathway that it cannot locate
  7. I do not have the same shader warnings or issues This is the first issue that is mentioned, and might be worth looking into as well why is it trying to run in Big picture mode why does it need an on-screen keyboard to function correctly. Neither of those should be attempted unless that is a setting that has been activated somewhere intentionally I think 2022-01-04T12:42:19 20.630 INF Starting PlayerInputManager... Fallback handler could not load library E:/Steam Apps/steamapps/common/7 Days To Die/7daystodie_Data/Mono/XInputInterface32 This is what makes me think it is a pathway error as well as the version. They just trying to look for the file here but cannot find it. Perhaps they change the shader between versions I'm not sure about why that is being notated
  8. Since land claims will run from the top invisible ceiling to bedrock, the zombies could theoretically spawn at any point within it including well below the ground. They do not specify that it is only the active bed, although they should, because in spamming thousands of active beds you would think the range of zombie spawns would be negated almost entirely, but it is not. I had to check for science as I'm sure you were testing for science as well as most people prefer to play the game in an interesting way and I totally get it. If your intention is to keep that base I would recommend not to being inside of it during the blood moon and having an alternate, or yes they will spawn inside. It is easy enough to be outdoors until they spawn although you should not have to I agree they are limiting the parameters we can exist within yet again as opposed to increasing the parameters, and simultaneously the creative freedom that is allowed
  9. Indeed, having two little ram will max out your computer when nearly any object is in motion because it is a massive strain on the device
  10. It looks like you are disconnecting from your own internet which is disconnected you from the server. Are you able to load a web page during this disconnect? I know it sounds ridiculous, but worth considering. Having multiple file pathways will be an issue when trying to load the game. If the server has to search through your computer in order to locate your 7 Days to die game files, it very well might not be able to locate the files. You should ensure that the pathway the server has to use is a simple path without many barriers to entry, or the opposite of how you would want a zombie base.
  11. From what I can tell it looks like two things are contributing to your issue. The file path not being found, the version, and the shaders not being found. I would look into the shaders first by turning shadows/reflection/shaders off honestly, and looking into why the file paths for those two seem to be mixed up. Might just be that the file and folder location is incorrect, and when the game attempts to search for it it cannot find it because it is in the wrong spot.
  12. I'd like to recommend turning water and shadows off or down. Note in the game files there is an object limit. This is related to view distance in a sense because the object limit in part is related to what is loaded within your field of view. I imagine you are experiencing lag and choppiness for a wholly different reason than you might imagine. The previous server I played on had an object limit of around 420, 370. I unfortunately know this because I killed it. I killed the server again. If anyone has a related form thread to object limit thresholds I would like to hear it please. I found that my highest contributing factors to crashing were "windows, items, buffs, terrain" which you can see in precise detail in the logs as to how many of each are contributing to the overall server load threshold. Some of the objects that are deemed unimportant are defragmented essentially so as not to contribute to the overall load. I believe that each server has a maximum object limit threshold, and a minimum threshold that will begin to cause choppiness and lag. Zombies animals trees grasses anything in motion that is animated is going to cause massive strain. Water, shadows, and any combination of those things in motion is all having to be calculated within your field of vision and compoundingly within every additional players field of vision as well. One of my favorite ways to see where you specifically are being taxed is task Manager performance monitors. You will consistently see a spike when it is loading those objects in motion. In theory, if you were to bring a massive hoard of zombies to additional players, once the group of zombies gets in range to force those players to load them, there will be a massive Spike of strain suddenly on the server. Any Spike that exceeds the object limit threshold will crash the server. I think there have been thousands of people experiencing this not knowing where the issue resides. One of the first ways I experienced the threshold was through items. Not objects in motion but blocks. Because the blocks were not defragmented as zombies are, the permanence of it simultaneously permanently broke the server, whereas a massive amount of zombies will be purged after you are disconnected so as not to still have the limit threshold exceeded. This means if you were at say 400,000 when the object limit is 420,000, you can only withstand an amount of zombies that are considered to be under 20,000 total objects, or the server will crash guaranteed. There seem to be many booleans that nuke a server like this. If threshold condition is met, destroy the server permanently, as opposed to automatically reverting to backup, or if a player carries a corrupted file or pathway, the server goes down. This seems to be a strange way to handle errors foundationally. I personally have built many massive megaliths that have been ridiculous monstrosities that crash servers often. I think that this should at the very least be publicly available knowledge so that players don't accidentally destroy hundreds of hours of work or worse, more collectively. Surely none of the five people I was playing with told me about it, and that information didn't get from me at any point between downloading the game and crashing the servers that I have. I wonder should that responsibility be placed on the player, or the developer, or if who is at fault is even the right question. I think the solution is to prevent the crash to happen by warning of the object limit if it is guaranteed to crash at that particular threshold. If the warning to a player is not substantial, then perhaps preventing additional blocks outside of the threshold at all would be sufficient. There has to be a way to solve it other than letting the servers die. It sounds like your internet service provider is throttling you most likely during peak hours so as to distribute the bandwidth. I agree with Fox get direct connection and w better router, it will help a ton. I can't recall if this was posted before, what kind of monitor do you have op?
  13. The first issue is file path validation, it can't even begin looking for C program files. My guess is that the game and player profile are in a different location from each other, or the final path is not validated correctly. It would be worth checking file integrity and ensuring that all seven days to die folders necessary are in the same location. Tomz1229, the portion you linked does not actually contain an error, it would likely be in the redacted portions or elsewhere. On that note, do not post your steam ID, do not post your IP that is a bad plan to say the least.
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