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  1. Playing now with a friend of mine. my friend has unlocked 2 points in Living of the Land but can't craft the fishing pole. are we missing something? we are splitting up our points so he is the one putting points there. it just shows the PERK button instead of craft. im the one hosting the game, can that be the problem? or do i also need the schematic?
  2. I just looted the Superadminwrench. i have a feeling it's not suppose to be in the game maybe remove it from the loot table.
  3. nooooo. I rented a server a few days ago and have been struggling to set it up as i'm new to this. its just a server for a few friends of me. after failing to install the modpack on the server, as it wouldn't let me upload dll files as i wanted the BBM version and several tickets back and forth i settled with the normal WotW without BBM. tested the server and it worked. then it was just to wait until the weekend and buy beer so we all could start. witch we did today. aaaaand.... we have no mobs or animals and theres no clothing from loot >.< this is the only time i hate that there has been a new update to 7 days so badly timed! F.
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