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  1. Summary: Mission Drunk and Disorderly do not work For now, it's requirement is only for buffbeer. - Schwanz9000
  2. Already reported. You can keep the quest and just find another tourist zombie somewhere else and it still counts. Those quests do not have an area you have to stay in. - Schwanz9000
  3. Summary: Missing enemies in challenges Thank you, this should not end in mission failure, any zombies of that kind you find after that should count towards completion. Will look into these specifically, they may fall through the world. -Hated
  4. Please pretty please change the sound for the 4x4 car. It sounds like a small aeroplane and killing my hearing when headphones on. Please change the pitch to someting similar to the bike or more jeep sounding lower frequency like http://soundbible.com/1816-Humvee.html
  5. - The book do not work for me. Reported and see what they come up with. - A/C units, Thanks for tips. I found some but very few. I think the drop rate of brass can be raised and my feeling is that there is not as many AC on houses nowdays compared to A16. (But many new fun house designs, thanks!) For balancing I think the drop rate of brass can be higher from the ACs and when read the book the brass should be really plenty to be able to use turrest in a blasting way. I play with a friend PvE on our server so I understand that it might be totally different on PvP servers. Maby a procentage in serversettings xml to modify droprate of brass since its a important metal that can not be found in mines?
  6. Summary: Book Wasteland Treasures Vol. 7 do not work the book increases the chance to Harvest brass, not loot, Twigg
  7. We need more brass! (or have i missed someting?) The game main object is to shoot zombies. If I want to play on hardest difficulty and for that run around with an AK47 and build lots of turrets the thing I miss most is BRASS. The only way nowdasy seems to pick cars apart since the brass fauchets and lamps are almost gone. SO I need to spend all day finding cars further and further away and then spend all the presious bullets on shooting down zombies in 2 min before needing go out again and search for brass. And NO, Im done with melee, bow and shotgun. I want to use the end game weapons. And for that I need crazy amounts of brass that nowdays are way to rare in the game.
  8. Wish list items These are not bugs, but are on a lot of player's wish lists. We'll just have to see if the Dev's take notice. - Schwanz9000
  9. Summary: Huge Ocean RWG This is by design. The world is a big island now with the radiated zone out in the water. -Schwanz9000
  10. I like the balance of game and progress. The only thing that is really anoying in our game is that it is too many Screamers coming. We are 2 freinds playing on our own dedicated server and have difficulty 4 to have fun fights. But its getting really anoying that the screames coming direct after eachother when we are building. Is there a way to have more time between screamers but still play on difficulty 4? For now we have constant screamers coming to the base.
  11. Thanks for help and videos. Helped me!
  12. [From release notes] "Removed hoes from the game. They might return in a future alpha as a landscaping tool. Farming no longer requires them, simply place a farm plot and plant a seed." English is not my language so can someone please explain how to manage farming in A18. I understand that it changed much but how do I "simply place a farm plot"?
  13. Im following this guide for dedicated server. Is there other numbers and settings for A17 Experimental? https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/7_Days_to_Die_Dedicated_Server
  14. Sooo...any date for when A17 is released...or just w8 and guess?
  15. Can we expect A17 release in christmas present or we need to w8 to next year?
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