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  1. tl;dr don't gate perks behind attributes; specing some perks makes other perks cheaper (version w/ attributes, version w/out); add Combat XP progression used to get Combat perk points used to level up combat-related perks and maybe some other stuff Want an explanation? Here it is -- welcome to my thesis: The Problem The Solution The Problem with the Solution The Co-solution (v1) The Co-solution (v2) The Additional Parameter No One Asked For: Combat XP The Problem Balancing the perk system is overly difficult.
  2. Generally, exponentially-escalating things aren't good for gameplay, because human natural sense of urgency is locked in a linear mode of thinking, so players will be knocked off-balance when they start taking exponential damage, overall risking the fun of the gameplay. However, I do like the general concept of a zombie type that affects surrounding AI behavior. They don't even have to force retargeting towards the player, but instead, towards the players' environment to cause collateral destruction, which could potentially be a counter to cheese bases which take advantage of AI pa
  3. I thought I wanted a larger variety of melee weapons, because of course we should have more weapons, but I realized that in reality, I wanted more variety with the melee combat itself. After raving mad for four days and three nights, I've made up my mind, and here I'll suggest some changes to zombie behavior in order to create a foundation for more variety in the melee combat system. I've found it necessary to work in reverse. The current paradigm seems, to me, centered around the sole goal of killing zombies, and thus all of our melee variety is centered around shelling out DPS in
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