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  1. Thanks stallionsden. Ignorance may be bliss, but knowledge is power.
  2. @Slaan, Pardon the ignorance. Watching your videos, you pull up a tool on the right hand side that looks to let you teleport around etc. What is that? Is that a mod, or just something I am unaware of in the creative tools? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the update Magoli. Your efforts are appreciated. You mention that you renamed some of the prefabs. Could you list a before and after name so I can remove the unused prefabs from my server? Just trying to keep it clean as possible. Thanks again.
  4. Goldenrod is my vote. No need to have unused stuff in game. But I will still love you either way it goes. Thanks for all your hard work.
  5. Great list, thanks for taking the time to consolidate it to help the Devs get a quick view of the larger requests.
  6. Thanks Kage, That does help, and Ill give it a play this evening. Where are you getting the Feral Zombie ID # from? When I search through the entityclasses for feral I find it, but do not see the # you are referencing. Thanks again for the help.
  7. I was trying to use this last night. (just goofing around). It seems to spawn at random, and for me it just spawned dogs, but that may be due to the day it was. think it was a dog day. Spawning the plane worked great, and it also seems to be random on where and which direction it is heading. (was nice to hear it again). I am wondering how to actually use two other commands. teleport player: I tried tele playername 0,0 and it responded player name or steam id didnt exist. I used the same name as well as tried the steam id from the list player command and got the error. spawn entity: How do I use this exactly? if someone could provide the syntax and possibly an example command that would be awesome. Thanks.
  8. I did. Go to the first post and there is a link to the change log that will show you all the fixes. Majority of the fixes are eliminating crafting exploits, and others get the zombies to spawn again. Sucks to play in a world without anything to do but loot.
  9. FYI, we use the /home feature on my server, and everytime it is used it puts us below the world in a perpetual fall until you disconnect and re-connect. This is occurring to all 8 players on the server. At that point it spawns you on the top floor of whatever location you /sethome at. We have also cleared and reset it to the same issue. Not a big deal to me really, just figured you would like to know the issue still exists.
  10. Thanks for the reply... I was wondering about deleting the region files. Does this re-run the random gen? i.e. if there was a small city in an area, but had areas of empty blocks does it rerun the mixer and possibly fill in the block? or does it just replace previously generated buildings with the same POI? thanks again.
  11. Would deleting the worlds various region files (excluding your base region file of course.) regen those areas with the new prefabs? Thanks.
  12. Wow, that area around the central hub looks VERY symmetrical. What seed name did you use? Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the update Magoli. Your time and effort are appreciated. Is there a way to add the new prefabs to an existing game? i.e. have the map regen except for certain region that you have a base built in? Thanks.
  14. Can you explain how exactly to do this? I have tried to find this via search but with no luck. The only part I found was how to reset regions without destroying your base. Your time and insight are appreciated.
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