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  1. I feel like upping the zombies pawns 2-4x increases the fun much more. But feral sense feels wrong. They don't "see" 20 blocks, but hear you for 50 (in broad daylight) Even very silent noises will be heard from very far away, while they can't see you even with a clear line of sight. I feel it should be the other way around. Only hear loud sounds from far away but see you in daytime for a lot of blocks
  2. I think it should depend on the weapon. Hittingg a zombie with a pipe baton and suddenly the head just... pops off just looks super funny (*bonk* -> *plop* 🤣) Every high impact dmg (guns) should pop the limbs Every cutting weapon should make them pop off like they do now and sledgehammers should impart velocity to the head to let it fly off in the direction of the swing!
  3. It is only a visual bug. It still gives the same amount of meat and the corpse loses its hp accordingly. So you just kinda have to know how much dmg you want to do.
  4. I know that when lockpicking was first announced in like... A15 (when mines came to the wasteland with the excuse that you'd be able to pick them someday) And when it was first introduced, they said that they were holding off on being able to lockpick doors... (and all other forms of openables like hatches and stuff) Anyone know why they are still holding out? With how bad sneak is nowadays (not even talking about A20 changes, but the wallsleepers and silent weapons waking them up), this would give at leastsome interesting gameplay options. I suppose they are scared that players would skip even more of their precious POIs? Or even worse, take a path they aren't supposed to? I can't see another reason why this should not be implemented. It doesnt even take any more devtime. Just add the wallsafe code to doors ( with difficulties based on doortype) and viola... Some interesting new mechanic. Does anyone have a more recent statement on this issue? (last I heard about it was... I think A16, maybe A17)
  5. Okay. So I play on insane with zombies always on either jog or springt (one speed slower than at night) And I actually like this. I was able to do quests and even the vet didn't have a zombiedog early on. So yes a traproom with no escape route is really brutal, but most traprooms do have a way out nowadays (which is great) you just need to run through the whole poi wakíng up every zombie on the way. The direwolf spawn is known since A15 I think. I do not know why they do not fix this. They always spawn in the first 3 days. And if you already have a base... tough luck. I generally like the ramped up difficulty. Although I think they often try to force difficulty through the wrong means ( losing 90 hunger a night when you are hurt is insane, especially on day 2-3) You need to run away from zombies. That is a very good thing. Zombies are not meant to be XP piniatas. They are supposed to be a threat that is overcome by upgrading your gear. If you can kill zombies easily with a wooden stick, why would you ever want to go out there and try and find better weapons? On tip: The stone sledgehammer can help take care of single enemies. Watch your stamia and use strong attacks to knock them down and increase the distance.
  6. I am so happy that I am on vacation for the next few weeks. That was the ONLY way to make sneaking viable in some situations xD I know fixing bugs is important. But this time they made another issue even worse I just hope they take the feedback seriously and will work on it in upcoming patches. I mean even a simple numberchange for the stealthcheck would suffice as a temporary fix.
  7. I have a comblete chest full of Shotgun shells and am close to the 3rd horde. I mean honestly if anyone has trouble with ammo, you need to learn not to spraw a simple crawler with half an M60 magazine! Yeah could be reduced by... to about 1/5th its current value. That way you might actually need to craft it some day.
  8. great for fighters. Not so great for those who rely upon their 400% sneak damage (+ 250% headshot dmg :P)
  9. The absolute WORST is when they are behind metal walls. In that poi with the seperate garage and underground bunker, there is a hallway with like 14 fake walls that you need to check. It is super narrow so no chance to snipe the Z's behind. Once you break the wall and fail the check, even in stealth, all of them wake up. Now you gotta content with 4-6 radiated zombies in a narrow hallway. Running away is hard because you are alread overloaded and even if you manage, since it is such a narrow hallway with lights, reentering stealth only has limited usage. Worst poi I had to do in a while!
  10. same for me. I do not know what causes it. For me, it just teleports. The cause for this is unknown and seems somewhat random. Happened at my base once and three times at a quest location. Has never completely disappeared, only teleported a max of ~10 blocks.
  11. 1. thank you for staying factural and thank you for explaining my point. 2. I am not hired to report bugs/balance issues. I am a consumer who feels unsatisfied. I can stay completely factual, but honestly, when I come to the forums, I need to vent my frustrations. If they want only factual feedback, with rigerous testing, I can certainly do that. But then the game is no longer a hobby for me, but work. I am not saying it is the most productive, but this way I can vent, I still have explained the problem and they have an account of what it does to their players. My philosophy was/is always "it isn't HOW you say it, it is WHAT you say that is important". Because humans can't stay calm and collected at all times about all topics. And 7D2D is a heartproject to me. Has been since very early on. That is WHY I get so upset when they f*** up so hard. (if you can believe it, I wasn't always the hater I am nowadays. Pre A16 I still had stuff to critizise, but it was mostly minor stuff. But they lost basicially all my trust with Levelgates in A16 onwards and the absolute disaster that was A17. My breaking point was when madmole said "he will die on that hill". I get what he meant by it, but it is symbolic for what I think of TFPs nowadays. Unbudging towards feedback. They make their game if we like it or not.) "hate"specific rant:
  12. TFPs have stated like... back in A8 (at least that was when I first heard it) that children are off limits. They have had a short internal discussion and all of them were against the idea of putting in childzombies. Why? See comments above. Violence against children isn't something everyone is comfortable with. Even as zombies. In a cartoony game like minecraft that works, ebcause they are sooo comicy. But this is not a blocky fun fun game.
  13. That was regarding the atuo wake ups. True it was also about stealth, but I did nearly a week of testing for this. I tried to make it work. And it doesn't. Multiple POIs, different approaches, different weapons and so on. Every logical ingame step (so not like having no armor) I took to enhance my sneaking, I took. That is a seperate issue, even though it is connected. Wake-up rooms need some balancing, but that is not the topic here. The point of the thread was only amplified by it. Try it. Play a sneakbuild and tell me how it goes. Outside of POIs it feels great. As soon as you step inside POIs, it is basicially useless!
  14. Look if it is like... once per POI... fine. But if you only have stealth as your option and you need to fight irradiated zombies, it just doesn'T feel fair to have to fight them every room when I could just walz in there with a machinegun and just mow them down and be done with it in an instant. I said it a trillion times: Everything needs a drawback and a benefit (strength/weakness). The strength of strength is a great choice between sledgehammer and shotty (single target vs multitarget) while being able to farm and cook Its weakness is the close range, so you are always in danger of being hit. But you do have heavy armor to protect you (but makes you slower and easier to swarm) Perception has a sniper and a spear to deal with most things in the world and explosives for hordenight. the weakness is a general mass killer like a shotgun or machinegun. Fortitude has everything. It is without a doubt the strongest perk by being able to have great single and multitarget damage with automatic weapons as well as pain resistance and healing. But it does lack other utilities. Intelligence has turrets, which are currently underpowered because the good ones (scrap turrets) don't drop at all and you can only learn them via schematic. If they fix this, then intelligence is a set-upper. Set up your turrets and lure the Z's into them and you will probably have no trouble. But it is reliant upon the turrets and they are not great at dealing with hordes (but that is where traps come in) Agility has stealth and quickness. Their strength is that they can deal with non-hordes pretty well and efficiently and can run away if overwhelmed. As well as being excellent POI clearers. But they don't have anything else. And being overwhelmed in POIs often leads to chaos and if you get stunned once, it is basicially game over. So either they give Agility a way to clear massive amounts of zombies (against that! it is the only Attribute other than INT that feels different) OR they try and give us back stealth. If we chose stealth, we want to be able to DO stealth. Imagine if in skyrim you could only ever stealthkill one person and had to fight the others. How unsatisfying would that be? Honestly. I get where you and TFPs are coming from. But a game that offers a stealthy approach, only to take it away and force you to fight anyways is so... idiotic. Why would I need the stealthskills if I have to fight anyways? There are so many other, better options.
  15. But... difficulty does not increase awareness? It only increases HP and dmg of the zombies (maybe spawnrate dunno) also... WTF kinda attitude is that? "you want it hard? Then you will not be able to use 25% of the game!"
  16. The problem I see is: Either it is easily curable (once you have honeys lying around it isn't a threat anymore) or it is completely wrecking your character to the point where eating glass seems like a good alternative. I think they need to make the effects far less severe but increase the speed at which you gain it, increase effectiveness of honey/herbal/antibiotics (25/50/100), make it permanent even on death. So you might need to play 3-4 days with 100% infection but then you have 4 honeys and can cure it, instead of the constant hope to find another honey.
  17. *PREFIX* Just to make it clear: Sneaking still works as great as it ever did outside. I can practicially stand next to a zombie without being noticed. This is only about POI sneaking. Well now. After the last discussion/poll over here: I am back with a vengeance. What is this about? This is a status report from a player. I do not have footage of pictures, nor have I gone in any xml. But I will describe everything as best as I can. Stealth is too weak. Full stop. I have tried to make it work. I bought every related skill. I had most of the nightstalker books. I had only light armor with simple mufflers and no military sneaking shoes. Add to that my experience in this game as well as others including stealthgames and me playing on the hardest difficulties in any game... (not bragging. Just stating the fact that when I can't make it work, the average player can't by a countrymile) I can still clear it. But that is because I am a good player (on easier difficulties zombies are less dangerous, I am talking about insane), not because stealth is good. I might as well had no perks in sneaking whatsoever. I was not able to clear it simply by sneaking through. Report: It does not work. I can not sneak in a poi without them waking up. Not even at night. My visibility when standing still (or moving inch by inch) is 0. When slowly sneaking it is between 12 inside and 30 outside (wtf???) Every 3rd to 4th room wakes up. (not counting rooms/situations where i was not able to sneak up on them) Often times before I am even close to them (makes sense since sleeper volumes only check on entry). Also it seems like doing missions inside of POIs (feral sense off) aggros zombies outside. They seem to swarm the location and do not give up (even though the perk says they should give up after 15 seconds). This means I am in constant combat music. Annoying. What is going wrong: SO many things. -sleeper volumes should check regularly (with a lower probability), instead of only on entry -even silent weapons make enough noise a lot of the time to wake zombies up around them (why even use a bow/crossbow, if I might as well use a shotgun?) -every zombie is either behind a corner, inside a cupboard, in a wall, falling from the fake roof or otherwise obstructed. this means that even with perfect sneaking, you need to go inside the sleeper volume to kill the Z's. The fact that breaking the cupboards or walls makes such a loud noise that other zombies (not only the ones close) wake up is just the cherry on top (only way to avoid this is by using a crossbow, but that also wakes up some zombies, depending on how far you can be away) -I was not able to check a POI multiple times, so I can not say anything about "auto-aggro", but the check to see if they wake up is FAR too high. Since even insane sneaking skills can't get you in the single digits (without either no armor or military sneaking boots and advanced mufflers) as far as I can tell. -The red dots are only shown when entering the sleeper volume, meaning we can not even prepare for anything that might be coming (even though the Z's are already spawned in) And these are only the major issues. Smaller ones like random spikes in visibility, nearly no way to "destroy" lightsources without making a sound and so on are not listed here. Conclusion: TFPs hate stealth. There is no way around it. Every update something new is implemented to make it less viable. Then players find a way to combat it, then they implement something else and fix the previous countermeasures... to a point where now every poi is made with anti-stealth in mind and 3-4 features working together to make stealth as unpleasant as possible (trashsound, wall/obstaclesleepers,sleepervolumes, loud 'silent' silent weapons...) Let us sneak in POIs!!! If we go stealth, our advantage is safe looting and lower usage of ammunition. On hordenight we are much weaker then say a foritude build with an M60; a strength build with an autoshotgut and intelligence with mass stun-steel defenses and traps. I am honestly not a bad player. And if I have trouble with this, the average player doesn't even need to try. Solutions: I will try and rank these solutions based on how easy they are to implement (based on my limited knowledge of the gamecode and just rough estimates) AND how effective it would be to combat the current problems. Can't delete a table lol.
  18. Ha! But Supercorn is now quite a lot more common and can even be a questreward. So I would say this is pretty well balanced. Neither awesome sauce nor learning elixir are a must have, so gating it behind a rare reward seems really balanced to me
  19. You have heard of pyramidhead, but out now, the premiumskin: Boxhead! For only 2,99€ even you can have this stunning new reimagining of one of the biggest terrors in the horror genre!
  20. Point taken. It FELT very much (and I thought it was explained like that as well) like basicially every room is a auto-wakeup room. But if that is not the case, I withdraw my point. But yeah an official description WOULD help. There is a difference though. A game where the player can not impact the results with skills is inherantly different than one where he can. A game where skill matters should not use RNG (or at least the absolute minimum possible amount), because otherwise the player starts feeling cheated. Like me right now. Even though I have 3/5 sneaking, it still feels like every room wakes up once I enter it, meaning I have stopped playing a sneaky character, because there is no use anyways. If the game descides when a zombie wakes up, then what I do doesn't matter (enough). This is a bad design. Yes 7d2d is not a pure stealth-game, but if you skill into stealth, it should be considered under the same rules: Imagine if in splinter cell you sneak up to a guard and it suddenly, for no reason hears you. "Well you mjust have stepped on a pile of paper that wasn't visible, but who knows?" Not only would it not be fair, it would actively hurt the stealthmechanics. If I have the choice between two mechanics, but one of them punishes me for using it... why owuld I use it? And all this still doesn't factor in the absolute HORROR of breaking the internal gamerules. But I have talked about that enough. Staying consistent with behavior and rules is important or a game feels random. Thank you for testing. But honestly, I have no problem stealthing outside. I can have 20 vision and still stand right next to a zombie outside. I think it is just in POIs, which would point to these sleeper volumes as the problem... But thank you. The fact that a mod actually confirms the uselessness of stealth is very reassuring. AHAHAHA xD great mechanic! (sorry! Thank you for testing! But this is just silly!)
  21. NOBODY liked spamcrafting. That was never the argument. Just because A15 allowed it, doesn'T mean that it is an essential part of LBD. A16 already removed spamcrafting if you remember, by implementing a mixed system. And it was perfect. Crafting should not be levelable by spamming (I proposed I think 3-4 different solutions to this problem, all are very easy to do) And exploits like the cactus needed to be fixed. Rant incoming. Please ignore.
  22. efficient and effective are both subjective terms. It could be more effective to save the bullets for hordenight, or to clear the poi quicker to gain money to buy more bullets. I am not quite sure why you are making this big of a fuss about effective/efficient. If you die because you had to fight zombies because you went in guns blazing and made a mistake, it is less effective at clearing pois than a stealthmode (if it still worked like it used to) But honestly, this is splitting hairs. IF by chance I have learned the wrong definitions or misinterpreted, feel free to correct me in a non judgmental way. While I do consider my english to be very much sufficient, it is still not my mothertongue, so there can still be thing I don't know. (for example I just recently learned that cannot is a word and is actually used far more often than can not)
  23. You say that. But I personally like not being a snail. You do not "need" any perk in the game. You can play a perkless run if you want to. (which is actually kind of a neat idea for a challenge run) These perks are quality of life changes. And I like not being slowed by 50% for half the poi and on my way back to the trader/home.
  24. Yeah but even "active" volumes wake up by the same principle (so they wake up when oyu enter that room). They just don't auto-aggro on you. Which often times means the same seing as the layout of basicially every poi is zombies behind walls. So if you can see them wake up, they already have aggro on you. Again I generally think the idea is... okay. I don't hate it per se. Just the current implementation. I play on insane. And I have ZERO reason to try and sneak a poi. Going in guns blazing is FAR faster, way safer and way more fun. I am going to describe my experience with T4 POI hotel with 2 points in sneaking: *sneak* -zombies wake up, fight them *sneak* *get a nice headshot with a silent crossbow* -every other zombie in the chunk wakes up, fight them *repeat a few times* In that whole T4 poi I only had ONE room (funny enough the loot room) where I was able to sleathkill most Z's. Why am I even trying to use sleathy weapons? Why not simply use a sniper? Faster rate of fire, stronger and more accurate. Since Z's mostly wake up anyways after one shot, I might as well. My point/recap: Most POIs (2/3rds which in politics is a large majority) have auto aggro rooms which auto wakeup after an rng roll (that is modified by stealthperks yay) Stealth has become harder with more stuff on the floor Light can now cause them to see you instantly silent weapons have a chance (and not a low one, based on my experience) of alerting every zombie in the room, meaning the entire point of silent weapons (less damage but stealthy) is mute. Stealth right now is a joke. A bad gimmick that came about because TFPs want players to fight the zombies. Generally a good thought but they, as so often, did it by punishing the player instead of rewarding them. Even if all these probabilities are lowered by like 80-90% it is still not a good system, but at least then stealth can finally be enjoyed again. Until then, my stealthbuild will no longer be played, because there is not a single reason for it. no that is the fastest, not necessarily the most efficient. Efficiency has more values than time: Time, ressources (like ammo or bandages) and risk are the three values that I think are playing a part in efficiency. If you were sneaking before this auto-wakeup, you could have no costs (iron arrows or even kniving is basicially 0 cost) and since Z's would basicially never wake up, the risk was very low as well. Also you would notice traps better because oyu are slower. But yes if it was purely about time, then going in guns blazing was always more efficient. so... they behaved just like every other zombie that is not in a poi? (basicially blind if the value is below 25)? Yeah... shocker ^^ (but thx for confirming) this is what I mean. The world sets certain rules. Like Z's being super blind. And these auto-triggers break that rule because even with a sneak rating of <10 they still often hear you. And there is no (in game)explanation for it. That would be like shooting a penalty and 9/10 times you need to fill the meter 50%, but 1/10 times (which you never know which one) filling it up 50% causes the ball to go flying out of the stadium. WHY? "Because we don't want you to be a perfect penalty taker!"
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