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  1. @RipClaw very happy to see that there are still users fighting the good fight. Everything you say I agree with. 16.4 was the best progression system to date abusers will always exist. Overhauling an entire system because a few players did that is ludicrous the demolisher not having a single way to counter him is absolutely stupid (shooting his light for a fraction of his hp should deal massive damage to him and deactivate the bomb, not trigger it!) and farmplots... are alright. In an apocalyptic wasteland, the ground might be irradiated. Fair enough. But now they are no longer the limiting factor, so why do they still exist/are mandatory for farming? Everything TFPs do feels like you said, like a mood swing. Trying out stuff is nice, but they never think things through. What it affects, how it interacts with the rest of the game. If I had one statement that they would be able to read it is: "Think things through. Hell I'll even raise these points for free if you ask nicely." because basically every change is a cluster**** and gets patched up with bandaids. Examples: And there is much MUCH more that I can't remember because it has been 8 years already. I just want them to think about it before they implement something, instead of applying a bandaid afterward. It is like they see a problem and jump on the solution, without questioning it first or doing some more research. OBVIOUSLY they do... but that is what it feels like. Issues that are pretty obvious, or should be, to those that know what is coming... Well... my vacation is over tomorrow, so this might be my last rant for quite some time Hope you enjoyed it
  2. I think this is sooo weird. There are already no trees so you can see further... 3x seems about right, but just by instinct, I'd say it is between 5-10x more.
  3. Never held a gun, kind of proficient with a bow (but don't know how to craft one or how to maintain one) could kill an animal, would likely either starve to death or forced to do... other... work for food. I do have awesome sneaking though... everything else is basically at 0 So yea... somewhere in the range of 20-30 basically all in sneaking xD
  4. A19: A: "I am going hunting for meat!" B: "Really? Ok but don't stay away for more than 2 days!" A20: A: "I am going hunting for meat!" B: "Ok! Scrap some cars when you already head to the city!" If you want meat, the city (especially snow biome) is the place to go. Non snow are rabbits and chickens en masse, snow biome has every animal, many of them big ones. You come home with 2000 meat after a short hunting trip.
  5. Prefix: TFPs have said again and again since the very early types they don't care about balancing (okay to be fair focusing on developing the game rather than focusing on balancing on features that might not be around in the end is usually a good thing... just not if this short period goes on for over 8 years πŸ˜• ) So since this is a balancing issue and different people say different things (like my previous poster saying that clubs are best, when on high difficulties I play on the machete is without a doubt the 1st place. Not even close. And the stun baton closely behind (moving up there once you knock every Z down with the mod) But since we are on the topic, I will give my opinion on what needs to change: Perkrequirements. Good lord I hate level gating, but this is a close second. It is the epitomy of "we don't want you to have this too soon, but we didn't know how to make it happen, so go out there and level". In an RPG (which this is NOT, but won't open that can of worms again) this can work. In a sandbox, it just feels cheap. Since they dislike LBD, maybe they can do it by setting requirements that are independent of levels: "kill 500 zombies with a club" for "pummel Pete 4" "knock down 100 zombies with turrets" to unlock the scrap turrets or or or. Make it INTERESTING and not dependent on levels. This means you need to chose what path to go. And not having a motorbike because you want to get a farm going... feels bad. While TECHNICIALLY it doesn't matter if you are farming xp or doing a "challenge", you are working towards a specific goal and need to do various things. While XP is so general... it feels ike it comes out of nothing. And you still need to grind the xp... you can just chose to build 5000 wooden blocks to get better at fighting. And now that I write this I realize that I could have saved my breath because this is probably just seen as "LBD-light", so no point. I just dislike that it is not a perk tree. Just a random assortment of buffs basically. Either completely broken, or borderline useless (or early useful late useless or other way round)
  6. I do not watch 7d2d streams... so take this with a grain of salt: It is one of the VERY few humans you meet and that human is female... And she is kinda cute (not my cup of tea though) so... if you add one and one together... and you watch multiple different streams... it is like you ask 50 people what 2+2 is and are annoyed that you hear "four" a lot It is just what it is. I wouldn't worry too much and just say "its not my kind of humor" and either skip it or ignore it
  7. It does. That is the problem. I have infinite ammo, near infinite explosives and repairing that one block/door they always hit is not a problem, even with 100% block damage. That is my entire point. Such a super simple funneling build holds up. Trying a similar perimeter build will get completely overrun by 11pm. And I play on insane for the ZvP damage, not the ZvB damage. So I am totally fine with cops ones hotting an unarmored player. But not for them to break the hardest material in about a minute. In a funneling strategy, they need to be able to break the block quickly, because they die quickly. In a perimeter defense, they might have a minute before they are spotted, so using the same block damage is unthinkable. But its fine. I gave my thoughts on the matter. I don't think 7d2d is a horror game anymore, except for those cheap jumpscare wall-zombies. (Although the fog and the creepy music are nice additions.)
  8. @JCrook1028 yes because it was a stilt base. I was there when that was implemented But whole buildings don't get collapsed. They'd rather build themselves stairs inside the wall than randomly hit the walls they come across. THAT is what I meant. If either one is better is up to preference I guess... but I liked the threat of the whole building collapsing a bit more OR lets bring back gore blocks. Never understood why they removed them in the first place. They were an awesome mechanic. All that needs to happen is that they gradually degrade. Lets say 1 hp per second at 200 hp. Buuuut I guess I am shouting in the clouds right now ^^ PS: I just randomly stumbled across this and thought it would support my point perfectly: Lovecraft once said β€œThe oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” The more predictable the horror game, the less horror there is.
  9. but the whole horde is balanced around the funneling. I would need an option for 5% block damage maybe I am biased because I only see the concentrated damage (because they only hit one spot) but I feel like they are still FAR stronger than back then. they constantly did random things. I never knew where they might break through next. And if I didn't have a perfect base yet (first 4-5 hordes) it was ALWAYS scary, because defending perimeter could never be perfect, so you'd hope they would come from one side, even going outside to lure them away from your weak side and stuff. pretty sure you know why. 1) I did. I was ALWAYS pro fixing exploits. 2) it was an exploit, and it felt like using the console. At least with funneling I still have to do SOME stuff. Even if it is boring stuff like shooting for 5 minutes xD So I never felt like I am supposed to do that or suffer. But the whole horde is and will be balanced around this mechanic now. Doing something different will probably make it way harder to do. But enough of designtalk. I just wish they would focus more on horror instead of cheap wall-zombie scares and tower defense (tower defense can also be nonlinear and somewhat unpredictable). But I guess I will need mods if I want horror in my horror survival game πŸ˜› I can tell you... no they don't. At least not to any significant amount. If you held up in a smaller poi in early alphas, they would make the house collapse. Now they just try and get to you one by one by using their comrades as ladders. Which is a nice mechanic... but they never feel like a threat. But this might be bias on my side.
  10. difficulty. I don't play on the normal difficulty, but this should somewhat be true on the "main"difficulty: I can't get concrete before D7. No chance. And I can't get Steel before D14... if I don't rush INT I don't even get it before D28 if I'm not lucky. Why should I (same with other exploits) build up a massive base with all surround defenses that cost me 1000s of ammo and will be breached after an hour anyways because Z's block strength is insane and Demolishers blow it up anyways, if I can simply funnel them to one point and just blast them with machine-guns, occasionally repairing the door? It is pretty boring... but at least now I can focus on what TFPs love so much: looting/questing rambling again:
  11. Back in the days, we had big open bases. Nobody really built a horde base. Because it wasn't just one small corridor. You needed a perimeter defense. Sure they were too dumb to know what a support pillar was, so you could simply let them run in circles below you, but that was an exploit and could have been fixed. Nowadays you basically NEED a horde base, because your real base is too big, doesn't#t have a small corridor and if a demolisher shows up, you might lose all your stuff. We actually built spikepits and gun towers in all directions because they would just straight up run towards you, no matter the cost. Exactly like a horde SHOULD act. Now they are all magically attracted to the door. This is great for complex mazes like underground bunkers, because they will find their way downstairs, but awful for above ground defenses.
  12. Cheese (for me): knowing exactly what the Z's will do and building your horde accordingly, maxing out the effectiveness. So yes funneling is cheese, because there are no Z's that go against the grain. I can optimize my defenses to a point where those zombies might as well Bloons, because I know exactly what path they will take. Yes it is a tower defense game (supposedly), but it feels gamey. And what you DON'T want in a horror survival game, is for it to feel gamey. Imagine dark souls introducing a slot machine at campfires. It feels out of place. Just because they add "casino-sim" in the tags doesn't mean it feels right. Even if that was the plan from the start. YES this is hyperbole. Obviously it is not that big of a genre breaker. But those stupid dangerous zombies just suddenly become pathfinding masters that always follow a set path (in 99% towards a door) So basically every base that uses this knowledge is cheese for me. And yes I cheese them too. Because they are way too strong to not cheese. Also it is not possible to do a 360Β° defense anymore, so I have to cheese it. Basicially: It won't kill me, but I'm not a friend of these horde A.I. zombies and even if <A16 A.I. had issues (running in circles and stuff) but at least I never knew what these mindless hordes would do next. They would be stupid, but still dangerous (if you didn't exploit certain bugs in the A.I., which is different from cheesing the intended A.I.)
  13. if there were a way to chose between old (dumb horde) and new (intelligent tower defense) A.I. that would be the dream. Because I absolutely loved the horde A.I. It got better over time, but kill corridors will now always be a thing. I will no longer be scared because I know how the Z's will react to any obstacle. They are "intelligent" but predictable. fataal said he worked on zombie dumbness, and sure there are no conga lines anymore, but on horde night they all find the entrance 100% of the time and avoid spikes and other traps like the plague (yes because they are coded like a block, but they shouldn't be. They should be considered airlocks by zombies) I really dislike that change, but sadly this won't ever come back. Thing is: with "intelligent" zombies, you will always be able to abuse them because they follow a set of rules that can be abused. If they did random stuff like hit support pillars even though they have a clear path, things would get interesting quickly. But instead with age a counter-less demo zombie that just blows your base up... YAY fun πŸ˜•
  14. And that is 100% ok. That is what options are for. But if I want to struggle, having easy solutions ingame means I have to restrict myself... and then it is no longer fun.
  15. They can do that. By disabling the horde. I do not want my base free from harm. I want to struggle. Find ways to survive. But I can't do that if I know there is an easy solution. Ppl that want to be safe on horde night can simply disable it. Build defenses on the entrance. Otherwise they are special zombies that sniff you out. I think that is a good thing. And the block hp was a bad implementation of an ok idea. But they fixed it next patch after feedback.
  16. again yes and no. OPs point about underground bases was untrue. BUT there are situations where we are basically forced by the sheer difference in effectiveness. Why would you ever sneak in a POI if they wake up anyways. Sure they don want 't disable sneaking, but they currently might as well have. Yes it may get fixed in the future, but there are other things. Try playing as a mole right now. Staying in the wilderness and surviving on farming and looting only the trash and wilderness POIs. You won't get NEARLY as much exp, the loot is (literal)garbage <lol> and you won't even be able to build a decent horde base because there are things that you simply can not get without a trader or looting bigger pois. Cement is really hard to come by. A crucible nearly impossible. So you sit on 999999 iron but can't do anything with it. I am not saying that every play style should be equal. BUT there are obvious... hints as to what TFPs want you to do and what they do not want you to do. They want you to fight the horde. No matter how many traps you set up, they all break within seconds, give reduced exp and after that all you can do is either sit them out or fight the Z's. I remember spikepits. Sure there were a few exploits. But it was a lot of work and especially now with the demolisher, they wouldn't nearly work as well. These things happened since I joined back in A8. And not every change was bad. A lot of them good. BUT OP has a point. They do "force" a certain play style by giving it all the advantages.
  17. I generally agree... but building underground is one of the few things I don't agree with. You can still 100% do it. If you want to avoid horde nights, just disable them. But it was an exploit that was fixed. Zombies giving XP, crafting being as bad as it is rn, specific items that can only be gained via looting, weirdly one path POIs and now the sleeper volumes... those are all "incentives" to do a certain play style... and they should in a way stop that... or at least decrease their stubbornness (YES mega this is an unfounded attack but it is also how I feel they decide on these things πŸ˜› "I like it, therefor it stays. What? They don't play it that way? They are missing out! I will do this and that then they have to do it...") So I agree with the general point, but disagree with some examples you gave.
  18. I'm not scrapping bootable cars (in single player). Only time I do is when I do quests and they respawn. It feels like a waste, since they have some good loot in them. Even if scrapping them would be 10x more efficient.
  19. Why not? I personally don't see very many cheesy base designs on coop servers. People that know what they are doing and actually want to have a good time build awesome structures that not only look impressive but also work. I remember MM built a castle like structure in his gameplay videos. I mean you can even combine this with a community event. Like what other games have done before. "Here is how you build a poi... Send us YOU coolest looking POI that you want other players to experience and the best 3-5 POIs get one free copy for their friends as well as get implemented into the main game in the next alpha! (with possibly minor changes) " Here you could actually introduce T6 POIs like that huuuuge underground base that one of the you tubers built in A11 I think. There are SO many possibilities with very limited amount of work needed from TFPs themselves AND it would bolster publicity and give the community something to do. Win-Win-Win You can even make it different properties. "small->huge" or "home base or horde base" and stuff like that.
  20. Very nice and I already know that, but I meant POIs that actually look player built. Not this nice clean POI style of "real" houses. You know... not a single POI of a player actually looks anything like a house. Because houses aren't practical for stashing stuff/survival nor for horde defending. Remember those holes in the ground that led into a cave? That at least looked like something a survivor has built. More like those. Rough edges, unaligned corners, less color and more practical. Something that you could theoretically take over as a horde base/base and it would do a decent job. And yes it would look out of place for those that never played multiplayer, but that would quickly go away and players would start to integrate them into their ears game survival.
  21. That sounds lovely. But I was thinking about official "player built" pois. I don't see a reason why they shouldn't include a few of those. The world feels so lifeless. The more seemingly player built things there are in the world, the more it looks like there are other survivors out there (like there are supposed to be, according to the lore) I don't want "real" buildings like they have now, but what players would build. Hard corners, efficient design, electric traps funnels and so on. I guess I could mod them in, but I can't see why something like that shouldn't be in the base game.
  22. What I mean is, why do we not see these weirder, more practical structures in the wild? The wild is so lifeless right now... And they would make for AWESOME dungeons. Just imagine you come across a castle, you go in and you trip a wire and an alarm goes off and hundreds of zombies ( similar to horde night) but you also have some defenses that you can use. Then you go deeper inside and instead of zombie sleepers (yawn) there are still active traps. Spikepits, Turrets, and so on and you have to somehow get through there. And in the end there will be extreme loot. Especially rare stuff like acids and wheels and sewing kits (stuff you can not craft) and depending on your game stage maybe even a vehicle. I mean not every "player POI" has to be this elaborate, but if I play on multiplayer servers, these "ruins" of old player bases are everywhere. And it would make the world feel a bit more alive. Like there have been other survivors before you... and you are just one more survivor trying and struggling to survive. This would make the world feel more alive by like... 10 fold with the addition of maybe 5-10 pois.
  23. Just chiming in to say: I actually have the opposite experience. I like PvP. But every time I look for popular servers, they are PvE cooperative servers. With huge horde bases, teleport commands, open traders or even whole trading cities (which are pretty much useless ever since gunport removal :D) PvE on large scales are EXTREMELY popular and I would even say more popular than PvP servers. I don't have data to back that up, but I actually have trouble finding decent PvP servers...
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